Gnostic Clarification

Georgi Stankov, November 9, 2016

In the meantime you must have registered the invariant gnostic pattern of all my forecasts. As soon as I predict a new astral alternative that is unfavourable for the ascension scenario in terms of lowering the vibrations of the collective consciousness and highlight it from a higher perspective based on deep analysis of the actual situation, this alternative shifts to a lower timeline where it manifests. At the same time we move to a higher ascending timeline where the opposite favourable astral alternative occurs. This does not mean that my forecast was wrong – quite on the contrary. It only bears testimony what powerful creators we have become in the meantime and how easily we can avert any negative scenario that hinders the ascension process. This is how we create in the Now as Logos Gods.

My greatest worry regarding the US elections was that the cabal and the deep government in Washington might rig the election results as to prevent the expected landslide victory of Trump which I predicted with a 100% certainty in my latest publications. That is why I envisioned a scenario where Trump wins overwhelmingly but the results are rigged and he loses; he then refuses to accept it and the civil war begins in the USA. This latter astral probability is still possible, but its energetic potential has significantly diminished after the sweeping victory of Trump tonight which no president-elect has ever achieved in the history of this country. Tomorrow we shall read that he has won with, most probably, 314 votes and has crashed the democrats in states which the republicans have never won in their entire party history. By the way the GOP has ceased to exist – it has become a grass-root movement of the ascension candidates.

When I awoke early this morning, I was aware that Trump will win and will tell you why below. But I refrained from publishing this outcome as not to trigger the tradition of reversal of my forecasts by manifesting the alternative hypothesis and rejecting the announced null hypothesis as is done in statistics. That is why after a short inner battle with myself I decided not to publish about my remarkable experiences in the dream state, where I and the PAT had lengthy and very serious discussions with the US cabal souls in the higher realms and prevented the planned rigging of the election result with vehemence.

But I could not fully resist the silence I ordered upon myself and responded to our PAT member Akram early in the morning of November 8th to his email where he described his Trump dream the previous night. As his dream is also very significant I will publish our correspondence below as a proof. Akram then hurried to publish our correspondence on the PAT Facebook resource page early in the day before the poll stations were closed and the first predictions were published. Hence you can check the PAT Facebook as a proof that I knew the outcome of the US elections with a certainty in advance and that we have prevented the rigging of the results by the dark ones precisely because we were aware of this possibility and excluded it from the ascension scenario on this ascending uppermost mother planet during our light work in the dream state.

This is how we create the new reality in a dialectical manner according to the reversed Mephisto’s motto in Goethe’s Faust: “I am the good force that always predicts the evil outcome as to prevent it.” Which of course reduces any eventual questioning of the reliability of my forecasts, to which newly awakened entities always succumb, to an ongoing perpetuation of the very 3D illusion they want to escape by discovering the PAT website, as the new member of the PAT group Phoebe recently did. She essentially questioned my credibility by asking why did I write that I would not publish anything and then continue publishing and why do I often say that we shall ascend and nothing happens. The usual agnostic objections you know for years. Hence this gnostic clarification. To whom I then replied as follows through Dominique as I am not on Facebook myself:

Answers to Phoebe. She has to learn to read carefully my articles before asking questions:

“This is what I wrote on July 12th:

“Now I need to fully attune to the new theory of the Universal Law and hope to get some more information from my HS and Source in this respect. I can’t do that while being engaged the whole day in publishing and keeping myself up to date with actual political and economic events. This however does not preclude the possibility that I may publish from time to time new articles when I have reached a new level of clarity and have important information to share with you.”

We are multidimensional beings that exist in numerous realities and dimensions at the same time. Without this basic knowledge one cannot understand my writings and will always succumb to the old 3D linear thinking. Besides we have ascended already many times in the past and now constantly change the timelines. This is documented on our website. We are now talking about ascension of humanity and each ascension leap we made in the Now is indeed the last one because if it does not go well the final ascension is jeopardized. That is why I regard each ID shift as the one from early November as the final one because if it is not successful, there will be no ascension. After all the decision when ascension will take place is taken by the incarnated human personalities on the ground and not by anybody else in the ether and if humanity was at the same level of awakening and knowledge as the PAT has reached in the last five years, it would have ascended long time ago. It is like playing in a tournament and each game is the last one because if you do not win it you can not go further on and reach the final and then eventually win the gold medal.” 

And here is my correspondence with Akram from early morning on November 8th which shows how powerfully we now create in the dream state and how we reduce the major protagonists of the “American tragedy” (Theodore Dreiser) to extras, as Trump will very soon experience personally, while shaping the much bigger ascension scenario:

“Peace Love and Light 

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I hope all is well with you both as we approach the moment in time where we ascend. I had a very important dream today where synchronistically I woke up at 555 A.M  I had gone to sleep at around little after 3 A.M The higher source energies were making me constantly posting on Facebook,where I have many First and second wavers as my friends. I had been boosting the morale of the troops and had even posted a post where I re affirmed my only objective as Ascension and I wished everybody that their dreams may be full filled by All that is.

Before I went to sleep I very clearly asked H.S that I be given clarity about the Ascension process and about Donald Trump specifically. 

I saw that I was in an airport that was completely packed with people of all kind. I was making my way with my wife to the immigration. When suddenly I remember that I have forgotten all my papers at the table of a restaurant outside the airport. I then explain this to the official and he is very cooperative. I ask him to allow my wife to proceed as she has her papers and that I would return with mine. I have absolutely no anxiety or fear but rather a calmness. With this I start hurriedly my way back trough the airport to where I left my papers. It is quite a long distance as I have to completely exit the airport. So finally when I reach the restaurant I see that Donald Trump is sitting at the exact same table where I was sitting. I am surprised and happy and I see a huge crowd around Donald. When I ask him that I may take my papers, he is smiling and exuberant confidence and tells to go ahead. As I reach past him I cannot stop myself and tell him he did a good job and that I am a supporter. To which he smiles and acknowledges it but continues dealing with all the people surrounding him.

I then start back to the immigration hurriedly. I start jogging through the packed airport retracing my steps. I see two people who I recognized, as they had been Imams of the mosques where I had used to pray. They were really happy and were walking with their wife and children, happy and  playing while going or coming wherever they were supposed to.

I finally reach immigration where I comfortable pass through and I rejoin my wife who is waiting with me outside the gate for our flight.

Immediately after waking up I recap the whole dream and the many details and then I share this dream with my wife. After that I am writing this mail to you. I am feeling very buoyant and light, with a complete calmness which I have carried back from this dream mission update. 

My first impression after this dream is that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me, us and Trump. We are very close to Ascension and that Trump has done his job and is very satisfied with his effort as seen here.

Please George would care to expand ?




Dear Akram,

this is a classical ascension dream with a delay message in the past. I have published many similar PAT dreams, including of myself, at airports and railway stations where we are in a hurry but forget either the wallet or the ticket or arrive too late or there is a delay of the flight or we miss the train or the bus at the station. In your case you manage to go through the checks after you return to this reality to get your ticket and meet with Trump. He represents the old humanity that is now on the verge of awakening and that is why he is not departing. But he did a great preparatory job for the ascension to come by mobilizing the discontent of the masses.

I also dreamt today that we (the PAT) did a lot of work to prevent the cabal rigging the elections – we gave them a shot across the bow and we let them know that we are aware of all their nefarious plans and won’t let them go away with that.

Whatever happens during and after the elections, it will be the perfect introduction to the much bigger and real events that will follow.

What is important in a dream is the predominant feeling – if you felt happy and elated and also relieved that you are departing with your family from this reality, then this is the message you get from this dream.

With love and light


And so be it – till Ascension!



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