Feminine Energy in a Pant Suit

Laurie Stearns, January 22, 2016


I must confess that I have never understood nor identified with the ‘feminist’ revolution and its turning women into pant-suit wearing, brief case toting versions of men with female genitalia, nor the so-called goddess of this cult, Gloria Steinem.  An acquaintance once told me that I had her (Gloria) and the rest of the women of this era to thank for all of the many freedoms I experience in this world as a woman – She said this with a straight face and was quite serious.  I couldn’t go there with her, I just told her this was not so, but this meant to her that I was ungrateful for all the hard work these women did.  This same woman argued with me that the History (of the world) wasn’t contrived and that I must have gone to a really bad school to believe that.  I know, these are quite funny statements, I had to stop myself from laughing at her too.  Believe me, anything that can be contrived, is and has been.  The energetic balance of the masculine and feminine are no exception to this.

For many women, being equal means how much more of an asshole they can be than the men with whom they label and accuse of being the very embodiment of this word.  I have seen this happening for many years with the invention of words like sexist and chauvanist to define men and their bad personality traits.  Definitely these character traits exist in some men, but what do we call women who act the same way?  All of these words indicate some level of unfair treatment towards women or the fairer sex.  But what I see is women acting like it’s some sort of competition to see who can be the biggest asshole of all by taking the same aspects and doing things the same way across the board, and in some cases even worse (we have role models of this behaviour on the world stage; Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Sara Palin, Angel Merkel…).  But of course double standards are the norm, because if they do it, it’s OK they are a woman, but if a male does it then it’s time to pull out the victim and genderisation cards.  And we know its more PC to be a woman than a man right now, so anything goes – Convienently.  I think most men see this and scratch their heads over this obvious oversight of women, but it’s the women themselves who go on to justify it through some aspect of twisted logic and blind justification.

This is one way the victim mode is constantly, unwittingly reinforced. This is an Orion agenda that was put in place to disempower women with the double-blind aspect of calling it empowerment.  Of course it has been all about stripping the real female attributes of nurturing, softness and caring / compassion and repackaging them as hardened versions imbalanced male / female energies.  This way, the real energies are used in a perverted manner for convincing women that this is the balanced version of their female / male energies.  Unfortunately, many women fell for this very obvious trap and decided that they had to compete in buying expensive suits as well.

Many women will tell you they admire some of the above mentioned (Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Victoria Nuland…) as being role models.  What they are admitting is that they identify with the perversion of the feminine energy being inverted into a gross interpretation of balancing the masculine energy in women – meaning the feminine energy is all but denied and barely discernible.  They are denying that the real essence of feminine energy is to encourage the nurturing, soft and caring aspect of women and balance it with an aspect of masculine energy that can put it into a practical framework of use so that it doesn’t become the victimized version of itself by not having any boundaries.  The logical aspect of the masculine balances the feminine energies so they function in a more balanced way.  And, of course vice-versa for men with the masculine and balancing their feminine aspect as well – where the masculine doesn’t become the overly cold logical uncompassionate, uncaring version of itself.  But, here in this world, people are still playing the same stupid game for eons of time, just wearing different designer suits which makes them look better, so they must be more intelligent…sure.

What we are finding on the world stage is still the domination of the masculine energies, but in a perverted way with the women, still as the unbalanced version of the masculine, without the feminine.  Many women think because there are many females in different key areas, that there must be this balance that is taking place simply because there is a physical representation of a female.  But this is not the case.  Once again, the feminine is still being denied, and this is ONLY because if the feminine were to balance out with the masculine, then the change would be VERY discernible and palpable.  This is the threat to the ruling cabal so they put in symbolic gestures in physical form and invert the energetic aspect of it and continue on in the same manner – with new suits.

The so-called ‘feminist revolution’ was an agenda to turn women into the worst aspects of masculine energy on estrogen.  I have seen this time and time again, it never ceases to amaze me that women act this way.  It’s like the very embodiment of being nurturing, caring and all of the warmth of the feminine energies are considered to be a weakness, and must be eradicated at any cost by women proving they aren’t what they physically are.  Some women seem to resent being women and they need to keep the victim / gender thing going to prove just how masculine they are, because having victims proves their ever so important role in the world of being an equal to a man.  If you took all their props away they wouldn’t know what to do.  This is an Orion opera – I’m amazed that some of us haven’t figured this out yet.  Of course being a strong female is the embodiment of the equal aspects of both energies!

I know that during the sixties and seventies when much social change was taking place, this was a big deal when women felt that their place in the larger world seemed to be their immediate surroundings – through being care givers and mothers / homemakers – and that men seemingly had much more freedom, and they did to some extent, this cannot be denied because the masculine energies have dominated and continue to dominate the world and all aspects of it (and now the women in power are helping with this).  But at this time, during the sixties and seventies when women were feeling this itchiness in their own roles, there was also new energy coming in to help women realise that they also had a place in the larger aspect of this world – but not by turning into the worst aspects of men.  Incidentally, I never understood how women could resent not having to be the sole bread winner and glorify working 8 to 12 hour days (if you were lucky).  In this sense, I did not think that men had it better.

Women had to care for the entire home and family, which also meant there was a deep imbalance and they craved more expression in the outside world.  So, of course this needed to be balanced out for both sides.  However, within the ranks of this dimension there is always a karmic issue at stake here, so this isn’t a straight forward path.  We are all aware of the abuses and inequalities that women and men along with other races have had to face in this toxic waste of a civilisation.  Please people, become aware of how these huge changes that humanity has faced, become perverted and inverted and turned inside out by the ruling elite and their stooges – they can’t have women and men being balanced in their energies here, it just doesn’t work for them.

However, women and their nasty behaviour never cease to amaze me when they act like manipulative victims, this story below is a good example of the pathetic behaviour women will stoop to when, if the shoe was on the other foot, it would not be tolerated by any stretch of the imagination.

I had a friend who was in a relationship with a man who lives in France, she lives here in Hanoi and they had this long distance relationship.  Well, she wanted him to move here and he was also wanting the same.  So he was looking at selling his lucrative home based graphic art advertising business and opening up a school for graphic design here in Hanoi.  He spent A LOT of money trying different ways to get this off the ground, which included mortgaging his home – this is not an easy thing to do here in terms of opening a school (he should have known that as well as her).  Anyway, she was very upset at the length of time it was taking to get this venture up and running and it was an ongoing thing.  She was always concerned that he may be seeing someone else on the side – but here’s the kicker, she was always having sex with numerous partners from online dating sites since a very early time in the history of their relationship.  I personally found this to be deplorable behaviour from someone who claimed to love this man she was involved with and therefore have some respect for the sanctity of their relationship – which boils down to trust.  She told me once that she got it out of him to say that ‘he loved her’ – What????   Women have always complained about the duplicitous nature of men, but nary have they acknowledged their own.  She ended the relationship due to it taking so long for him to get all of this worked out, and left him holding the bag for all of the incurred debt.  If this was a woman who was on the receiving end of this drama, she would have been reimbursed financially for the loss incured over this, and you would have heard the victimization song and whining loud as the day is long – especially from this type of woman.

This is a woman who thinks she is the salt of the earth and a compassionate person to many people – but perhaps only to men seeking sex while they are in town doing business.

It is thought to be politically incorrect for women to tell the truth about how low down their sisters can be, because after all, we are women and we need to believe in the myth that we are somehow one of the down trodden of this earth, well, it is usually women enforcing much of the nastiness that has been in place for many years, despite my acquaintances claims (above) about women being the harbingers of freedom for their own gender.  As you can see, the Hillary Clintons of the world and the Victoria Nulands do not exactly change anything and in fact enforce the nastiness to an even worse standard because it is supposed to be the feminine energies, but is in fact, the inverted aspect of it.

I have had contact with people doing NGO work here in Asia (not that I’m a fan of ngo’s) where the trade of young women into prostitution is notorious and is done so that families have an income in poor areas, but you will never guess who makes the decision for a young woman to go into the slave trade business of prostitution – Or, maybe you do know.  It’s the grandmother and the mother who make this decision often for a family to have an income that the daughter sends home and the pimp has contact with the family.

I often see deplorable so-called standards kept up by women themselves just to keep the status quo the same all around and they don’t feel threatened by someone else making changes.  After all, if they had to do it, then why should you be any different.  Yes, it’s a stupid mentality that is based on Orion fears and it keeps everyone locked up and in the pen – All of the ‘isms’ and victimization cards are put there precisely so there is a perpetual ongoing dance with this crap.  That is why this is over.

Brad is right, sense of home is definitely not in this dimension, and things will happen to you over and over to prove that owning any part of the world as a commodity is NOT a good idea.  But, home is where we are able to fully be ourselves and relax and to find the comfort of the feminine energies of warmth, compassion and care with connection to our feminine energies and our souls.

If you think for one moment that I am being an apologist for the bad behaviour of men, then you have read this incorrectly and you may need to read it a few times to understand it better.

I have never owned a pant suit.

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