Lehman Brothers Greets: The EU Banking System is a 46 Trillion Euro Ponzi-Scheme

Georgi Stankov, May 3, 2016


There is a great chance that the financial system will collapse this month … or next month, but definitely very soon as all signs point to this inevitable outcome. Recently I published why the US banks are broke and if they have not collapsed yet it is because we need to reach the level of awakening of the masses when this fact will generally be accepted.

New Proofs for the Imminent Financial Apoptosis of the US Banking System

This threshold has been now reached and the events will begin to unfold with great velocity.

Humanity Has Reached the Threshold of Unvarnished Truth

At present there is a kind of weird competition which banking system of the two big economic blocks in the West will collapse first – in the EU or in the USA. Given the fact that Europa is a vassalage of the Empire of Evil, it is more likely that the crash will begin first on the Old Continent and will be used as an excuse by the dark cabal on Wall Street and in Washington to shut down the banks in North America and paralyse the entire world economy.

Therefore it is important to have an overview on how miserable and fragile the financial situation in the EU banking system is. Especially after the Reptilian Draghi, who once destroyed the economy of his country Italy in 1992, introduced its QE in 2012, then NIRP, and “helicopter money” policy this year at the expense of the only real savers in the EU – the Germans. Mario Draghi is in the centre of all conspiracies of the western banksters to enslave humanity financially and install the NWO.

On June 2, 1992, Mario Draghi, at that time general director of the Italian finance ministry visited the Queen’s yacht “Britannia” to conspire with George Soros and a whole bunch of banksters from the Rothschild and Rockefeller financial empire against his own country. Since then Draghi is known as the “Britannia boy” and should have been in jail for conspiracy under Italian law as Claudio Celani explains in a remarkable interview with the major German financial newspaper DWN (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten) published yesterday (May 1st)

Endspiel: Euro könnte Ziel einer Attacke von Spekulanten werden

The background was the following. Italy had to enter the euro union at any price according to the plan of the Bilderberger cabal regarding the installment of the NWO in Europe through a monetary union. At that time Italy was predominantly a socialist economy and the state owned about 60 to 70% of all big corporations. The lira was weakened during years of annual adjustments of the workers’ salaries to the very high inflation rates in the 70s and 80s, also known in Italy as ‘scala mobile”, but the economy was very sound.

The cabal of the AAA-axis (Anglo-American-Assholes-Axis, also known as the triple-A-axis) wanted to weaken the Italian economy which was doing very well under this socialist order as nowadays communist China is prospering under a centrally controlled capitalist market. The 90s marked also the beginning of the neo-liberal approach to classical capitalist economy based on the Austrian model of Nationalwirtschaft that aimed at hollowing the real economy through creation of a massive financial Ponzi-scheme (financial bubbles) that was fully decoupled from the real industrial production.

This new economic approach was introduced by the Clintons after Bill became president in 1993 and culminated when he repealed the Glass-Steagall legislation. This opened the floodgates for any conceivable fraud by the big Orion banks that peaked in the first great financial crisis in 2008 after the prime mortgage bubble fraud burst. We are now in the aftermath of this same crisis which I define as the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time and will end up with the total destruction of the Orion monetary system this year, most probably beginning in May and June.

The Britannia plot against Italy was orchestrated by the most insidious banksters on this planet, such as Soros and those from Wall Street and the city of London and was single-handed implemented by the Italian Mario Draghi, the current ECB president. And they were all protected by the British Queen as the chief Reptilian on this planet that offered her yacht for this conspiracy against Italy. Just to know what scoundrels are in control of the world finances and destiny of humanity.

Immediately after that Moody cut the rating of Italy, on the same day as Guiliano Amato became the new prime minister in Rome. In the full knowledge, coming from Draghi, that Banca d’Italia would begin with the defense of its national currency, Soros and the other banksters from the Rothschild & Rockefeller dynasties began with a massive speculative attack on the lira. They used for the first time on a grand scale the newly introduced derivatives as a leverage, where about 50 million dollars could move up to a billion dollars speculative capital on the currency exchange markets. The Italians were not prepared for this kind of insidious attack and after they burnt more than $48 billion, Banca d’Italia surrendered and the lira was depreciated by 30%. I remember this devaluation as at that time I regularly visited Italy and all of a sudden it was so cheap to go shopping there.

This made most of the Italian companies also rather cheap and the big sale-out of the Italian industry to the banksters banks from the AAA-axis began. Italy could now fulfill the obsolete Maastricht criteria and qualified for the monetary euro union.

This history is important to know as the current destruction of the common currency by Draghi aims at preventing Italy from leaving the euro currency by robbing the massive saving accounts of the German citizens of more than 2 trillion euro through his negative interest rates policy. This has already caused a rift between Draghi and the German finance minister Schauble as recently reported in the German and international MSM. This conflict shows where the cracks in the Orion facade are the biggest and will lead to the collapse of the system.

Then in 2012, during the depth of the EU banking crisis which was not resolved since 2008 but only deepened and nearly took the entire EU financial system down, Mario Draghi stated that he would do “whatever it takes” to hold the EU together. Anyone who knew the dire situation of the EU banking system decried it as a bluff. On the other hand the ECB and EU leaders had already broken every letter and paragraph in the Maastricht Treaty and the Schengen Treaty (the legislation that formed the EU proper). Draghi’s promise to save the EU was the same as employed by the Fed under Bernanke – take full control of the euro currency against the will of the nations and start the printing machine with full force. Draghi embodies the classical “brigante” (brigand, bandit) who is an archetypal figure of a most despicable character in the Italian literature.

It took the EU two years to cobble together its reasoning for how something that went completely against the Maastricht Treaty of financial stability, such as printing money out of thin air, would be permitted. As usual it was the Germans (the ultimate holders of the purse strings) who gave the “OK”, after Merkel and Co. were put under massive pressure by their masters in Washington.

Since being given the green light on QE, Draghi has spent over €600 billion. The ECB’s balance sheet is now approaching its former record high from 2012 after the massive LTRO and LTRO 2 programs. And what did Draghi accomplish with that? The same destruction of the financial markets as once when he destroyed the Lira in 1992.

Easy money should ideally stimulate the real economy and the visible sign of such stimulation is the increase in inflation. This is what the economic theory says since Keynes introduced his concept of counter-cyclic stimulation of the economy, which the Chicago boys of monetarism enriched with the dogma of the key role of flexible interest rates manipulated by central banks. When interest rates are lowered this creates cheap (easy) money which stimulates the economy and increases inflation, when interest rates are raised this leads to tight (expensive) money and causes economic contraction accompanied by deflation. But since the real economy had fully decoupled from the financial Ponzi scheme that exploded since Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall act in 1999, no matter what manipulations the central banks now undertake, it does not affect the real economy that is in its last throes at the end of the Greatest and longest Depression of all time.

The EU’s inflation rate clearly went down after the first ever QE program was launched and increased in pace from €60 billion to €80 billion per month in the EU.

Four cuts into NIRP and the first ever QE program had absolutely no effect on inflation. Because all this money was spent to save the big EU banks that were bankrupt since 2008 and almost collapsed in 2012 as predicted by myself as early as 2010. It was only because this uppermost mother planet was constantly shifting to higher frequency levels with a better outcome in the End Time, that this financial and economic collapse was postponed while it happened numerous times on all lower timelines that were separated from this uppermost mother planet through ID shifts and MPR in the following years.

In order to understand why the ECB had no intention to stimulate the ailing EU economy but only save the insolvent banks and prevent the ultimate collapse of the western financial Ponzi scheme, one must bear in mind that the structural problems of the EU (the poor competitiveness of the Mediterranean EU member countries compared to Germany) absolutely dwarfs the financial problems of the EU banking system, which is €46 trillion in size and leveraged at 26 to 1. At these leverage levels, even a 4% decline in asset values renders the entire financial system insolvent. A 4% decline of €46 trillion represents €1.84 trillion. The overall ECB’s QE program was roughly a little more than half of that. 

With its NIRP not working, the ECB is completely out of the game or “cornered” as they say in financial slang. The best it can do is buy EU bonds to drive yields lower in the hope that somehow the insolvent banks will actually use this gift to deleverage. Unfortunately that is not human nature and the banks have no ability to do that as they are drowning now in debt and have no capital to spare as to improve their balance sheets, especially with the current negative bond interest rates where they only lose money. Catch 22.

What this means has been demonstrated by Deutsche Bank recently that has been accused by the financial watchdog of systemic money laundering, terrorist financing and rigging the precious metal markets as major sources of revenues. Just two days after that Deutsche Bank fired the head of its “integrity committee”, Georg Thoma who had been originally tasked with clearing up the bank’s past scandals, because according to DB’s vice chairman Alfred Herling, Thoma had been “overzealous” and “goes too far when he demands ever wider investigations and more and more lawyers come marching up”. This behavior of DB is even worse than that in Mafia circles where certain codes are obeyed. It demonstrates the dissolution of any superficial fiduciary correctness among the banksters in charge who are now staring in the abyss and paralysed in utter dread in front of the inevitable collapse. 

The reason is that NIRP is now strangulating the banks and the economy. The lower the yields go, the more debt the EU countries issue. Spain, Italy and other EU nations have seen their debt to GDP ratios increase since 2008 and especially since 2012 when the crisis allegedly “ended.”

However, sovereign debt is not an asset but a problem that superimposes on the already existing debt and liquidity problems of the insolvent banks. Thus we have insolvent banks that can no longer rely on insolvent countries to bail them out or on a central bank that has expelled itself from the game with negative interest rates. This is a complete vicious circle.

Bottom  line: the ECB’s stimulus programs of printing money out of thin air, have – as we have also seen in the USA, the example of which Europe follows – done nothing to address the structural issues facing the European economies and its financial system. Bankrupt nations continue to issue bonds that bankrupt EU banks buy and use as collateral to backstop their derivatives books, which are in the magnitude of hundreds of trillions of euros. Only Deutsche Bank has $52 trillion derivatives that is more than 20 times the GDP of Germany, the most powerful economy in Europe and the fourth biggest in the world.

All Draghi and the ECB have done so far is to prop up this gargantuan derivatives collateral market and allow the EU banks to continue to value this debt at 100 cents on the euro. These “solutions” are utter fraud just as the values of all assets are absolute fantasy. Ultimately, the EU banking system is one gigantic €46 trillion Lehman Brothers waiting to declare bankruptcy any moment. Given the interconnected nature of the global banking system, this is not only Europe’s problem, it is a global problem and the most likely cause for the final and irreversible financial apoptosis of the entire Orion-Ponzi scheme.

It is staggering to follow closely how the world financial system and the economy have been rigged by the most heinous individuals this human species has produced, such as the Rothshilds, the Rockefellers with their bankster minions and in the first place by the British Queen and her family as the spider in the net. No country and no individual has been safe from this global conspiracy of the dark cabal until the PAT took full energetic control over this planet and began with its ascension. We are now seeing the ultimate results of this cleansing of dark dross of cosmic proportions and the upcoming events will be spectacular.

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