The Bridge of Peace

Brad Barber, April 24, 2016

Dear George,

After the last few days, a new article was begging to be written but your conversation with Jessica provides the window to let it loose.  The title would be called The Bridge of Peace if I gave it a more formal context.  Your reply to her was incredible and if you combine that with Charlotte’s article/efforts and Luz’s comments you find yourself standing on what is obviously such a unique personal bridge combined with an ever changing systemic process where one is “the director of a movie-thriller with an indeterminate plot.”

I’m sure whatever energetic surge I went through in 2011 was so powerful that it normally would have removed me from existence in this realm, but we are obviously being asked to stay behind and do what we’ve done.  Ascension has already taken place individually in many cases but the systemic energies have not yet lined up meaning it’s not ready for you to be seen.  It seems to me that Ascended Mastery needed more time to incubate as a serious lack of systemic understanding existed as you can read it easily in the words anywhere.  I tell everyone I don’t think I even exist here anymore, and I believe it.  And then my eyes open every morning……

The problem I’ve dealt with is that all I could be was systemic in my words and I’ve spent the last years trying to balance my individual side back out a bit.  I said the word planet so many times my wife makes fun of me for it.  Every time someone complained about something I answered with a systemic theme to help balance them out.  It pissed everyone off and made no sense.  All I could say was we and forgot the I, but I was shown these systems plain as day and I don’t know many others who have this perspective.  I didn’t know at first I was able to say exactly what everyone’s HS wanted them to hear, but exactly what they didn’t want.  To do it properly, one has to have everything we discuss on this website.  You don’t have to have the website, but it’s one heck of a tool and a work of such magnificence I’m awed to even be a part of it.

The conversation with Charlotte was perfect for the state of the Union so to speak.  Exactly what is happening in marijuana is what is happening in everything and it is the bridge of consciousness.  As I will explain in a moment, this is so prevalent systemically that I can lay this over the individual process and know what is being experienced in the LBP in relation to an individual’s “fifty shades of Gandalf” or relation to the cones on either side of the Nexus of Creation.  The power in Charlotte’s words and research in relation to also understanding the need to begin at the Astral currency as well as the effects of ascension is beautiful to read.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the fraud is evicting Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and replacing him with Harriet Tubman in a sorry effort to buy off Charlotte and the mastery she is displaying.

The last thing Harriet Tubman would want is to be on paper currency.

The financial markets are starting to display some magnificent aspects of consciousness hiding underneath and it all relates to LBP and magnetics and an infinite source of creation.  All I am experiencing personally is that of existing as a high vibrating magnet that the levels just seem to get turned up almost every day.  The waves have dissipated.  One is being asked to operate as a multidimensional magnet and everything being presented is in relation to one’s ability to handle it.  Everyone’s higher self is pointing at one in energetic mastery and saying “look over there and listen,” and they are starting to respond as can clearly be seen in one’s everyday life if seclusion hasn’t become the exclusive mode of operation.

When I saw this clearly in 2011 I was on the edge of jumping ship and moving to the tip of some mountain somewhere.  I cut myself off energetically and said goodbye to everyone in a metaphoric manner anyway, but the opportunity to remain amongst the darkest mess in history and stand out as a Hermit of Ascension in my area was too grand.  The easiest way to be the brightest light is to operate where there is none and Denver is perfect.  Sunny and soulless and most likely the hideout of most of the world’s entire secret governance at times.  I think Rumi called it the gateway to Hell and I couldn’t argue with that.  That’s why the Denver Broncos are the Armageddon football team and always win in years like 1999 and this year in 2016.  They should have won in 2014 but the world wasn’t ready for ascended mastery to emerge quite yet so there weren’t enough of the “elite” holed up in their mountain tunnel systems quite yet (where do I come up with this crap?).

I have been talking so much about the illness of “do” in the West and how the majority of woman have been hijacked.  I wanted to write my book called “How to be like your Cat” but I’ve done it by writing on this site in balancing the Now systemically.  I have had four people around me in the last week say that they were trying to learn to sit still and do nothing for some period of time.  Two people actually use the word ascension in their sentences and most everyone is pointing out fraud and bullshit.  Two of the people who talked about doing less were female and, in this culture, that is impressive.  They are both women who take medication for certain anxieties and depression.

Ultimately, this is why I’m still not a fan of marijuana as I believe it keeps the majority from repairing the compartmentalization that is preventing proper energy flow.  Marijuana is like the internet.  It can help you find Universal Law and ascension or you can watch porn all day.  Ultimately, if marijuana is valued and exchanged and taxed in dollars, which are designed for war, it can’t succeed but Charlotte is the only one badass enough I know to have spoken that.  Now if she were CEO of one of these companies……  Since I still manage money for people to pay the bills, she may be interested to know that I sold some gold and silver miners last week and bought a group of marijuana companies just because she exists.  She is becoming a multidimensional magnet and if her focus is so intent on that industry, count me in while we wait this out.  I only invest in concepts that work with what I speak about and I haven’t added a thing since 2011 besides Universal Law and my efforts with this site.

The resources of the world are awakening in the monetary world and it is quite fascinating to me to combine with words that people speak.   I said back in August that it was the best time in history to purchase real assets starting with gold miners bottoming first.  Then came the oil crash and a complete trashing in price of all the real assets of the world.  As Central bankers try desperately to pretend anything remotely functions at all, there has been one of the biggest surges in history of real assets and is culminating into the “liquidity” drug inducement of mankind once again as the flow of money always does.

Also, as happened when the manipulation became so obvious in gold and silver, it has now pervaded every market and broken the function of all of them from S&P 500 to Nasdaq to NYSE to commodities and all futures products.

You now have to be a complete nutjob to think that any of these things are functioning in relation to true price discovery at all.  This is from today but there are a zillion other examples.

The usual part of humanity is rushing back into iron ore, steel, copper, oil and all the usual garbage in a rush to make money again as the all the news desperately lies to everyone that there are signs of recovery again.  How can there be signs of recovery when we are still in recovery?  Very few are watching the disaster unfolding in high-end real estate and the unreal number of bankruptcies taking place.  The one in Toronto definitely caught my attention.  The comments about a global cash crunch by the CEO of Schlumberger is exactly what we’ve been looking for.  It’s all going to hit at once in every industry as we know.

What is taking place that behind this real asset surge is the flow to the Bridge of Peace consciousness concepts.  These are all the ideas that should benefit mankind but get hijacked and used against us.  I say Bridge of Peace instead of consciousness because if one were to sit still with their thoughts long enough and learn to deploy their energy in the proper manner in relation to all existing true information, Peace is the bull market developing underneath.  They are all pointed right at us but the only question is exactly what you said about being the director and we can only deal with it as it happens and make the best possible decision moment by moment.

The blockchain of bitcoin should be used to put every government’s budget and spending in line and know what it’s up to, but it’s being used poorly as we know.  It’s chart just broke a major wedge that developed since the last surge to $400 and it’s setting up to go nuts again.

3-D printing is another one of my favorites that could be used to benefit so many areas.  It’s application in ending so many patent concepts that are failing as well as in the health and even food industries are infinite, but the day I saw their best idea was to print weapons for the military was the last time I even spoke about it.  But now, despite the struggles in the sideways markets, the 3-D printing companies are surging in an interesting fashion that signals consciousness just like Charlotte and her presence in marijuana.  They shouldn’t be with what else is going on.  The general markets have been ramped and hanging in there, but the tech heavy NASDAQ is signaling it is possibly leading the way down again.  All the crap technology that is enslaving mankind that attracts so much money is saying horrible results.   Microsoft, Google (Alphabet), and Intel amongst others are running into problems as the cloud concepts are so obviously leading to complete NWO control that few have understood.  The TTIP is such a large part of all of this and their intentions so seeing the numbers fail in Europe is inspiring.

Behind that is a very discreet surge in some of the quantum magnetic concepts that are sources of infinite creation, but still 3-D based so I don’t know enough in the rare earth area.  These elements are fascinating but the majority are controlled by China so the fraud wants to do everything possible to prevent their usage and understanding.  The West can’t price them except for making sure no one understands or studies them.  Gold has a quantum magnetic function that has been discussed with the Astral currency, but the rare earth sector is showing some life.  I can’t even find a decent article to explain half of what I know about this sector but here’s a quick note.

I have been trying to awaken all musicians and others to look at possibilities of funneling electricity and other ideas through some of these unknown areas as I’m guessing this is where the next “new sound” would come from.  There are so many uses here it’s overwhelming, but we have to have consciousness.  In fact, I wanted to plug my brother in to about 600 volts of juice and see what kind of sound we could get out of him directly.  I call it the human theramin.  I also wanted to invent programs that read the energies of a crowd so the music that gets created is always in the moment and created as a live experience of the collective.  Quantum music.  My brother wrote a song called “Everybody is a Rockstar Tonight” which is basically this concept.  However, in the magnet space, we have to have beings that want Peace and invest in it so they won’t abandon it on any price dips.  No fear.  The life being shown here is not much different from the multidimensional magnetism being experienced by ascending beings as the systems get energized to support what needs to happen.

Speaking of amazing music, I have to point out a little rock and roll that deserves some credit as it is so rare to find.  Finding a drummer that can make odd time signatures sound great is like finding Dr. Stankov to explain the financial system.  It just doesn’t happen.  The first two albums by Tesseract called One and Altered State are incredible.  Rhythmic masterpieces and the drummer makes it sound like he’s playing Motown grooves he’s so smooth.  Also, just found an album by a Norwegian band called Leprous.  It’s called the Congregation.  Kicks ass.  All of them take a few listens to truly appreciate.  I like to rock though…. and touch hot stoves.

The massive flow of people out of oil and trying to get into solar again is surreal to watch.  My friend pointed out a great article on the phenomenon a few days ago.  An old friend of mine pulled up in my driveway five minutes later and said he was going to dinner with a friend who was trying to start a solar company.  Rare earth magnets are huge part of renewables, but all of this is not in higher consciousness at all.  This is the chasing of liquidity and into sectors backed by theft from the government and backed by the population.  All of the US is getting funneled here and the derivatives of this worldwide financial debacle are legally backed by the US.  And I decided to stay here knowing all of this….  That’s all we have left here.  Fraud backed by a clueless population in every sector.  The stories just emerging out of experience with Obamacare and lack of care are brutal, but most anyone in another country understands this treatment much better than Americans.

The Bridge of Peace can be seen so easily in the huge flow into lithium taking place.  Harnessed by Goldman Sachs of course.  All about how energy gets stored and used.  The same across Tesla and SolarCity and how financing gets used to access solar power.  Piles of cocaine for the top and forced drugging for the serfs.  I think it’s the Bill Cosby economy now.  Why would that guy even need to drug women and rape them with his money and access to power?  He’s on the wrong side of the bridge, that’s for sure.

Here’s quantum comedy in full force.  I was talking about this article and Sodom and Gomorrah and London with a friend hours before the comments from Dalila and response:

By the way, Dalila, you said you find my work “hilarious.”  I love you.  Besides assisting in balancing energy and claiming sovereignty, that’s really the point.

Speaking of comedy, Michael Krieger writes many articles on Zerohedge and he’s right there.  He just tweeted a second ago “I’m now convinced that comedians are the most intelligent human beings alive.”  Bill Burr is on fire lately if anyone wants to laugh.

Silver and gold and the multi-d magnetics involved are currently sitting on the bridge and a big part of this is a systemic representation of Luz’s comments.  This is also why I still talk about silver a bunch because it is the single easiest way for someone to state their intentions individually and globally and practical civil disobedience.  If a few million people went and bought a silver ounce right now, the global monetary cabal would fold in on itself in minutes.  It takes $20 and you are basically casting your vote for no more bullshit.  I don’t even believe in gold and silver in the process, but it’s influence over our current individual and systemic state is undeniable.

The frauds ability to source silver has come to the end:

On one hand, we now have the biggest paper wall almost ever built trying to prevent any further advancement of the metals in consciousness in the West and maintain the path of war while China and Russia have now teamed up to take full possession of the physical market.

All of this points at the LBMA in London and the Comex in New York and Chicago.  Now we have the ultimate comedy situation after having made fun of the golf business last article.  Here’s London and Chicago playing golf today.  We’re on fire people.

Jim Sinclair’s company also spiked after mentioning it.  And this would be the same in the gold business as Charlotte in the marijuana business.  If I don’t have conscious people and CEO’s and beings of peace, then shit….

The same is occurring in nuclear energy.  I am not going to get into the specifics here as I’ve done way too much research.  There is massive investment in it taking place in the East and being used in a much different fashion for their plans for the future.  In the West, they are intentionally built in dangerous areas and intentionally not serviced to create bombs.  The one near the Everglades in a hurricane zone is my personal favorite.  There is not enough uranium to meet future demand and, on this path, the price will see one of the biggest spikes in history as no companies can currently afford to mine it with the destruction this monetary fraud has created.  When they are investing in six billion or so less human beings, it kind of affects other concepts.  Obviously there are better ideas to use than nuclear power, but we are talking about the human race here.

Marijuana, uranium, guns, gold, silver, money, magnets, energy storage, food, etc.  All consciousness and all on the bridge.  The investments in possible Peace are surging.  Can they be used properly?  Or maybe it should all be placed in the hands of ascended beings that can handle it to paint a much prettier picture.  The only way I could get all the way through it was to discuss an Astral Currency concept.  Not until you put that fully together did it all come to a point of rest and peace.

I would apply this to anyone’s LBP process.  I think there may have been a lot of individual and power consuming concepts attached to success with LBP and it wasn’t quite in tune with the harmonious flow of the upper side of the Nexus on a systemic basis.  The greater a balance that can be attained both individually and systemically, the greater the magnet.

It truly is the Bridge of Peace.

As Marsellus Wallace so famously didn’t say to Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction as they planned to fix the boxing match, “On the night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s Peace fuckin’ wich you.”

Then again, this is just my personal take now isn’t it?

With love and light,


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