Breaking News: Seventh Money Manager Puts Freeze on UK Property Fund

Brad Barber, July 7, 2016

It has begun – we cannot report as quickly as the Orion Ponzi scheme is collapsing since yesterday, but we do our best. – George

Dear George,

I agree and a broader picture article may help.  That picture of the gold market raids is one of the best tools available to cross so many bridges.  The paper raids are what suppressed the interest rates to convince millions of people to jump back into the real estate market and kept the debt market afloat as that’s the only way to keep rates low.   That’s how I put it all together with your site that the gold market was the keystone to the whole ascension pyramid.  Those paper raids are also why I was tucked into a limp fetal position of helplessness watching on so many nights as levels were destroyed at complete illiquid hours.   It is disappointing to see how obvious now the bridge is from finance to metaphysics and back again, but can’t get but a few all the way there.  I think toxic was a fine word you have used a couple of times.

Did I mention that I have derived a tiny bit of pleasure from watching six real estate funds seize up redemptions today.  Just a tiny bit.  The amount of fraud that has smacked me over the head in the real estate market……   I dedicate this moment to the ADA lawyer that sued me in Wichita over needing better handicap access.  He took a payoff of $50,000 and we only did $25,000 of work for the handicapped.  What an asshole.  I ended up in the situation as I tried to save a bankruptcy from a partner and bank that lied on all initial reports and did no true due diligence.  Good friend of the family.  I already know how Trump does his projects because I worked with his clone in Wichita.  Oh yeah and the city stole four of my tenants to take downtown for their revitalization project and gave them subsidies that were taxpayer money.  Oh yeah the fire chief showed up and said I needed $250,000 in repairs to sprinkler systems and his buddy owned the main repair shop.  Oh yeah and oh yeah and oh yeah.  Oh yeah and one other center in Colorado had two Super Walmarts that were subsidized with special taxing districts and two million square feet of retail added around it.  Interesting that the City Commons were built at the same time across the street from the projects with some real nice courthouses and offices.  Fine and dandy until the taxes doubled.  Did I mention the City forced our Chinese restaurant to clean a mile of the sewer system when a there was a small grease trap spill.  $22,500.  Did I mention the tenant of ours up in the mountains who had his life ruined by the EPA for having three drops of oil under his truck.  Tried to fine him $125,000 and said he killed a ton of fish in a nearby river.  Did anyone see what the EPA did in Southern Colorado with the water released from that mine?  All I can say is HAAA!! It all led to ultimately to Universal Law and how beautiful is all of that.  I think it’s awesome and I can laugh at every second of it.

 Sorry for the quick real estate rant, but you and I have dealt with it properly in the past. Wasn’t surprised to see the Canadian fund seize redemption as well.

I do want to add one thing as the energy is flying in the miner bull market already.  In fact it’s out of hand.  I turned 20% on a portfolio for a client in the last 8 days.  I don’t mind doing it as it helps me teach people around me the true reasons why this all takes place.  They really listen when money is made.  Besides, it’s how I eat still and it really helps me read the world as I do.  When people read about gold, they unintentionally read about Gaia and her call sweetly beckons.  Greed usually takes over from there, but not in a transliminal soul.  That’s the key now.

What is really fascinating is to see the silver miners such as AG, CDE, SSRI, AXU, and SLW along with a few others.  Take a look at a one year chart.  They all took off exactly the week of Jan 25th when we wrote the Christ resurrection article The Silencing of Jesus.  It was the moment of the return of the infinite and resurrection metaphorically.  It is very powerful to have this confirmation and there is nothing like it ever in the history of the financial world to have been published on a site in conjunction with such a move in relation to the true energetic process.   The exact bottom of the gold market was the Pale Rider article and your wonderful addition to it.  I have researched it all for the last hundred years financially and there is nothing that can remotely hold a candle to this.  W.D. Gann would be close but he couldn’t explain it.  CDE itself is up over 700% in the last five months and AG and SSRI and AXU have been out of hand.  I predicted a trade I laid out in bitcoin and exchanged for silver mines would go down as the best trade in history.  Done and done and it’s just getting started.  Now I have to amend that and add the next step to trade that for the astral currency and an ascending economy and Universal Law.  This whole place is about how energy gets invested.  Bitcoin only happened due to the paper dumps on gold that helped delay this process.  Bitcoin happened much bigger than it should have because they trashed silver.

The moves in MUX (which is my ascension leader as its chart shows the perfect two phases from August last year and the Pale Rider acceleration )  are incredible as I predicted on your site as well as FNV and AEM which represent the gold miners well, but the silver mines are the ones that truly represent the release of the true feminine and infinite conceptual energy on this planet in its earliest visible systemic manifestion post Dec. 2012.

The only reason I add this part is because the bull market is already long in effect in miners and it is the bull in the china shop like Donald Trump.  They are raising complete hell.  A lot of Mexicans may finally like to know why they are treated so poorly by the fraud and all of their entertainers and priests that bring people together get killed.  Silver mines, jefe.

Enough of this BS.  Let’s party in the lush oasis.  Now if I could only breathe.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

which six real estate funds have seized up redemption today?



Mon Capitan,

Here are the six that can be verified by ZeroHedge.  This list shows it well, but I personally haven’t verified it all yet so you know.

Canadian Life was the last.  REIT’s are such a fraud it makes even my lazy hair curl.

In looking for that I saw the latest one they posted too.  #7 with the haircut.  No liquidity people. Try selling real estate in an illiquid market.  I tried for years to talk about this.  Cattle guards deployed.  All brokerage participants are starting to receive statements how cash balances are now being held in Government treasuries instead of money market funds. It’s not worded as blunt as that.  I have received several notices on this over the past few months.  It’s already gone is the real problem.

When I dealt with my mini-Trump in 2007 and 2008 i went through this and can multiply it by the whole globe.  Asset rich but cash poor as you so perfectly nailed with the cash crunch.  The guy I sat with told me his company was worth $185 million.  When it came to needing cash, he was broke in minutes and it was all worth nothing.  Deals are only really done to collect the fees from the participants.  Fees, Fees and Fees, and Fees, and Fees. Why everything we do is done.  Generate fees for the bloodsuckers.

I have seen this firsthand with a flip in belief systems and it happens fast.  When all is rolling in commercial real estate, a property with vacant spaces is worth $50 million because of future leases on paper.  When it all seizes up, the same property is worth $2 million because the vacant space become a liability and can no longer be monetized as future gains. Present cash flow is vastly different from future cash flow.  “Just be positive Stanley, it always gets better so dream big.”  You want to talk about inflating a universe away with the Big Bang then start with these bastards.  Billions in value in commercial real estate vanishes in minutes solely based on perception.

My recent favorite mix of words.  Banzai and Kamikaze.  Kamizai.

All belief.  I believe in you.  Oh yeah.  Jerry’s God so deal with it.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

it’s getting really dramatic – read my article which I just published:

I can no longer keep up pace with the tempo of the events. Let us see what will happen tomorrow.

With love and light





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