More on the Megashift May 15th – May 24th

Georgi Stankov, May 25, 2016

The latest Megashift that began on May 15 and ended on May 24 exceeded in its condensed intensity anything we as a group and humanity as a whole have experienced so far. We have already documented the major experiences in these ten very dense days on our website but the last two days represented a new peak and should be honoured accordingly.

As Henry Clymer correctly observed today:

B. was telling me yesterday that everybody is on the ascension path right now.  I am starting to believe it based on my limited exposure to the public. I have gone through an amazing process of self-transformation.  It is way to lengthy to describe right now…”

This is exactly my impression as I wrote back to him:

“I confirm the Megashift since May 15 through May 24 which almost killed us the last two days. Carla has received a message from the Elohim yesterday (May 24) evening about it and will probably receive some more information today while typing it. I have no idea what they have told her. Obviously more and more people are being hit by these waves as yesterday Julia told Carla on the phone that she is wiped and was lying the whole day in bed. She is otherwise very athletic and has not been hit by these waves in the past. For me this is a clear sign that more and more people are now being thrown in the LBP and this latest Megashift which we initiated and performed through our fields, represents this expansion of the ascension process among the people.”

I personally think that this latest episode of massive descent of source energies exceeds in its intensity anything we have experienced so far and has the potential to awaken the critical mass of incarnated souls on this uppermost mother planet so that the final ID split can be accomplished. The problem is that these people still cling stubbornly to their old ways of life and think only about their survival. As Carla put it, they are driven only by the idea to preserve their house although the mortgage is $2200 and their net income is only $2000. These are the kinds of 3D idiosyncrasies we observe nowadays that postpone the dissolution of the old Orion matrix as an overlay to the already existing multidimensional structure because this reality is created by the collective thoughts of humanity and even we cannot outweigh them that easily with our much more powerful thoughts as ascended masters.

This observation regarding the perpetuation of intransigent old thought patterns applies even to the most critical and enlightened thinkers and writers in the West. And I agree with Bonnie and Rumi below that this conclusion can be very disheartening as it indicates that we still need some more time before the final collapse can happen. On the other hand we have to deal with highly unstable disequilibrium systems that can suddenly enter the condition of total destructive interference and dissipate within the blink of an eye. Human death is such an example where the marastic patient can exist in a kind of a coma state for a very long time and then dies all of a sudden, when nobody expects it.

And here is what Rumi wrote to me today in confirmation of the Megashift May 15 -24.

“Dear Georgi,

I confirm brutal, horrible cleansing activities starting May 17, peaking May 19-22, continuing May 25.

Followed by uplifting and stabilizing, again destabilizing energies.

Many dreams, but I don’t remember a single one. So disgusted by this reality, by these untouchable monsters in charge, by these professional liars and thieves I’m personally confronting. Bonnie summed it up in your latest Energy Report:

“… what just got my attention was the part about us the PAT making that final decision to end the game finally.  I thought of nothing else it seems and it was the whole last week so very strongly,  I awake in the morning that is always 10am and later because I sleep a lot anymore, and I instantly get very pissed off and just want these losers gone immediately and wonder every day why they are allowed so much room.  So but what I am saying is that I know darn well I was one voting to end it NOW !!! This world makes me so sick to my stomach every day I have to sneeze out a chemtrail or just watch how un-godly stupid this entire place is.”

I’d be positively surprised if the curtain of this horror show would be lifted so soon. I do not nurture any expectations nor hopes nor projections in view of past final ascension announcements.

As long as this human reality continues, as long as this human existence continues, the grind will go on and on. The HR will give us just enough energy to survive, and some info “to hang on there”, while the bastards in charge will be allowed to cause even more suffering which will have to be undone by us, as usual.

That’s my sober, human point of view reflected by today’s unsettling energetic circumstances.

That said, in the past weeks I have also been perceiving through my subtle senses layers of dimensions superimposed over each other. Like flipping through consciously malleable book pages filled with movies, both in animation and in suspended animation. Like being all these dimensions at once. Like being all these movies and taking part in all these movies.

In view of “June events”, a spirit healer told me three months ago something:

Over the left side of my head she perceived the remains of a planet rotating counter-clockwise. For years I have been noticing and feeling the disharmonious effects of this rotation amplified by transformation activities. Like deep swirling drilling.

This planet, once part of this solar system, was destroyed by some cosmic event.

She could not remove these remains prematurely because of negative repercussions of potentially cosmic proportions. However, around the next summer solstice (June 21, plus/minus a few days) a time window would open and resolve this planetary issue for good.


My response summarizes what I wanted to write in a follow-up energy report on this Megashift for the sake of completion so that you know what has happened and not begin questioning your terrible experiences with these all-consuming waves. The whole humanity is now engulfed in these source energies and must respond very soon in a major manner:

Dear Rumi,

the last two days, May 23 – 24 were horrible, probably the worst in my long ascension career. This also holds true for Carla. We were in terrible pain, excruciating headache 48 hours in a row, with stabbing pain attacks in the right and left eye sockets alternately. Then stomach crisis and multiple joint pains with stiffness. Also the emotion of being pissed off with this reality was prevailing. But when the pain began to recede yesterday evening I had a triumphant feeling that we have made another major leap and in particular with respect to our final transfiguration. The most notable aspect of the latest source waves that descended into our bodies and fields was that they were associated with a lot of heat. They were all thermal waves (heat waves) and created a sense of fever without elevated temperature. Such waves are highly transforming as they affect the cells and the molecules at the quantum level and put all the elementary particles in a state of higher excitation, very much like the microwave effect. This is how our bodies are now being transformed into light bodies.

For instance the previous night when I woke up and went to the washroom, my whole body was visibly flooded with gold crystalline light and the tiny crystals were pouring from all sides like huge cascades of glistening water very much like the water in an illuminated fountain and I was under it. 

Last night I sat in the backyard to recover from the shock in which these waves put my body before being able to go to bed and the whole neighbourhood, all houses around me were vibrating and undulating with huge amplitudes and seemed very unstable and shaky. As if being phantom houses of cards that can crumble any moment. It feels indeed as if we have descended the 5D overlay over our house and neighbourhood and that the current 3D matrix has fully vanished. Also my body vibrations have reached a new peak and when there is no body pain I do not sense my body at all but only the energetic field around and through it as one massive ball of vibrations.

Of course it remains a conditio sine qua non that the system must collapse first at the global level – financial crash in the west, economic collapse, eventually accompanied by some major natural catastrophes that will paralyse the social life in major centres of power etc. – before we can finally ascend as we are not meant to experience this scenario personally after we have created it with our thoughts. But the substitution of this old illusory reality with the new multidimensional real worlds has now commenced with full force and May have fulfilled my expectations, also the worst ones.

With love and light


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