Energy Report of the PAT – March 31, 2016

PAT Experiences with the Massive ID Shift on March 30, 2016

Dear Georgi,

Since March 27th I felt a feeling of dissatisfaction and constant depression growing in me, I had to speak several times to my elemental body, I felt its agitation.

On the 29th in the afternoon as I sat reading I heard a big bang, they are usually the shock waves of military aircraft, but this time it was much stronger and I didn’t see or hear the birds take off in a frightened flight. I went out on the terrace and everything was calm and the birds were in the trees all around.

On the same night (between 29th and 30th) a wave of fear spread throughout my physical body, and if I closed my eyes l felt everything spinned around me, it was like traveling at high speed, I thought we were experiencing another ID shift. On 29th and 30th  I had to drink a lot of water, juice and tea as my body was dehydrated and occasionally I had lower abdominal pain and a persistent headache.

The day March 30th passed quickly because I only remember that l took the dog for a walk in the morning and then it was already evening. Then at 9 pm GMT I turned on the TV (now I know why) and it was tuned in to a program that spoke of scientific experiments: they were showing the experiment of the nuclear bomb blast in the Nevada’s desert to check at what height a nuclear bomb had to be detonated for its effect to be as destructive as possible.  (Nevada test site about 1952).

In those days, and even before at the Spring Equinox /  Full Moon etc. whenever I sat down  my eyes closed with fatigue.

Finally the dreams during these nights have been horrendous, but I told my HS that I did not want to remember them distinctly, I just remember having seen a frightening scene in which there were human beings like monsters, and one of them approaching me looked like a horrible witch with sharp pointed teeth.  I just thought I’d put a big patch on her mouth, and this happened right away and the vision disappeared.

I hope that you and Carla you feel better today.

With Love and Light

Caro Georgi,

dal 27 di marzo ho sentito crescere in me una sensazione di insoddisfazione e depressione costanti, ho dovuto parlare diverse volte al mio corpo elementale, lo sentivo in agitazione.

Il giorno 29 nel pomeriggio mentre ero seduta a leggere ho sentito un’ enorme scoppio, di solito sono le onde d’urto di aerei militari, ma questa volta era molto più forte e non ho visto nè sentito gli uccelli levarsi in volo per  lo spavento. Sono uscita sul terrazzo e tutto era calmo e gli uccelli erano sugli alberi intorno.

Nella stessa notte (tra il 29 e il 30) un’ondata di paura si è diffusa in tutto il corpo fisico, e se chiudevo gli occhi  sentivo girare vorticosamente tutto intorno a me, era come viaggiare ad alta velocità, ho pensato che stavamo sperimentando un altro spostamento ID. Il 29 e il 30 ho dovuto bere tantissima acqua, succhi, tè  il corpo era disidratato e ogni tanto avevo dolori al basso ventre e un persistente mal di testa.

Il giorno 30 è passato velocemente perchè ricordo solo di aver portato il cane a spasso al mattino ed era già sera.

Poi alle ore 21 ho acceso la tv (ora so il perché) ed era sintonizzata su un programma che parlava di esperimenti scientifici: stavano facendo vedere l’esperimento di scoppio della bomba nucleare nel deserto del Nevada per verificare a quale altezza doveva essere fatta esplodere una bomba nucleare affincé il suo effetto fosse il più distruttivo possibile. (Nevada test side about 1952).

In quei giorni e anche prima durante l’Equinozio/Portale Luna Piena ecc. se ero seduta  gli occhi mi si chiudevano per la stanchezza.

Infine i sogni in queste notti sono stati  orrendi, ma ho detto alla mia HS che non volevo ricordarli distintamente, ricordo solo di aver visto uno scenario spaventoso in cui c’erano esseri umani come mostri e uno di essi  che si avvicinava sembrava un’orrenda strega con denti aguzzi.  Ho solo  pensato di mettere un grosso cerotto sulla sua bocca e questo  è accaduto subito e la visione è sparita.

Spero che tu e Carla vi sentiate meglio oggi.

Con Amore e Luce

Dear Georgi and Carla,

Thank you for this post (31 March ). It took me out of the depressing mood I had woken up with because it explained why I felt like that.

The night between the 30 to the 31st of March has been full of heavy catastrophic dreams mostly about me not being there where I belong, in a pauperized dark foreign community. In the dream I felt fear and depression.

Associated with that a heat-explosion in the body so much that I thought of fever but no fever at all.  I thought it is the aftermath of the shock of the 22/3 .

The heat continued and is receding now, the 31 st in the afternoon. An old HSV1 has flared up, it had not in years.

Be well, Love

Sophie, Brussels


Dear Sophie,

thank you very much for this confirmation. It’s getting very bad indeed and it is all about naked physical survival for us. Not that we are in any danger but the energies can be killing. I hope you have recovered from the shock of the terror act in Brussels (Sophie was supposed to work on that day in the same EU building that was hit by the attack at the Metro station. Fortunately she was late for her work and survived the attack unscathed. Note, George). Many other members of the PAT report similar nightmares which shows that we are very active on lower timelines where chaos and destruction are reigning….

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

The last two days have been  brutally exhausting. Coming down the steep winding hill from Smithville Tennessee the brakes went out on my truck. I made it home and into acceptance of immobility.  Last night from a deep sleep I dreamt of a huge Asteroid crossing my Sky, West to East and landing… Scary …felt prophetic. It’s on!!


Hi Georgi,

This was hastily written. I had a very lucid dream on March 30, around 7:30-8AM Philippine time.  After I read your account of your experience and intuition on that date I felt a surge. I knew I should immediately make contact.

I went to bed around an hour or less before this time. Then the waves hit. They were very intense and seemed to be directed at lower chakras especially  the solar plexus. What was being transmuted or cleansed  seemed to be very dense. Drifting to sleep was sheer relief….. Must be a few minutes later when I had this dream.

My dream (abbreviated version of the events):

Setting was a big house or a condo unit. There were many people. A party was going on. Laughter, dancing, and raucous conversations.  I was seated with some people in the less noisy dining room area, watching what was going on. I stood up and went to a room, I cant clearly recall what for. When I returned to the dining area someone (who was watching the television) shouted: It’s 2 digits now! I asked, what? The plunge of the dollar, and it’s really going down fast.

Next scene: Same house. There was smoke coming in.  I asked people to check out where it is coming from.   People did not find the smoke unusual and someone even said dismissingly: oh it’s just from the building across. Not satisfied, I went to a nearby big window, looked down on the street and, across to the building in front. The billowing whitish smoke, which was filling up the house, was coming from inside the house and floating outward. I warned everyone – you need to check this out. No one was interested, or everyone chose not to hear me.

I sensed there was an impending event. I examined the wall on the same side as the window; there and then the wall started to separate from the floor. I saw slivers of light through the widening gap between the wall and the floor. Then like a pliant cardboard sheet, the floor began to gradually fold inwards. I shouted: Everyone! Move to the other side of the house. The house will collapse!

Next scene: The floor did not collapse on itself. It seemed to be sliding out horizontally, then it slowed down and careened on the other end (from my vantage point.)  I did not see the other people but  assumed they were huddled in the dark on the other side.

[I saw what looked like a trolley or cart heavy with large and small suitcases, bags etc. My eyes were riveted to  a set of maroon-coloured luggages, – one big suitcase and a carry-on –  they were gleaming. They must be new. And what  a lovely hue.]

Then the floor began to tilt towards my side, moving closer to the ground.  I instructed everyone (who until this time I could not see) : Get ready. Follow me and what I’ll do!.  I carefully stepped on what seemed like a plank of wood jutting out of  our ‘flying floor,’ walked a little distance, then my feet hit solid ground. Come on!. I shouted to the rest….I woke up with all the details vivid on my mind. I don’t know if anyone followed me.

My insights (based on notes I took down as soon as I awoke):  These events are on a higher 4-D plane. People are not hearing or heeding my advice, rapt  in their merrymaking and earthly pursuits..I have to discern if the events will manifest on 3d physical plane. One fact I am certain about: This is one of those eerily real dreams of significance; or the dream’s message Is.

These are all. Georgi. Thanks for ‘listening.’ What magical and fascinating times these are.!  I wish you and Carla gurgling laughter and bliss through it all.

Love and Light

Usually I will have some physical symptoms during big shifts and cleaning.  But today (mar 30th) I didn’t have any. I’m probably speaking too soon. I did get hit around the 17th and 18th with some strange ailments.

However today’s weather has been back and forth. First it was thunderous rain then sunny and warm. And it flip flopped like this three or four times before the day was over.

Also it so happens I have extended family in from Northern California;  drove all the way to Oklahoma to visit us. Just arrived this morning.

Another thing. Today, I got the sudden itch to make arrangements for the purchase of some silver bullion. And that’s what I did.

James Jones

Dear James,

thank you very much for your feedback. Late in the evening Carla got the information from the Elohim that there was a lot of chaos on near-by timelines but that not all light warriors were engaged consciously in this event. I hope that we shall get more detailed information today.

With love and light

Hello George,

I have not contacted you in over a year now as I have been going through a very painful period of transmuting the darkness of the planet. A few days ago I had a very VERY realistic dream that I was being tortured in very sick ways. The torturers, whoever they were, were cutting the tips off my fingers and beating me senseless, cutting all over my body. I don’t remember every detail, but near the end they put me on a boat and drove me out to sea and told me that I had to die and then come back. They they shot me in the head and I fell overboard. The next thing I know I’m waking up (still dreaming) and I have scars all over my body. One of my best friends in life was there, and he showed me his scars. I read that others had dreams of torture and I wanted to send my dreams to you.

Hoping all is well, goodbye.

Dear Allen,

as our consciousness now expands rapidly in the dream state, all dreams become more vivid than before. Unfortunately this applies also to our nightmares, which may feel to be more real than this dreamy reality we perceive during our daytime. Nightmares can be anything, even a red signal to avoid something you are doing here that may harm you. But in most cases they are probability alternatives of what is possible and is happening on lower timelines where the NWO is fully installed. In such cases I recommend to immediately forget the nightmare and not attribute any significance to it as thus one only attracts dark energies and aggravates this probability.

With love and light

Dear Georgi

For me this shift started Tuesday (29th) afternoon. I went completely strengthless and I was forced to just lie down. And all the fears and negativity from the collective was going through my field. And I can’t be around people, even less than usually.  This shift is a big one, and it’s still on.

Mikko from Finland

Hi Georgi,

I’m confirming an extreme fatigue throughout the whole day today. Last night I also had a dream that the Earth Axis has reversed.


Dear George,

Just wanted to tell you about the little vision I had this morning (March 30th). Yesterday evening I was very tired, did not know how to be able to proceed in these circumstances any longer. I prayed for a final solution to come soon and the answer was: “the end is in sight”.

This morning during meditation I saw myself sitting in front of the Sun on a high rock far above this world. While sitting there I decided to remove my clothes to enjoy the warmth of the sun on my entire skin. I did so and shortly after an angel put a golden garment on my shoulders, that soon after covered my whole body as a second skin. Afterwords I can wear normal clothes to cover my golden skin.

I remembered the golden galaxy you wrote about we are heading to. Hopefully it will happen soon.

Love and gratitude to you and Carla.

With love,
Nel, Holland

Dear Nel,

this is not a “little” vision but a great vision and I congratulate you to it. This is a powerful confirmation of our impending transfiguration.

With love and light

Dear George,

I hope that you and Carla have some relief today. I fully agree that something huge happened on the 29/30th  For me the energy changed on the night of the 28th and I could barely sleep as I was feverish and my hands and feet were burning up from the energy that was surging through my body. I woke up the next day with backache, loud ringing in my ears and a terrible headache. At first I thought I was coming down with flu or something. By around noon it all just came crushing down. I had a full on cc with fever and my headache was so bad that I was disorientated and I could barely function. My body just shut down. I had to resort to taking some strong headache tablets and went to bed. I am still reeling from the after effects. It is not as bad as two days ago but I still have the headache and today my cheekbones and teeth are aching. In short I am still in zombie mode.

Love always
Mara, South Africa

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the latest energy report.  I can confirm that l have felt an energetic crescendo.  On Monday 28th l was dizzy all day which is very unusual for me and yesterday Wednesday 30th l pulled a muscle in the lower part of my back as soon as l got up and the pain stayed with me all day, leading up to intense tiredness and dropping things.  I didn’t even want to eat but once l did l actually felt better.  At 20:00 l was ready for bed and l have slept straight through till 10:30 this morning. Just before getting up l had a dream keep playing over of me helping others pack and move. I seem to have this type of dream when ID splits are happening.  My general humour was not good and l felt a bit depressed as though this was going on forever, whereas l am usually able to shake the feeling off and gain access more easily to my higher self.

With love and light

Denise, Italy

Yes, similar symptoms  here: extremely nauseous  and body pain. Particularly in my hips.

Sheryl, USA

I confirm the latest ID-shift which you have just announced.

In the night of March 30-31 finding sleep was anything but smooth; my emotional state displayed restlessness without any obvious reason; the fire alarm in my flat went off twice without any obvious reason.

In the morning and about noon of March 31 I noticed drilling sensations in the left brain; a vortex in the solar plexus area drawing in dense disharmonious energy forms; my emotional state displayed anger without any obvious reason.

With love and light
Rumi, Germany

Dear Georgi,

I knew something enormous was underway since the beginning of this week. For me, it started on Tuesday with the biggest downloads since god knows when. Unfortunately, I had to drive my father to the hospital nearly 60 miles away and then all the way home, which sums up to almost four hours behind the steering wheel. Fortunately, I was able to drive, but I felt like I was  literally shedding my skin off. It was the most surreal feeling probably ever, I felt like suddenly landing on Mars and exploring the near surroundings. Every village we went trough was accompanied by loud “WHAT THE FUCK” in my head. I even began to doubt this journey being real. It was tempting not to crash our car into the tree to see what happens, as all the objects appeared to be a mere Fata Morgana, thank god it’s over! The Ultimate Zombie Dream.

We had to drive to Pilsen the following day too, but it was better this time. I do not eat much and had no sleep at all this week and am barely functioning, so I hope we’ll get a break in the following days and significant manifestations on this physical plane shall take place.

Well, my father got some kind of a device which helps patients who find it difficult to breathe during the sleep and it adjusts the pressure through the special mask. He’s constantly tired as the oxygen level in his blood is low due to improper function of lungs. He’s overweight and his heart functions on a 35% according to the results, so that does not help either. I think that there has to be some major breakthrough soon, because we’re really beaten up with all of this.

With regards,
J. Fleischman, Chechia

Dear Georgi (and Carla),

Here is the report on the ID Shift from last night, March 30th.  I had a lengthy conversation with Bonnie J. (PAT member) about 9:15 PM (EST).  It became very difficult for us to talk after about ½ hour so we concluded it.  We had both been suffering from sluggishness and lack of interest in 3D affairs and concluded that today (March 31st) would be more productive and inspiring.  I went to bed at 1:30 AM (21:30 PST), after watching the Twilight Zone on TeeVee, which dealt about predicting future events, and before I closed my eyes I programmed myself to enter the 5D state, meet up with Georgi and other members of the PAT and work from there.  Sure enough, I entered 5D and remember the dream-like state.  I was transported to a large area with a grand old house and met a woman, who must have been your real-estate dealer.  She showed me a bunch of smaller houses, about 3 to 5 who were standing close together, and told me that they were for rent.  I then said that they looked rather inexpensive and that I wanted something a big grander.  She told me that those were the only ones that she had.  I then walked around the property and came upon a large brook or stream that flowed directly behind the properties.  I said that this would be OK if the properties were larger.  Then ambulances came by and I was propelled back to 3D for a while, with no dreams afterwards.

When reading about the ID shift this morning, I knew that we had been there with the PAT members to add assistance to you and Carla with the heavy LBP shifts that you had all day long.  We SAW where you lived and rendered our assistance.  When dealing with hypoglycemic events it helps to keep some hard candy or broken chocolate in a container on the coffee table, like Dianna Ch’an Moriaki, keeps around.  A sweet taken at the right time can do wonders.

It was most likely a nuclear devise on a lower timeline.  The Internet is buzzing about how we are already in WWIII, according to Veteran’s Today news items.  Fortunately the PAT was saved by the Source and Arch Angel Michael.

With love & light,
Henry, Rochester, USA

Dear Henry,

Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s getting very hard each day. Your dream vision is very telling and this must have been what we have done this night as I also met with a lot of people, including with Putin one more time. He was very busy but I had time to congratulate him for doing something very important in a brilliant manner and he was deeply moved and somewhat proud of himself. But this was just a fragment of what I experienced in the dream state. There was a lot of action….

With love and light

Yesterday it was awful, deep nausea, headache, absence of strength, pain in my hands, deep anxiety, yes and more, the list continue! But I’m with you in this process.


Hello Georgi and Carla,

My experiences came on the 29th. In the morning I had the sensation of something major occurring,  I felt a deep sadness throughout the day. Because it was a nice day, first in a while, there was a lot that needed to be done outdoors, but I could not translate that into action. My HS told me that it was a day to slow right down, not to do anything extra and to take good care. My ability to focus was nil and it felt the whole day that I was not in my body. I felt all day that I wanted to curl up in blanket and just transmute energies. Interesting, today when I woke up and stepped outside, before reading your post, I was struck by the energetic sensation that something was very different. Something major had changed. In addition, the high tone frequencies in my left ear have not stopped since the beginning of March and are still ongoing.

With Love,
Jessica, USA

Dear Jessica,

thank you for this energetic confirmation of the yesterday’s event that full coalesces with our experience. I have not been outside yet as I have 25 emails (35 later on) to respond – all PAT members’ reports about what they have experienced yesterday. I hope I can confirm this improvement today as I must go outside later on and do some garden work…

With love and light

Здравей Жоро,

Още вчера след обяд исках да ти пиша, че вероятно отново имаме „разделяне на световете“, но бях повалена от главоболие, болки в бедрените стави ( сигурен показател за ядрена катастрофа или MPR) и във всички останали, странна болка в ямичката на ключицата, сърбеж по цялото тяло, натиск в третото око( сякаш щеше да изскочи на челото ми), нужда от сън, безмерна тъга….Невъзможно ми беше даже да седя, затова легнах да медитирам, тогава се случи нещо още по-странно – моята HSбеше изчезнала, обикновено осъществявам мигновена връзка с намерение, даже без да медитирам, този път всички същества, които викам бяха изчезнали. Затова пък табаните на краката ми започнаха за горят и пулсират и направих мигновена връзка със сърцето на Майката Земя. Почувствах се по-спокойна и съм задрямала, предполагам. Когато отворих очи спалнята беше същата, но променена, въздухът трептеше, цветовете бяха искрящи и живи (не мога да намеря друго определение), стаята изглеждаше огромна и прозрачна, виждах ливадата зад стената, която също изглеждаше с подобни цветове. Това ми се случва все по-често, но вчера бях съвсем съзнателна и в този момент се чувствах прекрасно, което не се случва често:).

Исках да ти пиша веднага, но веднага след това, силата изтече през краката ми и отново се почуствах ужасно. Времето в Дрента също беше прекрасно, за първи път от няколко седмици, но и аз като вас ги прекарах на дивана или в леглото. Кога ще свърши това?! Време е!

Може би ще бъде интересно да отбележа, че цялото село има Ascension Flu, оплакват се и вземат лекарства, вместо да пият билки, с които са пълни стаите им, но отдавна престанах да давам съвети – нито имам желание, нито сили за това.

Използвам случая да ти пиша, че моя позната, на която изпратих документа за Астрал го е изпратила на брат си, който живее в off gridобщност в Гърция, твърди, че брат й и неговите приятели са чели проекта многократно и са възхитени и окрилени. Не е сигурна, дали е преведено на гръцки, но брат й я е уверил, че е разпратил по други подобни колективи. Изказват своите благодарности и чакат!

С много любов

English translation

Hello George,

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to write to you, that probably again we have a “split of the Worlds”, but was knocked down by headaches, sore hips (a reliable indicator of a nuclear accident or MPR), and also a strange pain in the cavity of the clavicle, itching, pressure in the third eye (as if it would pop up on my forehead), need to sleep, infinite sadness …. It was even impossible for me to sit, so I lay down to meditate, then something happened even more bizarre – my HS was gone, usually I realize an instantaneous communication with intent, even without meditating, this time all the entities that I call were gone. Instead the soles of my feet began to burn and throb and made an instant connection with the heart of Mother Earth. I felt more relaxed and I dozed off, I guess. When I opened my eyes the bedroom was the same but changed, the air shimmered, the colors were sparkling and alive (I can not find another definition), the room seemed huge and transparent, I could see the meadow behind the wall, which also appeared with similar colors. This happens to me more often now, but yesterday I was quite conscious and in that moment I felt great, which does not happen often.

I wanted to write to you immediately, but right after that, the energy ran through my legs again and I felt terrible. The weather in Drenthe (the Balkan mountains) was also wonderful for the first time in weeks, but I had as you to spend the day on the couch or in bed. When will it end ?! It’s time!

It may be interesting to note that the entire village has an “Ascension Flu”, the people complain and take drugs instead of drinking herbs, which are filling their rooms (The Balkan mountains are rich in herbs, note, George), but long ago I ceased to give advices – I have no desire nor the strength to do so.

I take this opportunity to write to you, that my friend, to whom I sent the document on the Astral currency has sent it to his brother, who lives in an off-grid community in Greece, she said that her brother and his friends have read the project repeatedly and are very delighted and inspired. Not sure whether it was translated into Greek, but her brother is very pleased and has transmitted it to similar thinking groups of people. They express their thanks and are waiting!

With love
Adelina, Bulgaria

Dear Adelina,

thank you very much for this excellent energy report that fully coalesces with our experience. Especially in the last two days when we woke up from an afternoon nap we also experienced the room full of blue crystalline light with golden specks in it. The energetic structure of our abode is now changing very rapidly into 5D and mostly during the dream state.

Other members of the PAT also report that today (March 31)  they feel much better and the energy quality is more pristine and loving. The last days the energies were terrible indeed…

With love and light


I just wanted to let you know of similar experiences I had as well.

For me, it actually began late on March 28th and into the 29th ; a building up of the fears from the collective. I was in a constant state of anxiety. Body aches intensified. My mind and body knew something was up, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Then on March 30th , that was the worst for me. The collective energies flowing through my fields were very intense. I had to lay down for an hour late that morning. Early in the afternoon, I couldn’t take the bombardment anymore and felt the need to go outside and “walk it off.” I ended up walking 5 miles. When I returned home, I had only slight relief.

“Finally around 19.00 pm local time there was a pronounced energy peak with massive descent of source energy that lasted for two hours and began to dissipate a little bit around 21.00 pm.”

Adjusted for my time zone, this was the same time I felt the need to lay down again and ending up sleeping during this timeframe. When I awoke, I decided to shave and take a shower. Once I finished shaving and was about to step into the shower, I was hit with the deafening inner sound and felt the same hypoglycemic shock feeling Carla experienced. It was brief, but still intense and caught me off-guard.

Whenever major shift/timeline events like this occur for me, I find myself constantly checking your website to get verification. When I saw your post around midnight I was glad to see it wasn’t just me. I knew this was breaking news and I am curious to learn more about what exactly happened.

Brian, USA



Hello sir,

Firstly congratulations on the inauguration of the Astral currency, might be late in the day but all your superb writings and articles, thoughts are just flowing so beautifully that which one to praise is a difficult task.

Secondly, from yesterday morning onward I had been wanting to ask whether there had been an ID shift because in my crowded city of Mumbai, never did I feel such complete lack of crowds in our local railways, silent roads and I asked myself where has everyone disappeared? The feeling persisted today for another reason due to a personal sense of detachment and strangely an utter feeling of being on a pleasant high despite everything.


Dear Raji,

thank you very much for your appreciation of the Astral currency project and for your energy report on the empty city of Mumbai which indicates the ID split that happened yesterday. Carla is now receiving a message from the Elohim that explains this event.

With love and light


Hello Georgi,

The initial impact of the sense that I received walking outside (Washington state) this morning was that ‘everyone is gone’ and that this was a kind of holographic morning, where it seems like to me by looking that everything is the same as before, but intuitively knowing that Everyone is gone and Everything is changed. Something like a time warp. Just an addendum.

With Love,


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