Where Will the Financial Crash First Begin?

by Brad, The Barber of Sevilla and George, Peter Pan, April 27, 2016


“The crash and burn of that whole thought system being our cue to exit stage right… into the light…”First star on the right and straight on till morning”; says Peter Pan to Wendy and the boys… Jerry and Brad, you are both just the best boys!!! [Does that make George Peter Pan (of the PAT)??]”

Pamela Ennis

Dear Brad,

you sound as if you were really pumped while writing this article. No wonder as the energies are now very empowering and we made another ID leap in the last 24 hours. The cracks on the Orion facade are getting bigger and bigger and it is a marvel to witness its dissipation.

Today David Haggith sent me his latest article

Dohaha, Slippery Oil Laughs at Nearly Everyone

And this is what I responded:

“Dear David,

Pepe Escobar, who is very well-informed thinks that the Doha agreement failed under pressure from the US and not because the Saudis did not want to reduce oil production. This is also my opinion:


This gives a completely new perspective to this event and explains why oil price surged, which for me is an important proof that the Empire of Evil is no longer in control of the world events.

Inline-Bild 1

With best regards


The invariant pattern we observe now is that no matter what the cabal try to do, the opposite result happens. This is true for politics as well as economics. With this inverse manifestation, which the dark cabal have never experienced before, it is easy to envision when the breaking point is reached. One just needs to lean back and eat popcorn and enjoy the unfolding drama.

Can you predict shortly for me what do you expect to happen next in the financial markets? Where will the crash first begin? Or will there be a sudden death without any particular bank bankruptcy or the like?

With love and light



Dear George,

Any time I am urged to write an article the energies for me are usually incredibly intense and running “hot”.  Today would be no different but it was building the last couple days.  Just feel like a giant vibrating magnet I guess with ever-increasing intensity.  It was amazing to write all that about magnets and then see you post that article on the magnetosphere, but why would that surprise me?

This oil subject is a perfect one to display the issue at work and the best way to guess what comes next.  The ability to control the paper in these markets is the key to everything and what is being used to fund the fraud.  It’s being used as one giant paper extractionary process by pure force.  It’s the ATM and source of energy.  This has always been underlying how these markets have been used, but now it is so blatant.

On Feb. 11th, the stock market as measured by the S&P was in full crash mode and broke through 1812 which was the last line of support.  Oil was also crashing as well to new lows.  The exact moment that the market would have normally gone into full meltdown, a “rogue” oil story came across that an agreement was to be made regarding production of oil as mentioned by some random Kuwaiti oil minister even though it was somewhere around 1 AM Kuwaiti time.  All markets went into full reversal to the upside and painted a huge technical reversal on the charts that people are still chasing back to the upside.  This is the infamous moment ZeroHedge has been trying to track down the conversations that were had at this exact time between Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi and other important phone calls that they won’t release to the public.  I wouldn’t give her so much credit in this process as this is the most devious criminality ever displayed globally.

With the newly painted reversal in the charts that is controlling the entire money or liquidity flow of the entire world on Feb. 11th, the paper markets could now be taken advantage of just as they always do with the paper markets of the gold and silver world that I am beyond familiar with.  Now the paper games have invaded every other market and people are finally getting angry by being beaten down by what the metals nerds have been complaining about forever.  You would have to be incredibly desperate to do this to all markets because you are killing the golden goose here.  Controlling the metals controlled the value of the paper currencies and corresponding interest rates in to keep a broken bond market alive, but to destroy the S&P is saying something.

I do want to point out that this is why you avoid the lawsuits now:


This is what suing the US for terrorism will get you.

When I told you the market would squeeze higher from February it was because of this reversal and because the options markets were heavily positioned by specs (hedge funds mostly) with bets to the downside.  The commercials, or big boys, take the other side of these trades and made an absolute fortune with their infinite access to new liquidity being produced through Europe and Japan and hidden ways of reinvesting interest on the Feds massive portfolio by forcing the market back up and fleecing people not in on the con. This was the first time I ever saw this so obvious in the major markets.

The exact same thing took place in the oil market at the same time.  The news that supposedly turned this whole thing around was that there would be an agreement to restrict oil supply.  For two months we have watched the markets surge higher every time a headline came across that oil was fixed which really was only squeezing out the majority of short positions in the options markets.  Now, we’ve hit the end of that road as it all is obviously fundamental bullshit, but the positioning in the options markets is completely opposite.  The specs have been suckered in long again in both stocks and in oil.  The gold market is the same but a different setup.  Here’s a perfect article today showing the positioning:


So if I transpose this situation to what we should see next, the options expiration for the stock market was just on Friday.  The tech heavy Nasdaq is struggling bad and signaling problems and leading a possible way down.  If I go with my usual cynicism of this process, they are about to drop this market to make money to keep the games going and I don’t know how anyone will be left with yet another wash and rinse cycle that follows no laws but pure force.  Most people left are just chasing this process around.  This article shows the general sentiment all too well amongst most of those left and I found it quite funny that he used the term anarchist in his article after my anarchist financial joke a few days ago.  The jokes write themselves anymore


The banks aren’t letting their ideas go bankrupt and they have access to infinite digits.  Preventing the Western populations from understanding this and making a run on the bank to get out of the casino is all that keeps this together.  So due to this, the ability to set price is everything if the paper can make everyone chase this.  The wall of paper that has come up in the precious metals markets to stop its progress is almost historical right now.  The paper reversal on Thursday to now make the charts look terrible with bad technical signals sets up the precious metals to get terrorized into their options expirations next week where the commercials will cash in on their epic short positions again and start to flip back the other direction as all spec players jump ship again.

This wash and rinse paper options process is what is underneath the line of ascension I pointed out in the gold chart from my last article.  It’s all paper control, but all the physical supply disappeared to Russia and China and others and they are now starting the first physical pricing outside of the West last week.  Now that they took it to all their markets, it’s a full-blown disaster how bad of shape the Western financial system is operating in.  I hear the Eastern version of the Swift system or CIPS is nearly fully operational as well.

As the dark energies at work are so good at abandoning minions, I bet anything that wants to survive is abandoning the US and Britain and heading East.  Reading China is very important here but nearly impossible to know some of the levels of infiltration.  Here is a guy who lives in China and works with Denver Dave whose work has been quite incredible of an agnostic sort:


Some that have done an unbelievable amount of math on the physical gold market believe that the float or supply of gold that is filling the gap between production and delivery worldwide is coming out of London’s vaults and that they would run out by this June.  They’ve taken Ukraine’s gold, Libya’s, and reclaimed Venezuela’s after Chavez’ death so the destruction and access to more gold is not out of the question.  The synchronicity with the comments on London over the last two days on your site, in my world, and in the gold market would say that the Two Towers of London and whatever city in the US is appropriate (NY, Chicago, or Washington D.C.) are about to crumble and the most obvious instigator would be one of a couple of things.  Either a failure to deliver gold from the West to some Asian market, which is an inevitability, or the loss of the ability to price something else such as oil.  If Saudi Arabia, which is most likely bankrupt already but not called out for it, runs East for any life at all, that would get it done as well.

As you say, things in many areas are going the opposite direction of what the cabal may want, but there still is not a loss of the same control in these paper markets.  The paper markets are setting up to squeeze the dollar higher for a few weeks, crush gold and commodities and related currencies again, and possibly start a nasty downtrend in the general markets.  If all of that takes place, there is no loss of control.  If the new pricing of gold in Asia in physical form and delivery prevents the paper control as it should soon, then the massive positions will be forced down the cabal bankers throats and they could get forced to buy their record positions back in a massive short squeeze instead of continually getting what they want by force.  If that happens in any market, you will know.  I’m not sure in the other markets, but that will be an instant default in the ability to perform in the Comex and surely a default.  This is why the Comex just got listed so closely with the Fed and moved into a position of systemic liquidity support.

Basically, the West has written checks its ass can’t cash and multitudes of areas are secretly defaulting on everyone in hidden manners.  If we don’t see an immediate intentional collapsing of the Dollar as it so obviously needs to be abandoned, then we will see a failure to deliver in the metals market.  What is even more interesting with the metals is their ability to deliver silver.  Silver is crucial to warfare and a continual cheap supply is vital to the perpetual war.  This goes to the Chris Rock joke that if you want less people to get shot, then just make the bullets really expensive.  I hope the failure to deliver occurs immediately in silver as that would be the most ultimate joke energetically in history.  I like jokes.

Next week in the metals markets will tell us everything we need to know about the level of control that exists.  Anyone who trades based on paper positioning is calling the metals market Halloween right now as it is scary how big the short positions are.  If it blew up to the upside next week, we don’t live in Kansas anymore Toto.

I am still leaning towards metals failure as all should know, but oil pricing may do it.  Now that luxury real estate is imploding, the default cycle is upon us and there is no stopping the chain of derivatives.

I hate to tell anyone, but discussing fundamentals is pointless. This all is only showing how powerful the dark energies at work have been and are beyond even my wildest imagination.

As far as agreements go between all these people, that’s not my world so I wouldn’t be able to make worthy commentary.

I hope next week displays Two Towers implosion time.  My mom is a writer and we once had Ray Bradbury over to my house before he died.  He knew the temperature at which paper would burn.  What a stud.

With love and light



Dear Brad,

I did not expect such a comprehensive answer but it makes me very happy as I will now watch closely the areas you define as vulnerable. And I will publish your answer as a separate article tomorrow. I have just published The Bridge to Peace.

It is very interesting that your  mother and family know Rad Bradbury as he was one of my favourite authors when I was young. It is remarkable that at that time these authors were immediately translated and published in Bulgaria although we were under communism and the censorship was omnipresent. Fahrenheit 451 struck me with its dystopian vision of the NWO beyond explanation as I knew it had a message for me that was not necessary related to the communist oppressive system at that time. It painted a dark future vision of humanity that was scary and somehow related to my mission in this life which I always had as an intuition even if I did not understand it until much later in my life.

Did you meet Ray Bradbury personally? He died in 2012 and his best books were written in the 50s when he was rather young. What did he do the next half a century? – I did not hear much of him after that.

With love and light



Dear George,

My mom was big into writer’s conferences so she was always setting up events.  Ray Bradbury came to our house as part of an event so I did get to meet him, but he wasn’t a close friend by any means.  That was in 1985 or so and I remember him being incredibly nice to speak with.  I read his early works and definitely felt a connection, but I have no idea what he even wrote for the last 30 years.

The only other comments I have on the financial markets of note to watch would be the action in the Chinese Markets.  Like the Nasdaq, it displayed some big weakness last week. Down 4%. That means the two main growth indicators the markets love to adhere to for their story are not looking great. This would go along with everything else I wrote. However, on the other side is that the great cycle traders show a runaway cycle developing in the S&P and a massive flow of money to the biotech and drugs.  They have been very accurate lately, but when it’s all rigged like it is, these things keep getting used against everyone.  It would be the blowoff top of all time and the biggest drug party ever known.  God save us all if we have to watch the level of stupidity we would witness by the end of that.

Next week should be interesting, but isn’t it all at this point?

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

thank you very much for this background information on Ray Bradbury, I almost wrote Brad Raybury. You are too young but Bradbury was a pioneer in the 50s and 60s but as he was ahead of the rest of humanity it is a real surprise that he became so popular at that time. In the 80s few people knew or remembered him and since then it was very silent around him.

If the pharmaceutical and the tech companies are now the last resort for the robo traders, then it can’t last very long as we have discussed what these companies are worth – nothing. When the theory of the Universal Law comes, these companies will end up with a massive death like the dinosaurs.

With love and light


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