Breaking News: Japanese Government Bond Futures Are Crashing Again Today

The Market Volatility Peaks and Heralds the Final Crash

Georgi Stankov, March 11, 2016

It is a financial thriller everyday. Only yesterday I informed you about the

Sudden Plunge In Japanese Government Bonds that Triggered Circuit Breaker, Halted Market For 30 Seconds

as a sign of the great volatility and unpredictability of the markets, which are ready to crash any moment.

Today I elaborated on this issue when I presented Jim Rickards’ version of the coming financial crash, which will be essentially a hyperinflation and a total devaluation of the dollar as a result of the rigged financial markets in the USA, beginning with the chief culprit, the Fed. In this context I explained the energetic background of all financial markets as highly disequilibrium systems that have entered the condition of destructive interference and can collapse any moment – deliberately by the banksters cabal or involuntarily as the electronic rob0-trading can no longer prop up the charts.

I introduced a new term – chart apoptosis – which means sudden death of the stock, bond and other financial markets. Simply because all the physical investors have left these markets and they are now kept alive as “zombie charts” by the few too-big-to-fail Orion banks.

In this extremely volatile end phase of the Orion monetary system we are well advised to expect glitches in the markets almost every day because this uppermost mother planet has already entered the chaotic node of the End Time when everything is possible and will happen within the blink of an eye. And keep in mind that all the people responsible for this rigged game will lie to the public that everything is perfect and we live in the best of all worlds as the Enron CEO blatantly lied shortly before this company was liquidated.

Remember how the once-in-a-lifetime flash-crash in Japanese Government Bond futures on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning Japan time) was discarded by the responsible people with such irresponsible statements “don’t worry there’s plenty of liquidity“. Well if there is so much liquidity on the bond market, contrary to all indicators, why did this flash-crash happened again today (Friday in Japan)?

This is no longer a “once in a lifetime event” but a systemic failure of the financial markets based on acute illiquidity of the financial markets. If you have carefully read all my previous articles on finance and economics, I predicted that the unwinding of the huge debt bubble of the western economies will automatically lead to credit and cash crunch and the liquidity will drop like an iron ball in the abyss. Without enough money in circulation, the chart apoptosis will hit all the markets at the same time and will cause a sudden death through apoplexy of the entire Orion monetary system in the west.

That is why I am repeatedly telling you that we live in the most exciting time in the history of this mankind and what is even more exciting – we are the creators of this End Time scenario and can now enjoy from the first row the fruits of our creation: the ultimate collapse of the Orion matrix that has enslaved humanity for more than 12 000 years since the fall of Atlantis. It is a done deal now.

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