Proofs of Immediate Creation

Georgi Stankov, July 8, 2016

On July 5th I published about my very lucid dream meeting Putin in Kremlin during that same night. This dream was a continuation of a previous dream where I and the PAT organized a congress of ascension in the USA and I met Kevin Costner:

“Then the scene of my dreams changed again and I found myself in Moscow, in Kremlin. I entered the office of my old soul mate Putin without announcement and found him reading a long document. I told him as a matter of fact: “It has begun. The collapse of the matrix is happening now in the West. We are opening our congress of ascension in the USA tomorrow. Take care that Russia stays stable and protected in the 3D before we can move to 5D”. Putin nodded with his head and was visibly relieved and happy to hear this news. “Don’t worry” he responded: ” Everything is being taken care of”.  I left his office and went to another mission I do not remember now.” 

Latest Confirmation of an Electric Blackout Coming in July or August

In this article I presented another confirmation from Adelina from Bulgaria that the big events leading to ascension we are discussing at length on this website will begin to manifest in July and August.

And now guess what? I read today in a well-informed Russian website that Putin has cancelled all his regional visits the next day in expectation of a major international event:

“Yet another (event) took place which, at first glance, might appear to be unrelated to the previous two. On July 6th, a report was published that President Putin had cancelled all trips to Russia’s regions planned for next week. This event can be explained in different ways, but one possible explanation is that the Kremlin is expecting some kind of large international event. I’ll emphasize right away that I have no facts to support this theory which is based on mere logical reasoning and assumptions.”

I do not want to interpret too much into this synchronicity, but it is indeed remarkable as Putin very rarely changes his schedule and only when there is an imminent danger as was the case two years ago at the height of the Ukraine crisis when he disappeared for two weeks from the radars of the political observers and wild speculations were in circulation as part of his demonization by the western MSM at that time. This time, however, there is no urgency on the international stage except the usual and constant bombing of Donbass by Kiev troops which can hardly be a reason for this change in Putin’s program. The danger of a perceived imminent war between NATO and Russia has also dwindled since Putin had a phone conversation with Obama the other day and they agreed on a closer military cooperation in Syria which was unanimously considered a great political, military and diplomatic success for Putin and Russia by all experts.

This leads me to my second point I feel urged to share with you today. Since several days my energetic fields have expanded immensely and I feel very closely connected to the entire humanity and Gaia as never before. I can sense all the moods and rampant emotional waves that now ravage the collective soul of humanity on the eve of the ascension. At times this tension is almost unbearable. Fortunately it is coupled to another extremely positive and uplifting feeling and knowing – namely that I am a very powerful creator being and that all my thoughts and ideas immediately manifest on this and numerous other timelines. This is one of the reasons why I concentrate on certain events in the last 48 hours which I recognize as pivotal in the promotion of the ascension scenario. Some of them are:

– the financial crisis in the UK leading to the freezing and haircut of investors of seven big property funds that comprise more than half of the entire real estate market in this country in the aftermath of the Brexit. (Breaking News: Seventh Money Manager Puts Freeze on UK Property Fund)

– The imminent collapse of Deutsche Bank which has been acknowledged in the meantime by all experts: ( I’m in Awe at How Fast Deutsche Bank is Coming Unglued (WS)

– The plight of the Italian banks – the liquidity crisis of these banks caused by bad debts and the impossibility of any resolution:  Italy May Spur Systemic Bank Crisis: SocGen (BBG). As our PAT member Alessandro from Italy has written to me today, this country is also ravaged by new big scandals of corruption that reach the top echelons of the Italian government and announce its imminent collapse:

– Yesterday I mentioned the current prevailing pattern of behaviour of the ruling cabal on the verge of total collapse – moral, physical, emotional and with respect to their power – under the constant bombardment with extremely powerful source energies that also flow through our bodies, so that we can testify their inhuman intensity. I compared it to the military doctrine of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). (Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Slams Deutsche Bank As Europe’s Most Insolvent Bank). Indeed the reckless and clueless cabal are now resorting in their desperation to insane service-to-self actions against each other that are nothing else but a fear-driven behaviour of self-sabotage which most incarnated human beings adopt when they are under great stress. This is the psychological mechanism of their demise which the ruling cabal now exercise in a perfect manner beamed by the current source waves of final transmutation. And not to forget that many of them are walk-ins of transliminal souls who are the driving force behind this self-sabotage of global proportions. The soul has always been the director of this show and the human ego is her hapless performer. Forget the concept of free will, it is only part of the game – to make it more interesting and convoluted. Remember Hitchcock’s suspense?

– The latest example is the falling-out between the EU president and notorious drunkard Juncker and the German and French governments. As this conflict may have escaped your attention here is the background: What happened was that at some point last week reports started coming out that several parties, especially in Germany, were planning to oust Juncker from his plush job. He must have read them too, of course. And he may have gotten other signals as well in Brussels backrooms. Then, Germany and France began to clamor for their parliaments to have a say in the ratification of CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada.

And Juncker must have seen his chance for revenge. Because yesterday he announced that all 27 parliaments of EU member nations get to have a crack at CETA. That is Pandora’s box, as this is the end of this treaty that was supposed to be ratified this fall as there is no chance that all 27 parliaments will approve it given the current EU-rejection by most political parties in the member states.  I do not believe for a second that Juncker is not aware of it as he was initially himself against this procedure and wanted the treaty to be only ratified by the unelected EU commission and the EU parliament.

The German government is now MAD at Juncker as Deutsche Welle reports: EU Commission: CETA Should Be Approved By National Parliaments. CETA is TTIP on a smaller scale. A sort of test. The nonsensical audacity of ‘an investment protection system to shield companies from government intervention’ says it all. With this unilateral decision against his masters the unpredictable alcoholic Juncker has just killed CETA, TTIP or any other effort of the dark ruling cabal to eliminate the sovereignty and legal authority of national states and substitute them with the lawlessness of the NWO based on international criminal corporations controlled entirely by the cabal as is the case with the private bank Fed.

This new development was also a topic of discussion with our PAT member Corey Sturmer three days ago:

“Although this article doesn’t cite the real reason why Merkel wants Juncker out of the EU, the development is no doubt related to your article on Juncker exposing the Alien Masters controlling the EU & other tentacles of the globalist cult.

In Light, Corey”


Dear Corey,

I read this article and had to laugh. Merkel intends to release Juncker next year. Her problem is if she will survive this year as a chancellor from what I read in the German press.


I think that with this example I have shown you that we now create with our professed thoughts and analyses the ascension scenario in real time and that we should use this mental power of Logos Gods to bring more clarity every day in this process of destroying the old Orion matrix and laying the foundation for the new enlightened humanity. This process has so many facets that it is impossible to consider all of them. But in constructive discussions among us we may be able to cover most of its aspects as Charlotte has just confirmed to me with respect to my recent conversation with our PAT member Tasha from Canada:

“The proton stream from the source through our sun is the basic energy source of transformation of this 3D holographic model as protons are foundational for the creation of matter. The Elohim have mentioned this fact in previous messages. According to my hypothesis the content of water in the new 4D worlds will increase compared to now. I remember to have written in previous articles that the crystalline light body will have a higher content of water than the current carbon-based body. It may sound counter-intuitive but water is the optimal medium of superconductivity in matter when properly arranged. And water is basic in cleansing this planet.


Energy Report of the PAT – July 7, 2016

“THE HOUR” Has Arrived – A Water Message From The Hopi Elders”

Peace & Light,


I will stop with my evidence at this place and urge you to adopt a more pro-active attitude in these last days with respect to what you see and how you try to modulate the outcome in favour of our imminent ascension. All creative energies that stream from the source and flow through our fields can only manifest in this holographic reality if they are actively supported by our mental power at the conscious level.

Finally I recommend you to watch this didactically excellent video on global debt. It is a leitmotif of all my economic and financial analyses since 1997 that the artificially created world inflation by the dark cabal is the primary cause for the collapse of the Orion matrix. The initial plan of the cabal was to use this world inflation to crash the national economies and the current fiat currencies and substitute them with the NWO under one global digital currency controlled by one world bank. If it were not for the PAT as Jerry wrote yesterday, they would have been successful with their plan on this timeline as they were on many collapsing, catastrophic lower timelines. The dialectical side of this world inflation through excessive money supply when compared to the real economy is the gargantuan debt of all banks, corporations, countries, governments and private households. The only possible outcome is complete and utter annihilation of the current Orion monetary system and its substitution with the new Astral Currency:


Just as I finished writing this article Colleen sent me this correspondence with Donald Trump which is another remarkable synchronicity for our incredible immediate creative powers:

“Dear Carla & Georgi,

I sent the Trump team a message the other day saying the light is shining…… they just sent me this..LOL!!

“The light is shining!

To Donald Trump

I am sure you are aware of what these people are capable of! Have no fear…… higher power is in control, they will continue to expose their own selves!…..the cabal has collapsed!

Just keep it real!!



Donald J. Trump for President

Dear Colleen,

Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate your advice and will definitely take it into consideration. Together we can Make America Great Again!


Team Trump”

Only yesterday I was talking to Carla about my letter and that of Colleen to Trump and his eventual response. I told Carla that if the HR want him to read these emails they will arrange it and we only need to make the first step. Carla confirmed that from his TV programs Trump is known to have a well-organised team of open-minded people who consider all suggestions and recommendations from the public and that he has surely adopted the same approach in his team for the presidential race. And here you have the proof as his response to Colleen is personal. I have not receive any response from him yet but I have just written to him yesterday so it may take some more time for his team to assess my letter. And even then it is hard to chew the fact that he will not have the possibility to become a president as the system will collapse before that. But we have now the proof that our letters are being read and considered by Trump’s team and this is what matters.

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