Cognitive Dissonance in the US of Accounting Gimmicks

Georgi Stankov, April 11, 2016

Without its gargantuan financial fraud the USA would be broke long time ago. This is the case with all Ponzi schemes – they are broke from the very beginning and exist only as long as they can hide this fact. Currently only the fiscal gap of the US government exceeds $300 trillion which is five times the GDP of the world economy and is the biggest single Ponzi scheme in the world. As this fiscal gap is now financed vastly by the rest of the world (every Ponzi scheme needs idiots to finance it), this fact shows to what an extent the Empire of Evil is sponging on humanity and why this condition will not be allowed to last very long. Especially when one considers the exponential rate with which the fiscal gap of the US of Accounting Gimmicks has grown in the last years – $100 trillion in the last two years.

This massive accounting fraud has created the most extreme form of collective cognitive dissonance in the history of mankind – the illusion the Empire of evil is an economic and financial power. It is the foundational condition for a global destructive interference that will obliterate the old Orion matrix in the coming days. This is the hydra with a thousand heads we are now combating as enlightened beings at the expense of being defined as crazy and delusional by the rest of humanity. This is normal for a soul asylum planet like the earth where the psychopathic inmates have hijacked the asylum and persecute the few healers who can help them. For further elucidation on this topic read the latest message of Brian, the Dragon:

The Destroyer and the Helper

The single most important fact that every human being with a modicum of intelligence should keep in mind in the current End Time is that the Empire of Evil and its northern neighbour, or simply the North American continent, is in the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time. This also holds true for the majority of the EU countries, such as the PIIGS states (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain), joined by GB and France. Is there any EU country left – probably Germany that is now heading to a new recession. And not to forget Japan which is in an official deflationary recession since three decades. These three economic blocks comprise more than two thirds of the world GDP.

It is the objective existence of the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time that has led to the introduction of negative interest rates in the EU, Japan and now also in the USA as no money stimulus works to trigger real economic growth. Negative interest rates are the negation of all principles of predator capitalism and this means the end of this social and economic order that has shaped the destiny of humanity in the last several centuries, especially since the beginning of the Industrial revolution. This is the collapse we now observe at the historical stage. It is the greatest moment of transformation this human civilisation has ever experienced. And what is most astounding, this transformation is happening with the speed of light.

In the past such revolutionary changes took decades if not centuries to occur. The infamous decline of the Roman Empire, which Hollywood historic movies thematize in a most simplistic manner lasted almost three centuries and was defined as such only in the historical perspective. The Roman people at that time had no concept of the decline of their world. Of course one can argue that even nowadays the masses are not aware of the imminent finality of this Orion world and continue to run like hamsters on a wheel.

But the “Untergang des Abendlandes” ( The Downfall of the Occident) is a central leitmotif of this dying civilisation since the German Kultur-philosopher Oswald Spengler published his famous book in 1918 in the aftermath of the first major collapse of Western civilisation – WW1. It is an educated prophecy as to which timeline will prevail in the End Time – the catastrophic one. All subsequent optimistic mainstream forecasts of infinite growth, on which all failed western theories of economics were based in the last century (known as economic growth models such as Keynesianism and monetarism) could not eliminate the underlying nudging notion of inevitable decay of this human society.

Not only Adventists and Jehovah heretics preach this dire future, it also poisons the entire edifice of official Christianity (Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants). The Christian priests are compelled to deal, whether they desire it or not, with the dark prophetic revelations of Apollonius of Tyana, alias St. John, for the End Time of Apocalypse as part of the Bible. They cannot eliminate his Testament as they did with numerous other Holy Scriptures which they burnt in the epoch of early Christianity when the fraudulent Christian dogma of the Reptilian Constantine, the Little was enforced upon western humanity.

Hence humanity has always evolved between two mutually exclusive alternatives:

1) Total collapse of the old order as an expression of the unsustainability of dysfunctional human creations, such as the current Orion economy and finance. This alternative fulfills the condition of destructive interference.

2) Eternal progressive evolution (growth) of humanity after its Ascension and that of Gaia to higher dimensions. This alternative was grossly misused by the cabal and their scientific stooges as university professors in economics who pretended falsely that the Orion economic model of exploitation was found on sound mathematical models of growth. How can a creation expand and grow if it is based on the total separation from the Source and rejects the incarnated individual as a sovereign creator?

This is the origin of the current profound cognitive dissonance that pervades human life and all current discussions on economics, finance and politics and prevents the masses from seeing the coming collapse.

The collective realisation of this cognitive dissonance, which may as well be defined as collective blindness will be the actual Revelation at the End Time that all light workers are eagerly awaiting but, much to their surprise and chagrin, will not be what they expect as most of them are incurable materialists.  The only power that can force the people to see the truth is the power of the facts – the destruction of their pecuniary illusions which they have manifested as temporary reality within the current holographic model. The impending total collapse of the financial and economic system in the west fulfills this condition of total destructive interference, which is the actual Revelation that will precede our ascension and the final ID shift.

In this sense our only obligation is to make the masses aware of their profound blindness by offering them an enlightened objective view of the facts as I am doing on this website with my articles on economics and finance. Brad has joined the ranks, but we need more educators now. Essentially this is the mission of the PAT as ascended masters and Logos Gods.

At the end I want to present the latest convincing evidence as to how all-pervasive the cognitive dissonance in the US of Accounting Gimmicks has become. It is a truism that the US government has excluded itself from any economic decisions and regulation of the economy and has delegated this to the Orion banksters and their private central bank, the Fed. This is part of the deliberate hollowing of the national state before the NWO could be established by the dark cabal as I have explained in a recent article.

Last year the entire economic discussion was dominated by speculations as to when and how much the Fed will raise the interest rates after seven years of ZIRP. The underlying assumption of the paid experts and stooges of the banksters cabal was that the American economy is healthy and growing. Then at the end of last year the Fed did raise the zero interest rates by negligible 25 points and promised four increases in 2016. All this based on their expertise that the US economy has overcome the longest recession since the 2008 crisis and will grow steadily in 2016.

However, last week someone “seems to have hit the emergency button at the Fed, as even though the central bank said that everything was just fine with the American economy just a few weeks and months ago, the situation has currently escalated into a full-blown panic mode.” as ZeroHedge comments.

On Thursday, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve has called an ‘emergency’ meeting for Monday, April 11. That by itself is already very surprising, but a lot can be explained after looking at the most recent publication of the Atlanta Fed as of April 8th. The results of the forecasted GDP of the Atlanta Fed, should push a lot of people and investors into a real depression. Just eight weeks ago, the Atlanta Fed forecasted GDP growth of approximately 2.5%, which would have been a very healthy growth rate on paper, and even on March 11, the Fed was still expecting the GDP to grow by 2.3% based on its usual accounting gimmicks.

But since then, everything started to go downhill. In just four weeks time, the Atlanta Fed has revised its GDP growth rate from 2.3% to just the 0.1%, which is a humble recognition of the existing Greatest and Longest Depression of all time:

Evolution of Atlanta Fed GDPNow real GDP forecast


A Chart of the Cognitive Dissonance in the Fed’s View of the state of the US economy. Source: GDPnow, through Atlanta Fed

The rate at which the Fed acknowledges that the economy is crumbling is really terrifying for all experts and next week will be very interesting to watch. It looks very much as though we are now reaching the threshold of collapsing the cognitive dissonance in the US of Accounting Gimmicks before the actual financial collapse can take place.


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