Energy Report of the PAT – June 18, 2016

Breaking News: The Great Pulse From Source Causing the Global Collapse of All Electric Networks and Triggering the Final ID Shift Has Commenced Today, June 17, 2016

Georgi Stankov, June 18, 2016

Today I was hit by the most powerful wave I have ever experienced in terms of intensity and higher frequencies. It is a pure Source wave that has crashed my entire organism and it is burning from within and without. As I am an open nexus to the Source, I am always experiencing such waves  3-4 days ahead of the actual portal or ascension shift. This is an invariant motif throughout the years.

Therefore it is not a coincidence that I and the PAT were made aware one more time in a very compelling manner of the incoming powerful “awe-and-shock” wave from the Source that is bound to eliminate the energetic foundation of electricity of matter that has been used by the ruling cabal and their former masters, the archons, to establish a global system of total control over humanity. This includes all existential aspects of modern society, such as food procession, manufacturing of goods, heating and transport and above all the current fraudulent Orion monetary system.

Now this old matrix is coming to an end and it has started on June 17th.

I have a vast experience with all kinds of energy waves and can assess their specific quality very precisely as being documented on this website in a seamless manner. Each wave I have announced to you in advance has been subsequently confirmed by the Elohim and the PAT with your personal experiences.

This wave is, however, the biggest of all. I have no idea when it will fully unfold its power on this planet and whether it is only the first of a sequence of waves from the Source that will accomplish what we have discussed intensively in last few days and increasingly so since May 30th when this holographic model was fully opened to the codes of light coming from the Source at the quantum level. Since then it has been an upward spiral of opening all subsequent systems and levels, and in particular the chakra system of the incarnated human personalities that harbour so much fears and drive the further enslavement of humanity to a greater state of density and separation from the Source. This process has been reversed since the first harmonic convergence in 1987 and especially since the PAT opened the stargate 11.11.11 and the ascension portal Dec 12-21, 2012. Since then Gaia and humanity are on an upward ascension spiral that is about to culminate this summer.

While barely surviving today, I listened in a state of total depletion and excruciating headache and stomach pain to this video from the same Source AA Michael that confirmed Rumi’s messages on the impending anti-electric Megawave of divine magnetism and the previous messages of the Elohim about the major ID shifts in May. Contrary to our sources which never give us a precise date, this source insists that the wave will begin with this summer solstice on June 20-21. This is also the time of full moon on June 19 going through June 20.

I was personally somewhat skeptical about this fixed date which this source already mentioned in his messages, but now I must confirm that it has begun today, June 17th. The whole message in the video is very good and confirms everything we have discussed so far. The actual ascension scenario is presented from minute 17th where June 20th is confirmed as the initiation of this final transformation wave that will peak in the course of this summer. My guess is that the final culmination will be in August. This does not say that some of us may not ascend before that. This forecast applies to the third and biggest wave of humans who are bound to awaken in the course of these massive cosmic waves and experience their Armageddon when the electric networks collapse worldwide as to finally awaken to their core essence as immortal soul beings.



Dear George,

I am pleased and honored to have been able to add to the conversation through my questions.

Interesting that there was another  post from the same channeler just a couple of days ago. Very nice to hear similar things from different sources.

Definitely an amazing time to be alive.

My thoughts from our earlier discussion were that if the new patterns were created in 5D and if 5D is outside of linear time as we know it, then perhaps they could be put in place at any point along our timeline, regardless of when all the work was actually finished, but I am not sure my knowledge of the science of the matter is enough to support that. Either way, this new message seems clear, once again, let go of control, focus on the inner work, and allow the process to occur as it will.

One more query, if you would indulge me. Michael speaks of 3D vs 5D, but you speak of 4D worlds as well. If I am not mistaken, 4D was described as the “ethereal realm” in the Seven Sacred Flames, where Telos and the retreats of the Chohans currently exist, and that we can access via dreams and meditation even if we have no memory of them later. I had the idea that earth that is was increasing frequency to that 4D level, which would become the new “normal” as it were, while the 5D worlds would require full Ascension with the additional 5 flames and Chakras, along with  light crystal bodies to access, which the members of the PAT have already reached.

Is this correct? Or am I stumbling over terminology?

Still working through all the reading material, between parenting and my daily job.

Very thankful that you have made so much knowledge available.

With Love and Light,



Dear Joel,

the numbering of dimensions is a human convention. We were told by the Elohim that the reality is much more complex and diverse. The AA Michael source is talking about 3D and 5D as to simplify the situation. 3D is our world of dense forms, although this uppermost mother planet is already vibrating with the highest frequency levels of the 4th dimension. When most of the humans will ascend to the new 4D worlds, for them these worlds will be like 5D in terms of all the new energetic conditions and possibilities they will encounter there. These new worlds will be open to 5D so that we as ascended masters can enter their reality easily and also create there in a visible manner. These worlds exist since 2014 when we first created them in the new Golden Galaxy and actually already intercept with this reality.

Indeed they can be manifested any time but this will happen first when humanity has reached the threshold of maximal awakening to trigger this event as most of the people will experience it in a negative way and they should have released their fears sufficiently enough before that as not to develop even more fears and succumb to the plans of the dark cabal but go through this fearwall like through a firewall and emerge purified on the other side. It is remarkable that AA Michael is also talking of burning as a means of ascension.

The energies are now burning – today (June 16th) for instance my skin and eyes are burning and this goes since a long time for me. For most humans it will be a new experience when we reach this threshold. The time determining factor is and has always been the progress of humanity in the ascension process. I feel that we have almost reached this threshold, but we must be patient now as linear time is irrelevant.

With love and light



Hello Georgi

Hope you and Carla are well and enjoying this great time. What an amazing response from Rumi’s higher self. This is what I have been mentioning to people for many years now and it has mostly fallen on deaf ears,

“At no time has current humanity on this timeline been so dependent to such an extraordinarily high degree on man-made electrification and global electric-electronic networking. In the case of an expected and to-be-expected breakdown of this wantonly tied network, those self-expression forms independent from these networks will find it easy to get by and to support themselves – above all those used to living and surviving in the wild.

The vast majority of current humanity on this Earth has made more and more room for and attached more and more value to modern technology. Likewise, this part of humanity has distanced itself more and more from its true inner nature and the true nature of Mother Earth so that this part of humanity cannot anymore imagine a life in harmony with the inner and outer nature without modern technology. This part of humanity is hopelessly dependent on this world control system. “

It is never too late, as I mentioned before that it is near, it is very near which is great. Sorry I can’t elaborate more on what has happened in the last few weeks (it’s been quite eventful!), I can’t seem to type anything down in detail, when I do it just doesn’t make sense, I’m in shut down mode and I’m more and more in this expression of just BEING. Let the MESS continue further next week with the BREXIT vote, this should be interesting…Especially as it has been mentioned that Trump’s visiting the UK next week, you can imagine the comments already. Somehow I’m looking forward to what was mentioned by Rumi’s higher self,

“This high-vibrating energy has nothing to do with conventional energy generated by humans on this Earth. This energy is exclusively and directly triggered by the Source of All-That-Is for greatest efficiency impact. This energy’s expressive purpose is to overload an affected subsystem which, by reason of its inner configuration, is unable to transform this energy.

Metaphorically speaking, a short-circuit happens. A fuse fries. A transformer burns through. A transformer responsible for supplying energy to many other systems. A failed transformer which cannot be replaced by an emergency power system because this will fail, too.

Imagine a city the size of Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Frankfurt, London, Istanbul, Canberra, Sydney, Johannesburg, Rome, Brussels, Moscow, St. Petersburg, that is, key metropolises of the so-called Western world control order affected by such a system-relevant power breakdown.

I’ve envisioned something like this for many years and it doesn’t scare me. London? I guess I know why I’m here…

As always Georgi and to all who contribute to your website, amazing work!

Much love and light to all,



Dear Dalila,

thank you very much for your appreciation of the latest post and your comments on the current situation. It is a constant built-up and the intensity of my personal energy fields has reached such a high level that I no longer feel human. The energy that swirls around me is so dense that it feels as if the Source is in me and around me. I can see all the beautiful fluctuating patterns in various colours in the air and projecting onto the wall or the ceiling.

I once had a very long out-of-body experience in full consciousness after a surgery where the anesthesist gave me a double dose of premedication as the surgeon came late for the operation and these drugs are psychedelic. During this very long experience in the lower 5D, I guess, I felt all the night the blissful and very powerful vibrations within my fields and my floating body with which I could be everywhere and create everything immediately. And now these same energies are present all day long and even more intensely in the night.

There is no way that we shall stay much longer in this reality under these energetic conditions.

With love and light



Hello today Georgi,

I would just like to say how amazing all these great messages are now as we get so very close, and as the summer solstice approaches so does the excitement level rise, or at least it is in me.  I would like to add again many heart felt thanks for your lovely advise concerning my son.  Yes the poor thing just lost his employment also due to the fact of not feeling well when he did and taking the time off he did to get those whatever kind of tests done.  I believe that is illegal but the heck with them,  let me focus all my attention on us the PAT and what is being achieved here with Gaia’s Ascension. 

  There are some other pretty interesting things I was reading at the site “”.  I know you rely upon your own intellect more than scoping out the headlines usually but this site has some real hard core articles that I found highly interesting recently,  and the latest is,  as it also lets us know just how close we are.  My favorite article there as of late is one that is about maybe four down from the top and it is about a space treaty being broken.  The info about the space craft to which they thought they were going to mess with, Obama of course,  seems to me to have identified its self,  years back, as from Arcturus.  Well I will go now,  and get to imagining just how great this is going to be when we will take on our final call.

In love and light always,


Dear Bonnie,

I know this website and all the reports there are fictions of the author but I also read them as he gives some interesting reference sources which he puts together to an imaginary plot and I like to find out how he does it although of course none of his forecasts have come true so far. But as this reality is also a figment of the human mind, the author may be as near to the truth as anybody else.

With love and light



Dear Georgi and Carla,

Here’s my energy update of my current time.

I woke up the other morning, or maybe it was only yesterday – can’t remember – oh yes l’ve got that symptom too! Well l woke up with the words of a Christmas song running through my head:  “Little donkey, little donkey on the dusty road”  I immediately wondered why l was hearing these words so l got my computer out and looked up the lyrics.  I have decided that my higher self has a big sense of humour digging into my memory bank and pulling these words out to get a message across to me!   I found it quire amusing and l love this humoured support of the higher self.

Transforming aching caterpillars or tired dusty donkeys, we’re on the last stretch!

Little donkey, little donkey
On a dusty road,
Got to keep on plodding onwards
With your precious load.

Been a long time,
little donkey,
through the winter’s night.
Don’t give up now,
little donkey,
Bethlehem’s in sight!

Ring out those bells tonight
Bethlehem, Bethlehem
Follow that star tonight
Bethlehem, Bethlehem

Little donkey, little donkey
Had a heavy day
Little donkey, carry Mary
Safely on her way.

Little donkey, little donkey
On the dusty road,
There are Wise Men waiting for a sign
Sign so they can be told.

Little donkey, little donkey
There’s a star ahead.
Follow it, it will lead you
To a cattle shed.

There are Wise Men, little donkey,
Waiting for a sign to bring them there.


I have been staying with Daniela for about a month now.  Her apartment is on a hill above the town and coast and we have a good view all around.  The weather does about everything in the arc of a day, from sunshine in the morning, accompanied by a lot of wind, to dark clouds, rain and sometimes thunder in the afternoon and evening, lowering the temperatures quite a lot.  One day we saw an amazing, enormous, complete, double rainbow and beautiful cloud formations full of light.

Another aspect that has humoured us is the postcard effect of seeing everything around in as flat, non dimensional objects, a bit like looking at picture postcards standing up all around us.  Everything seems to have lost its sense of depth.

When we have walked around the town we seem to be walking in a haze of dimensions and we may even appear to be walking wonky!

These observations make us smile and joke as we know what the bigger picture is and we are at peace with all the changes.  We just follow our own sensations and rest when the tiredness hits and change any plans we may make accordingly.  Everything flows in the ‘strangeness’ and chaotic beauty of change.

With love and light


P.S: Here are a few photos of the postcard views and rainbow.

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Dear Denise,

my HS uses also from time to time lyrics to convey me a message. This song about the tired dusty donkeys approaching Bethlehem following the star is a most precise metaphor of the PAT making the last strides during this tedious journey in this toxic 3D world and leaving it behind, reaching for the stars.

Indeed the world around us has lost its reality and looks like a Potemkin’s village. Its crumbling is imminent.

Many heartfelt greetings to Daniela and I am happy to hear that you are together in these last critical moments. The pictures are stunning. Enjoy the day.

With love and light



Dear George,

Here is a picture my friend sent me from a friend in North Dakota from a few days ago when three tornadoes touched down.  More normal for the area than Vancouver, but an incredible picture.

Also, this article on gold says it all for us.  Endgame if it takes out the Black Knight which this article shows perfectly.

With love and light,


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Hello Capt. Stankov,

Yesterday was a haze, today even worse. My body has welts, under my eye is a welt, stress ? I can’t focus AT all, spinning my wheels to even attempt doing any task. I am so ungrounded, it was hard to wake up to this dream from the last dream, my dreams have been, as usual, vivid, real. My mouth has welts and I itch. Anxiety, ? heh, it’s mild compared to ‘this’. The only thing that helps me is to be outside with nature, but today, even that isn’t working. The wind is unsettling.

The past week I’ve seen encouraging signs of our new world though. The deer are right in my front yard, every day and sleeping near by, they are so calm in my presence. The birds too. There are the most amazing yellow and orange birds with their nest, precariously made on the end of the branch, the babies peeped for three days before I located them. I’m waiting to get pictures. This particular bird, I’ll delve briefly – Our son was killed just over a year ago in an auto crash. The day after this happened last April 18, the most beautiful song bird was near by, I took this as his presence. Then two days after I had decided this was Austin comforting me, I came out of my room and this most amazing bird was sitting on the hummingbird feeder outside the kitchen window, I stopped and we looked at each other before it flew away. Well now it’s brought the life of its family for me to enjoy.

I wanted to mention that the collapse of the financial through electrical snafus is EXACTLY right. I have been sensing this for a long time. That the grid will fail, and thus the bank. They can continue to play their game until that happens and perhaps that is what they know. and therefore, no matter how horribly they attempt to hide the fraud, the people continue to sleep or try to convince themselves that it’s true and they’ve been duped and then, well we know the story, the slow and lazy, unwilling, blah blah. They’ll just keep going along, until the source energies zap the grid.

If you check space weather dot com and note the solar flares are minimal, yet we’re having electrical transformers blowing at the slightest uprise, what normally wouldn’t effect us is downing planes and it’s going to get worse. I agree, this is how things will crash and finally we can be released from these unbearable energies. It’s gotten so that I can’t communicate with my family. They must think I’m loosing it. I just can’t relate to their concerns. And sadly, I find I’m unable to empathize with them when they complain to me about my not being part of their lives. They say that I live in my own world next to them not with them. I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t make it any easier having to pretend. hhhhhhhh. and the tension I could cut like a knife today. I have to practically pull teeth just to get through a day of interaction with this world. I was late paying the mortgage, just plain forgot. I’ve been daydreaming to the point that nothing gets done, the only time I feel like I’m doing anything, is out side trying to get a picture of that bird…

Best to you and Carla,

As always much love, light and trying hard with the amusement.
Pacific Northwest


Dear Jodie,

it is exactly as you describe it and in particular the collective fears that flow through our fields as to be cleansed are very unpleasant as in the old days when darkness was like a thick goo. I thought we were over with that but obviously we have to cleanse all fears so that when the “awe and shock” wave comes and all electric systems crash, they do not succumb to these fears and run into the hands of the ruling cabal. I will publish tomorrow a message on this topic – great stuff from Rumi’s HS again.

With love and light



Dear George,

I can confirm your [and others] observations as written in your 15th june article.I too felt ‘energetically charged’ like it was an immense energy wave wich made me feel quite happy to receive & send it with a big smile to others who were obviously positively affected too. It felt like it stimulated both the heart- & crown chakra at the same time. Very powerful.

Last months [since Aug 2015] I feel these energy waves both stimulating & containing information. The biggest msg in it is to integrate this energy in life until the next wave.  [like riding a rollercoaster ]

My personal observations are that there are more than 7 main chakra’s, at least 3 extra above the head. One connected to the sun, one to the moon? [don’t know this one for sure] and the highest connected to the galactic centre. Through these flows energy & information so the Universe is learning & experiencing through us.

Everyone IS the learning & experiencing Universe at their own unique energy level  connected to everything there is.

Fortunately more and more people are starting to remember who they are & allowing the higher frequencies flowing through. With each one’s awakening and energy work the shift accelerates.

Last but not least information like your excellent website are vital, so thank you for that!




Dear Boddhi,

thank you very much for your personal energy update that validates our experiences. It is correct that we have more than 7 chakras. I have published messages in the past – from summer 2014 as far as remember that explain that the light warriors of the first and the last hour and in particular Carla and myself have 12 chakras after they have opened the left brain portal. At that time we received three more chakras – 15 altogether – that have multiple functions we cannot even imagine.

With this chakra system we are connected with the entire multiverse.

With love and light



Hello Georgi and Carla,

Brilliant articles of late. I can relate to each one. As of the beginning of June I have not seen a chemtrail in the sky. We are having major cumulus clouds interspersed with major storm clouds that just keep rolling through. The sky beyond the clouds is a clear deep blue. The past few days have been extremely windy and quite chilly.  Very different weather conditions. Since the beginning of the month, I keep having the message to pay attention to the sky in order to see what is approaching and occurring.

I also wanted to mention that on the weekend of the May 30th, a couple of websites that I read were unavailable and when they returned they had a noticeable change in energetic structure than previously. I have also noticed that particular things that I have searched have brought up results that completely speak to my heart in a very personal way. At the same time, I am very conscious of the dark ones original intention of the internet and I am extraordinarily wary of it from their energetic perspective. So I suppose I see that I am finding an energetic component that matches my current vibration that certainly had not existed before, apart from your website-Thankfully.

One of the main impressions that I am very aware  of is whether I am causing this or if it is a collective experience. I am not so sure that it is collective, or if we are resolving the collective and realizing this experience has only come from within as our own creation/journey all along. I know that this is the definition of Logos Gods. I also am understanding the disappearance of the supposed rigidity between ‘dream’ state and ‘wake’ state. That it really is all as a whole experience. This particular passage really stands out for me:

“It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream
In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen
And all that was forgotten shall be remembered”

After the end of May, I have focused on healing. Not the healing I can administer, such as thru rest, better foods, etc. But the kind that heals me beyond anything I can conceive of for myself. The kind of healing that truly breaks down the wall. As you, Brad and others have mentioned numerous times about it all being a dead end and nothing will work or heal that is relegated to this world.  It is so clearly the end of this current experience, and there is absolutely no where to Go. But Up.

Aside from that, I have been majorly cleansing very dark fears lately. It has been a very intense experience, and there is not much I can do but ride it out and be aware of what it is and why it is happening. But the experience keeps coming everyday without a break.

With Love,



Dear Georgi,

You wrote on Energy Optimization in the past and how during LBP the frequencies of the two poles increase rapidly, while they still preserve their polarity and duality in the human condition. You wrote: ‘for instance, the negative pole of your anger as a star seed is much more loving and of higher frequency than, say, the positive, loving pole of your partner, who has not yet entered the LBP. In this case, he dwells with his feelings most of the time in the middle of the spectrum range of his low-frequency emotional patterns.’

Is that why you’d get extreme outbursts of hatred if your parents/friends express their love based on their own or social assumptions instead of with respect to your own integrity and needs? I.e. they act postively towards you but because the intent behind their actions is not what you perceive as loving (but more fear-based) you don’t feel the love, but repulsion?

And the second question I have is what do you mean by ‘frequencies alternating between 2 poles’? Which poles are you talking about?

Many thanks,



Dear Polina,

I think that what I wrote about Energy Optimisation is a very good explanation of what you experience with regard to your parents and friends. Essentially what they express as love are conditioned reflexes and beliefs and if there is a modicum of love in these behavioural patterns it is conditional and full of expectations and projections towards you which you are not willing to fulfill anymore.

You are evolving now so quickly and your vibrations have risen so high that there is no interception and no compatibility with such patterns in your environment. If you are now allergic against them it is because you have risen above them and no longer want to lower your vibrations as to be compatible with them. This is also very painful for us as Brad just wrote in the latest publication.

There is now a massive release of such old patterns and anger is a powerful driving force at the emotional level that tells us unequivocally what we like and with what we resonate or not. Take your anger as an important indicator what you must distance from, analyse it but do not succumb to this feeling as in the past. It does not belong to your inner identity but is still a very useful tool to navigate in this reality.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thanks for your extensive explanation, occasionally I miss the point of some of your articles, so this time I decided to send you an e-mail, as this particular issue has been bothering me and I couldn’t find an answer until I read the article.

I remember Ra Material mentioned that the appropriate response for unconscious behaviours is love, because a balanced evolved entity would be able to comprehend the reasons behind the unconscious behaviour of the other-self. Would then, transforming anger into love be a helpful action or any other method such as redirecting the attention with the help of willpower?

Love and Light,



Definitely, but before love comes one needs a deep understanding why some people behave this way and why this bothers us. At the end one must develop self-love for everything one feels and experiences even when it is anger. Then comes the love for others.


(It is amazing that the video above confirms exactly what I advised Polina here and I listened to this video only two days later. Note, George)



Love and Light,


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