The Energetic Dynamics Behind the Establishment of Mental Clarity in the End Time

Georgi Stankov, March 19, 2016

The current End Time is characterized by the total dissociation of the insane, illusionary reality to which the ruling cabal and their MSM presstitutes have subscribed these days from the indomitable logic of the new mental clarity that is dawning upon humanity. This new clarity must come from within by expanding the limited human mind and aligning it with the higher awareness of the soul, before this new enlightened weltanschauung can manifest in radically new facts and events on the ground.

It is though indisputable that this process is now in full sway and we receive each day an exponentially growing number of proofs for the opening of the people to the elementary truths of human life that have been buried by Orion “genetic indoctrination” in the past as the Russian FM Lavrov comments in this interview below with respect to the insanity of the ruling elite in Washington and in other western capitals.

Essentially he exposes the delusional views of his western partners that make his diplomatic work so tedious and unyielding, while showing a great portion of patient superiority, which is also inherent to us as ascended masters knowing what is going to happen very soon, namely the demise of the entire dark elite in the west. In this interview Lavrov graciously concludes: “We can wait patiently until the new reality is established in the heads of the Washington politicians“:

The Russian politicians have to deal on a daily basis with the utterly distorted views of their western colleagues and they can only shake their heads in disbelief about these “mesh heads” (Putin) as this video below illustrates:

UK Foreign Secretary Acting Like a Violent Drug Addict Says Putin Acts Like a Wife Beater 

Let me remind you that Russia is the only country in the Syrian conflict that meticulously observes international law and was invited by the legitimate Syrian government to help it fight the terrorists. GB, for instance, decided to bomb Lybia without any legitimation such as an UN resolution and against the explicit will of the Syrian government a few months ago. The British government was warned explicitly by Kremlin about this illegitimate decision and action and this fact should be known to this idiotic foreign secretary of a pauper state and a shadow of former empire. His answer in the parliament only highlights how far the insanity, the total rejection of the reality on the ground by the dark ruling cabal of the AAA empire (“AAA” stands for “Anglo-American Assholes”) has advanced in these last days of mankind.

These two examples illustrate convincingly how the old Orion matrix that has been installed by the ruling cabal for ages is now losing all the energetic support of the crystalline grid and is about to crumble any moment as also Lavrov confidently anticipates in his interview. Being careful observers of this rapidly changing reality is our utmost obligation these days. Such examples give us a clue as to what will happen very soon when the entire humanity is confronted with the gaping abyss between their illusory perceptions of life and the higher truth of All-That-Is. Please do not forget that we shall be the harbinger of this Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) as Logos Gods of Gaia 5.

This expanding trend to more clarity that now engulfs this planet is brilliantly confirmed by our dreams and messages which we get from our HS. We experience a full coalescence between our external observations and the inner images of our constantly expanding awareness and this is the best and most reliable proof that we are on the cusp of the Big Change. This statement is always energetically meant, in terms of reaching the threshold of the final ID shift and never meant with respect to linear time which, as we all know, is the greatest human illusion of all. Precisely, the obvious collapsing of linear time these days is the best indicator that we have reached this threshold which many light workers define as zero-point in their profound ignorance of physics. Never mind!

At the political level, we now observe the rapid dissolution of all political structures that were introduced by the ruling cabal as precursors of the NWO. The EU is falling apart under the insoluble refugee crisis and imploding finances, the same holds true for the USA.

The current US election for president is as I wrote to Conny in German a “choice between pestilence (Hillary) and cholera (Trump)” quoting a famous German saying, which is a better and more precise metaphor than to “choose between a rock and hard place”. That is why I am convinced, in full agreement with my deceased compatriot, the famous seer Baba Vanga, that Obama is the last president of the Empire of Evil because the latter is crumbling now in front of our eyes. One does not need to be a seer these days to see the writing on the wall.

The dialectical mechanism behind this implosion of the Orion matrix is instant karma. It is the operational principle behind the incredible political and military successes of Russia in Syria and Ukraine and the total paralysis that has taken grip of the ruling cabal in the west. No matter what these dark ones decide or do, it ends up automatically and immediately with the opposite result as Merkel had to experience personally after the last devastating for her party federal elections in Germany.

Especially the demonization of Russia and Putin has backlashed and has thrown the MSM in the West in their greatest crisis of all time. Trump is now profiting from this rapid marginalising of the American MSM who have opened all their bazookas to slay him but have so far achieved exactly the opposite effect.

As Trump is now actually destroying the agenda of the US ruling cabal – more or less consciously, but surely out of pure, stubborn sadistic delight as he is one of them – there are only two options left for the US deep government to prevent its impeding demise by being “impaled on its petard” by the unguided missile “Trump-1”:

1) to kill him and thus trigger a bloody revolution or

2) to dissolve the GOP as to prevent his nomination and election.

In the meantime, there is no doubt that Trump will win the nomination before convention:

and will defeat Killary Kleptomania-Clinton. And the logic of the Trump voters is fairly simple:

Marc Faber: “I Will Vote For Trump, Because Hillary Will Destroy The Whole World” (watch video here):

BARTON:  Are you really a fan of Mr. Trump, Marc?  Do you really believe…?

FABER:  It is all relative.  Given the alternatives, I would vote for Mr. Trump, because he may only destroy the U.S. economy, but Hillary Clinton will destroy the whole world. Look at her nation building in the Middle East, how successful that has been. “

This leaves the frustrated GOP with the only possible solution – to dissolve the party and trigger a true revolution in the USA as killing Trump may no longer be an option or rather the quickest scenario to their demise. In this case there is no doubt that Trump will continue with the elections against the Democrats, eventually against Killary in case she is not jailed before that for disclosing state secrets and other more obvious crimes. Trump has already accused her in a rare frontal attack of corruption that has put the once reigning principle of conditioned genetic behaviour of the ruling cabal known as “political correctness” in a clinical coma.

The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being “Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life”

As I said – the writing is on the wall – and it is impossible not to see the imminent collapse of the Empire of Evil as a manifestation of instant karma in the End Time. Trump is the catalyst and it does not matter how evil and corrupt this man is. He is now the “executor of God’s will” – the cabal should be ousted from power by their own people. It is not for us as Ascended masters to do the dirty job after we have liberated this uppermost mother planet from all the dark archons in the last 5 years as a group and many of us individually much earlier.

Since the end of January this year, the dark archons are no longer part of this ascending uppermost mother planet and now their human orphans have lost all their ability to control this humanity and are striding with giant steps towards their ultimate death.

These are the “signs of the End Time” and I have never been more optimistic and exalted about the coming Big Change this spring as I am now. It is like riding on the crest of a huge tsunami (or being in the eye of the hurricane) and enjoying the scene of devastation beneath from this vantage point of view, knowing that all humans are immortal and need this mortal show to finally awaken from their interminable slumber and cognitive insanity.

Watch also this video.

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