A Powerful Alchemical Reaction Cleansing the “Money Fear” Chakra

Georgi Stankov, June 9, 2016


This morning on June 9th Pacific Time a massive alchemical reaction has commenced in order to cleanse the 1st root chakra of survival and the associated 2nd chakra of sexuality which Dominique recently so well described as the “Money Fear” chakra in an email to me. The reason is that humanity is now sensing the coming financial collapse of the Orion matrix and is being prepared for it at the quantum level, which also includes the subconscious soul level of all humans. The new codes of light currently cleanse all the fear patterns based on money scarcity and impoverishment which function as energetic blockages and resistances for the free flow of source energies as the Elohim told us. I was expecting this to come and was somewhat surprised by the week-long lull before the storm in early June after we had left behind us the most dramatic energetic episode in the ascension history of mankind and Gaia in the second half of the May.

Before the financial collapse can be triggered, the human personalities, now incarnated mostly with highly evolved transliminal souls, must cleanse all their lower chakras that harbour the basic human fears. The latter determine the social behaviour of the people and the way how their economies and personal connections are organized. Before the source can give green light for the beginning of the financial crash, which may very well happen in the days before the Brexit vote on June 23th as I wrote in  the latest article, all these fears and resistances which are low-vibrating energetic patterns have to be fully removed from the fields of the incarnated human beings.

This is a necessary prerequisite for the favorable outcome of this crash which will not end up with the ruling cabal establishing a new global cashless currency after the current inflated fiat currencies have collapsed but with the introduction of the new Astral currency. This is how the planetary ascension is now being prepared energetically at the chakras level for the masses after all resistances and low-frequency patterns were removed at the quantum level on May 30th. As all levels and systems in All-That-Is are superimposed and intertwined any change in this holographic model of forms must begin first at the invisible subatomic, quantum level and then “trickle upwards” or “downwards” (as these directional distinctions are obsolete in the bigger picture)  to the more complex forms of space-time such as human beings with all their chakras and finally to the economy and society.

It is important to observe that this cleansing wave of the “Money Fear” chakra was preceded by another profound cleansing of the emotional bodies of the incarnated personalities during the previous two-three days. Essentially we eliminated in another alchemical tour de force all emotional and mental rejections of the divine nature of human beings and in particular of us as Ascended masters and Logos Gods in our families and environment and at the societal level. These rejection patterns build the thick energetic layers around the human body and fields and sever the incarnated personality from the soul source. It is the primary and only cause for the downfall of humanity to such low-frequency, dense and toxic reality as the current Orion matrix which we now completely eliminate and transform into the light.

It is not very easy to explain these processes that are so subtle and invisible and affect most of the people in a subconscious manner. But I am sure that many of you have felt these underlying streams of consciousness and powerful waves that now profoundly transform human nature away from its past Orion conditioning into its new divine multi-reality.

After all this Orion conditioning has become the only expression this human species knows and accepts because most people do not believe that there are infinite worlds and realities beyond this limited way of existence and hence reject vehemently this foundational idea. Especially we, the PAT, have been exposed to this radical rejection in the family and in the society and have suffered most. This rejection has suffocated your soul fragments and has, because we are great empaths, affected even the highest levels of our soul essence which we now must finally cleanse as to enable our ultimate transfiguration. In this way we are the pacemakers for humanity to discover their divine and sublime nature.

This all is happening since May 30th and none of these profound transformative processes has been reported in the New Age scene. But I am sure that you have been confronted with these energies since the end of May and may have asked yourselves what is happening with us and humanity. As these energies were very oppressive and consuming and have left us emotionally totally depleted, you may have begun to question the validity of our achievements last month. But then you must remember the maxim of ascension – the more successful we were in transforming this reality in the past, the more intensive the light work gets in the future because our cleansing and transforming capacity has also increased.

Currently there are many converging timelines that point to another energetic pinnacle this month.  It is therefore not at all remarkable that I discussed them with our PAT member Boyd yesterday and today:

“Dear George,

Something big had happen yesterday.  During night 7th-8th of June I nearly ascended respectively were taken out of the body. I felt all of my body vibrating and slowly rising up. I thought, “This is it” then, like turning off the light switch this experience stopped.

When you reported on 30th of May” something dramatic is happening” at the same time I felt strong pain in the back–right side of my head. It was like high air pressure feeling. It is important to say that I never experienced this kind of pain in my entire life. Therefore I knew that some big energetic event is in the making.

Yesterday, thru all the day, I felt exactly the same kind of pain in my head. I am sure you were also knocked out, because those waves always hit you first. Hope you can share more insight on yesterday event.

With love and light,



Dear Boyd,

what happened in the last two days was a massive cleansing of basic human fear patterns, in particular the rejection of the divine nature of all humans and the existence of their souls. It was a powerful alchemical reaction in which I was personally involved and this led to another ID shift as you have experienced it in form of personal ascension test run. This alchemical reaction was for me entirely in the emotional body and although the intensity of the waves and the vibrations were very high it did not hit me in the head as is the case with the usual cc-waves from the Source. You have had such a cc-wave which shows that we work in shifts and change the spectrum of our light work duties from time to time.

I myself feel very depleted emotionally from this latest cleansing episode and empty from within. Today I am beginning to emerge from my trough level but I have no impetus to do anything and there is nothing we can do now as the world has switched to neutral gear and is in a kind of suspended motion.

I have no idea how long this will last before we begin to see significant collapses. Brad thinks that the Comex gold market may default as they have no physical gold anymore, I am closely watching the EU big banks which are all bankrupt and can declare that fact anytime. The presidential race has ended up in a showdown between Killary and Trump. She can be indicted though anytime if the polls show that she loses against Trump and the cabal will then present a new democratic candidate, probably Biden as to save the status quo. Trump has announced that he will make some major revelations on the Clintons next week when the battle between the two is officially opened. As they were friends in the past, he must know quite a few internal secrets of the Clintons and they tremble now with what he will come up as he is unpredictable. His latest speech yesterday must have only increased the angst of the ruling cabal:


NATO is poking the Russian bear on its border in the Baltics and Poland and if the red line is crossed who knows what will happen. Putin already warned in a dramatic manner the Romanians and the Poles that they are in the cross-hairs with the newly installed US missiles on their territory. German tanks roll for the first time in Poland since WW2 for NATO war games there. With the coming Brexit, the EU is falling apart and the refugee invasion from the Middle East has begun anew this summer and Europe is sinking in chaos again. France is gripped by a national strike and the UEFA championship there is already in jeopardy. As are the Olympic games in Brazil this summer. The war in Syria has commenced with full force after the futile negotiations in Geneva were discarded. Greece is in default more than ever and the established political parties in the EU are losing for ever their majority to alternative blocks. But they will continue with the sanctions against Russia under the dictate of the AAA empire until their economies fully crash. The hostilities between China and USA in the South China sea have reached a peak and nobody knows who will shoot or blink first. 

There is a sense of finality in all actions and also a sense of futility of any 3D efforts. The space-time is empty currently and I attribute this to the complete opening of this holographic model to the light codes from the source at the quantum level where the exchange of the energetic tissue of this holographic reality is now happening with full force. As we have no empirical evidence how long this will take till we see tangible results, we can only watch carefully and speculate based on what we see on the world stage.

Given the intensity of the energies in my and Carla’s fields, I do not see how we can stay much longer here but even this conclusion may appear to be premature.

Do you notice any new developments in Australia that support this analysis?

With love and light



Dear George,

Thank you for this comprehensive answer. I arrived to Thailand only one day before we began with the Megashift on 15th May. Energies here in Thailand are much lighter than those of Melbourne, Australia.

Since I am here on holidays could afford to sleep during the first two weeks and concentrated on higher dimensional work, while my wife handled most of 3D type of work. On 27th May we went to round Thailand trip and drove for more than 4000 km. For me this is a good way to cleanse waste areas of land from human dross.

Today is my last day here and will be heading back to Oz in a few hours.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment during my stay here. The Megashift and the aftermath cleansing activities lasted from 15 May till today.

I am closely watching economic and precious metals market therefore I agree with Brad that COMEX may default this month unless they manage to pull another rabbit out of their hat full of dirty tricks.

I am wondering for a while from where all the gold and silver is coming from? There seems to be no retail shortages in Thailand and Australia.

Current situation make me think that the Source is not ready yet to pull out the plug on the financial markets. There might be hope to temporary save the Eastern countries while the West is totally doomed. 

I am sure that China and Russia can pull the rug away from under the feet of the western economies in the blink of an eye and totally destroy them when they wish so but they still choose not to do it yet.

For how long can this fraud go on like that?

 With love and light,



Dear Boyd,

it’s great that you have had a good holiday in Thailand at a most crucial time when we did extreme light work. Obviously your trip there was well planned in advance. 

You raise the key questions. First it is indeed so that the Source is not in a hurry to crash the Orion system which means that it still supports it energetically. After all this is a planet of free will and the final decision has to be taken by the ruling cabal which will lead to their ultimate demise. The fact that they failed to destroy Russia and China on this uppermost mother planet is the only reason why they hesitate to implement the final financial and economic crash which will happen upon design as I just published with respect to the Fed. They know that if they crash the western financial system and currencies now they are doomed to total failure as Russia and China will emerge as the victors of this epic battle exactly as it happened the other way round when the Iron curtain fell. 

The Russians and the Chinese know that and they simply wait for the western cabal to make their deadly, suicidal move first. The Brexit is one step in this direction. An accompanying hike in interest rates by the Fed will surely potentate it, especially after ECB and BOJ recently introduced negative interest rates. No economy and financial markets can cope with this splits (Spagat). On the other hand there must be so many other known and unknown inner constraints that may force the clandestine decision makers of the ruling cabal to turn off the light that they may finally decide to proceed with their plan, come what may. The meeting this month of the Bilderbergers in Dresden may give the green light for this fiasco scenario. Why in Germany and in Dresden in the centre of the city after they have been hiding in the last years in remote resorts? Probably they want to come to the limelight finally and Germany is the ideal ground for this intent. Let us wait and see what will happen next.

With love and light


And in order to complete this discussion of the actual energetic events, most of which happen behind the veil – of the HR and that established by the cabal on the ground – here is my discussion with Oriana, another PAT member from the UK who contacted me for the first time today:

Article by Brandon Smith on June 8th.

Hi Georgi,

My name is Oriana and I live in England. I have followed your website for few years now. I consider myself a PAT member, my LBP process started back in 2001.

I have a question regarding the article above:

If as per the author, the FED real intention is to destroy the US economy; the US dollar collapse is not due/resulting from our light and energy work but from the FED initial plans. Does it mean that the dollar was going to collapse anyway regardless of the light workers job? It seems we have done the job for them, we gave them a favour.

Thank you and Carla for your always prompted and accurate energy reports.



Dear Oriana,

thank you for contacting me for the first time. The collapse of the current Orion financial and economic system was planned by the ruling cabal and the archons from the very beginning for the End Time. Of course they always pretended to do the opposite. That is why they established the Fed to support this illusion. This includes the dollar collapse. The aim is the establishment of the NWO under one cashless currency that will reduce humans to financial chipped slaves. 

The difference is that our presence as light warriors has prevented this outcome and that all they can achieve is the collapse of the system and then the introduction of the new Astral currency and the ID shift of humanity to the light. We use dialectically their own heinous plans to bury them. As I have said many times this worst case scenario of the NWO was installed on numerous lower timelines that we have separated in the last years. Only on this uppermost mother planet this would not happen but only the demise of the cabal through their planned destruction of the western fiat currencies and economies. 

One reason why the cabal have failed is that both Russia and China emerged as strong countries and economies which they failed to destroy and this is the result of our light work. For instance I have written many articles on this topic and their energy of enlightenment has been augmented and multiplied infinite times at the soul level and then sent back on earth to establish the balance between darkness and light and prevent the worst plans of the dark western cabal, many of which hide in your country.

Every success we now experience against the establishment is the result of our light work, for instance the success of Trump whose campaign has become increasingly anti-establishment and since then very successful. For instance a PAT member is sending regularly my articles to the Trump election committee after we decided on this initiative and recently she told me that CIA trolls have called her on the phone and threatened her. The dark secret services know how powerful we are and tried to curtail all our interventions on behalf of the light and the carriers of it. This of course does not mean that we are accepting Trump, we only see him as an unconscious vehicle of divine intervention to crash the Orion matrix in the USA. Or maybe he is even conscious of his role, who knows.

I hope that I have answered your question in a satisfactory manner.

With love and light




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