How the New Transliminal Souls Destroy Psychologically the Orion Matrix From Within

Georgi Stankov and Pamela Ennis, January 14, 2016

Black man speaks with forked tongue !


OMG… what happened to the mature walk-in soul whom you connected with recently who was supposed to keep Obama honest and help bring in the new??!! Can they just opt out if they don’t like the scenario they’ve dropped into?  Or what?? Things seem to change so fast it is not possible to keep things in any sort of “normal” order, but that speech was just completely from another planet, as you said. Dumb and dumber. Weird and weirder…


Dear Pam,

this is the core problem with a walk-in in a physical vessel that has harboured a dark soul fragment until now. You cannot change the human personality overnight. But spirit expresses itself nonetheless in a beautiful manner by exposing these people for what they truly are – by urging them to sabotage themselves more effectively than we can expose them from outside. Revelations and awakening are not a straight highway to heaven but a dangerous curvaceous mountain road that may even lead in the precipice if this is the only way that leads to final awakening.

I think that the new transliminal soul spoke clearly through Obama and exposed him for what even such young and politically inexperienced persons as Polina immediately recognized. She would not have been able to discern this last year or the year before. The same holds true for most Americans. Hence Obama is a powerful conduit of spirit that promotes the awakening of the masses by exposing himself as the joke he truly is. If he were a little bit more intelligent, he would have never said most of what he said in his speech to the nation yesterday, especially:

If you doubt America’s commitment – or mine – to see that justice is done, ask Osama bin Laden.

Only a reckless Mafia pate could have said that and then only in private among his thugs when he gives them the order to kill his rivals. This also holds true for all his other statements which display what I once wrote about him – he is an insane megalomaniac who can only brag. Read one more time this article where Obama’s real character is very clearly presented:

This negative trait which he has managed to hide so far pretty well is now coming fully to the fore for everyone to see and marvel. This is the achievement of the new soul – she exposes Obama’s true personality, so that everybody can see him in his unvarnished nature. This is the most effective way how to expose the cabal and oust them from power very soon.

The new transliminal souls who have incarnated in such dark entities will never give them more intelligence to behave in an even more slyly and devious manner as they have already done in the past in order to usurp the power, as this will only help them stay longer in power. There is a German saying that says: “When the gods want to punish somebody, they rob his mind first.

This is precisely what the new walk-in soul of Obama is now doing – she has robbed his mind, as the human mind is very weak and the soul fragment can eliminate it very easily. But she has preserved all his negative tendencies which now come to the surface in an unvarnished manner for everybody to see so that the Americans can finally realize what a buffoon they have elected twice and question their own intelligence in the first place. Whether there is any. And I have answered this question negatively many times in the past.

I think that your expectations as to how a new walk-in with a transliminal soul should behave in a human vessel lack the deeper psychological understanding as to what drives human behaviour beneath the shallow social luster. I have written a lot in the past what emotional and mental powers gestalt the human personality from the soul level and how these invisible for the agnostic human mind, but highly dynamic processes shape the human personality as a social being.

We cannot understand what is happening now with humanity if we have flat, simplistic expectations as to how these former dark human beings should behave with a new transliminal soul. We should not expect them to become enlightened people overnight as we are, because, honestly, how long did it take for us to reach the point where we stand now?

The transliminal souls can do so much as the dark old personality allows. Ultimately their duty is not to save this human personality from a limited anthropocentric point of view by transforming her into what an enlightened person should be, but to expose the person with all his vices, which his dark nature had successfully hidden from all the other, similarly dark and very stupid people until now.

It is sufficient for the new walk-in souls to sabotage the dark ruling cabal in whom they have incarnated as to show to the masses what cretins they have allowed to rule them and how uncritically they have delegated their destiny to such monsters. This revelation is much more powerful and effective than transforming the dark ruling cabal into half-baked New Agers as then this deplorable reality will be only prolonged. In that case the ruling cabal will begin to pretend to be a light version of the New Age movement and these idiots from the New Age such as Steve Beckow (the Pro-Obama man) would immediately believe it, so that the old Orion illusion based on lies and ruse will continue on a new, even more dangerous level.

Fortunately the new transliminal souls are much more clever and they want these dark entities, in which they now dwell, to be exposed as the dark entities they really are because they do not identify with them, just as our souls have never identified with our dark tendencies in the past and have rigorously and pitiless sanctioned us when we were driven by them. This website contains numerous such tragic stories from members of the PAT.

Hence I strongly urge you and all the other PAT members, who cherish such simplistic expectations as to how the new transliminal walk-ins should behave in human bodies that until now have harboured dark soul fragments, to question them and at best to discard them immediately as you are simply missing the point in the current End Time tragi-comedy that is unfolding in a beautiful manner in front of our eyes.

It is very much like a Shakespeare’s tragedy, such as “King Lear” who disowned his sincere daughter Cornelia and banished his dearest friend, the Earl of Kent, who dared to speak on behalf of her, only to trigger a series of tragic events that end up with the death of his beloved daughter and also his own death after bitterly and very egotistically complaining in his famous monologue at the end of the drama of being abandoned by all. Every human tragedy is a self-created farce in the first place and the latest Obama speech should be understood in this sense. Then he is done for ever.

With love and light

Dear George,

Whew! Quite an incredible response to my question. Respectfully, I must say that if my query seemed simplistic it is due more to having no sense of how these walk-ins would operate, rather than having any particular expectations, I simply lacked information as to the very sophisticated means that could be used to undermine their “hosts”!!! I actually have a solid understanding of what constitutes a human mind and the many ways it is able to hide itself from itself. The ignorant and fear driven ego, which lost connection long ago with Source, is like a cornered animal, and very dangerous, indeed. Insidious in its’ determination to survive, it must keep itself blind to any challenge to its’ understanding. This is the very thing that, as you explain it, can be effectively used by the new soul to backfire and expose the “emperor without clothes”. A glorious tragic-comedy being played out.

Thanks for the comprehensive explanation, but may I suggest you might have somewhat over-generalized where my thoughts/expectations are concerned. This is a very complex scenario, bringing together many disparate parts, and way too much to expect complete understanding, especially as things are changing so rapidly. I am greatly encouraged by the sense of vibrational compatibility which I believe is a result of the transliminal souls being now more able to operate from their true essence, and look forward to reading Carla’s report soon.

With love,

Dear Pam,

you raised a key question in this most critical phase in the ascension process and I used it as a vehicle to start a general discussion on it in order to publish it for the PAT to know. The reason is that today we are receiving key new information from the Elohim how these transliminal souls are cleansing and transforming the personalities of the dark human beings in which they have incarnated and how we, the PAT, help them achieve this goal which is the key to planetary ascension.

It is indeed a very complex topic as you surmise and we shall talk more about it in the coming days when I publish the Elohim message. The latter is very complex as it deals with a new information and rather complex explanation of new spectra of source energies beyond the seven sacred flames, which now flood this earth and our bodies. While the seven sacred flames we know relate to the colours of the visible spectrum, however, in a higher dimensional octave, the new energies that now arrive have no colours yet, which we can see with our eyes. Later on, when our 3rd eye perception expands, we may begin to seem them as the Elohim have promised us.

We, the PAT, are now receiving these new energies as we must first anchor them here in this reality, before we can make them available to the new transliminal souls. They need these energies to eradicate all dark imprints in their personalities. At present, they have very hard time to cope with so much negativity at the physical, mental and emotional level and are overwhelmed, but will recover soon.

This is also the reason why we are reeling from the latest cleansing episodes and feel so depleted. We are now accommodating these new energies in our bodies which have never before existed on this planet and for which our human bodies are actually not created. Only because the PAT has been able to raise their frequencies so high and have ascended long time ago, can we deal with these extremely high frequency energies and then make them available to the new transliminal souls to heal and cleanse their human vessels.

Only after that can we ascend humanity and Gaia to the new 4D worlds which are located in the highest 12th level of the 4th dimension, respectively to the 5D of New Lemuria for us. Precisely, we are bringing and anchoring the upper 4D and lower 5D here on this uppermost mother planet. According to the Elohim, now humanity dwells in the average, as a collective, in the middle range of 4D.

We of course vibrate much higher and we are the driving force that raises the frequencies of Gaia and humanity, now together with the transliminal souls in their new human vessels. One can consider these former dark entities as undergoing a crash course in ascension, an accelerated version of LBP, by using these new energies beyond the visible spectrum of the known seven sacred flames, which we make available to them.

In this context the best way to transform these dark personalities is to let all their dark tendencies and behavioral patterns surge high, but without any energetic support from the crystalline grid. In this way these negative traits will simply go pop and vanish from this reality. Obama with his latest speech to the nation has already began with this process of dismantling old Orion habits, by demonstrating his negative features without a safety net during his speech which everyone could see. Many other representatives of the ruling cabal will follow with similar personal outings according to their specific personality structure. Very few of them will display the inner courage though to repent and tell the truth. They will rather take over the role of the buffoon and this serves perfectly our ultimate goal to eradicate the old matrix.

The Elohim just told us that many transliminal souls have incarnated in the bodies of key decision-makers in government, military and other strategically important positions. They are constantly bombarded with negative thought forms from their environment and have no support from the light in this 3D world as we have with this website for instance. These transliminal soul fragments are completely overwhelmed by this darkness and the only way to counteract this negative situation is to switch off the former minds of the personalities, to eliminate their social conditioning that enabled them to coalesce with the shallow standards of bogus political correctness. The latter made them eligible to participate in the hideous power games of the elite without endangering their leading position in the eyes of the masses.

Now this hide-game, this artificial, fraudulent codex of social behaviour is over and these personalities will begin to out themselves. This is also the mechanism as to how these souls will escape the current toxic situation in which these human vessels dwell as key decision-makers in politics, military and finance. The moment they compromise themselves, they are out of business and can escape the toxic atmosphere in the proximity of the ruling cabal, in the same manner as we were ejected from society when we started with the LBP and since then live as social outcasts.

At the same time the more people from the elite disgrace themselves, the weaker their ranks will become and the more easily they will be ousted from power. I am trying here to outline the logic behind the new social dynamics which will now begin to unfold at the societal level with the influx of more than one and a half billion transliminal souls since we opened the Christmas portal.

With love and light


Yesterday was another massive descent of the new source energies that completely transformed my body. This was associated with an excruciating headache since early morning till late evening. After that I began to emanate these new energies like the second central sun the whole night. At the same time I got the information that I (and this surely applies to all the other PAT members) serve as a template which these new transliminal souls use as an overlay to override the old dark personality structures of the cabal and other humans in whose bodies they have now incarnated. The replication of this energetic template happens simultaneously for all these entities, so that when it is fully anchored in their bodies and fields, they will begin to think and behave very similarly to us and will be ready to accept our spiritual and scientific ideas. This is a complete new reprogramming, a reset of their personality structure. Today my body feels much lighter and invigorated.

Throughout the whole history of this humanity dark entities have possessed and manipulated the incarnated human personalities in a kind of a hostile takeover. This has caused the actual “Fall from Grace” of this sentient species. Now we have reversed the game. We have begun with a massive friendly takeover of all these human beings by ejecting first their dark soul fragments from this timeline during the Christmas portal and then enabling the massive influx of transliminal souls from the Source who have never before incarnated on earth in a human body to enter as walk-ins these empty human shells.

This is the end of the Orion matrix which is now only sustained by past, sluggish dark habits and patterns of the masses. But these habits are now being rapidly eradicated from within energetically, in the first place psychologically, by their new transliminal souls and with the full back-up of the PAT who is anchoring the new, highest frequency source energies of transmutation in this humanity and holographic model these days. This is a profound reset of the energetic edifice of this uppermost mother planet and its population and we have already begun to see the first results and manifestations a few days after this has happened.

The next days will bring a further stipulation of such conscious or subconscious revelations that will erode the Orion matrix from within in a very subtle psychological manner, just as the dark archons in the past successfully eroded the light foundation of the many incarnated human souls and their personalities and transformed them to zombies.

I hope you can appreciate now the full scope of what we have achieved since Christmas and in particularly since the beginning of 2016 when we cleansed in a tour de force the masses of dark human beings, so that the new transliminal souls can begin with their core mission of destroying the Orion matrix from within and helping us bring the upper 4D and lower 5D frequencies into this holographic model.

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