The Mother of All Bubbles

How the Cabal Crash the Economy to Install the NWO

Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2016

This  will be one of the most difficult articles I have written so far and I ask you to read it very carefully and let the information fully sink into your minds. At the end you may even come to the conclusion that I have not said anything new and that all the elements and pieces of the puzzle, I will put together for you have been broadly and in-depth discussed by myself and other PAT members in the past. While this is undoubtedly true because we can only expand our truth based on already known facts and knowledge, this presentation is however a completely new level of understanding of the cabal’s plan and how they intend to crash the financial system and the economy and prepare humanity for the installment of the NWO.

Yesterday evening all of a sudden I was channeled by my HS with such clarity and intensity as I haven’t been for many years. Normally I use only a fraction of my mind to analyse a topic and write an article while most of my awareness dwells in higher dimensions. This time my mind was fully present in this reality and the information was streaming full force. It was exactly as at the time when I discovered the Universal Law in the early 90’s or when I wrote my five books on Gnosis after 2000. I was so intensively channeled, almost driven, at that time that I could write a book of 300 -400 pages within a few weeks as a raw version without any preconceived structure and planning. The information and my ideas were freely flowing from my HS and the Source.

Last night I was in the same frame of mind and within several minutes the temperature of my room raised 5 degrees above the rest of the house. Just to give you an inkling as to the importance of the information I will present in this article. The novelty of it lies in the congruent complexity of my presentation as to how the cabal plan to destroy their own present-day Orion system in the hope to be able to create havoc and fear and declare first martial law in the USA and then in Europe, before they can crash the financial system and the economy at a later stage and install the NWO. First they must be sure that they have the masses under their thumb and this is anything but assured, as I shall explain below and as it has been demonstrated by Brexit.

Furthermore we must always be aware that there is also our and the HR plan of ascension – the “shock and awe” wave from the source that will bring a global blackout of the electric grid at the appropriate point in time and dissolve the matrix prior to our transfiguration. Therefore while discussing the plan of the cabal I depart from the conclusion that this plan has already failed as you all know, so that this article is only dedicated to the last moves of the cabal which they will be forced to make under the pressure of our light beaming before they are ousted from power forever on this uppermost mother planet.

But first things first. The entire Orion economy represents an incessant string of crises that are caused by deliberate bubbles which then burst and most people lose a lot of money while the 0.01% of the ruling cabal get richer and richer. Since the bursting of the bubble in 2000 this is an invariant motif – the masses are being impoverished and the few grab more and more in a reckless-for-the-economy manner. Today the 0.01% elite owns more wealth than 90% of the world population. The Orion economy is deliberately and inherently dysfunctional and stumbles from one crisis to the next one. This is done by design and below I shall explain why with a clarity I have not achieved until now as it includes everything we know and have experienced so far and ties all together in a perfect manner.

In his latest article Brad explained the tactics of the cabal very well by presenting the excellent article of Savage. Essentially the ruling cabal and their banksters create a huge bubble which appears as a bull market in one or more markets, such as stock exchange, commodities, precious metal markets, currencies markets, etc. The cabal start with a bubble immediately after a previous crash/burst of a previous bubble has taken place. The lower the level of the markets during the previous crash, the higher the gains in the next bubble for the banksters cabal, who are the engineers of all bubbles, and the more the masses of investors are ripped off and impoverished when the bubble bursts.

Let me show you this in the historical perspective. All the facts I shall mention below have been extensively discussed by myself, Brad and other experts in articles I have published on this website, so that you are well advised to use the Log function and the Search function and re-read some of them as to recollect the facts and better comprehend what I shall explain to you below. Believe me this is key information you should master fluently and with great conviction as this is how we now create this End Time scenario.

Let us begin with the last three bubbles that will end with the total collapse of the Orion matrix this summer in order to better follow my analysis from a didactic point of view. But of course there were many more such bubbles in the past economic history of mankind that followed the same pattern.

The bubble began in 1997 at the height of the Asian and Russian crisis caused by the previous bubble that already wiped out enormous wealth in Asia and Eastern Europe, especially when Russia was compelled to default in 1997. These bubbles were used by the ruling cabal in the West to impoverish the rest of the world and prepare it for the NWO of paupers. The Asian/Russia crisis also hit the stock markets in the West though not so badly.

In 1997, I published  volume I in German on the new Theory of the Universal Law and intended to dedicate the rest of my life to the propagation of this discovery and the new science in the scientific community. However, my soul had different plans as she knew much more and pushed me instead to start dealing with finance and investing in the stock markets. It was the time when the new stock markets of the bubble were created in most western countries and the speculative casino of the Orion bubble economy fascinated the broader western populations that had little to do with equities and financial speculations before that. Greed was, and still is, the driving force behind each bubble.

Hundreds and thousands of new obsolete and weird companies were created out of nowhere and offered their shares as IPOs on the markets. New stock markets were found in Germany and other European countries similar to NASDAQ in the USA. The indices of these markets skyrocketed 500 to 1000% between 1997 and 2000. None of these companies were worth the paper on which their equities were written and almost all of them ceased to exist when the bubble burst.

But before that, when the bubble was created by the cabal with unprecedented criminal energy, the mass media and the press were fully engaged in frenetic advertising of these new financial opportunities to earn easy money. All pundits of the cabal praised the new markets beyond measure and promised eternal prosperity. Greenspan, the head of the Fed at that time appeared many times on TV and announced that the world economy has entered a new, unlimited phase of growth, where all previous economic laws have lost their validity. The controlled MSM of the cabal, which were still extremely powerful at that time as the alternative press could only slowly grow and expand after 1997 when the Internet was first globally introduced, pounded the public with the dazzling possibilities for everyone to become rich. The collective avarice did the rest. I recently read a very good message that confirmed that the period between 1997 – 2003 was the darkest since the Fall of Atlantis and I fully coalesce with this assessment.

Then in 2000 the economy began to cool down rapidly. Now be careful and register the following invariant rule of all bubbles as it holds the key to what will happen this summer. The year 2000 was the year of US elections when Bush was elected after the cabal rigged the votes in Florida and elsewhere and Al Gore was deprived of his presidency. Not that this guy matters as he was also part of the cabal. But to show you that at that time the cabal could easily manipulate the election results in the USA and push their desired candidate through with certainty. This is no longer possible today. The most important objective of the cabal was to have a political change at the governmental level for optical reasons each time they decided to burst a bubble which they had deliberately created before that. That is why they always burst the bubble at the year of US election when a new president has to be elected, which means an eight-year-bubble-period for the last three presidencies as they all lasted two terms.

Why? Because then the people will not blame the new president for their financial losses and for the bad shape of the economy and because he can present himself as the savior of the nation by promoting a new bubble of the cabal which he recommends as a solution to the existing crisis. When Bush was inaugurated in early 2001 the bubble had fully burst. At 9/11 and post 9/11 the stock markets crashed on a global scale and reached their trough values. The crisis continued till 2003 when the world economy entered a very deep and prolonged depression.

The bursting of the bubble stole about $ 6 trillion from the average investors. In Germany the new market index that reached 10,000 points in early 2000 crashed to less than 400 points within one year and shortly thereafter this “one-euro equity” market was wrapped up and ceased to exist. The frugal German population lost in the bubble roughly 300 billion euro (ca. 500 billion DM) savings which was an enormous wealth at that time. Since then the rate of poverty in this otherwise most stable and successful national economy in the west has constantly risen. You can find the same statistics of growing poverty in the USA since 2000 and I have published many such facts with which I will not bother you now for the sake of simplicity while elucidating this very complex topic.

And here comes the greatest insight which I fully realized last evening although I know all these facts and have analysed them in-depth in the past. But it is one thing to know the facts and another thing to reach this absolute clarity with regard to the core strategy of the cabal as to how they crash the financial system and the economy in a systemic manner in order to achieve their final goal – to establish the NWO and prevent the planetary ascension. This is their ultimate objective which none of the best experts outside the PAT have grasped so far.

We all know that the Fed and all the other central banks that were created to follow the Fed example are the main tool of the cabal in engineering deliberate financial and economic crises. Officially though the central banksters profess that their goal is to avoid such economic crises by manipulating the interest rates and the amount of money in circulation while avoiding excessive inflation. This is the very reason for the existence of central banks. Below I will render the unequivocal proof that their intention is exactly the opposite. Although I have discussed this reckless behaviour of the central banksters a lot in the past, I have never presented this in the present clarity and stringency.

The economy of the Orion cabal is deliberately organized as an incessant series of bubbles that burst and create a crisis which is then resolved by the central banks and ruling elite by creating a new greater bubble which is first presented as a remedy for the crisis. The ultimate goal of this dysfunctional economy of shortages and imbalances is to impoverish the people and prepare them for the NWO in the End Time. Because the bursting of each bubble creates distress for the masses and because the danger of revolts or even revolutions increases significantly during such periods of crisis, the cabal always use the old and proven tactic – change the horses and pretend to have a new start with a new government. Thus the masses will blame the old government for the crisis and see the new government as a harbinger of hope. In this fraudulent climate the new politicians in power will promote a new bubble as a solution to the existing crisis that will be burst by the cabal at the end of the ongoing presidency and so on.

For that reason the cabal always burst the bubble in the year when US elections take place. How do they do that? By raising the interest rates at a time when the markets already begin to weaken and the bubble is about to burst, which is usually the year before the election. This is exactly the opposite of what central banks are supposed to do according to the instruction manual given to them by Keynes and the monetarists – the godfathers of all central bank regulation of the economy.

Normally, in a crisis the central bankers are supposed to lower the interest rates as to stimulate the economy by offering cheap money for investment and then raise the interest rates when the economy begins to boom as to prevent overheating and inflation. In order to hide their malicious intent the banksters cabal resort to the usual smoke and mirrors tactic. Shortly before they begin to raise interest rates in a period of weakening economy, the cabal mobilize and send their expert-stooges to announce in their controlled MSM how stable and healthy the economy is and that it is time to raise the interest rates as to avoid inflation. As the masses had no economic competence and were very gullible in the past, there was no opposition or broad suspect as the central banksters began to raise the interest rates during times of economic weakness when they should have done the opposite. This has changed radically in the last few years and especially months.

Then after raising interest rates for some time and thus suffocating the economy with tight money the bubble bursts inevitably with full force. After a short period of decent silence and after the many calls for help from the same expert-stooges become so loud that nobody can neglect them any longer, the central banksters who pretend to have nothing to do with this crisis which allegedly came out of the blue, appear as the saviors of the nations and begin again to lower interest rates.

This happened in 2000 when the bubble burst, then during the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 and one more time last year when the Fed and Yellen declared all of a sudden that they intend to raise the interest rates several times in 2016 and did so for the first time in eight years in December 2015. At that time the critical experts were stunned by this irrational decision as everybody knew that the US and the world economy were already in a deep recession which I define as the Greatest Depression of all time. While critical experts like Stockman criticized rightfully the insanity of Yellen and Co., they were too blind themselves to see the bigger picture and why these banksters are not that stupid as it meets the conventional eye, but devilish beyond human imagination.

The difference this time is that the alternative media have substituted the MSM in popularity and the latter have to follow willy-nilly our critical and open-minded narrative so that the public cannot be mired as easily as before. But before I come to this latest mother of all bubbles which I have discussed extensively last year and this year and which will obliterate the Orion matrix this summer, let me summarize the basic elements of the cabal plan how to generate a financial crisis by bursting the next bigger bubble:

1. First the cabal decide to create a new bubble at the height of a previous crisis (bursting of a previous bubble), which is usually measured by the trough values of most financial markets such as stock markets.

– For instance at the height of the Asian and Russian/Easteuropean crisis the cabal started with the bubble which absorbed the massive flows of capital from Asia and Eastern Europe into the west that fed the new equity markets of the bubble.

2. The bubble is engineered by the cabal in a such a way that it is ripe to burst when a new US president is elected. It is important to know that all recent bubbles were created in the Empire of Evil and Accounting Gimmicks as explained by myself and that is why the bursting of all bubbles follows the US elections.

3. In order to make sure that the bubble will really burst on time, the central banks begin to raise interest rates approximately one year before the US elections when the economy is already starting to cool down and the coming crisis is visible.  At least for the cabal who always know much more than the masses as they create all financial situations, while the rest of humanity responds to them as to some kind of unpredictable natural catastrophes like earthquakes. Nothing is further from the truth.

4. In order to hide their criminal intention the cabal send their expert-stooges in the MSM to convince the public how sound the economy is and why the central banks need to raise interest rates as to prevent future inflation. As they manipulate and control the statistics, they can use any bogus argument for their narrative. Please observe that this tactic no longer functions so well during the bursting of this last mother of all bubbles which I shall discuss in particular below.

Now study carefully this historical chart of the Fed interest rates. You will immediately notice that the Fed kept the interest rates constant during 1995 -1999 and even lowered them a little bit in 1998 as to stimulate the bubble and started to raise them from less than 5% to 6.5% in 1999 and 2000 punctually for the scheduled bursting of the bubble in early 2001 when Bush was inaugurated as the new president.

United States Fed Funds Rate

Of course this economic and financial Ponzi scheme of the cabal is supported and flanked by additional dark events such as 9/11 that deepen the crisis and eliminate the freedoms and rights of the people parallel to their carefully orchestrated financial robbery by the cabal through bursting the bubble and turning a bull market into a bear market. But for the sake of clarity I will refrain from discussing these parallel plots.

5. As soon as the bubble bursts, the cabal, in cahoots with their political puppets, come up with a new suggestion how to resolve the crisis by creating a new bubble. Shortly after the bubble burst, the US banksters came up with their new scheme known as subprime mortgages. The idea was to offer affordable mortgages to all people to buy a new house no matter if they could pay the loans or not. The real estate market began to boom since the final bursting of the bubble around 2003, as Brad often refers to, and the housing prices began to skyrocket as we now see here in Vancouver, which is the last bastion of this still existing bubble. The Canadians are horrible retards. The new housing bubble was born at the latest in 2003 but it was planned much earlier by the cabal.

Typically, the newly elected president Bush appeared several times on TV to praise the booming housing market based on fraud by stating that it is the divine right of every American citizen to own a house. Go on the Internet and find some videos with his speeches from that time. This is how the cabal cheat the masses in cahoots with the political prostitutes.

As you know, these bad housing loans of the banks were then packaged as CDO (collateral default obligations) and were given triple A ratings by the US rating agencies that are the second extended arm of the sinister cabal next to the Fed with which they manipulate the global markets. These fraudulent CDOs, which were not worth the paper on which they were printed, were then sold to the rest of the world. This financial garbage was the only export blockbuster of the USA in the last 30 years. When the subprime mortgage and housing bubble burst in 2008, many European and other foreign banks that had bought large amounts of these CDOs had to declare bankruptcy. The total amount of CDOs was only about $ 500 billion but it was sufficient to bring the entire global financial system on the brink of total collapse.

6. In order to prepare the ground for the next bubble the central banks have to lower the interest rates again after the previous bubble had burst as to make cheap money available to the investors in order to feed the next mother of all bubbles.

After the bubble burst and the stock markets lost 40 to 60% of their peak values in early 2000, the Fed lowered the interest rates to unprecedented one percent and kept them low for two years (see chart above). Then in 2005 when the housing bubble began to peak they began to raise the interest rates in time for the next bubble bursting when the next president would be elected in 2008 – Obama.

Please observe that the cabal are interested in electing a new president, a new face, who will not be made responsible for the previous bubble and crisis. If Killary would have won the elections in 2008, she would have been tainted with the presidency of Bill when the bubble was created and burst at the end of his presidency. And let us not forget that the 2008 crisis was entirely caused by Bill Clinton who repealed the Glass-Steagel legislation in 1999 and opened the doors wide for the wildest speculations of the notorious Wall Street banks. That is why the ruling cabal prevented Killary from winning the elections in 2008 and put their bets on Obama who was helped with all conceivable means by the deep US government. Until now.

For this same reason the cabal needed Bush as a new president in 2000 to oversee the new housing bubble and rigged the elections to eliminate Al Gore who was vice-president of Bill Clinton and could have been made responsible for the bursting of the bubble. I hope you begin to understand the logic behind the cabal’s scheme how they crash the economy in cahoots with their political puppets which they exchange like cheap prostitutes. While the presidential harlots in the White House change, the continuance of the cabal influence is not affected at all. This is cogent from the fact that Obama chose the same economic and financial experts which advised Bill Clinton and Bush and this fact has been widely criticized by the media.

7. The bursting of the bubble through high interest rates begins one year before the US elections and explodes either before the elections or shortly thereafter as the cabal cannot control the process perfectly.

The financial subprime mortgage crisis began in 2007 visibly for the public and the ultimate crash of the culpable investment banking on Wall Street happened in October 2008 shortly before the elections. The Fed began to raise the interest rates from 1% in 2004 to 5% in 2006 and then kept them at this high level throughout the entire 20o7 as to make sure that the housing bubble bursts during the election year of 2008. Then the Fed banksters began to lower the interest rates again in 2008 as by then they knew already that the bursting of the financial bubble is secured for the fall of 2008 prior to the election of Obama, so that he would not be made responsible for the crisis.

It was crucial for the success of the cabal’s plan that he had an impeccable reputation in this respect as he was chosen to promote the mother of all bubbles between 2008 and now as we observe it today – the ongoing bailouts of the too-big-to-fail banks with three QEs of total $20 trillion central banks, corporations and sovereign debt paid by the western taxpayers, zero interest rates for eight years and since 2016 negative interest rates, accompanied by a veritable explosion of the derivative market to more than $900 trillion mostly unregulated OTC contracts which can implode any moment, etc.

This historical chart of the broader S&P 500 index below shows the three major bubbles since 1997 which dwarf major previous crashes of the stock markets such as in 1987 and the Asian and Russian crisis in 1997 which appear as small jags compared to these huge bubble waves. Remember the German saying – “all good things are three” (Alle gute Dinge sind drei):

Image result for historical s&p 500 chart

I have discussed all these economic and financial facts in detail in previous articles and will not delve into them now. I only want you to understand how the cabal are orchestrating each time a bigger bubble and a bigger crisis by design with the help of their political minions until humanity has reached the endpoint this summer. When the last and biggest derivative bubble of  $900 trillion bursts this year the entire financial system will cease to exist. This bubble was created at the time of the Obama regime when the state deficit was more than doubled t0 $19 trillion while this monkey presented himself as the savior of the nation from the deep financial crisis of his predecessor Bush.

And here comes the wild card Trump into play which the cabal did not reckon with at the beginning of the primary elections last year. Which makes the ascension plot so thrilling. Before I discuss the details, let me explain how we, the ascended masters, and the HR coordinate the ascension scenario in a perfect manner. All the steps the cabal intend to make are known to us at the soul level and we have all probable outcomes under full control. In order to keep the illusion alive we, however, do not interfere directly but allow the cabal to make their steps first and then modulate the outcome to our advantage.

For instance, the Brexit was planned by the British and the international cabal to reinforce the EU idea as a precursor to the NWO. They were sure that they would win the referendum and then will increase the pace of integration and dismantling of the sovereignty of the member states. As the UK was the Trojan horse in the union, they wanted to clamp down on its citizens as a warning example for all the other continental nations that had already begun to oppose the centralist, bureaucratic, unelected regime in Brussels. However, the cabal utterly miscalculated the rebellious mood of the masses and failed in their plan and are now in a panic and under huge stress. They have to make the next move as soon as possible as Trump is the second unguided missile that they can no longer control as he can single-handedly jeopardize their elaborate NWO plan for the End Time.

Now if you go on the Internet and read or listen to videos from some idiotic conspiracy fans who always depart from the notion that the cabal are omnipotent and that they have full control of the events on the ground, then you will learn from them that the cabal planned the Brexit as to install the NWO although all the facts speak against such lunacy. These people have no clue what is happening behind the veil and that the cabal have actually lost their war on humanity since we opened successfully the 11.11.11 stargate and started with the ascension process full force.

Anyway, the cabal are now cornered and must act very quickly and radically in the coming days. And that is why all this information was given to me yesterday as to highlight their entire plan how to install the NWO and why they have no other choice but to do what they will do this summer, beginning next week.

First of all it is beyond any doubt that the cabal is planning to crash the financial system this year which is also election year for the USA as they have always done it in the past. Hence we have no surprises in this respect and do not need to assess the odds. The only question which remains to be answered is in which month this will happen. Under ideal conditions the best date for the cabal would be shortly before the election on November 8. But the cabal do not have that time anymore as they no longer control the political and economic events.

Trump, being an insider and part of the elite, is fully aware of the plan of the cabal to regularly burst the bubble at the election year as his early statements from January this year confirm when it was not yet clear that he would win the primaries. After that he stopped talking about the current mother of all bubbles as he knows how dangerous it is. 

Trump says U.S. economy in a ‘bubble’ he doesn’t want to inherit

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, casting doubt on the nation’s economic health, said on Tuesday the U.S. economy is in a bubble he fears will burst and he does not want to deal with a financial collapse if he is elected to the White House.

The billionaire real estate mogul cited the economy as one of the toughest assignments he would face as president if he wins the Nov. 8 presidential election, along with the Iran nuclear deal.

“It’s a very daunting task, and we’re in deep trouble. The country’s a mess,” Trump told ABC’s “Good Morning America” program.

We’re in a bubble,” added Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. “And, frankly, if there’s going to be a bubble popping, I hope they pop before I become president because I don’t want to inherit all this stuff. I’d rather it be the day before rather than the day after, I will tell you that.”

Then in early May it became clear that Trump will win the GOP primaries and the cabal had to forge emergency plans. And they acted very quickly. In a clandestine move that remained fully unnoticed by the MSM, and even by the alternative media, Obama signed a new executive order (EO) for total martial law as never seen before. Luckily the Fox news noticed this move and discussed it at length here:

 Your can read the text of this executive order and its analysis here:

Will Newly Signed Obama Executive Order Pave Way For ‘Final False Flag’ Leading To Global Dictatorship And A ‘New World Order’?

Let me sum it up:

–  The financial crash this year is inevitable as this is a central piece of the plan of the cabal to install the NWO this year which is also election year in the USA. They cannot wait any longer as the financial collapse is more than ripe and the house of cards is already in a free fall.

– The Fed began with the crashing of the mother of all bubbles in the fall of last year when Yellen and her lapdogs in the presstitutes media began to suggest possible rate hikes in 2016. Then the Fed raised modestly the interest rates for the first time in 8 years in December 2015. This caused an immediate plunge and bear market in all stock markets worldwide as extensively reported on this website. Go back and read all the relevant articles.

– The cabal then realized in January that the crash will come much earlier than planned as the system is fully broke and very volatile and decided to modify their tactics drastically. As Yellen and the other Fed banksters could not introduce a new fourth QE to prop up the stock markets after they themselves claimed against all evidence that the economy was stable and thriving and that is why they raised the interest rates in December 2015 and planned further hikes in 2016, they forced their minion Kuroda and the BoJ to introduce negative interest rates at the Davos meeting. ECB had already started with this reckless policy and many European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark had already introduced negative interest rates.

– Essentially, NIRP was the prolongation of the ongoing QE of the central banks (ZIRP) since 2008. The announced rate hikes by Yellen for 2016 were buried for a while. The cabal intended to raise the interest rates again after the Brexit referendum which they expected to win and the UK would remain in the EU. Thus they could burst the mother of all bubbles in the fall just in time for the elections. This was the initial plan of the cabal and as we know it has already failed.

– The cabal know that this last part of the plan how to crash the economy and the financial system is the most dangerous for them as it may go awry, especially after the Brexit. That is why they intend to declare martial law before they burst the bubble and shutdown the banks in order to have full control of the masses and prevent riots, revolts or even revolutions. For this reason they began early with their staged terrorist attacks, first in France, Paris, which is well known for its revolutionary tradition and contagious effect on other countries, then in neighbouring Belgium, in Brussels, in the centre of the EU. After that the cabal continued with their bloody plots in the USA in many different places. The fatal shootings of cops by snipers in Dallas are from the same CIA plot manual which the cabal already used in Kiev to oust Yanukovich from power through an illegal coup d’etat of their Nazi minions. The NWO plan of the cabal is becoming so transparent and predictable these days of truth energies that all people can see it now even with their spiritual blinders still on. With this latest kind of shooting the cabal has resorted to the racial card as there are always extremists on both sides and the social conflict is pre-programmed. The elite will use the current riots to declare martial law according to the new EO of Obama.

– And here comes the latest and most important specification and forecast on my part as to what the cabal will do next. They must prevent at any price that Trump is nominated as a presidential candidate by the GOP convention on July 18 -21. After that they will lose the momentum of the events and the leverage as was the case with Brexit and they want to avoid that at any price. This is the reason why they have staged all the shootings in Florida and elsewhere that heat up the political and social atmosphere and prepare the Americans for the declaration of martial law by Obama most probably next week. He will visit Dallas, where J.F. Kennedy was killed, after his visit in Warsaw at the NATO summit and after his short stay in Spain and may use this occasion to announce the martial law. This will prevent the nomination of Donald Trump at the GOP convention as the party will postpone this event indefinitely under martial law. The party bosses will argue that this is not their fault. Killary will be also not nominated at the national convention of the democratic party on July 25 -28 but this does not bother the cabal anymore as she is so much compromised with her email scandal that she no longer serves their NWO plan.

– Hence everything points that Obama will use the Dallas shootings and some new riots and psyops that should be expected to come this weekend to declare martial law before the two national conventions open. With that the US elections will be postponed or even cancelled as predicted by myself long time ago when I said that Obama will be the last US president. This is also the opinion of my countrywoman and great seer Vanga shortly before she died more than ten years ago.

– The cabal will decide to burst the mother of all bubbles and shut down the banking system only after they have full military control over their western empire. That is why NATO has been so busy to deploy new troops in Eastern Europe on the border to Russia as to prevent unrest and revolutions in these countries which have much more experience with dictatorships and will not tolerate the NWO. These troops are not there to begin a war with Russia, as some agnostic and blind “experts” like the Saker and the like claim. The western cabal know they will lose the war with Russia and that is why their troops are there only as occupational force to clamp down on the population in Eastern Europe and also in Western Europe when the NWO is proclaimed. But they cannot admit that. France is already more or less under martial law and this does not sit well with the French people who will continue with their revolution after they have won the EU soccer championship tomorrow.

– As you see, the events are stipulating now and the cabal has to act next week, otherwise they are losing their grip on the masses.

– And here comes our ascension scenario in play which we have discussed so much in the last days and weeks. The cabal will not have it their way and first declare martial law and then burst the bubble, shut down the banks, and crash the economy at a point in time that will serve them best, which would be most probably in late fall, shortly before winter, after the US elections have been cancelled.

– Before that we will have the “shock and awe” wave from the source that will cause a global blackout of all electric networks and systems in the western capitals and centres of power and will prevent successfully the practical, military establishment of the NWO. It will also make obsolete the planned crash of the Orion fiat monetary system at the end of this year and its reset with a new digital currency controlled by one world bank, which will be the Fed for the time being.

This is the divine logic behind the current ascension scenario and it is not a coincidence that my HS channeled me so massively yesterday evening as to grasp the whole plot and the plan of the cabal in its entire complexity, so that I can make this fateful prediction and you can prepare for what will come next.

Only two days ago I dreamt that I was recruited in the US army and had to drill other young recruits. I dream regularly that I repeat my military service in Bulgaria, which is a dream associated with past delays of the ascension scenario but I have never dreamt that I am recruited in the US army. I discussed this dream with Carla and told her that I had no clue what this dream meant ….  until yesterday evening when my HS told me that the US army and FEMA are now preparing hastily for the impending martial law. And if you go on the Internet you will find plenty of videos and information that confirm these hectic preparations.

But the most convincing proof is the executive order of Obama from early May which allows him to declare total martial law without asking the congress for permission as it has already voted for another law recently that allows Obama to declare war without asking the legislature. As you see, everything points to this culmination of events next week and the two party conventions are the time-limiting factor. The cabal must make their fateful move and this is how they will be ousted from power so that we can appear as ascended masters and custodians of this planet and become the new leaders of humanity – for ever.

If we do not experience these events in the linear time the reason will be that we have moved to a higher, more favourable timeline while this prediction has triggered these events on lower timelines and has prevented them from occurring on the highest timeline on which we still dwell and from where we experience this rapidly changing holographic model. Ultimately the primary goal of all my published forecasts is to illuminate the clandestine plans of the cabal and thus to prevent their occurrence on our ascending timeline. This is how we create in the Now. We never experience what we truly do not want.


After I wrote this article I found this video from Alex Jones who confirms my forecast:


Obama To Cancel Elections With Martial Law Over Incited Race War

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