Multidimensional Existence and the Art of Jumping Timelines

Georgi Stankov, November 19, 2016

Very rarely I am urged by my HS to interact with the agnostic masses as to gauge their level of awakening and trigger an alchemical reaction aimed at expanding the collective human awareness. Yesterday I engaged in a discussion on Greg Hunter’s blog whose latest interview I published as a video. Today Charlotte Smith sent me this excellent video below with a message from the Hathors channelled by Tom Kenyon dedicated to the art of jumping timelines. This is our preferred topic these days and that is why I decided to combine my discussion with the ignorant agnostic American masses on the multidimensional nature of human existence with this excellent message on the art of jumping timelines. Synchronistically today Carla was telling me that “loving kindness” is the emotional fuel that will propel our ascension. This aspect is particularly highlighted by the Hathors in their message on how to jump on ascension timelines.


Dear Mr. Greg Hunter,
Dear Mr. Kirby,

I have just published your interview on my website with my personal interpretation why the ruling cabal – you call them globalists – will crash the markets very soon in order to prevent Trump from taking over the power in Washington D.C.

The scenario I outline goes back to my economic analysis since 1997 and you can find a lot of articles on economic affairs on my website explaining why and how the financial system in the USA and the west is totally rigged. Although there is a remarkable unanimity in our personal assessments I am discussing the current situation on the ground from a higher spiritual vantage point of view that explains the hidden agenda of the ruling cabal on this planet in the End Time. But as far as I can overlook it, I am the only thinker in the New Age movement that has a very deep and profound economic (macro- and micro) knowledge and can link the fraud and developments in the financial markets to the overarching dimension of human existence. I have done this in my position as a scientist – physicist, mathematician, medical doctor and cutting edge clinical researcher for many years – philosopher and holistic thinker.

I would like to invite you to visit my website and read the 15 books and more than 3000 articles which deal with the aforementioned topics.

and in particular the section on economic collapse which I expected to happen much earlier in concordance with you and Greg Hunter.

I would especially recommend you to read my recent article which explains how the Fed and the globalists have engineered every crisis in the last 30 -40 years which is unique it its insight and gives you a vademecum as to how the cabal will crash the markets in the days ahead:

I would be very appreciative to hear from you

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov

Mike R11/16/2016

Georgi boy. Your article states…

This will prevent the nomination of Donald Trump at the GOP convention as the party will postpone this event indefinitely under martial law. The party bosses will argue that this is not their fault. Killary will be also not nominated at the national convention of the democratic party on July 25 -28 but this does not bother the cabal anymore as she is so much compromised with her email scandal that she no longer serves their NWO plan.”

So basically it was all wrong. Hillary did become nominee. Trump is President. No martial law. And no market crash this year.

Good luck in convincing people to believe your next prognostications.


DR. GEORGI STANKOV11/17/2016  •

Dear Mike,

Your objections stem from the usual 3D thinking. If you bother to read all my articles regarding the multidimensionality of all existence which is a basic gnostic knowledge of enlightened people you will know that I am always discussing probable alternative scenarios in the End Time that indeed occur on parallel timelines of this earth:

I recommend you to read a recent article on this topic as to gain a deeper knowledge into the inner logic of the cosmic forces that shape the earthly events behind the veil in the current End Time.

It is my duty to highlight negative scenarios of the ascension process so that they do not happen on this ascending uppermost mother planet. This has nothing to do with the correctness of my prophecies in this linear time which is a human illusion. This is a very complex topic that you can only fully grasp when you have reached the necessary level of spiritual evolution. Before that you will remain stuck in the duality of this reality and will use such 3D arguments as mental crutches.

For instance in order to have this positive outcome in the US elections a whole timeline of this earth nearby ours was destroyed in a thermonuclear war on November 3rd.

And please do not tell me that you have not seen or felt anything similar as this will be the usual acknowledgement of the limitations of conventional human thinking, which awakening people like you should begin to overcome as I have just written with respect to Brandon Smith from

As you see I am ready to engage with you in a meaningful discussion but I cannot drop the bar so low as to fit into your limited human cognition and reflect on the irrelevance of your 3D arguments.

With best regards
Dr. Georgi Stankov

The Hathors, The Art of Jumping Timelines, channelled by Tom Kenyon


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