Sudden Plunge In Japanese Government Bonds Triggers Circuit Breaker, Halts Market For 30 Seconds

Georgi Stankov, March 10, 2016

As we have written on many occasions, all financial markets are entirely rigged and the accompanying charts are surreal. They are kept artificially alive through electronic robo-trading by the too-big-to-fail Orion banks. These markets and charts have nothing to do with the Greatest Depression of all time that is now ravaging the economy and is in the meantime ubiquitously acknowledged by all critical and competent experts worldwide after I made humanity aware of its existence several years ago.

But these artificial financial, bonds and stock markets are still subjugated to the Universal Laws of constructive and destructive interference which are applications of the Universal law. They cannot be infinitely rigged and driven upwards. There comes a point in time when they will crash within the blink of an eye and we are coming closer and closer to the occurrence of this “black swan” event with each further day of massive financial fraud. As discussed with Brad recently, we should not expect a classical crash of the stock markets after a prolonged bear market as this has happened three times in the last 20 years (since 1997 with the beginning of the Asian crisis) but with a sudden death -a chart apoptosis – as I define it. The shock from this surprising and unexpected event will be much greater and more conducive to the rapid awakening of the masses when they will be deprived, all of a sudden, of their beloved and most destructive game on this planet – dealing with money and letting their whole life being dominated by greed.

Today, we saw a significant precursor of what can happen any moment from now on in the financial markets: a sudden plunge in Japanese government bonds that triggered a circuit breaker and halted the market for 30 seconds. Next time, it may be for ever. Please observe that the cabal have made the firm decision to crash the rigged, dysfunctional financial markets when they decide it would be the most favourable or desperate point in time for them. And this can be any point in time from now on. The banksters cabal believe that in this way they would still control the course of the events and would eventually prevent the ID shift, our ascension and their demise from power. This is the greatest illusion of all as we shall see very soon.

Such glitches of the financial markets are now coming almost every day when the obvious manipulation of the charts by the criminal Orion banks can no longer be hidden. These electronic systems have become so unstable, being oversold hundreds of time compared to real value, that even the most sophisticated algorithm programs of financial fraud cannot keep them infinitely alive. They will end up with a sudden chart death – with a chart apoptosis.

It was just yesterday when we observed the record collapse across the Japanese curve when first the 10Y JGB plunged to an all time low -0.10%, followed promptly by 30Y yields dropping 21bps – the biggest absolute drop in over 3 years and biggest percentage drop ever – to a record low 47bps following Japan’s 30 Year auction on Monday night. Since Kuroda unleashed NIRP, as reported on this website end of January, the entire JGB curve has been crushed and the Monday night rush for long duration debt flattened the curve to record lows.

What a difference a day makes. Just 24 hours later trading of Japan’s government bond futures was halted for less 30 second after the price of the contracts dropped as much as 0.6 percent. As Bloomberg reports, the dynamic circuit breaker on the Osaka Securities Exchange was activated at 12:32 p.m. and was applied to March contracts according to Masaki Takahashi, who works in the market management department at the Osaka Securities Exchange.

The website of the OSE parent Japan Exchange’s website said the circuit breaker is triggered “to temporarily halt trading in order to allow investors to calm down when the market is overly volatile.”

The reason for the trading halt is that a day after sliding to the lowest yield on record, on Wednesday the benchmark 10-year bond tumbled, pushing yields up eight basis points to minus 0.015 percent as of 2:51 p.m. Yields rebounded after dropping more than five basis points to a record minus 0.1 percent Tuesday. The selloff was triggered after an increase in selling into the BOJ’s POMO when the bid-to-cover ratio for debt with 10 to 20 years to maturity rose to 3.58 from 2.93 last week, indicating stronger investor demand to sell, and that investors were looking to offload inventory to the BOJ (the rats are leaving the sinking ship).

And here is the moment the price collapsed triggering the circuit breaker.

And so the market chaos even among the “safest” of securities, the result of central bank intervention, continues” concludes ZeroHedge. For us it is a joyful harbinger for the end of the old matrix and the beginning of our mission as Logos Gods and founders of the new Astral currency.

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