The Surge in Gold and Silver Mine Stocks Is a Precursor for the Success of the new “Astral” Currency Based on Alchemical Gold

Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, January 28, 2016

Dear Brad,

I just wanted to write an email to you when my computer finally crashed. It was in convulsions before the move began. Now I use Carla’s computer and have to purchase a new one tomorrow or the day after. I am now checking for reasonable offers. Thank you very much for your support.

The more I watch the financial charade, the more I come to the conclusion that we need not wait for the equity markets to crash as they are surreal. The collapse will most probably happen globally and will be triggered by the banksters cabal when they decide that they cannot keep this illusion any more and believe that with this desperate act they may reset the system to their gusto. However, it will be a global and uncontrollable implosion. What is your guess on this issue?

We feel that we ascend now every minute and that our life is like a dream. After the move we could establish a functional order but there is still a lot of chaos to deal with. However we are now too tired to resolve it. But the energies in the new house are much more refined and their intensity is peaking constantly. We are confident that this is now the final stage and, as linear time is meaningless, we simply wait patiently what will happen next.

I tried to prepare the PAT for the “Astral” currency project which I will publish on March 1st. Judging by the reactions of the Internet trolls that are much more active than the PAT members these days, they are really scared and fear our project like the devil the frankincense.

I hope you are well.

With love and light



Dear George,

Glad you are moved and I hope you find an adequate computer that’s troll proof.  HA!

Everything you say is spot on and what Jerry had to say was perfect.

Surreal is the perfect word.  The markets are now in their 39th effort in the past 700 days or so to do the same old thing.  The split between paper and reality since November 2012 is beyond surreal but the state of humanity that is engaging it is the real story here obviously.  None of the numbers add up and yet here we are.  Jerry Springer said it best about his own disgusting television show many years back, “You shouldn’t be concerned that my show exists.  You should be concerned that people watch it.”  You would think actual professionals exist in all of these professions but they’re all just salesmen and it’s always a good time to do something that earns them a fee.

Intuitively, everyone is designed to know that a state of energetic perfection exists, but we choose to believe that we’ll deal with it later when it’s a more convenient time.  I’ll get happy later syndrome.  Watching the dark energy get everyone to fight over something not credible is just too much now. Watching it seething out of every word spoken and to be able to see it so clearly is no longer enjoyable as the lack of response in the general populace is overwhelming.  Even the closest around me see that everything I talk about is coming true, yet they still respond as if it all is something to deal with later.  Everything here is so infected that it’s beyond description.

The current scenario is exactly as you say and it appears that what musician Frank Zappa said years ago covered it the best:

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

The other evening, my young son hit me very hard on the head and next thing I know everyone was yelling at me.  My good friend gave his girlfriend $100 to bail her out and then she got angry at him for asking for it back as she promised.  My dad went to an advertised Itzhak Perlman concert and it was a Jewish money-raising event in disguise. Cost him $240 bucks to listen to the man talk instead of play his violin.  Every car I know of has an oil leak because they were designed to break.  We are under attack and then being attacked for being under attack.  It’s why the drone strikes double tap and kill the first responders.  Society is too scared to look into the mirror and see this.  They are all too proud to admit that they’ve been duped and are going down with the ship no matter what now.

The one area that is interesting to watch is the flow of money and consciousness despite the interventions in propping the general markets on an hourly basis.  The day we recrucified Jesus in January was the exact moment the flow of funds finally went to the silver miners.  Take a look at some charts like GPL (Great Panther Silver Ltd) and AXU (Alexco Ressource Corp.) and even silver streamer SLW (Silver Wheaton).  AXU almost was up 200% in five weeks the other day.  Most of the decent gold miners started rallying back in August but really took off at Pale Rider time.

This is all hugely relevant to the Astral currency project as this is where the mind operates in healing these systems until you cross the multidimensional bridge.  MUX (McEwen Mining Inc.) is the perfect project that South America can access to create its own currency and it’s up 200% since August. FNV (Franco-Nevada Corp) is perfect for Canada and the US and is breaking out to an all time high.  AEM (Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd) the same.  These are also the concepts that can pay yield as the world heads into negative interest rates.

Before I found my way to your work, I was healing the system in my mind this way for each continent to slowly abandon the dollar and use the mines basically the same as you would a utility or power generating concept.  The assets behind Universal Law and the Astral currency obviously blow this all away, but I know the thought patterns all the money is going through right now.

Watching this flow is everything and it’s all headed our way.  All the flow is moving through the metals as it should now, but the fraud is all out in defending silver.  It is the final battle of Christ Consciousness and the money changers.  Gold is wreaking havoc in the latest surge and the miners joined in, but silver barely budged and the fraud now lined up epic short positions again as is always the case.  March is a delivery month in silver and the stocks in silver are now finally joining gold in declining rapidly. Anyone with a brain is starting to figure out that they might want to get out of the casino before the teller window closes.  It is funny how safes are disappearing worldwide. (This is a possible time for the ID shift and our ascension as it may lead to a global financial collapse, note, George)

I look for silver to do some serious damage here in March or very soon.  When it joins in, all is in full coherency.  The bond markets are obviously all broken, but you have a humanity being held hostage and don’t know what else to do yet.  The markets are all already collapsed in any relevance to actual facts so we have not been wrong in any manner.  The article you posted about the accounting of the US is perfect and what you find in anything you research honestly.  It’s all designed to break and it’s all lose-lose scenarios.  Humanity will pile on board anything designed to be win-win as soon their fellow man tells them it’s ok.  The flow will be like nothing ever seen on this planet. It feels great to be a part of something great and most of humanity is just part of the table scraps of shit that they are served and are too proud to admit it sucks.

I pray this moves quickly.  My heart seems to be on the edge of failure every two or three days. I’ve had a headache with this hyperactive pituitary for about seven straight years. The back pain and pressure is out of control.  This list is endless and to be aware of the full scope of this place and to be in this state is just plain surreal.  I was told I’d see a miracle, but it kind of sucks that I have to have a miracle or I’m toast.  Pretty entertaining though.

It can’t be like this for this long but yet here it is and here I am.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

thank you so much for your, as usually, brilliant comments on the latest developments in the financial markets and in particular in the precious metal markets which herald the collapse of the Ponzi scheme. I consider all these surges in gold and silver mines stocks amidst the worst commodities slump in modern history as the most important precursors of the new Astral currency that will be an incredible success. You have summed up the current situation before the ultimate financial crash ingeniously:

Humanity will pile on board anything designed to be win-win as soon their fellow man tells them it’s ok. The flow will be like nothing ever seen on this planet.  It feels great to be a part of something great and most of humanity is just part of the table scraps of shit that they are served and are too proud to admit it sucks.”

The real and psychological success of the new Astral currency is a fait accomplis in the higher realms and will soon manifest on this rapidly ascending uppermost mother planet. The higher dimensions are now merging with this reality with an incredible speed as some PAT members experience these days and report (to be published later on).

We are back with full force and if the cc-wave and my excruciating headache stops this afternoon and I can think properly again, I will go and buy a new and more powerful computer today (otherwise tomorrow at the latest), thanks to the incredible generosity of the PAT, so that I am well equipped for the most auspicious and exciting time, not only in our lives, but also in the history of mankind. I can’t use Carla’s computer all the time as she also needs it and the old one Carla gave me and which I used all the time was really very old and did not function very well. We must now measure very closely and diligently the erratic pulse of global change and respond quickly. This demands constant screening of the ongoing events on the Internet and a more powerful computer will be of great advantage. This is our duty now as custodians of this humanity and Gaia 5. Until we finally transfigure, and I use deliberately this word, as we are now ascending constantly and rapidly.

With love and light


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