A Massive ID Shift on the Full Wolf Moon Portal January 23/24, 2016

Georgi Stankov, January 24, 2016


Yesterday and today a massive ID shift took place that crowned our cleansing activities since the beginning of this year. It coincided with the Full Wolf Moon portal on January 23/24 about which you can read more below. I am sure that all of you have noticed it one way or another.

In my email exchange with Michelle below I elaborate more on this shift from my perspective. Carla felt, in addition to her cc-wave and excruciating headache this morning, extreme grieve and depression coming from the collective. She feels as if we have just escaped a huge catastrophe, most probably another nuclear war that happened on a lower timeline. Big natural catastrophes may have also happened. We hope to get more information in the course of the day. And here is my conversation with Michelle from early this morning that covers this huge ID shift.

Hi George,

New darkness comes to light.

Scene: Obama in his bed, at night time,  at the foot of his bed is a dark shadow with eyes, Obama is nodding his head and speaking to it, (I don’t hear any words) he has one hand holding his groin area, and the other hand is moving or trying to brush something away from this area.  His face is either sweaty or tears, and I think it is either fear or pain on his face or both.

The scene moves outside to an empty field or place, in dim light where he is standing with other people all in their pyjamas, their heads are bowed down like chins on their chests, arms at their sides, like they are sleepwalking, but are motionless.  They are all in straight lines, like lined up in rows, not just vertical but diagonally as it zooms out, there are hundreds of them like an army motionless.

I fear the PTW are having their puppet strings pulled by something else, something that we have failed to see or consider, that is using or working through a subtle realm, forcing the leaders of the world to do their bidding.  Obama has not the knowledge or the tools to deal with the shadow.  A shadow that can speak and touch in the physical realm, but is formless.

The new transliminal souls are up against more than just ego brains, and need our help and protection above all else if we are to reach the desired %.   I hold no love for the man or any of the leaders of the world, but if what I have seen is true, then, they are being tormented and abused by a force, that moves them, one that has the leaders of the world in fear of, and carrying out its bidding on the physical.

I don’t tend to dwell on any unseen dark forces or realms, and I had thought we had cleared them all, or the ones we know off.  Please ask your friends and allies for the truth on this, and what we should do.




Dear Michelle,

of course the dark ruling cabal have been manipulated by dark forces all the time and now they have to get rid of this influence under the supervision of the new transliminal souls as walk-ins. The cleansing and healing continues unabated to the very last moment and there is nothing particular about that.

What is important is that since yesterday there is another huge descent of source energies with massive cleansing and ID shifts. The intensity of the waves is incredible and last evening I thought I was going to ascend as I was no longer a human being but one pulsating field, a vortex is the right word.

Then this morning (Pacific time) there was another sudden ID shift. I noticed it as my entire coordination was suddenly impaired and I began to tremble all over my body while making breakfast in the kitchen. Then we had a sudden shift to a new higher timeline. This kind of wave is very particular as it hits the left temple of my head and I feel the entire frustration of humanity that almost immobilizes me.

I have had it several times in the past but the most significant event was on May 27th, 2013 when Carla visited me in Germany and we wanted to drive to the near-by city. All of a sudden I could not drive and began to tremble. It was a total catharsis and I was totally devastated, while Carla felt only bliss. After that when we sat in a cafe outside for me to calm down, the Elohim came and told us that we have just created seven new 4D earths and separated the old earth. In other words we performed a massive ID shift. All angels were there to congratulate us. The whole town was moved to a much higher timeline and seemed surreal.

This is what Carla sensed at that time and this same experience was repeated early this morning. That is why we know that we have just made another massive ID shift. We are now going to the beach for a walk where our Infinity Portal is to feel the shift better and because we need some fresh air. Also the weather here suddenly improved with the shift, before that we had three days with a horrible rain and almost total darkness and now the sun has come up and is shining bright.

Today we have also full wolf moon and its description fully coalesces with the energy quality of the current End Time of profound transformation through impending shutdown of the banking system and scarcity when the wolves will begin to howl:


“The full Wolf moon – or January’s full moon – will be visible this weekend (23/24 January). It is thought to have been dubbed the wolf moon by Native American tribes because at this time of year wolves would often howl in their search for scarce prey.

Food shortages in winter months meant they would scavenge for food wherever they could and travel around more than when prey is abundant. Wolves would also be competing with humans for food, and would sometimes gather outside villages…

Ovid and Virgil both wrote about men in the form of wolves would roam the forest – at this time the moon had nothing to do with their transformation. Ovid’s Metamorphosis also includes the story of how Lycaeon (where the word lycanthropy comes from) was turned into a wolf by Zeus after offending the gods for serving human meat to them.

The idea of werewolves became more popular in Europe during the witch trails, where people thought witches could transform themselves into animals. The full moon being the cause of transformation only became a popular part of the werewolf myth in the 20th century.”

With love and light


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