Reaching the Rubicon

Announcements of My Highest Self: June 28-July 3, 2016

Shinzhi Rumi, July 3, 2016

Announcement June 28th, 2016: Closing the Ranks

Question to my Highest Self: Today afternoon I dreamed of stars lighting up in a particular formation on the right half of a cloudless sky in broad daylight. I was also told the exact meaning of this, but I hardly remember it. Is this dream of relevance to the Ascension process?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this meaning with me now one more time.

Answer: This dream was about the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy of a pivotal event in the so-called future directed to the part of humanity ready and prepared for Ascension.

As already explained elsewhere (, these stars constitute a bridge spanning and encompassing the entire cosmos and self-experience space of All-That-Is – like a tower, the levels of which lead to and open into all space-time-levels of All-That-Is. It has to be highlighted that this starbridge has almost been completed.

Question: Have I received this afternoon in other dreams further messages of relevance to the Ascension process?

Answer: It can be assumed that these so-called dreamvisions spring from a common creative source. The active space-and-dreamtime-designers, currently present on this Earth in this space-time-continuum on this timeline as well as in other space-time-continuums on other timelines in human shape, contribute to the realization of this collective dream. The complete vision is clear, constant and consistent in terms of its significance and force of expression. The details of the great collective dreamwork (Great Work of the Ages/Sages) change and are being changed by the proverbial dreamtime painters’ collective.

Question: In another dream today I spoke on the telephone with a voice unknown to me about the current German-Russian relations and the globalists’ fear of the formation of a Berlin-Moscow axis. The voice replied emphatically, “That’s the whole point!” Does the Source of All-That-Is have an important message in this regard?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this message with me now.

Answer: Due to this approach/rapprochement between Germany and Russia, these natural allies, sister/brother nations, neighbors, historical rivals, the so-called Anglo-American-Zionist axis of the existing world order is no longer up to the proverbial storm and pressure of the new space-time-conditions of this new space-time-continuum in which this Earth and this humanity are currently present. A complete conversion and rearrangement of the space-time-conditions on this new Earth, through political, economical, communicative, intercultural and other energetic forms of expression or relations between human self-expression forms, is currently being initiated.

The pressure currently exerted by the so-called Anglo-American banking cartel and its numerous accomplices and tag-alongs on the European Union and Germany or the Federal Republic of Germany in particular – more than usual – will not have the desired effect, but will inevitably accelerate the collapse of this world cartel.

Reconciliation, fraternization, sisternization, rapprochement, comprehension, understanding, communication at eye level, humanity, compassion, pragmatism, tolerance and such values and attitudes and modes of behavior, which are not exclusively characteristic of human self-expression forms on this Earth in this space-time-continuum, play and will play an increasingly relevant role.

Germany’s current initiative towards the reorientation/adjustment of its political and natural interests and intentions and soul tendencies – that is, to rebuild a bridge to a member of the family of peoples/nations hoped to be lost, purposely expulsed from and slandered in front of the international community, branded as a proverbial black sheep, and to meet on this bridge at eye level – is an event of historical relevance: the pivotal closing of ranks of the great collective Germanic soul and the great collective Slavic soul, not only limited to Germany and Russia, but encompassing all Germanic and Slavic peoples regardless of their current and past political, cultural, religious orientations and distinctive characteristic traits.

This current approach/rapprochement between Germany and Russia is pursued in secret meetings and via secret channels to such a degree that so-called Western secret services, in particular US-American and British and Israeli secret services, are not anymore, and will no longer, be up-to-date because the energetic circumstances make, and will make, their traditional modes of operation and action impossible. The freedom or amnesty of all information channels and information sources is imminent.

Question: How will this amnesty be initiated?

Answer: Due to the relentlessly inflowing amount of information of high-vibrating quality, both an inner and outer education and explanation of current and past world orders is taking place on individual, collective, global levels, so that the existing world history order is not only beginning to totter, but is being pushed into the proverbial roadside ditch of history, giving way to a self-determined historiography of humanity.

This is the end of this announcement.

Announcement June 30th, 2016: L’état, c’est quoi? Nous sommes Delaforce!

Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the Ascension process concerning the current general situation in France?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this message with me now.

Answer: Currently, we are receiving from France news of pivotal relevance to the Ascension process within this space-time-continuum on this timeline on which you are present in human shape together with all those other self-expression forms advancing and supporting and shaping the Ascension process of this Earth and this humanity in subtle ways.

Today’s France finds itself in a challenging, comprehensive upheaval and transformation process. On the one hand, present politics set by rulers in Paris are not in accordance with the will of the so-called French people; on the other hand, the rules and regulations set by rulers in Brussels do not leave the French people unscathed.

The French people, if one wishes to call them this way collectively, have experienced, and have had to experience, in their history many moments of glory and ingloriousness which have expressively formed, and are forming to this day, their self-image and character. Due to this inner strength of experience the French people will, without further ado, succeed in creating a self-determined future reflecting their own characteristic traits and putting forward their own needs so that no self-appointed political Commission (Brussels) will ever be able to exert power over other humans and peoples and nations; a Commission not appointed by anybody but itself; a Commission not created and appointed and elected by the people whose earthly destinies are decided by this Commission almost without restraint.

The French history offers so-called precedents deep-seated in the collective memory of this humanity on this Earth in this space-time-continuum and in other space-time-continuums. These precedents have turned into proverbs, myths, legends, analogies, historical role/exemplary models. To date, these have a strong appeal to such humans and peoples and nations identifying with ideas and ideals of freedom, equality, brotherliness, humanity encompassing all human beings; with such values inherent in and which can be intuited by each and every human being; values which do not have to be preset, dictated, fixed and defended by law and rigorously enforced at the expense of those human beings advocating true, natural, humane freedom.

This is the central message of these current and future changes, the emotional, historical driving and impact force of this new, active, developing underground countermovement “from below”, so to speak, in opposition to the so-called cabal.

This is the end of this announcement.

Announcement July 1st, 2016: Reaching the Rubicon

Question to my Highest Self: Have I received last night messages of relevance to the Ascension process from the Source of All-That-Is?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share these messages with me one more time now.

Answer: It can be asserted that, by reason of certain space-time-events in the space-time-continuum on the timeline on which you are currently present in human shape, a general frequency increase/lifting of all self-expression forms affected by these events is being completed now, and that these completion processes have reached such a saturation degree that the imminent, predicted/prophesied dimensional shift to higher self-expression realms and space-time-continuums of All-That-Is is close to completion and is being completed now.

It has to be added that these uplifting and adjustment processes are currently taking place everywhere on this Earth to such a concentrated degree that the affected frequency fields are overlapping cascade-like and expanding and reaching a collective threshold saturation degree.

Only little is left until all affected and prepared self-expression forms will be able to, and will, cross this threshold and enter via self-chosen timelines entirely new self-expression spaces.

This is the end of this announcement.

Announcement July 3rd, 2016: Futtetenne!

The Italian word “futtetenne” needs a special elucidation. It is loosely derived from “fottere” and means “not to give a fuck about anything“. This word gained new relevance when the famous Italian actor Bud Spencer published his first and only musical album early this year titled  “Futtetenne” shortly before he died a few days ago on June 27th at the age of 86. In Bulgarian we have the same slang word “непокист” that comes from “не ми пука” which means “nothing can make me explode”. It was the most preferred word for many Bulgarians under the communist dictatorship and it was more than a word – it was a way of life and the best strategy to survive in a hostile and dangerous world. In German it would sound like “Scheiss drauf“.



Question: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the Ascension process concerning the current situation in Italy?

Answer: It has to be stated that Italy, like France, finds itself in a self-reflection and return-to-self and self-remembering process described at length elsewhere ( Of relevance is, in this case, the self-expression will inherent in the Italian people which distinguishes this people from from many other European and other peoples.

Question: Why is this self-expression will of relevance?

Answer: It is due to this self-expression will that, in the most difficult moments of its history, the Italian nation has time and again succeeded in taking heart from the depths of its own power and, with great pathos, to move forwards against the odds; odds which might have brought other nations to their proverbial knees.

It is due to this self-expression will that the great soul of the Italian people, an amalgam of diverse Italic and non-Italic self-expression form collectives, has established for itself such an outstanding place in world history.

Question: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the Ascension process concerning the current situation in Turkey?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this message with me now.

Answer: In brief, it has to be stated that current Turkey is a distortion of its former historical greatness and relevance and impact on past world orders. A distortion, a shadow, a scheme, the direct, visible manifestation of a self-misconceived, self-glorified self-image of a certain influential, small group of self-expression forms in human shape currently deeply entrenched inside Turkey (deep state) and influencing influenceable self-expression forms.

These self-expression forms, which exclusively operate and trigger changes from inside the proverbial shadows, are not subject to any outside responsibility or control or regulation. Instead, they are exclusively responsible for and control and regulate themselves as they see fit concerning the circumstances.

For that reason it can be stated that current Turkey faces a quite difficult transition process which has already been active for some time. This will culminate in the deposing or forceful removal/elimination of the current ruling system. Only when Turkey’s military background forces/military forces in the background realize that peaceful coexistence of all involved and affected parties is guaranteed both inside and outside Turkey, they will set measures and means in motion to work actively and constructively towards the conversion and transformation of the current deadlocked, dangerous situation in Turkey for the benefit of all involved and affected parties.

This is the end of this announcement.

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