Short Energy Update

Georgi Stankov, May 3, 2016

This will be indeed a very short energy update. According to my experience we have entered a five-day ascension rhythm: two days build-up phase, energetic peak with massive cleansing for us, ID shift and MPR on lower separated timelines on the third day followed by another two days stabilisation phase. Then the cycle is repeated again. It may even accelerate in the course of this month. This pattern could be observed very clearly end of April, beginning of May. We had a powerful build-up phase on April 26th and 27th, then the ID shift on April 28th, two days to stabilize the energetic situation on the newly ascended uppermost mother planet, then again two days to build up the energetic peak on May 1st and 2nd and the next peak began yesterday evening, throughout the night and continues unabated today. This peak is accompanied by all the usual symptoms and pain associated with a cc-wave, such as excruciating headache, stomach pain, digestive problems, joint pains and stiffness, post-commotio syndrome, physical depletion etc.

The new element for me was this night when the vibrations were so powerful and transforming that they caused quantum excitations of all atoms in my physical body and an almost total dissolution of the physical structure. I was in a state of constant fever due to the thermodynamic response of my cells without though having high temperature as my body has lost this ability when it entered the LBP 16 years ago. This wave was preceded by another powerful ascension test run the previous day.

Today after the headache receded somewhat I can sense very clearly the morning air of the 5th dimension with all its promising bliss as an inner intuition that escapes verbal description, notwithstanding the fact that I am in a post-commotio syndrome and cannot do any physical work as it aggravates the headache and the pulsations in my head. All these energies are of pure transformation and ascension character and concern only our bodies and not the cleansing of global dross, which surely continues unabated. I also sense telepathically a massive influx of new transliminal souls on this planet after the massive cleansing and ID shift end of April when most of the PAT were hit very hard.

From this I conclude that we have increased a notch the pace of the ascension process and that the atmosphere on this planet is now being heated up to a maximal extent. Under these energetic conditions we can expect all kinds of surprises and extreme behaviour from the cabal, but also from our akin, relatives, friends, neighbours etc. But they may as well be so smashed by these energies that they will not have the drive to behave in a weird fashion. Who knows? What I definitely observe is a peak in health problems that hit many people around me and with whom I communicate. This is all part of the final rapid resolution of past karmic and other issues which require bold responses from sovereign beings and help the full detachment from this reality. We have now entered uncharted territory. Stay alert and try to go with the flow, which is a real roller coaster now.

Finally let me share with you a very powerful dream which our PAT member from Germany Joon-Yong Choi has sent to me today. The English translation is from me:

“Hallo lieber Georg!

Diese Nacht hatte ich wieder einen sehr deutlichen Traum:

Ich stehe mit meiner Familie in einem ehemaligen Einkaufsgebiet; damals
war hier noch alles voller Leben, jetzt ist es dort völlig grau und
trostlos. Die Geschäfte sind alle leer, die Scheiben sind eingeworfen
und niemand ist mehr dort.

Menschen die dort vorbeikommen wissen nicht, wie das alles so schnell
passieren konnte (plötzlicher Wirtschaftscrash).

Plötzlich kommt eine Warnmeldung über einen Mega-Tsunami mit der
Aufforderung, sich sofort in sichere Gebiete zu begeben. Ich weiss
sofort, dass der Polsprung stattgefunden hat.

Die Menschen fahren in alle Himmelsrichtungen davon. In Gedanken weiss
ich, dass keiner von ihnen überleben wird da sie alle in die “falsche”
Richtung fahren.

Ich weiss, dass wir oben auf dem Berg in unserem kleinen Haus sicher sind.

Während die Riesenwelle kommt und alles niederwalzt, reisst der Himmel
auf und die Sonne scheint durch (Ankunft in der 5D).

Die 3 Phasen waren im Traum deutlich fühlbar:

– Wirtschaftscrash

– Polsprung und Reinigung der Erde

– Aufstieg der dafür bereiten Menschen in die 5D

Viele Grüße



“Hello dear George!

This night I had again a very significant dream:

I am with my family in a former shopping area; at that time everything was still full of life, now everything there is completely gray and dismal. The stores are all empty, the windows are smashed and no one is there anymore.

People who show up do not know how all this could so quickly happen (sudden economic crash).

Suddenly a warning comes about a tsunami with the Invitation to immediately move to safe areas. I know at once that the pole shift has occurred.

The people are driving away in all directions. In my thoughts I know that none of them will survive as they are driving in the “wrong” direction.

I know that we on the mountain top in our small house are safe.

While the giant wave comes and rolls over everything, the sky rips open and the sun shines through (arriving in 5D).

The 3 phases were clearly perceptible in the dream:

– Economic Crash

– Pole shift and cleansing of the earth

-Ascension to 5D  for the people ready for it

Best wishes


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