The Beginning of the French Revolution

Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2016

Last week more than 600 000 French citizens demonstrated in Paris and many other cities throughout France against the austerity and undemocratic policy of the current government amidst intensification of the Greatest Depression of all time that has paralysed the economy of the “Grande Nation”. Violent clashes with the police and numerous arrests were reported (read also here):

Today is Labour Day and the demonstrations in France have flared again. This reminds me very much of the dramatic events in 1968 when De Gaulle fled Paris and the Fifth Republic dissolved within days. We are early in the year and this summer will be very hot, no matter what will happen before that until the end of June – much hotter than the historic summer of 1989 when the Iron curtain began to fall: 

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This is live reporting of RT of the Labour Day demonstrations in Paris and France. I hope it works well for you:

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