The Success of the Astral Currency in the Transition Phase

Spirit of the Ancient Sea – A Message From My Highest Self

Shinzhi Rumi, May 14, 2016

Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message concerning the “Astral” currency project?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then please share this message with me now.

Answer: The “Astral” currency project is in the proverbial hot phase preceding its publication and introduction as publicly accessible currency and currency system replacement of a world currency system which is currently collapsing and close to collapse.

Concerning the likelihood of the “Astral” becoming a new interim currency during the time period after the final collapse of the world economy and world currency system, and the related dissolution of existing, also currently warring armies and the end of acts of war in the entire world, it can be assumed that the “Astral” will play a pivotal role in implementing  the so-called “New Age”, as some humans commonly call it. The beginning of this New Age is imminent.

Consequently, it should be stated that the individual and collective efforts of those souls incarnated in human and non-human soul expression forms in this space-time continuum and in other space-time continuums play an important role in implementing this action plan decided by the Source of All-That-Is in order to abolish the current world control system which is to the advantage of some human and humanoid life forms and to the disadvantage of the vast majority of all life forms incarnated on this Earth.

A continuation of this world control system, in whatever form, will never occur on this timeline in this space-time-continuum because Mother Earth, present in this space-time continuum and on this timeline, has been involved in this irreversible ascension process for far too long a time which, basically, has already been completed or is close to completion. Afterwards, the Earth will make the final transition leap into the higher self-experience realms together with all those incarnated souls prepared and equipped for this “Great Leap” – above all in terms of being emotionally, spiritually, mentally prepared and much less in terms of being materially equipped (e. g. seeds, food, water, medication, even money as a means of exchange in the initial post-transition period).

(“Great Leap” alludes to Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” and is to be understood as its opposite. Note, Rumi.)

Being materially equipped seems to be advisable or necessary for all those incarnated souls desiring a more physically demanding transition experience. This also applies to those incarnated souls currently present in regions on this Earth which will be affected by numerous changes, because those souls desiring to continue living in those regions will have to adapt to changing or changed living conditions. This also applies to those incarnated souls currently present in such regions which will be affected by changes, because those souls are biding their time and might have to leave such regions in time.

However, over the course of the evolving circumstances money as a means of exchange will be abandoned in favor of a currency accessible to all humans and available in unlimited quantity which will put an end to the current relationships of inequality, injustice and dependency of this current world control order.

In order to implement this currency on a global scale it is, first of all, necessary to create the needed structural and logistical prerequisites in certain independent, self-determined regions where humans are already internally prepared and materially equipped in doubtless anticipation of the coming downfall which some are perceiving and will perceive as a transition.

Initially, this currency will be established and will assert itself on a local level where it will set stable conditions for a permanent and lasting society to develop on a small scale, like a nucleus/seed. A nucleus/seed growing simultaneously in many places all over the EARTH and not anymore WORLD, because world is a political term, a political statement, a geopolitical agenda, the implementation of an agenda planned well in advance by a proverbial hidden hand, from generation to generation meticulously executed, which will not be implemented in its original form on this EARTH on this timeline in this space-time continuum.

Efforts will be made (by the cabal) to usefully adjust this plan to the new conditions and to offer this plan to humans in order to guarantee the survival of the already collapsed control system in another form. However, those humans receiving this adjusted plan will immediately realize its true nature and no longer fall for usual deceptions, but instead rely on their innate ability to discern true from untrue, right from wrong. On the basis of this ability to discern they will give preference to such a plan giving consideration to their own needs and interests and wishes in accordance with all other forms-of-being and life forms on this Earth, be they incarnated or not.

Description of the Transition Period

As the limits between subtle/spiritual and material/physical forms-of-being and life forms will diminish, parallel space-time-levels/realms will become very permeable and transparent. The activation of so-called psychic abilities in all humans will dissolve the seeming separation between the various space-time-levels/realms. The dissolution of cognitive limits will bring doubtless clarity that all expression forms of All-That-Is are always connected to/with each other.

This is All-Time, All-Presence, All-Connection, All-Awareness, All-Consciousness, All-Being. This is All-That-Is in action and non-action.

Consequently, all existing and current conflicts, perceptions of threats, attempts to control and divide and enslave, deliberate harming of other forms-of-being and life forms will be considered useless/pointless and abandoned forever by reason of their destructive consequences for all forms-of-being and lifeforms.

Be it mountains or forests, plants or dolphins, fishes or ants, bushes or lakes, ferns or clouds, mountain tops or wave combs, flowers or meadows, grasses or giraffes, elephants or earthworms, humans or monkeys.

These seeming, physically perceivable differences of life forms will continue to be perceived as such, but always in awareness of the fact that they all originate from one and the same Source, and that they all are connected to/with each other and to/with All-That-Is. The separation of One from Everyone is illusory. The splitting-off of Minor from Major is illusory. The splitting of the Atom without consequences for All-That-Is is illusory.

Man/The human being is not the measure of all things.

The medicine of the human soul is not available over the counter, or by presenting a prescription at the pharmacist’s of your confidence, also not in the one-hour-session with your psychotherapist. The healing of the soul can only be initiated and performed by the soul itself. Man/A human being, as well as each and every other life form gifted with reason and free will, intelligence and creativity only has to allow his innate soul, which determines and designs every single aspect of its incarnated being and existence without exception, to heal what Man inflicts on others, what Man allows others to inflict on himself, what Man inflicts on himself.

Because oftentimes a human self, so to say a surface personality not conscious of its soul depth, succumbs to the notion of being in full control of its life. A life which it considers its own. Even when the increasingly recurring evidence showing the opposite is true is overwhelming, such a personality tends to cling to its restricted and restricting point of view even more stubbornly because this point of view seems to be the only guarantee to save the personality’s proverbial island in the Ocean of the Soul from continually returning storms; storms which continually remind the personality who he/she is in truth, and that his/her island is one of many islands in an ocean, and that it is possible to build a boat and to travel from one island to another.

For where there is a will, the soul finds a way. Even if the will is not in accordance with the soul.

Many a storm arising from and over the Soul Sea brings many a treasure to the surface. And many a sea monster. Which is nothing else but the embodiment of a fear, an anxiety, a memory, an experience still in need of clearing and explanation.

Feed your monster. Give it what it needs, not what it wants. Because what it wants is not and never what it needs to free it from its existence as a monster which longs for nothing else but being acknowledged and accepted by the one facing the monster – intentionally or unintentionally, voluntarily or forcibly.

Love your monster. Acknowledge and accept it for what it is in truth – a part of your own truth. Learn to listen to the monster instead of slaying it, mocking it, slandering it, rejecting it, disdaining it, cursing it for blowing the seeming storm wind into your face.

Each and every human is his own hero. Each and every human is his own Homer, his own Ulysses, his own Perseus, his own Indiana Jones. The hero (and heroine) is an archetype, a soul expression form designed by the Source of All-That-Is. There are many more of them. They slumber deep inside, waiting patiently for the boatsman to throw his net into the ocean, to pull in the sealed amphora, to break the seal and to set the spirit contained within and its boundless power free.

The Spirit is the Ocean. The Soul is the Sea. The Spirit of the Ancient Sea.

Entire epics could be composed, whole adventure tale volumes could be filled about many an intrepid explorer of the Soul Ocean, but only by this explorer who – literally – explored and discovered himself. These are the true epics of humanity, the true hero sagas, the true eddas sung of and being sung before eternally flickering homestead fires in Plato’s Cave, admired and passed on by listeners full of expectation and life-experience.

This is the end of this announcement.

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