The Nature of Transliminal Souls and Their Role as Walk-Ins in the Final Ascension

Jerry R James and Georgi Stankov, January 2, 2016


This past week I have thought about the events you have described during this period. I, like Rob, have known for a long time that I was part of a council  that worked in the higher realms during dream states. I remember bits and pieces of these meeting, classes, travels and discussions but never enough to put into coherent events. Also I have served as a knight and warrior fighting monsters, dragons etc. many times in lucid dreams. So while I cannot verify the specific events that took place in these meetings it would fit into the pattern of my lucid dreams all these years.

Since December 25th I am still exhausted even more than normal and force myself to be partially functional with the accompanying ascension flue symptoms, which indicates that the energy is still very high. I expect it will be until events begin to manifest in this reality. Then we will not need to direct so much of our energy to manifesting as events will snowball from their own energy.

What I wanted clarify is my understanding about walk-ins that you and Carla have written about in your latest messages. I feel that I do not quiet understand the concept and feel others also do not. Let me present my understanding and then please give me your input.

1. Our soul which we sometimes call higher self has incarnated as our personality into this 3-D body.  This soul has incarnated many times as other personalities and in other bodies on this and or other worlds.

2. The soul or higher self uses these incarnations of its personalities to perfect themselves through self-realization for the eventual purpose of returning to source.

 3. This plan was hijacked by dark entities who wished to use the energy for themselves which was intended to be used for light body activation, which would have allowed the personality and the higher self to join with the ascended body to begin its return to source.

4. The human body is  much treasured because it contains the DNA of numerous races throughout the universe. If it achieves the ability to transcend this reality and join the higher self, it can reappear at will on any 3-D or 4-D environment without reincarnating. This is a chief advantage of ascension  through LBP over ascension by physical death.

5. Walk-in souls are used to allow the personality a better chance of achieving its ascension goals by allowing an”adoption” of the personality by a more advanced soul (one who has transcended darkness in previous incarnations or was never corrupted  by darkness). There would be no reason and don’t believe it would be permitted for an awakening personality to be adopted by another higher self.

6. It is not the personality that is changed by the walk-in but rather the higher self. By allowing a different higher self to adopt the personality it will be able to more easily connect to source.

7. The personality will not automatically drop all its undesirable characteristics and habits as its past memories are still intact.

8. The new higher self however is able to project more of source energy into the personality than was possible before.

9. The personality will still need to learn new habits, establish new connections in a sense they will need to be reborn into the spirit of the new higher self and this will still be a challenge.

10. The coming geopolitical and environment events will be used to wake these newly adopted personalities to new ways of being but will at first be confusing to them.

11. Even with new higher selves these personalities are still barely eligible for life beyond 3-D but they had no eligibility had the walk-in not occurred.


Dear Jerry,

all your points containing the characteristics of the new walk-ins are absolutely correct and describe the situation precisely. I would only like to comment and further specify on the following two points:

“5. Walk-in souls are used to allow the personality a better chance of achieving its ascension goals by allowing an”adoption” of the personality by a more advanced soul (one who has transcended darkness in previous incarnations or was never corrupted  by darkness). There would be no reason and don’t believe it would be permitted for an awakening personality to be adopted by another higher self.”

Indeed, an awakened personality does not need a new soul as the original soul has already accomplished her goal and would not leave this body until final ascension which is the ultimate goal of any incarnated soul. From the point of view of the law of optimization, such an exchange would be suboptimal as the new soul will not be better than the old one that has already achieved the threshold of awakening of the ego-mind of the incarnated personality. The new souls came as walk-ins only in human personalities whose dark soul fragments had to leave this uppermost mother planet due to the ID split on December 25th when the Orion matrix was also severed and went under in this lower catastrophic timeline.

These soul fragments died from a physical death on this timeline but their bodies were holographically duplicated and continued to live on this ascending uppermost mother planet. This time however they were not left as empty soulless shells as this was the case in the last two and a half years since we began with the active ID splits and shifts and destruction of lower timelines.

This mechanism was used to dilute the percentage of dark souls and archons on the ascending timelines as to better cleanse them and prevent the occurrence of the worst case scenario which is always a nuclear war and destruction through a MPR tsunami.

If you remember, we discussed this issue in 2013 that as long as the numbers of Orion/Reptilian souls of the hidden elite are reduced to several millions on a single timeline, they are stretched thin and cannot control the masses. This led to a progressive dilution of the soul essence on the newly created ascending timelines, while constantly severing and destroying lower timelines during the incessant ID splits and shifts we went through since 2013 and as have been reported on this website.

Now we have the reverse situation. We no longer need to dilute the soul essence anymore as we eliminated the entire population of dark soul fragments that were still incarnated on this uppermost mother planet on December 25th during the opening of the Christmas portal.

There is an interesting question that arises from this description that has not been tackled so far by the PAT and by myself. How comes that we have diluted the soul essence in the last 2-3 years to such an extent as reported in 2013 and 2014 and we still have 49% of dark soul fragments which we finally eliminated during the Christmas portal? I was waiting for the PAT to ask this crucial question, but I state it myself now and give my response to the best of my knowledge as we have no time to wait.

First of all, we are talking about this uppermost mother planet that is a focal point, a conglomerate of numerous higher timelines that emerge from the destruction of lower dark timelines which we constantly create since May 2013. When we as Logos Gods destroy these lower timelines and the human beings die there, their soul fragments are retrieved and many of them enter the human bodies on the ascending timelines of this uppermost mother planet. It is a constant and highly dynamic process of soul exchange between the timelines that defies a rigid linear description.

However we discussed a lot in the past the retrieval of our soul fragments from lower timelines to this uppermost mother planet as part of the ascension process. The same phenomenon holds true for the dark soul fragments. After they undergo a physical death, some of these soul fragments merge with the existing dark soul fragment on this uppermost mother planet to experience the ascension process to the full extent. In particular with respect to a better outcome as this knowledge will be stored in their soul memory and will be very helpful in the next incarnation and ascension cycle when these dark soul fragments have advanced enough to try their own ascension in 26 000 earthly years from now on.

This uppermost mother planet on which we live with our entire soul essence and observe is a crucible of all soul fragments and ascension scenarios that have already unfolded on lower separated timelines. They superimpose on this highest timeline one more time for the final ID split and ascension which is the final resolution of all possible and probable scenarios for Gaia. After that Gaia and humanity enter the simultaneity of All-That-Is.

That is why it took so long as we constantly move with this highest mother planet upwards, while the timelines beneath us collapse and go under. We do not see this destruction as we seamlessly bilocate each time when a MPR or a nuclear war occurs to a higher timeline where this catastrophic scenario will not happen.

This is also the reason why it is impossible to make any predictions in terms of linear time and why most of our predictions in the past have come true but on lower timelines. We are creating these scenarios constantly in the now, just as we constantly create the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy with our decisions on this uppermost mother planet.

Now, with the last major and final crucial ID split and shift we eliminated all these dark soul fragments for ever who really died on lower timelines where the destruction was horrible and this explains why you and we all are so tired since then as we had to buffer all these chaotic energies with our global fields that encompass all timelines of Gaia.

But 51% of the incarnated soul fragments were awakened sufficiently enough by us in the last two years by the many portals we opened for them and as reported on the PAT website, including the opening of the heart chakra and left brain portal of all second wave ascension candidates by the PAT in 2014 and 2015, so that they stayed on this uppermost mother planet after the massive ID split on December 25th. Hence we had roughly 49% empty soulless human shells.

Then with the opening of the Portal of the Now on December 25th as reported by myself, we actually opened the floodgates for roughly 22% of transliminal souls to enter this uppermost mother planet and incarnate these human bodies, so that we have now roughly 73% of all soul fragments that are opened to the light on this highest timeline.

This calculation is made at the soul level, at the level of the higher self, and not at the level of the ego-mind of the incarnated personalities where many humans still slumber and have no idea of the ascension process. But these entities have the energetic potential to awaken when the external circumstances change and the collapse takes place as they have already connected to the Source. These are ripe and old human souls who are ready for the evolutionary leap as I defined it 15 years ago.

St. Germain also announced on Dec 25th when he came to our apartment that very soon the percentage of awakened souls will reach the threshold of 83% which is the threshold for the introduction of the Universal Law on this uppermost mother planet. Please observe that the Universal Law is already introduced in all new 4D worlds in the New Golden Galaxy where we are also present with our full soul essence as ascended masters now. I personally firmly believe that this will happen very soon also on this uppermost mother planet, given the incredible ascension dynamics in the last three months since we opened the portal of photonic source energies end of September.

When this threshold is reached, we will no longer be needed on this uppermost mother planet as there will be sufficient soul essence to carry the ascension process to the very end. We shall transfigure and then shall appear here as pure soul essence of ascended masters to trigger the final leap in the collective mindset that will transform the society here overnight. The new theory of the Universal law and us as ascended masters, giving testimony for its truthfulness, will be the powerful energetic tsunami that will transform this mankind over night.

This will be very easy as all these souls are now awakened from within and only need the small push by an external event to fully blossom. And by this, I am coming to your point 6. which needs some more comments.

“6. It is not the personality that is changed by the walk-in but rather the higher self. By allowing a different higher self to adopt the personality it will be able to more easily connect to source.”

This is absolutely true and I only want to add that according to the Elohim and as also written by myself before we received their message, the new transliminal souls bring a completely new mind/body/spirit system (programming) with themselves that is already fully opened to the soul, monad and the source. The only opening that is needed is at the ego-mind level.

This opening is now happening with a great speed in all walk-ins and also in all original human souls that made this progress of awakening. In order to achieve their final opening, they need an external trigger and this trigger will be our appearance as ascended masters. They are ready for this event and know it at the soul level.

In fact, they already welcome this event as I meet with these walk-ins now every night in the dream state and know how impatient they are to make this wonderful experience – to encounter us as ascended masters in human light bodies, so that we can move to higher dimensions immediately after that. That is why these transliminal souls are here and do not want to dwell here much longer as they know that this reality is a holographic illusion. In this sense they are us and we are they in this unity consciousness.

The game changer with the opening of the Christmas portal is that now we have mostly souls who are not fearful and are ready to welcome the long-expected “Second Coming of Christ”, while before the shift we had 49% of dark soul fragments that have been severed from the source and would have reacted with huge fears to such an event. In such a case they would have tried to change the destiny of mankind in their direction by starting a new devastating world war. These dark soul fragments are in the middle of their incarnation cycle and they want to make more dreadful karmic experiences on lower dense 3D worlds before they qualify for ascension. They reject the idea of ascension not only at the ego-mind level but also deep at the soul level as their souls want to explore further separation in dense material worlds and their will is sacrosanct. That is why we had to separate them from this uppermost mother planet on December 25th as to avoid this dreadful destiny of a nuclear war here, which these dark soul fragments then experienced on a lower timeline at Christmas time.

The last two paragraphs of the Elohim message describe precisely this current situation in which we are at the beginning of this new year and reassure us how quickly the events will unfold in the coming days. They also urge us to support these transliminal souls who have never incarnated on earth by establishing the necessary clarity and detachment from this reality, which these souls immediately pick up as mental and emotional patterns and then amplify them as this is essentially their energetic mission in this final phase in the ascension process. They have no desire to adapt to this crumbling reality and that is why I say that they have come with a completely different programming as the old human souls who are still fully embedded in their incarnation cycle. Like us, they want to leave this 3D model as soon as possible and each pathway of ascension which we create for us now these transliminal souls quickly widen to a highway to Heaven:

The arrival of the  transliminal souls is one of wholly divine order as it has never been as clear a time as now for their arrival where all energetic hostilities have finally been eliminated through this recent full moon portal and where the Earth experience has finally shed its cloak of duality.

Unity consciousness shall grow now as these new souls learn to integrate into the personalities of the vessels that have graciously received them.  As empaths you shall perceive extreme variations in emotional expressions in people who are familiar to you, either in friends or family members.  Your open support of them on their new journey shall move the collective along quickly to a new level of ascended expression thus facilitating integration into the fifth dimensional platform.”

With love and light

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