Short Financial Vade Mecum for the PAT Throughout February

Georgi Stankov, February 11, 2016

The Ascension scenario has arrived at its final crossroad. As we all know, it is closely linked to the collapse of the Orion monetary system and the economy. As I promised you end of January, February will be the month when the financial and economic markets will crash visibly for all the investors and observers to see and when the last vestiges of their irrational hope for survival will be buried for ever. The system is broke and has to disappear from this reality once and for all. This is our divine decision as Logos Gods of Gaia since the very beginning of this incarnation experiment on Gaia.

It is irrelevant now if this will happen this month or in March, what counts is that this time the collapse is irreversible and the ruling cabal and their bankster-minions are helpless. Everything they tried to mend the system since the beginning of this year has led to the opposite dialectical results. I will spare you the graphs and proofs but when you go to ZeroHedge you will find plenty of recent data that confirms this observation.

The world debt bubble has burst full force and the four constituent apocalyptic bubbles – equities, sovereign and corporate bonds (e.g junk bonds), the dollar inflation and the real estate market have imploded now. The credit crunch, the deadly spiral of exponentially diminishing liquidity, especially the lack of physical dollars on the market after the persistent slump of the oil price below $30 that obliterated the petro-dollar system of 10 trillion dollars worldwide, the crash of the equity charts, especially the crash of all banks stocks in Europe and the USA, the fall of the dollar, etc. are the natural consequences of the bursting of the gargantuan world debt bubble that was artificially and deliberately created by the western ruling cabal to install the NWO in the End Time and prevent ascension.

However, the only thing the dark ones have now triggered is the current unwinding of all bad loans that will stipulate into a total financial infarct of the system any moment. After all the world economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time since 2008 and has just hit the bottom as all experts begin to realise these days. In other words, the reality is catching up with the long lasting illusion of the ruling cabal and the masses. The prevailing impression is that the dark ones have fully lost touch with the reality while the masses are awakening and are beginning to see their insanity for the first time without a make-up. This is due to the prevailing quality of truth and transparency that the source energies are bringing on this uppermost mother planet since the beginning of this year.

The new element these days is that the western economy (not that of the BRICS countries, this is very important to observe) has entered the improbable realm of negative interest rates. This is the most powerful demonstration that the central banks in the west have lost entirely control of the financial system and the economy, just as their hapless national governments lost this control decades ago when they delegated this (ir)responsibility to the banksters cabal in the central banks.

What does NIRP (negative interest rate policy) mean in real terms? It means that all banks and all companies and corporations have lost the last resort to earn some money and will go bankrupt any time. This also means that all pension funds are now bankrupt and that the people will never see any pensions for their retirement beginning this year. The NIRP policy of the three major central banks in the West, ECB, BOJ and now the Fed, notwithstanding legal considerations (Yellen today) which is the proverbial lipstick to a swine, tells you that we are one second before midnight.

Humanity has reached the final crossroad before Ascension with only two probability alternatives left:

1. Impending elimination of the cash flow after the global introduction of negative penalty interest rates for all the people and corporations has now happened as a prerequisite for the establishment of the NWO and the introduction of the “Mark of the Beast” as ZeroHedge writes today:

With central bankers losing credibility left and right, and failing outright to boost the “wealth effect” no matter what they throw at it, the next big question is when will central planners around the world unveil the cashless society which is a necessary and sufficient condition to a regime of global NIRP.

And while in recent days we have seen op-eds by both Bloomberg and FT urging the banning of cash, the most disturbing development we have seen yet in the push for a cashless society has come from the following slide in a Morgan Stanley presentation, one in which the bank’s head of EMEA equity research Huw van Steenis, pointed out the following…


2. The total, uncontrollable collapse of the entire financial system and a shutdown of all banks in the West for indefinite time.

Please observe that this scenario will not affect Russia, China and the other BRICS and non-aligned countries that will emerge victorious from this global financial default of the west as they have already emerged victorious against NATO at the military front in Ukraine and Syria (Russia in alliance with Iran and China), and also for China against the USA in the South Sea.

Both probability alternatives have been clearly outlined on this website and we have unanimously decided – as Logos Gods of Gaia – that the second scenario will occur in the final phase of the End Time and that it will lead to the abolition of the Orion matrix and our final transfiguration. The dark cabal have no chance of realising their plan for the simple reason that this population of predominantly transliminal walk-ins souls have made the decision to ascend with us and not accept the financial and economic enslavement of the NWO of the dark ones. Then make no mistake, the NIRP of the central banks is the greatest robbery of all time on humanity by the 0.001% of the richest of this world and has only one goal – to expropriate the masses and turn them into docile slaves. It goes without saying that we and the HR will not allow this to happen on this uppermost mother planet. Instead this timeline shall ascend with us.

Our ascension is already in full swing this month as reported by members of the PAT and it is happening in the Now, parallel to the decomposition of the Orion matrix with its broken financial system and economy. This is the time I have been waiting for the last 20 years and this holds true for all the older members of the PAT, but the excitement of the younger PAT-sters is even bigger as they are now even more impatient than the old guys who carry many scars from past battles and unfulfilled expectations and have learnt to be cautious with forecasts.

Apart from the stress of the physical move, I personally have not been waiting idle for this collapse to happen. Quite on the contrary! In clairvoyant anticipation of the February financial collapse, I am working very diligently with Brad to establish a new currency and just system of payments and transactions that will replace the current failed Orion monetary system when the crash comes and will lead to immense prosperity for the ascending humanity. This is our alternative scenario of ascension to the NWO plan of the dark cabal which we shall offer to humanity in the coming days. And in view of the total shutdown of all banks in the west and the loss of all their savings and wealth, the people will willingly follow us.

For this to happen we must ascend first.

That is why we now sense such an urgency in the air and that is why the crucial events in the financial markets are precipitating with such might this month. Watch very carefully what will happen with the Deutsche Bank and some others bankrupt EU banks as they hold the key to the ultimate ascension scenario. I will not disclose more at that time, but we have every reason to be hilarious now that we have reached our goal, while the rest of humanity is drowning in the financial crisis. We are witnessing this month how the collective fears of impoverishment, which are merely the letting go of the human ego of all material wealth under the supervision of the transliminal walk-ins souls, are soaring to heaven. This is the dialectical nature of the End Time scenario in perfection. Rejoice now and watch the events with the serenity of ascended masters.

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