How US Absurdistan Became US Bankruptistan

Georgi Stankov, February 27, 2016

I have pointed out on numerous occasions how the official US statistics are shamelessly rigged by the US government of Obama and have presented unequivocal facts to prove that. Given the scope of fraud Obama and his government are constantly committing, they must be in jail long time ago. If a normal citizen commits just a fraction of the crimes the US elite commit on a daily basis, the world’s biggest GULAG, the US prison system of 3 million mostly innocent inmates would swell manifold.

Now is the time to jail all the criminal politicians of the Empire of Evil and to empty Washington DC and many other governmental cities and towns in America from this pestilence. This is not wishful thinking but the only possible scenario that will happen this year, most probably before the beginning of the summer. However, it is irrelevant if these bastards are put to jail or simply ousted from power. The hell they have created for the others will catch up with themselves and their future lives will be very miserable.

Just consider what the US is doing Now with all the financial fraud it has perpetrated in the last several decades:

US Government Releases its 2015 Financial Statements – Feb 26, 2016

Hot off the press, the US government just published its audited financial statements this morning, signed and sealed by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. These reports are intended to provide an accurate accounting of government finances, just like any big corporation would do. And once again, the US governments financial condition has deteriorated significantly from the previous year.

For 2015, the government reports $3.2 trillion in total assets. 

This includes everything from financial assets like bank balances to physical assets like tanks, bullets, aircraft carriers, and the federal highway system. This is the entire wealth of the American state. Curiously, the single biggest line item amongst these listed assets is the $1.2 trillion in student loans that are owed to the government by the young people of America. This is pretty extraordinary when you think about it.

37% of the governments total reported assets are student loans, which is now considered one of the most precarious bubbles in finance. $1.2 trillion is similar to the size of the subprime mortgage market back in 2008. And delinquency rates are rising, now at 11.5% according to Federal Reserve data. Plus, it’s simply astonishing that so much of the federal governments asset base is tantamount to indentured servitude as young people pay off expensive university degrees that barely land them jobs making coffee at Starbucks.

On the other side of the equation are a reported $21.5 trillion in liabilities, giving the government an official net worth of negative $18.2 trillion. This debt is up from last year’s negative $17.7 trillion and $16.9 trillion the year prior. It just keeps getting worse.

But there’s one thing that’s even more incredible about all of this. You see, each year these financial statements are audited by the government’s in-house agency known as the Government Accountability Office (GAO). All big companies do this. They publish financial statements, which are then reviewed by an independent audit firm. Auditors are a critical component of the financial reporting process. It’s their responsibility to make sure that shareholders and the public can have confidence in a company’s financial statements.

When Apple publishes an annual report, auditors go through all the books of the company and make sure that management is accurately representing the company’s true condition. Thus when an auditor issues a failing grade, or what’s known as a qualified opinion, there’s usually hell to pay. At the very hint of impropriety a company’s stock price will tank immediately. People get fired. SEC investigations are launched.

And now based on US securities law and section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act from 2002, senior executives can face criminal charges if their companies receive a failing grade from their auditors.

This is serious stuff!!!

Yet year after year the GAO gives the federal government a failing grade in its audit report of America’s financial statements. In this latest report, not only did the GAO chastise the federal government for its “unsustainable fiscal path”, but they state that the federal government consistently fails to prepare “reliable and complete financial information– both for individual federal entities and for the federal government as a whole.

The Department of Defense, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Agriculture are all singled out for their failure to prepare complete and accurate financial statements. This is corroborated by a report published last year stating that the

Defense Department has somehow “misplaced” $8.5 trillion of taxpayer money over the last 20 years.

That is why the cabal had to destroy in a controlled demolition building 7 of the WTC on 9/11 where all the documentation of the Department of Defense was kept:

only one day after the Defence Minister Rumsfeld officially admitted that $2.3 trillion are missing in the budget of his ministry and that this is a “matter of life and death“:

All the missing trillions of tax payers money were spent by the cabal to prepare their underground bunkers for survival when the ascension will come and they will descend after the MRP and the ID split to a lower catastrophic timeline. These are not “conspiracy theories” – these are undeniable facts!

What more proofs does the American nation need to put all these criminals in jail and free humanity from this pestilence? Especially after today the GAO cites other material fraudulence in the government’s reporting of supposed cost reductions in Medicare and Social Security. In all, the GAO calculates that these financial uncertainties total

$27.9 trillion,

suggesting that the government’s true financial condition is far worse than reported.

Bottom line– if this were a private company, Barack Obama and Jack Lew would be wearing dayglo orange jumpsuits in court while facing felony fraud charges.

It’s not just the $18.2 trillion in negative net worth. Or the $41+ trillion (by their own calculations) in the Social Security shortfall.

It’s the fact that they can’t even stand in front of the American people with an honest accounting of how pitiful the financial situation really is.

The government of the United States is totally, desperately, hopelessly bankrupt.

And they become even more insolvent with each passing year. Nearly every single dominant superpower throughout history was eventually consumed by its unsustainable finances. And in their decline from power, bankrupt governments rely on a simple playbook to desperately try to maintain the status quo by every means available.

They destroy freedom. They impose a police and surveillance state. They seize assets. They wage campaigns of violence and intimidation. They impose capital controls. Cash controls. People controls. Whatever it takes. This is what the criminal government of Bombama is now doing in an unvarnished manner  until they will be ousted from power by the new ascended masters and Logos Gods. Very, very soon!


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