Confirmation of the Collapse of the Real Estate Market

Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, January 20, 2016


Georgi Stankov

I am publishing this correspondence to show the PAT what immense intellectual input Brad and I invest into the collapse of the Orion economic system and in this particular case of the real estate market in these turbulent days.

As I have already published, Carla and I were urged on January 14th to perform a powerful alchemical reaction that not only crashed the current real estate market based on greed, avarice and reckless, heartless exploitation of the divine needs of any incarnated human being for safe shelter and be protected from the caprices of nature on this planet, but also transformed it into a completely new form of spiritual existence. We used the new light of creation from the source that has flooded this earth and humanity with the arrival of the transliminal souls. The creative power of these new energies is even bigger than that of the seven sacred flames and we have already proved in the past how powerful and effective these seven flames are. This alchemical reaction was even more sweeping and effective than the opening of the heart chakra of the second wave ascension candidates at the Rose Radiant academy in October 2014, the results of which we have witnessed and discussed since then numerous times on this website.

This latest alchemical reaction comes at the right time to accelerate the collapse of the financial and economic system of the Orion matrix. It shows how deeply we are involved in the gestalting of this collapse with our intellectual input at every single step. We cannot expect that the End Time events that will ultimately lead to the planetary ascension of this uppermost mother planet and  humanity, which is currently being incarnated with new transliminal souls as walk-ins, will happen on their own. We must actively pave the way how this whole ascension process will unfold as we are its ultimate creators.

The transliminal souls will then immediately adopt our ideas as forerunners and wayshowers of humanity as they already resonate with them at the soul level. In this way our ideas, even if they first come from a single human mind, are simultaneously multliplied billion times within this rapidly changing holographic model. This creates an extremely powerful wave of change and energetic transformation that the collective consciousness of this humanity has never experienced before. But it is possible now.

At this place I urge the entire PAT to embrace these ideas and economic discussions as they are the key driving motor leading to our ascension. These are not dry, academic disquisitions, they are full of life and desire for the ultimate revelation of the current Orion fraud in economics and social life that has mired and entangled the entire human population in a gargantuan Minotaur’s maze. And this unraveling of the fraud can only happen through collapse of the matrix.


January 18, 2016

Dear George,

Look at this instant manifestation from our real estate discussion.  I hadn’t mentioned Wichita and the Koch brothers in a long time.  I found Dave Kranzler years ago because he is my go to real estate guy and one of the few I still bother to read.  What a feeling it is to have the universe at your back?

Amazing article you put together and perfect for the time as always.  I still am going to battle you a bit on the dollar, but that’s part of the fun of this now isn’t it?  The dollar chart currently shows a double top at 100 and a very poor bounce with momentum failing.  This chart is a classic setup for a quick dollar thrashing.  This battle between the dollar direction is what forces the hand on everything.

This is indeed a powerful time.  I haven’t waited nearly as long as you.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

I just read somewhere but could not find it now that the Koch’s oil refineries are in a dire condition as they pay $ – 0.50 on each processed barrel of oil, i.e. losing money due to the oil price slump. Hence this information fully coalesces with what I read from your link.

Honestly I cannot fully follow your arguments with the dollar chart. Is it possible for you to sent me the latest chart one more time and explain to me exactly what you see? I agree fully with you that the key to the collapse of the system is in the dollar exchange rate. If it rises it will be fatal to the USA and also if it sharply falls, but what will happen if it stays within the usual range of the past? Could it be that the system will collapse before the dollar crashes either way?

I must admit that I cannot answer clearly this question and this bothers me, but you can help me here.

With love and light


PS: Here is a good article that also confirms my latest post and shows that all good experts see it our way which is the best sign that it will happen this way:


Dear George,

That’s why this question is the one we keep running into since the beginning of our dollar discussions.  Here is the shorter term chart from Clive Maund who is absolutely incredible and has nailed just about everything recently.  He is the only trader I know with an amazing view of the whole world in, yet again, an agnostic manner, but he’s a candidate for one of the sharpest people I’ve found.  This guy is good.  Really good.

The question you asked is exactly the right one about heading back down into the range. The technicals of the dollar now point to this, but the fundamentals say exactly what we all know, it’s already toast, we just have to get there.  This is why I still believe these guys will pull off a short-term oversold rally.  I have witnessed no sign of a loss of control in the Dollar, Gold, or Treasury markets which are the true control factors.  Equities are nothing compared to the currency and debt market.  This is what is so hard about even discussing charts and prices when ultimately all of them are fake anyway, but we have to use all of this to discuss the moment.

Another factor that needs to be known is that Friday was an Options Expiration and the fraud uses options to fund everything now.  There was great motivation to close puts into the beatdown into Friday for massive options profits and it still shows no true sign that this isn’t the case.  Many of the most beaten down names in oil and gas staged huge reversals back up despite the carnage during the day Friday stating that the shorts were closed into expiry and that they are about to get a face ripping bounce back up in oil and gas and maybe the markets as well before the crash phase kicks in.  Again, we shall see.  If it crashes this week with no bounce, the tsunami is rolling.

Due to all known factors and the technical condition of the Dollar, the only conclusion I can come to is that something has to break.  And as we know, it’s already broken anyways. That’s what is so fascinating.

The 40% devaluation of the Dollar and collapse in the US mentioned by the Koch brothers in the article I sent you is what I have been expecting anyway.  Whatever takes place, we are about to see it.

All along, I’ve been here waiting out the loss of control of the Dollar and gold markets which is what I’ve been told will be the ultimate signal the whole time.  Nothing has proved that to be the wrong theory yet.  I don’t even want to be right about it, I just want it to take place.   I think the machines in control have to break.  As you so eloquently described in August, the whole ETF market broke and we are still playing this game and waiting for people to catch the hint.  Holy shit people.

Your painting of the transliminal soul picture is what gets this done.  There has to be a surge in demand for something better and an admission of some by the “trojan horses” that this doesn’t work.  Dr. Seuss has to blow up the Death Star.

Your website is a masterpiece.  Thus the Van Gogh.  You don’t need a brush.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

thank you very much for this very insightful information. I used the time while you responded to me to analyse the 10-year dollar chart for hidden patterns. Below you have it as attachment but you have to turn it 90 degree. I have used my special chart technical analysis I developed in the 90s. It is very useful to explain why charts develop the way they do based on stored past information. The method does not work so well for future predictions but still gives a better forecast than most other chart-technical analyses I know. It is an application of the theory of the Universal Law and I was inspired by my HS to develop it in the 90s.

Unfortunately at that time I did not have the technical support to develop the program electronically the way I wanted it to work and later on I gave up this effort as my HS told me, enough is enough and I should not invest on the stock markets anymore as they are now totally rigged. But even rigged markets follow the theory applied in my method as the behaviour is the same retrospectively but not so much prospectively.

Anyway, if you go back to the chart with the red lines I have drawn for you, this latest surge of the dollar was predictable from its past history as the cross points show. From this I surmise that there will not be any big moves upwards anymore but I have no idea how long it will take for the dollar to fall down. And even then I do not see how any impulses will go from this chart to the world economy with respect to sudden changes either way. I rather  predict that the dollar will stay around 100 for some time and this will drain the rest economies and will kill them, especially the emerging markets. Under normal conditions they would have profited from increased productivity due to cheaper production and export advantage but as we know now the international trade has come to a grinding halt.

That is why I rather expect a sudden financial infarct of the bank system (shutdown) due to a chain of bank defaults as they have already started in Italy, where the first default candidates such as Unicredit are the same default candidates from 2008, which proves that nothing has been repaired in the meantime. Unicredit bought the Bavarian bank HVB in the 90s which I owe a big chunk of money since the 90s and it already defaulted before 2008 and was bought for a penny by Unicredit. It had many bad loans since the 80s and the early 90s which broke its neck. Just as a background to show you how precarious the situation with all European banks has always been.

I think personally that a combination of factors leading to the unwinding of the global debt as bad loans, etc. will ultimately crash the banking system and force them to shut down. I do not think that we will wait till all these individual markets as currencies, gold, and bonds will begin to default on their own. It may be that the ruling cabal and their banksters may decide that a quick surrender is better for them than bleeding to the last drop of blood when nothing can be saved for the future hypothetical NWO when they may hope to stay on top of the pyramid. They may count on the same blackmailing as the Wall Street banks did in 2008 when they demanded infinite QE from the US government. But this time it would not work and once the banks are shut down, they will not reopen and the system will die due to cachexia. Other events will then gain the upper hand in the End Time and we know which.

Anyway, these are important considerations that further highlight the present murky financial and economic situation, but ultimately we are discussing here only how the system will first collapse as it is beyond question that it will collapse this year.

With love and light


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