How Will the Collapse of the Orion Matrix Unfold in the End Time

Remember Troy – A Conversation with my Highest Self

Shinzhi Rumi, May 15, 2016

Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have detailed information concerning the interim period immediately after the collapse of the existing world finance and world control system?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then please share these details with me now.

Answer: The interim period immediately after the collapse of the existing world finance and world control system will be of pivotal importance for the future evolution of current humanity into a transgalactic civilization and life form.

The ascending humanity will again be fully aware of its divine, immortal, true, spiritual, timeless, unlimited nature as well as be able to make full and partial use of innate, so-called psychic abilities which, at this current stage, are evolving, unfolding, opening, activating and which, over the course of the imminent interim period, will be evolving, unfolding, opening, activating in order to give humans the possibility and opportunity to draw, to act, to think, to feel, to plan, to create consciously from the Source of their true being, their true self.

In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to dissolve step-by-step the cognitive limitations/ restrictions imposed on and accepted by almost all human life forms on this Earth so as to enable these humans involved in this process of opening their subtle consciousness channels to get used to this consciousness expansion in a gentle, lasting manner.

Question: I also would like to know whether the cabal and its helpers will still share the same time-space and space-time with all other life forms which the cabal intends to enslave but which, due to their increasing frequency and degree of consciousness expansion are ascending together with this uppermost mother planet.

Answer: It should be stated that the so-called cabal has, proverbially speaking, played itself offside for reason of its own past, current and future-oriented intentions, plans, deeds, actions. Currently, the cabal is in a cognitive and really desperate situation. It is and will no longer be in a position to implement its secret plans for a renewed installation of an even more effective world control order to its advantage on this ascending Earth by means of the powers and means available to it and by reason of its traditional, ossified habitual ability to act.

So-called relegation is the only way left to the cabal, like a third-class amateur soccer club which bought the wrong players in order to win its rigged games, the course and outcome of which was already clear before the start of the game. The cabal had set it up this way and agreed with seeming opponents and opposing teams as almost all parties involved and participating in this game system are and were aware, to various but sufficient degrees, of the aim of this game and which roles were set for whom.

The existing world control system is like the so-called soccer mafia where betting fraud, scandals involving players, doping, manipulation, betting games and other kinds of fraud are the rampant norm on all levels. These powerful associations always work together, even when, at times, they seemingly hold opposing views and argue with and fight each other. At the end of the game, somebody pays the price: the fan. At the end of the game, there can be only one winner: the cartel. And only one loser: the viewer. Who gave his life force in whatever form to his team without having received any energetic equivalent.

This game repeats itself on all levels of this world control system which can be likened to Stephen King’s “dark world tower” which leads to only such realms/levels and opens doors to only such realms/levels arising from and in accordance with the general level of consciousness of the tower’s builder. This tower is a proverbial and literal dead-end/ death-end for a multidimensional being not believing in its own multidimensionality or not having experienced clear, undubitable, personal evidence of its own mutidimensionality.

An awakened being which used to wander and act on this Earth as a former human being will give clear, undubitable evidence by example of its transfiguration into a multidimensional being in front of all those humans witnessing this transfiguration. For it is this decisive, this very evidence that will evoke each and every human’s memory of its own multidimensionality and, consequently, trigger internal processes and changes – in particular cognitive, but also emotional, psychological, physiological processes and changes on all levels of being and existence of a human life form.

For what has been accomplished by one, can be accomplished by everyone.

A cognitively sealed, limited, conditioned human mind may all but reject this. However, since this one decisive transfiguration will be followed by more transfigurations of former human lifeforms within very short a time, even those doubters will find it increasingly harder to refuse the generally occurring change and transformation of humanity and the Earth.

Question: Does the Source of All-That-Is have further information concerning the currency “Astral” which are important to mention at this point?

Answer: No.

Question: Does the Source of All-That-Is have further information concerning the current ascension process of this Earth and this humanity?

Answer: It has to be stated that the completion of this ascension process is imminent, and that the internal processes – emotional, physical, mental, cognitive, spiritual, physiological, psychological ones – of ascending human soul expression forms are en route to completion, and that these processes, synchronistically directed by the soul, and all levels affected by these processes have reached such a saturation degree that the completion of these processes leading to the final transformation and transfiguration of these affected lifeforms is imminent.

Nothing needs to be added in this regard. Ascension is a done deal.

The downfall, which some are perceiving and will perceive as a transition, is irreversible. The transformation of the Earth into an independent, transgalactic soul expression form is irreversible. The transformation and transmutation of current humanity into an independent,transgalactic life form and civilization is almost complete and irreversible. For too long a time have we worked towards this point in time so that this process cannot be forcibly reversed at the last moment, like a few souls incarnated in human forms on this Earth in this space-time continuum still believe.

At this point, the following should be pointed out to these life forms:

Remember that you are physically mortal. Remember that after the end of your earthly existence your deeds shall speak for you. Remember that you are mortal only in your limited sensory perception. For after the end of your limited three-dimensionality, which does not go beyond the additional perception of time and certain psychical phenomena, your cycle of self-experience and self-realization will continue. Remember that the longer you reject your souls and your souls’ gifts in preference to believing the false promises of those forces which for far too long a time have pulled you like the proverbial puppets on strings from the shadows of your personal and the collective human perception, the longer you shall remain in this cycle.

Not you are the players in your world setting the game, you are the playing pieces being set. Not you are the game makers, you are the game characters. Not you set the rules, the rules are and will be set for you to follow. Not you are the triggers of change, you are the triggered ones. Not you are the causes, you are the caused ones. Not you are the makers, you are the made ones. Not you are the powerful ones, you are the disempowered ones who disempowered yourselves and allowed yourselves to be disempowered by forces taking advantage on purpose of your own unfulfilled wishes, unclosed backdoors, unhealed wounds, unresolved conflicts, unclarified and unexplained decisions, actions, consequences, memories and use them against you and everybody else.

Remember old Troy. You were there. You were Troy. You were the Trojans. You were the Greeks. You were Paris. You were Helena. You were Agamemnon. Your were Ulysses. You were the seers. You were the serpents which bit the seers to death and stole the Trojans’s visionary eyesight on purpose. Because it were you who let the serpents into inside you so that they could work through you. And can work until this day.

Now, as the serpents were exiled and expelled from this space-time continuum, this EARTH, and not anymore this WORLD created by you, is in the hands of those who deserve to lead lives worthy of their true nature – independently, free and in free will, always in respect of all soul expression forms incarnated on this new Earth.

It should be said to all of you that this new Earth is still open to all of you, and that none of you has been exiled, and that none of you is unloved, and that none of you is sinful and condemnable. And that none of you was, has been, will be forsaken by God, by the Source of All-That-Is.

Decide. You are free to choose whom you want to trust – those dark hollow serpents which only take life and deliver death, or that golden medicine in that proverbial chalice which has always been deep inside you. This gift of so-called gods, this holy grail, always filled to the brim by the Source of All-That-Is and the forces and powers acting on its behalf, cannot be taken away by any power in this world, in this universe. Because it IS the primordial force in its most alive, purest, holiest, most sanctified essence inside you and available to you and each and every human and other animate life forms.

All of you be forgiven and all of you are already forgiven. We all are children of the One. Flaming sparks of life’s fire in a seemingly dark sky. For how could a spark’s, a star’s radiant nature become visible without darkness? The darkness inside us is a canvas upon which our soul immortalizes itself in luminous colors. Our soul’s journey through the canvas landscapes of our lifetimes is marked by luminous tracks.

Follow the tracks of your journey of self-finding, self-invention, self-discovery, self-becoming, self-creation, self-experience, self-realization, self-salvation, salvation-from-self, self-dilution, self-disillusion, self-dissolution. Because on this journey you will realize that it is not your human self giving you timeless form and eternal memory, but the voice of All-That-Is alone echoing your deeds on and through all levels of being.

An echo which always returns to its Source, its caller.

You, who in the mid of dark night is calling with loud and desperate voice to be heard, listen well: your call has been heard. Your path is open. Your path leads inside you. The end of your path is inside you. Follow the call. Follow the path. Follow the end of your path. The path is inside you. The end of the path is inside you. You are the path. You are the end of the path. You are the path that leads to you.

At the end of the path there is you.

This is the end of this announcement.

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