Immediate Creation in the End Time

Georgi Stankov, April 15, 2016

Since the opening of this website and especially during the last week I have been busy exposing the total fraud in the USA from various angles. At the end I concluded: “everywhere is fraud as far as the eye can see.” That this ubiquitous fraud exists is entirely the consequence of the cognitive dissonance of the people that prevents them, consciously or subconsciously, from seeing the fraud. Essentially they do not see the fraud because it makes all things so much more complicated that humans get lost in this maze of fraud, while eagerly participating in it and running after the carrot that the cabal is dangling in front of them in the form of illusory social success. That this kind of social success is simply a clandestine form of human enslavement has been very well explained by the renowned thinker Nassim Taleb  in his recent article “How To Legally Own Another Person“.

I am already two-thirds of a century on this planet and have experienced this collective cognitive dissonance and the eagerness of the masses to participate in this fraud of creeping enslavement that manifests first and foremost as a total loss of common sense twice in my lifetime and these are the most painful periods in my life:

1) During the time of communism in the post-war era in Eastern Europe when the people were indoctrinated to such an extent that they even thanked their oppressors for the scarcity they were forced to live in and feared individual freedom like the devil the incense.

2) And since 9/11 in Western Europe and now in North America when the mission creep of the ruling cabal to install the NWO entered its last most obvious and socially devastating phase.

Anybody who was born in the West has no clue how the communist dictatorship based on utter fear and full economic control transformed the human species into utter zombies. The West is now slowly awakening to this same reality which the East has left behind. Unfortunately I had to make this ghastly experience in my youth and now again in old age. Then what is currently happening in North America and Western Europe is the repetition of the same dreadful experience the peoples in Eastern Europe and Asia had under the communist yoke for more than half a century.

The peoples in the West did not make this kind of NWO experience at that time for one single reason: during the Cold war there were powerful communist and left parties in the West that compelled the ruling cabal to obey some of the general rules of democracy and decency as not to trigger a revolution and be swallowed by the red pestilence.

With the fall of the Iron curtain, this external pressure upon the western ruling cabal to behave somewhat properly and decently disappeared and their berserk character flourished in a most despicable manner. That is why all the people who were raised in the West such as the Saker and write about Eastern Europe and the Anglo-Zionist Empire have such difficulties to understand the current final battle between light and darkness as they are missing the personal experience with this human evil – the former failed red NWO – in its worst existing form on this timeline.

By the way, this also holds true for all light workers who are not light warriors of the first and the last hour as the PAT and are not constantly confronted with the darkness of this world. They do not need to cleanse this dark goo at the expense of their personal health and well-being and as a famous Bulgarian saying says with respect to our past experience with the Turkish yoke: “two hundred whips on other person’s back are nothing compared to one whip on one’s own back”. It is the same difference as I observed as a dissident between me and the indoctrinated indolent masses in the East… and now in the West.

From that point of view, it is understandable why I have such a big head start compared to all the critical writers in the West and why even the most advanced light warriors in the West have no clue how the NWO really feels when it has taken full control of humanity. But they are coming closer and closer to this awful sensation.

One major aspect of their current awakening is that they, for the first time, begin to realize the inherent tendency of most incarnated humans to perpetuate the same disappointing and unyielding experiences again and again.  But as Brian, the Dragon, correctly observes in his latest message, the driving force behind planetary and individual ascension is precisely the recognition at the soul level that the current repetition of the same dull and degrading experiences with this human society and dense 3D holographic model based on ubiquitous fraud is a dead-end. In the current End Time the incarnated souls begin to feel the urgent inner desire to change these experiences for the better:

“You are right when you all say things are complicated. You are not victims of the complication but instead all contribute to it either passively or actively. It makes the game more interesting. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with the game you are playing. Except when you are tired of playing it, and the majority of you on Earth are tired of playing it (Who knows this better than the PAT? Note, George). You’re not tired to the point that you will stop incarnating on Earth, but instead want to do something more constructive and exciting: you want to make a transformation. In the grand scheme of things, all that matters is that you will enjoy the transformation in whatever way you choose to enjoy it. God-all-that-is loves you, and your experience regardless of what you choose. However, with a bias towards love, there is a bias in the universe towards enjoying creation (whatever that means for you), even when it doesn’t seem that way sometimes experiencing a world of balance of polarity vs harmonic balance.” 

The transpersonal, transcendental, unconditional love of all Logos Gods and Ascended Masters in human gestalt in the End Time of Ascension is the energetic bias that allows for immediate creation and transforms this world of polarity into a world of harmonious balance. This presupposes uncompromised frankness with oneself and the rest of the world which opens the eyes of the people for the fraud they have created and live in. Then one fact should be clearly stated at this place  – the gargantuan fraud in the Empire of Evil was not created only by the cabal but also by the spontaneous support of the entire population as their accomplices.

Now that some of the US citizens begin to drop from this scam, there are good chances that their eyes wide shut in the past will begin to open to the dreadful reality they have created for themselves. They will embrace our ideas of a new world based on harmony, sovereignty of the individual, and the ability to love oneself in the first place before to claim loving the rest of humanity and All-That-Is as many insincere light workers pretend nowadays. And in order to be able to love oneself, one must get rid of all dark remnants of this Orion indoctrination that still shape the fraudulent personalities of most incarnated human beings.

This is the next step that such critical thinkers as the author below should make as to be able to ascend with us. But our educational efforts are already bearing, almost immediately, a rich harvest.


The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud

Charles Hugh Smith, April 13, 2016

Fraud as a way of life caters an extravagant banquet of consequences. This can’t be said politely: the entire status quo in America is a fraud.

– The financial system is a fraud.
– The political system is a fraud.
– National Defense is a fraud.
– The healthcare system is a fraud.
– Higher education is a fraud.
– The mainstream corporate media is a fraud.
– Culture–from high to pop–is a fraud.

(All these areas of fraud have been extensively and in great depth discussed on our website, especially the healthcare fraud, so that this is nothing new to us. But the important information from this article is that other people follow our footsteps and begin to see the things with the same eyes. From here to ascension is then a short journey. Note, George)

Need I go on? We have come to accept fraud as standard operating practice in America, to the detriment of everything that was once worthy. Why is this so?

One reason, which I outline in my book A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All, is that centralized hierarchies select for fraud and incompetence. Now that virtually every system in America is centralized or regulated by centralized hierarchies, every system in America is fraudulent and incompetent. Nassim Taleb explains this further in his recent article How To Legally Own Another Person (via Lew G.)

The three ingredients of fraud are abundant: pressure (to get an A, to please your boss, to make your sales numbers, etc.), rationalization (everybody’s doing it) and opportunity.

Taleb explains why failure and fraud become the status quo: admitting error and changing course are risky, and everyone who accepts the servitude of working in a centralized hierarchy–by definition, obedience to authority is the #1 requirement– is averse to risk.

As I explain in my book, these systems select for risk aversion and the appearance of obedience to rules and authority while maximizing personal gain: in other words, fraud as a daily way of life.

Truth is a dangerous poison in centralized hierarchies: anyone caught telling the truth risks a tenner in bureaucratic Siberia. (In the Soviet Gulag ,a tenner meant a ten-year sentence to a labor camp in Siberia.)

And so the truth is buried, sent to a backwater for further study, obfuscated by jargon, imprisoned by a Top Secret stamp, or simply taken out and executed. Everyone in the system maximizes his/her personal gain by going along with the current trajectory, even if that trajectory is taking the nation off the cliff.

Consider the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a $1+ trillion failure. The aircraft is underpowered, under-armed, insanely overpriced, insanely over-budget and still riddled with bugs after seven years of fixes, making it an unaffordable maintenance nightmare that puts our service people and nation at risk.

But no one in a position of power will speak the truth about the F-35, because it is no longer a weapons system–it’s a jobs program. Defense contractors are careful to spread the work of assembling parts of the F-35 to 40+ states, so 80+ senators will support the program, no matter how much a failure it is as a weapons system, or how costly the failure is becoming.

A rational person in charge would immediately cancel it and start from scratch, with a program run outside the Pentagon and outside congressional meddling. But this is impossible in America: instead, we build failed, under-armored, under-powered, under-armed and unreliable ships (LCS) and failed under-powered, under-armed and unreliable fighters as the most expensive make-work programs in history.

As for our failed healthcare system, one anecdote will do. (You undoubtedly have dozens from your own experience.) A friend from Uruguay with a high-tech job in the U.S. recently flew home to Montevideo for a medical exam because 1) the cost of the flight was cheaper than the cost of the care in the U.S. and 2) she was seen the next day in Montevideo while it would have taken two months to get the same care in the U.S.

I’ve listed dozens of examples here over the years: $120,000 for a couple days in a hospital, no procedures performed; $20,000+ for a single emergency room visit, no procedures performed; several thousand dollars charged to Medicare for a few minutes in an “observation room” that was occupied by patients, no staff present–the list is endless.

We’ve habituated to fraud as a way of life because every system is fraudulent. Consider the costly scam known as higher education. The two essentials higher education should teach are: 1) how to learn anything you need to learn or want to learn on your own, and 2) how to think, behave, plan and function entrepreneurially (i.e. as an autonomous problem-solver and lifelong learner who cooperates and collaborates productively with others) as a way of life.

That higher education fails to do so is self-evident. We could create a highly effective system of higher education that costs 10% of the current corrupt system. I’ve described such a system (in essence, a directed apprenticeship as opposed to sitting in a chair for four years) in The Nearly Free University and the Emerging Economy: The Revolution in Higher Education.

As for what passes as culture in the U.S.: the majority of what’s being sold as culture, both high and low, is derivative and forgettable. We suffer the dual frauds of absurd refinement (so only the elites can “appreciate” the art, music, food, wine, etc.) and base coarsening: instead of Tender (romantic love and sex) we have Tinder (flammable trash).

Fraud as a way of life caters an extravagant banquet of consequences. While everyone maximizes their personal gain in whatever system of skim, scam and fraud they inhabit, the nation rots from within. We’ve lost our way, and lost the ability to tell the truth, face problems directly, abandon what has failed and what is unaffordable, and accept personal risk as the essential element of successful adaptation.

Here’s a good place to start: require every politician to wear the logos of their top 10 contributors–just like NASCAR drivers and vehicles display the logos of their sponsors. The California Initiative to make this a reality is seeking signatures of registered California voters. Since politicians are owned, let’s make the ownership transparent.

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