The Electric Nature of Slavery and Racism and Their Elimination Through Divine Magnetism

Charlotte Smith, June 17, 2016

Yours, David’s, Rumi’s and Joel’s posts

Dearest Georgi,

Yours, David’s, Rumi’s and Joel’s posts have been so uplifting. I’m so grateful to all of you.

David’s article about the form of slavery known as serfdom was a critical piece. Once humans understand that “race” is merely an alchemical reaction of magnetic origin created by the incarnating spirit for purposes of assimilation into its environment as it pertains to that spirit’s mission, it will be easier for the population to understand the complexities of Divine magnetism. I continue to advocate for an in-depth discussion on slavery and racism that clearly delineates the difference between the two so that we can begin to unravel the hidden thought patterns first within those who feel they harbor no racism and then within the general population. All so-called “races” have been victims of slavery. These discussions must first disarm the emotions driven by hidden guilt within those who have been beneficiaries of racism and the hidden as well as overt emotions of anger in those who have been victims of racism. Once this happens, the conversation can focus on the science that exposes the fraud of race in physical, astral and causal terminology and the “race card” will become ineffective as a programming/ reaction tool. 

This will go a long way in helping to understand the magnetic nature of the approaching transformative events.

Some time ago I mentioned to you that the Cabal appears to have been counting on the completion of the current cycle which would have granted them some 400 or more years to continue their slavery of this planet but we did not elaborate on my statement. Now that Rumi has brought us into remembrance of the approaching “firewall” I think it’s time for further elaboration.

In “The Holy Science” by Swami Sri Yukteswar, it is stated that the “known” cycles correspond with the development of human intellect and the electric world comprised of 5 types of electricities that originate from divine magnetism. The development of mental virtue is gradual and divided into four stages within a period of 12,000 years. In the first stage “human intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond the gross material of this ever-changing creation, the external world.” In the second stage, the human intellect can “comprehend the fine matters or electricities and their attributes which are the creating principles of the external world….. In the third stage, human intellect becomes able to comprehend the Divine magnetism, the source of all electrical forces on which the creation depends for its existence…. In the fourth stage, mental virtue completes its full development the human intellect can comprehend all, even God the Spirit beyond this visible world. “[1]

Because human mutation has continued to accelerate we are now well into the understanding of Divine Magnetism as a result of your work as well as the work of a few others.  This understanding represents a “leap” for mankind beyond the second stage, where Swami Sri Yukteswar has placed humans at this time, well into the third stage. This “leap” qualifies the inhabitants of this planet to receive the necessary Divine intervention that takes us to the fourth stage where the remaining general human population comprehends God the Spirit beyond this visible world. This intervention is necessary because of the vice grip the dark has held over this creation for millennia that if not removed, would prevent humans from experiencing the fourth stage of development. “Whenever this earthly school has fulfilled its temporary purpose in God’s scheme according to cyclic timing or whenever all the inhabitants have been fully educated in manifesting complete divinity then, through a cosmic deluge, Spirit will not only release human beings but also the karma-tortured active atoms of the earth.”[2] The separation of the ascending population to its own timeline fulfills this requirement because all inhabitants on the new timeline will have completed the current stage of development.

The “firewall” is the cosmic deluge.

The Cabal has monitored human evolution closely as evidenced by the Business Insider article that so accurately shows how our evolution has accelerated over the past 100 years. But they have not been able to keep up with the rapid acceleration of our development, hence their desperate and futile acts of radiating the entire planet.

This is easily observed by a careful analysis of the current situation and especially the Ancient Alien series. On one episode we hear “humans originated” from Orion and all of archeology supports this. On another episode we hear “humans originated” from the Pleiades and on and on. This is not because they want to eventually present a multiverse of originating points it is because of the behind the scenes struggle to control future evolution/reincarnation and where it will take place. They have clearly been caught off guard in their understanding of the oncoming magnetic Cosmic reset.

Yes the collapse of the financial system may ultimately be triggered by this magnetic reset but there is a large section of the global population that does not interact with the banking system due to abject poverty. Although 60 minutes did a story on a new money system being used in rural Africa using cell phones without the involvement of banking institutions, there are still many areas of the globe that are not involved in any financial system. But the entire globe will be affected by the Cosmic Divine magnetic reset.

As I mentioned in our last correspondence, I can feel my new 13 chakra system coming online and I am not the only one. Others have spoken to me about their ability to sense these changes. The new chakras are necessary for handling this expected surge of Divine magnetism and the Divine “fire rite of meditation” [3]practice is the best way to develop one’s ability to merge with this “firewall” as we reverse the internal polarity in our brains and then learn to neutralize the magnetic currents between and through all new chakras. Although for those as advanced as yourself, you are already able to do this at will the other waves of ascension candidates need to develop this ability. Failure to master this practice could expose one to potential “energetic overload” at the moment of this surge. These new chakras also require a new understanding of the atomic and subatomic astral and magnetic connections of the old “1000 petal Lotus.” So I expect you will be very busy in the future.

Thank you again for all of yours and the PATs wonderful work.

Peace and Light,


[1] Swami Sri Yukteswar, “The Holy Science”, pgs. 10-11.

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