Energy Report of the PAT – April 25, 2016

PAT’s Personal Experiences with the Ascension Energies

Dear George,

so much has happened and is happening, I can barely keep up with my own life. It has become an absurdity of obscure incidents of crossing timelines that are either merging or being obliterated. It is like fast flipping through a catalogue of «What’s to be released today». There is little change on the surface, but it’s waking right under there, and like the fish coming up for insects, it’s making rings in the water. I myself feel more like a dead fish, belly up, so fatigued.

Speaking of water, I played a game where all hell was loose in the solar system. I thought to myself, this is WW3, and as I thought that, a column of 15-20 military cars drove by outside. Later I had a vision of a nearby military naval base, with an overlay of this game of war. I was in midair, half way between two dimensions. I was a crystal clear river, pouring down into the lower dimension with the military base, flooding the world with the higher dimensional water. The military boats did not float.

My brother who works as an engineer for Siemens will most likely be fired in two weeks. They spare no one, not even the chief engineers, so he and his colleagues suspect they will close the entire department. Which seems like an odd thing, because they are loaded with work. For now. My other brother who works in the oil business says the same thing, they fire hundreds at a time in bulks. The harbor is full of supply boats with nothing to do. Farewell prosperous economy and may the nauseating arrogance that grew in people with it, drown with the sinking ships!

I couldn’t say exactly what’s going on with my Light Body Process, I am nowhere and everywhere it seems, and has always seemed, which kind of points to already being crystalline, and just running it through one more time for some reason.

Have an exciting journey onwards!

With love and water,
Eldbjørg, Norway

Dear Eldbjørg,

thank you so much for your personal report on the ascension process that also confirms the manifestation of the Greatest Depression of all time in Norway, which is also aggravated by the oil price slump.

With love and light


Again I write to you to express the actions that I have been working with.

I have been keeping up with all the rhetoric on the web for very many years and can confirm the disparages in the channeling sites with all the same stuff for many years as well as the problems with where each is within their own ascension process. I was forced many years ago to realize that each must work with their own path and that it would on a very limited scale be the same as others but mostly not.

As a computer professional for 30+ years I am forced by myself to use logic and rational thinking with a mixture of formula’s, intuition, revelations, imaginations and creativity to qualify and quantify all the observations that I have been privileged to witness. I have found over the years the formula that work for me but have noticed that even if I explain them proper to someone else, they don’t work.

I have come to realize that in my own reality that all are in their own reality and we only converge those realities as they need to be converged in order to have continuity and the like. This being said, it is impossible for any single 3d entity to come to an understanding of anything that they cannot conceive and have no background in, they cannot perceive or believe until they are ready and that by their HS.  The HS must give revelations to the facts of the conception, perception and belief patterns for each single source fractal. These things come to a person when they have done the work inside to allow the HS to initiate the new perception.

To give you some background on my life, please don’t think that I am saying these things to gain any notoriety or such 3d things, just fyi. Anyone that is making their living as a guru or channeler is bias to their own area, they need to be in order to keep the money coming in, but this is not my life, I live with nothing and have nothing in order to keep a fluid reality system. This not by my choice but my HS.

I have been able to see with what I call “spirit sight” – greater vision in pitch dark than with normal eyes during the day.  I have seen with “360” vision being able to see all around me at the same time. I have remote viewing capabilities.  I astral project to anywhere and have been taken by guides to the center of our galaxy to meet the beings there. I have been to the quite place of Source many times. I am telepathic and hear the meaning of the persons speaking or writing between the words and can speak with animals (not the same as speaking with humans). I can see the dividing lines between dimensions when they appear.  I have been able to live different lives at the same time in different timelines etc…

Now of course I’m a nut.  These things have been my constant companion here in 3d land and no one around me was the wiser just for that very reason.

This last week has been one that I will always remember, I was shown myself as total unity, total god, all things in infinity in myself, controlled by myself, understood by myself.  I was there in that frame of mind for over 2 hours 3d time. It has changed me in ways I still don’t understand, but am working on.  The way I was shown this was as a way to look at myself.  I was told to look at myself as god and the only person that is real in my life.  Hard to explain but as I thought of this I felt myself as all things everywhere and all realities, persons etc… were an extension of myself. This is now on-going and will continue until I move past this present phase of life back to myself again.

The grand “event” that everyone seems to be talking about is now just in front of us as humans.  It is not what everyone thinks it will be, but then it will be what every single fractal needs, so it will be different for some than others.  The single focus of each to what timeline they wish to continue on plus the focus of the different groups (continental, city etc…) plus the planetary focus equals the type of event, duration etc… at least that’s how I am able to perceive it.  This would also mean that the timelines of the past have converged and will now separate into the new timeline(s) for the ascension of each single, group and planet etc… (hourglass, cone to cone spiral energetic ups and downs as is needed for the Source to continue in this reality).

Hope this wasn’t too long and I know that I have not given all the information that is needed to get a grip on these things but it won’t be long now till all see…

Michael, USA

LBP Experiences

Dear Georgi,

You are correct, at this point it is very individual and I have not experienced the fear with expansion of consciousness now for a long time. I do experience a level of peace and happiness that I have not had before and I am able to help those around me handle the ongoing changes with calm. I do have a question for you however, the transformation to crystalline; can we expect to see signs of this transformation in our skeletal structure?

Peace and light,

Ottimo Georgi,

Innanzitutto sempre grazie a te.

Mi sento come un cane talmente abituato a prendere bastonate, che adesso quasi non mi sembra vero che sia finita. Se fossi un artista mi piacerebbe raccontare per immagini come si sentirebbe Sisifo una volta riuscito a spingere il suo masso oltre la cima. Attendo una vera ispirazione, nel frattempo mi limito a respirare.

Ti abbraccio con Carla,

P.s. I ridicoli banchieri italici hanno osato chiamare “Atlante” il loro ridicolo fondo “salvabanche”…


Dearest Georgi,

First ever thanks to you.

I feel like a dog so used to taking blows, now almost it does not seem real that it’s over. If I were an artist I’d like to tell in pictures what would feel like being Sisyphus after he managed to push his boulder over the top. I await a true inspiration, in the meantime I just breathe.

I embrace you with Carla,

P.S. The ridiculous Italian bankers have dared to call “Atlas” their ridiculous fund for saving their bankrupt banks “salvabanche” …


Caro Alessandro,

Posso ben capire come ti senti ora. Mi ricordo che ho avuto la stessa sensazione di essere Sisifo quando ero in Bulgaria sotto il comunismo e non c’era nessuna prospettiva assoluta per me. Poi sono riuscito in qualche modo a emigrare in Germania in un modo rischioso e tutto ad un tratto mi sono sentito liberato dal mio masso sulle mie spalle. Il primo anno in Germania non ho fatto molto, ma solo respirato e goduto la vita.

Quando ho sintonizzarsi a te, ho la sensazione che è ora necessario solo per far andare a riposare il più possibile come molto presto tu sarà gettato nella battaglia per un mondo migliore e avrei bisogno di tutta la tua energia a tal fine. Che sarà anche un momento molto gratificante per te. Sei molto giovane e la tua vita è davanti a te. In realtà, la migliore prospettiva possibile.

Mi ricordo quando gli americani ha iniziato a bombardare l’Afghanistan hanno chiamato “Enduring Freedom”. Inganni eufemistico è la lingua della cabala, per fortuna le parole non fanno questo mondo, soprattutto quando sono falsi, ma le energie proveniente dalla sorgente.

Con amore e luce

Dear Alessandro,

I can very well understand how you feel now. I remember I had the same feeling of being Sisyphus when I was in Bulgaria under communism and there was absolute no perspective for me. Then I managed somehow to emigrate to Germany in a risky way and all of a sudden I felt liberated from my boulder on my shoulders. The first year in Germany I did not do much but just breathed and enjoyed life.

When I attune to you I sense that you now need just to let go and rest as much as you can as very soon you will be thrown in the battle for a better world and will need all your energy to this end. Which will be also a very rewarding time for you. You are very young and your life is ahead of you. Actually the best possible perspective.

I remember when the Americans started bombing Afghanistan they called it “enduring freedom”. Euphemistic deceptions is the language of the cabal, fortunately words do not make this world, especially when they are bogus, but the energies coming from the Source.

With love and light

Hello Georgi

It’s amazing times indeed and I appreciate your reply very much. For years I have struggled with others’ view on the world that has been so different to mine and I’m proud and relieved to have met like-minded souls on your website. I have a feeling I’ve met you before, years ago in my dreams, you/this person were going to reveal what the future would be like by showing me a mirror that had lights on it, but the lights wouldn’t switch on. So I was told that it looks like the time hadn’t arrived for us to complete our mission. Well, source does work in mysterious ways! The jigsaw has been completed for me.

Even after so many years it baffles me why all the souls that have reincarnated during so many lifetimes has allowed this dark energy to flourish. However I feel all this is over and I am looking forward to working on your astral currency project (which has already been launched in some way) great times ahead.

Many blessings and love,
Dalila. London, GB

Dear Dalila,

our pathways on this planet are lonely indeed and understanding coming from other people is not part of it. We all have to live with this rejection of our ideas which is the rejection of the Soul, the Source. This explains why the incarnated souls have allowed this all to happen – it always happens when you live in separation from the source. But this process has been reversed now and we shall see the results of this unity consciousness very soon.

With love and light

Totally true and you have explained it so well in one of your latest articles,

‘Within this period there will be infinite individual ascension scenarios and that is why it makes no sense to discuss them generally. For this reason I also doubt if any discussion on this website will be of great help to each individual PAT member as you all know exactly where you stand and what is awaiting you at the intuitive level so that any external references may be only confusing or irrelevant.

I guess that there will still be some mass events that we all shall experience in a similar manner, but apart from that the personal subjective perception of the ascension process is so individual that even we, as dual souls and shared daily life, have completely different daily experiences that very seldom match. That is why this End Time phase is so difficult as even our past experiences with the LBP no longer serve us as a red thread.

I hope to have elucidated the current ascension experiences a little bit from a gnostic point of view as the question you raise can only be answered by each one of us, although this does not preclude an exchange of information.’

We all know our individual role and will execute it fully as planned when the time comes. We will not regress and the illusion of this world will be broken, our time on this earth has not been in vain and I see that now.

All my love and good intentions to you and Carla and all who are with us at this amazing time.



Greetings George,

Wow!! Brad and Jerry on the same day!! [Not to be confused with Ben and Jerry, recently arrested for having at least some idea of justice…Ha.]

An interesting contrast in their individual perspectives, but not really surprising at this stage where, I believe, as you said, George, that each of us as warriors of the first and last hour, are in our own unique moment of Now and thus our experiences and perspectives are bound to be differently expressed. Kudos to both of these intrepid warriors for their strength and perseverance. I get a lot from each of them. Brad, the “hot stove toucher guy” [“it doesn’t burn. It only burned my finite nature”], and Jerry, the ever practical one, is now cautiously optimistic. Both expressing the essential truth of this time; we signed on to be here til it’s over and it will not be over “until the fat lady sings” which means the economy falling on its’ face.

The crash and burn of that whole thought system being our cue to exit stage right…into the light…”First star on the right and straight on til morning”; says Peter Pan to Wendy and the boys…Jerry and Brad, you are both just the best boys!!! [Does that make George Peter Pan??]

Thanks also to the recent post from Luz and Dalila. All these reports give substance to the sense of the shift as happening and help to confirm the PAT’s creationary efforts have been and are successful.

I can add nothing about the LBP except to say my own gastric issues continue unabated, yet now cause me little or no distress. It is all just part of the deal and I am well able to tolerate it. My sense is that my requirement for continued dimensional travel means the 3rd chakra symptoms  will continue til the end.

I am totally with Dalila in that it matters little if it is days or months. And, that being said, it is undoubtedly “soon”.

With love,



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