The Empire of Evil’s Roadmap to Perdition

The Major Maneuvers of 2014, 2015 and Beyond… Until Ascension

Joachim Hagopian, December 4, 2015


Georgi Stankov, December 5, 2015

This comprehensive review of the key political events in the last two years summarizes very well the last futile attempts of the Empire of Evil to establish the NWO. That is why I decided to publish it at this time, although I announced in the latest post that we should now concentrate more on the financial crisis that looms on the horizon. But the whole picture cannot be fully understood unless we take into consideration how the clandestine WW3, which the Empire of Evil and its NATO stooges are now waging against the rest of the world, headed by independent Russia, is leading to the ultimate collapse of the Orion matrix and our final ascension.

This scenario was predicted by the great seer Edgar Cayce almost a century ago, however from a linear perspective. Nonetheless his prophecies for the End Time consider several alternative scenarios. In all of them Russia plays a key role as a bulwark against the heinous plans of the dark western cabal to establish the NWO in the End Time, knowing that they will not ascend and will be left behind on lower catastrophic timelines. Hence their pathological hatred towards all ascension candidates and their insane efforts to prevent this event at any cost, including the annihilation of humanity and destroying this planet. This is ridiculous and pathetic as Creation cannot be destroyed by derailed recidivist souls that have fallen by the wayside of the spiritual evolution in All-That-Is.

This article below highlights the most important predictions of Edgar Cayce with respect to the current role of Russia and Putin in preventing the NWO:

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3

It is indeed breathtaking how our reality evolves around common energetic patterns and why it is so easy to see the future when one has the right spiritual approach. With respect to the role of Russia as a bulwark of light against the dark sinister Western cabal and stooges of the Orion empire in the End Time, this could have been predicted very easily. One only needs to consider the fact that the Russian population consists in its majority of ripe and old souls, while the Empire of Evil, and North America altogether, is the continent of young unripe souls who are fully embroiled in bellicose antagonism.

This soul population has the highest level of separation from the source though various energetic blockages in their chakra systems, emotional and mental bodies as part of the specific karmic challenges in this soul cycle. Young souls are the most belligerent part of the incarnated human population and they seek to impose full control over the rest of humanity and even upon nature, which they consider a very hostile entity. Hence the global environmental destruction of this earth by young soul corporations. As these souls are fully agnostic and do not believe in afterlife, they also have no respect for life at all. That is why they are always embroiled in devastating catastrophic wars and other undertakings as the Americans exemplify in a paradigmatic manner since WW2.

The Russian people, on the other hand, went through huge sacrifices and challenges in their recent history and this helped them release their past karma very quickly. They are now rapidly opening to the light, though not to the extent we advocate on this website. One must bear in mind that this dark North American continent needed some highly evolved souls as light warriors of the first and the last hour to keep up the light quotient high and that is why we have so many PAT members in the USA and here in Canada, while we have only a few PAT members in Russia.

The geographic distribution of the readers of this website gives us a very precise information as to how the different soul ages are distributed on this planet. China and India, for instance, harbour the biggest populations of baby and child souls on the earth and that is why we have, with very few exceptions, almost no PAT members in these parts of the world as they will not ascend and will not profit from our light contrary to the young souls in North America who are now on the verge of entering the ripe souls cycle of total disillusionment as part of their further spiritual evolution. Disillusionment of the ego in the successful manipulation of the external world is the most powerful driving motor of spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality and its re-connection to the soul and the Source. All PAT members have gone through this difficult period of inner re-orientation before they could begin with their LBP, especially when they shared the wrong ideas of the dominating young souls in the western society.

The Russians are, as ripe and old souls in their vast majority, candidates for the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy, but they are not that much advanced as to follow us yet. The Saker, with whom I am in contact, is a classical example of this soul population. These souls will acknowledge our truth only after the ID shift and our ascension. This explains why the positive role of the Russian population will continue in the new 4D worlds, even though all nations will cease to exist there.

At the same time the Empire of Evil and its western stooges in Europe must experience a full destruction very soon, the collapse of the Orion matrix, which Russia and the BRICS countries have already left behind for the most part, so that the young western souls can learn their karmic lessons and move to the next ripe soul cycle. The latter always commences with a profound incertitude and doubts in the efficacy of the bellicose means with which these souls try to resolve all their earthly issues in a state of total agnosticism and separation from the HR. This explains why the hegemonic foreign policy of the USA is now a full failure on a global scale and not only in Ukraine and the Middle East and why Russia wins all skirmishes. It is not that Putin is such a clever chess master at the political stage but that he follows certain ethical and moral principles that are now fully supported by the new source energies of truth and the new crystalline grid of Gaia.

Europe plays a very murky role in this ascension scenario that is entirely determined by the model of soul age and demographic distribution on this planet as presented in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. Central and Eastern Europe have also a larger number of ripe souls, and some countries such as Holland, Croatia and Hungary have the highest percentage of old souls in the world. France is a very unripe young soul nation and Germany and Italy occupy an interim position between the very dark British nation and the Russian nation of light.

Spain is more like France and this also holds true for Poland, where the Catholic church has prevented the broad awakening of the masses. That is why we have more PAT members in this country to compensate for this darkness in the broader population. The same holds true for GB where some of the finest PAT souls live.

Ukraine represents the absolute extremes, where the old and ripe Russian souls of the light in Novorussia stand against the very unripe Zombie-like souls of the Bandera Neo-Nazis in Western Ukraine that committed the bloody coup d’etat last year and started a brutal civil war against the Russian population in Eastern Ukraine with the aim of eliminating it through genocide. In this crime on humanity they were extensively supported by the dark unripe cabal souls in the West.

The battle in Ukraine is the main frontline between the forces of light in the East and the forces of darkness in the West. In between are all those fence straddler souls that have to experience enhanced karma in the End Time as to be redeemed from past dark patterns and qualify for ascension to the new 4D worlds.

And above this population in Central Europe, we have the city of light Raetia which we created in the last decade. When the light will fully win this battle in the coming days, this city of light will become the new technological hub of the new human civilisation from where all past wounds will be easily healed through the healing Temple in Lofer.

We have a very similar situation here in North America, where this continent is divided between more ripe and old souls on the West coast compared to the very dark East coast (New England) of young souls, with the darkest cesspool around the Great Lakes, such as Chicago and Detroit in the USA and Toronto in Canada. That is why we have another city of light over Vancouver that stretches over the border to Washington state, with some advanced posts in California, from where this continent in turmoil will be salvaged.

This is, of course, a didactic simplification but is a very useful roadmap with which you can explain all the current political and economic events from the soul perspective. This approach gives you a unique cognitive advantage compared to all the other critical writers who only see one side of the coin and subsequently come to wrong conclusions. With these considerations in mind, you can now enjoy the following review presenting the current political situation on this planet from a conventional, partially enlightened point of view.


Political Review

In the last couple years US-NATO forces have intentionally pursued an aggressive path with a current trajectory leading humanity straight into World War III. In contrast to the West’s overt warmongering transgressions, the political, economic and military forces of the East in Russia and China have exercised far more prudent, defensive posturing that has demonstrated remarkable restraint, thus saving us from a potential nuclear holocaust that would certainly amount to the earth’s first known manmade caused mass life extinction. Scientists believe five prior planetary mass life extinctions were all the result of cataclysmic natural forces.

This presentation will lay bare the suicidal and homicidal tendencies displayed by the actions of a handful of megalomaniacal neocons in Washington carrying out marching orders issued by the planet’s ruling elite whose New World Order agenda for over a century has been a one world government. Fearing wrath from a fast growing population of world citizens actively opposing the elite’s diabolical agenda, 2015 has seen the globalists desperately fast tracking their orchestrated “perfect storm” of world catastrophes, i.e., the convergence of unprecedented global terrorism designed to act as the incendiary device used to ignite the so called East versus West world war accompanied by the complete collapse of their bankrupted, house of cards, debt-based economy and the rapid global breakdown of civil order. Through their proven divide and conquer formula utilizing the Hegelian Dialectic, the global elite intends to induce such dire conditions on the earth’s surface as to bring to fruition its one world government fully implemented by 2016. And at the escalating pace fueling today’s most disturbing world events erupting at near daily frequency, unless we citizen-activists of the world finally raise up in solidarity to stop this subhuman handful of insane psychopaths from killing us all (or the 90% of the global population they’re committed to murdering), 2016 may well go down in history as the year they ultimately achieve their fully operational one world government.

The twentieth century has been called America’s century representing the apex of American Empire rule over the planet, culminating with the cold war breakup and defeat of the Soviet Empire, and the US claiming exclusive title as sole global superpower, wielding its full spectrum dominance and hegemonic control over every corner of the globe. But the neocons whose careers rapidly advanced under the Reagan-Bush senior regime, spearheaded by the likes of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz as the Dr. Frankensteins of US neocon foreign policy was unabashedly spelled out in their ambitious take-over-the-world Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Since America had outlasted the Communists as its former enemy, the PNAC came up with the 9/11 blueprint of a “new Pearl Harbor,” spawning their long war on terror against Muslim extremists as their newly designated enemy. With fellow partners-in-crime Israel and Saudi Arabia, the DC madmen took charge of US Empire of Chaos and Destruction having successfully stolen this century’s first two presidential elections to affix George W. as the dumbed down version of his demonic father in the White House flanked by his right hand boss the devil’s chief architect himself Dick Cheney. In the first 15 years of this century, the elite’s agenda to destabilize, impoverish and increase totalitarian control over the planet has advanced at breakneck speed. Having hijacked virtually every national government in the West, if the elite’s international crime cabal has its way, the twenty-first century will have to be remembered as the century that ushered in a barbaric age of New World Order tyranny.

Though the neocons’ foreign policy of constant regime change around the globe (7) would not be achieved within their overly optimistic 5-year vision vis-à-vis Syria and Iran, their endless war on terror would be fully actualized in spades during the century’s first decade with two costly protracted invasion-occupations changing how America fights its wars while using the central banking cabal’s unlimited fiat dollars to obliterate nation after nation with the killing power of the US military as overreaching global empire conquerors. The exponential rise of the military industrial complex and deep state totalitarianism fueled by the cancerous growth of Homeland Security, FEMA, the UN and private civilian contracting armies sucking the cash cow teats obscenely funded by the no bid contracts of corrupt crony capitalists is the driving force behind an unsustainable, insurmountable national debt at taxpayer expense and middle class demise. But the ruling elite in 2015 has never been more blatant in its power grabbing and the global population more in peril because of it. And with NATO member Turkey shooting down a Russian jet near the Turkish border in Syria last week, the stakes of a global war have never been higher. How did we get here to this brink of self-annihilation? A timeline roadmap of the last two years graphically illustrates just how deadly and reckless a course the US Empire of Chaos has been blundering, now seemingly driving humanity right off the doomsday cliff.

August 2013 Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Obama instantly blamed Assad for a horrific chemical weapons attack on a Damascus suburb launched by US-backed terrorists. The president used this false flag operation to justify would-be airstrikes on Syria. Complete with photos of the children’s corpses, Obama self-righteously exalted his infamous red line ultimatum all the while acting as an accomplice himself to the war crime atrocity for financially supporting the murderers who without his guns and money would never have been able to kill those innocent kids. He shamelessly paraded their corpses out before the world sanctimoniously calling for airstrikes that he knew risked starting World War III with Russia and China lining up their warships off the Syrian coast in defense of their ally. Had the entire world not reacted so strongly in protest against Obama’s lust for war, combined with Putin’s last minute brokered deal with Assad to turn in his chemical weapons, we all might not even be alive right now (read also all articles on the first Syrian crisis in 2013 on this website, note, George).

February 2014 Violent Overthrow of Ukraine Government

On February 18th, 2014 the Ukraine revolution turned violent. Through Hillary Clinton’s State Department NGO’s funded in part by the likes of billionaire George Soros, the US invested $5 billion to incite staged protests over several months that culminated in the US-induced coup that led to another democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation ousted from office and forced to flee the capital for his life. The US had an army of CIA and military intelligence operatives along with hired agitators and snipers in the streets escalating the level of violence in Kiev that toppled the existing government. The US had been aggressively courting Ukraine to join the EU as yet another former Soviet state to turn against its previous master when President Viktor Yanukovych decided to accept Putin’s loan offer, at which point the US regime change operation covertly shifted into overdrive. Of course part of the prize would have been stealing the Crimean naval base for maritime control over the Black Sea that belonged to Russia. A telling moment came when Hillary’s right hand woman Victoria Nuland, pushing and shoving amongst the demonstrating Kiev crowd, was caught uttering her infamous “fuck the EU” statement, telling because that’s the neocon way – ever-at-the-ready to throw Europe or anyone else under the bus, anything to retain global hegemony (check also all articles on the Ukraine crisis on this website, note, George).

March 2014 Crimea Chooses Annexation to Russia

Heading US Empire off at the pass, on March 1st Vladimir Putin strategically reclaimed his Russian naval base in Sevastopol. Just two weeks later in an emergency referendum election, 96% of Crimea’s residents voted for annexation with Russia. The West was stunned by this turn of events. Despite Crimea being part of Russia since 1783 until Ukrainian Soviet Premier Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954, the US-led international community began denouncing Putin’s move as an illegal land grab. Thus unleashed was the West’s relentless demonization of Putin who was simply acting in both his nation’s interest as well as the interests of ethnic Russians who refused to live under the corrupt US neo-Nazi installed Kiev government. The US has maintained a long historic policy of attempting to isolate Russia and China by turning neighboring countries into their enemies as US puppets. This longstanding strategy of course is a flagrant violation of international law – interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, including the Ukrainian coup a month earlier. But because of US dominance, it gets away with it. Hypocrite Secretary of State John Kerry chastising Putin: It is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. That is not 21st century, G-8, major-nation behavior.

Tell that to Afghanistan and Iraq who had nothing to do with the neocons’ 9/11 inside attack on America. In response to the West’s hypocritical lambasting, Putin truthfully proclaimed:

We have every reason to think that the notorious policy of confining Russia, pursued in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, continues today.

Putin’s reference to “today” has everything to do with the United States actively recruiting the entire former Iron Curtain of Eastern European nations as NATO members hostile to Russia punctuated with nuclear warhead missiles aimed directly at Moscow… the US induced Ukraine coup only adding insult to injury.

Spring-Summer 2014 Separatist Movement in Donbass Region and US-Backed War against Freedom Fighting Rebels

After watching events unfold in nearby Crimea the month before, in April ethic Russian separatists living in Eastern Ukraine followed suit, moving to become independent. On May 11th a referendum in the largest cities of Donetsk and Luhansk was held with over 90% voting for independence. Of course having just lost Crimea to Russia, the US and Kiev government were not about to concede losing any more control over existing Ukraine territory. All-out war was then declared against the rebels as Ukrainian military launched a major offensive into Donbass region during late spring into the summer. With full US-NATO support that soon included international mercenary volunteers, arms and supplies, the Kiev forces fired rockets, mortars and heavy artillery directly into residential neighborhoods in Donetsk and Luhansk, with at least 1130 dead in the Donbass region from April to late July. Meanwhile, Putin placed 20000 of his own troops along the Eastern Ukraine border. In their lust for war against nuclear powered Russia, US NATO Commander General Philip Breedlove, a Dr. Strangelove throwback, and his colleague commanding general of US Army forces in Europe Lt. General Ben Hodges took turns falsely accusing Russian troops of invading Ukraine.

After corrupt US puppet billionaire Petro Poroshenko was elected Ukrainian president on May 25th, by summer his advancing Kiev forces were using superior firepower to brutally engage in cultural and ethnic cleansing. Amidst Poroshenko‘s merciless slaughter of civilians he insisted were his own Ukrainian citizens, after reaching a peace agreement that he’d soon renege on, he had the audacity to utter these hollow words belying his murderous actions:

The highest value is human life, and we must do everything possible to stop the bloodshed and put an end to suffering.

July 17th, 2014 Flight MH17 Shot Down over Eastern Ukraine

On July 17th all evidence points to two Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jets trailing the Malaysian airliner for several minutes prior to its abrupt radar disappearance at 5:23PM Moscow time. The fighter jets were armed with both air-to-air missiles and a machine gun mount that likely brought the Flight MH17 down filled with 298 passengers headed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur but ended up at a crash site outside Donetsk in Donbass region. However, it’s also been confirmed that the Ukrainian military moved three or four of its own BUK surface-to-air missiles in place inside the rebel held territory. Among the many smoking guns is the fact that as soon as the airliner left Polish airspace entering Ukraine, Kiev air traffic control ordered the ill-fated plane two hundred miles north from its original standard flight path into the eastern Ukrainian warzone. With confirmed records of the Ukraine traffic control diversion, the hovering Ukraine jet and the Ukraine missile ground systems, the Kiev government’s fingerprints were left all over the before, during and after MH17 crime scene, strongly indicating that the perpetrators causing the MH17 crash were all based out of Kiev. As always with false flags, right from the get-go to the present, Western media constantly protects the Empire evildoers spinning nonstop lies falsely casting judge, jury and executioner blame onto US designated enemies Putin and the Donbass rebels.

However, shrewd, fast thinking Putin released incontrovertible satellite and air traffic control evidence proving that both the rebels and Russia had nothing to do with the pre-planned disaster carried out by US-NATO-Ukraine, forcing the US false narrative to have to regroup and assume a lower profile in its bombastic propaganda war. Also the West’s claim that a Su-25 could not fly at the cruising airliner altitude of 33000 feet was debunked by simply using an oxygen mask in a pressurized cockpit. “The mountain of evidence” Secretary of State John Kerry had so smugly claimed right after the crash “proving” that Putin and his rebels committed the crime suddenly evaporated into thin air. Putin’s smoking gun proof also uncovered the sloppy US-Ukrainian after-the-fact cover-up that had falsified and changed traffic control data, weather and satellite imagery records in its failed desperation attempt to blame Moscow. Once the lies of the West were exposed, of course accompanied by accomplice Western media blackout, a recoiling US retaliated by committing another obstruction of justice crime immediately securing the airliner’s black box into US-NATO puppet England’s hands thereby ensuring the truth never get revealed and making sure that the US-NATO puppet Dutch authorities conducting the prelim investigation still feebly hold the fabricated line implicating by false innuendo Russian involvement.

Eventually the investigation has expanded to include a four nation commission. But the Dutch helped install the current illegitimate Ukraine government that’s been added to the investigative team and given veto power over what ends up released to the public. Major conflict of interest there that quashes any chance of the truth coming out. Other Western puppets on the commission are Australia and Belgium. As an afterthought, Malaysia’s been invited as the nation with both the downed airliner and aside from the Dutch the most dead. However, even the pilot’s body remains off-limits to Malaysian inspectors as well as the pilot’s own family. Plus, the pilot’s seat still left in the field where the plane hit the ground has been discovered with very noticeable gunshot holes from a machine gun that would easily have been fired from one of the Su-25’s, ruling out the possibility that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air BUK missile fired from the ground. A recovered piece of the Boeing 777’s fuselagealso was riddled with gunshot holes. All guilty roads lead to a Ukrainian Air Force jets taking MH17 down with a massive cover-up from the West. The strategy of the whitewashing commission is to delay its “conclusive” findings due to its obvious need to hide the plain-to-see truth of another cover-up of yet another Western false flag.

2014-15 Expansion of War in Ukraine

At the time that flight MH17 went down too many co-occurring events beyond mere coincidence further point to the West’s criminal guilt. It was reported that Kiev troops were losing their resolve fighting an unpopular war on the eastern front and were deserting in large numbers, forcing Poroshenko into sending conscripted underage boys to the frontline quagmire. To turn the world against Putin and thus provide the pretext of US-NATO entering the Ukraine war, a false flag blaming Russia for murdering near 300 innocent people onboard MH17 was conceived to surely do the dirty trick. What US-NATO failed to consider is the truth exposing them as lying murderers on the wrong side of history.

Both the airliner crash and a major Ukrainian military offensive had been planned months in advance, with the air disaster scheduled on July 17th and Kiev’s aggressive war campaign in Eastern Ukraine launched the very next day on July 18th. The US also just happened to be conducting two military live drills in Ukraine right up to the time of the false flag. Where have we heard that before? Operation Sea Breeze is an annual land, air and sea exercise conducting electronic warfare that involves monitoring passenger aircraft in the region and data collection from a spy satellite that happened to be sighted over the Donetsk area at the time of the crash. The other military exercise, Rapid Trident 2014, was a joint NATO-US-Ukraine sponsored operation to enhance cooperation between land forces. Overwhelming evidence proves that the taking down of the civilian airliner was yet another false flag operation for which the US-NATO are notoriously guilty. Western history is a history made of false flags.

Thus by US-NATO design, throughout the second half of 2014 despite several ceasefire agreements in Ukraine, emboldened by US Empire prodding to make its push east to crush the rebellion, Kiev would repeatedly violate the truces to resume its carnage. A negotiated September peace treaty did little to stop the bloodshed. Fighting for both their lives and for their freedom, the rebels managed to launch a counteroffensive trapping 2500 Ukrainian soldiers under siege in a key link city between rebel strongholds Donetsk and Luhansk, a major defeat for US-NATO-Kiev. Separatists claimed 3000 dead from the Ukrainian Army while Kiev claimed the farcical low number of just 22 KIA’s. In response to seeing his team floundering, Obama desperately began deploying US-NATO advisors to the war front as well as proposed shipments of heavy arms to Ukraine for the first time. Ukraine military launched another major campaign in January 2015 ignoring another ceasefire.

Meanwhile fearing the high risk volatility of having to potentially fight another world war in their own backyard and hurt more than Russia with its winter natural gas supply cutoff by US-led negative sanctions against Putin, in February 2015 Germany and France began mediating peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in Minsk. Obama’s timing in wanting to raise the ante sending heavy arms and ammo along with US combat troops, CIA and FBI operatives was clearly intended to sabotage the Minsk negotiations. While Europe sought peace through conflict resolution, the Washington warmongers were busily plotting preemptive nuclear war strikes against Russia and deploying a rapid buildup of US military presence joining NATO forces amassing along the Russian border in Eastern Europe. Over recent months US-NATO troops have conducted a series of enormous, unprecedented joint military exercises as overt preparation for war against Russia.

While the US sends more armored tanks and troops to Europe integrating with NATO as they densely align along Russia’s border and continuing to deploy scheduled missile installments on Russia’s doorstep, Putin is forced to respond in kind. As the arms race intensifies, so does their eventual use. With nothing but lies and propaganda pumped out 24/7 by mainstream media demonizing Putin for the last two years, Western globalists have used their puppet Obama to aggressively exploit Ukraine along with Syria as the two primed hotspot startups for World War III.

June 8th, 2014 ISIS Invasion of Iraq Taking Mosul

Despite possessing the technological means to monitor the whereabouts of virtually every human alive on this planet, much less an invading army moving from one country to another, Obama and his Pentagon pretended not to notice the miles long caravan of freshly US-armed Islamic State terrorists driving freshly US-gifted brand new Toyota trucks kicking up desert sand from Syria to Iraq. And then the Iraqi security forces that alleged war hero General David Petraeus worked so long and hard training the previous decade suddenly abandoned their positions surrendering their second largest city Mosul to ISIS. The June 2014 Islamic State incursion into Iraq read like an unbelievable B movie script. But we’re supposed to be convinced that ISIS just suddenly sprang out of nowhere to overnight become the biggest, baddest monsters alive, at least that’s how Obama and his puppet masters presented their half-assed staging of Middle Eastern theater featuring their bumbling US war operations in Syria and Iraq.

Forget that Obama was explicitly warned that this particular Islamic jihadist group entertained such grand ambitions to establish a massive Islamic caliphate throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. Because Obama chose these terrorists over his former favorite proxy mercenary ally al Qaeda, the US was bankrolling a brand new brand of terrorism over all the others, confident that these ones would finally take down Assad. So way back in 2012 before ISIS even had its name, per Defense Intelligence Agency documents and a former DIA commander, our treasonous commander-in-chief favored these guys to keep the endless war on terror going and Bush-Cheney’s regime change operation still alive. Just as Osama and his al Qaeda were used as the patsies blamed for 9/11 that the neocons with help from their Israeli-Saudi friends pulled off, now it was ISIS’ turn to play the US manufactured heavy (along with Putin of course) while working closely with CIA to stage the beheading of the week theater for Western shock and awe YouTube entertainment. Cutting the throats of Western journalists and Middle Eastern Christians graphically made Islamic State legendary for their brand of evil in the minds of a horrified world. The August 19th beheading of James Foley garnered MSM top billing ratings for weeks.

As if the violent chaos and destruction in Ukraine and Syria/Iraq weren’t bloody enough all summer long last year, a third spectacle of horror and tragedy was brought to you by our best buds the apartheid butchers from Israel, the same ally US taxpayers are forced to give $3.7 billion of their hard-earned dollars each year as Israel’s genocidal military aid. Using the excuse that three Jewish teenage boys were murdered by Palestinians, a likely false flag in and of itself, for two straight months Israel sought revenge by firing rockets daily into residential Palestinian neighborhoods including schools and hospitals in another genocidal rash of Gaza ethnic cleansing. During the summer bloodbath in 2014, Israel murdered over 2200 Palestinians, many of whom were children and women. And these days attacks on Palestinian civilians appear to be once again flaring up.

The United States has never ceased being a willing accomplice to Israel’s state sponsored terrorism that amounts to crimes against humanity. After all, for decades it’s the brutal US partner that’s been committing terrorist atrocities throughout the Middle East with impunity protection from the US world bully Empire. Likewise, the US has also perpetrated decades of terrorism on behalf and behest of Tel Aviv, fighting long costly proxy wars against Muslim nations posing no threat whatsoever to US national security. Allowing the nation Israel to defiantly refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty then proceed to willfully develop an enormous nuclear stockpile, even handing over nuclear secrets knowing Israel stole American secrets, covering up Israel’s 1967 massacre of 34 US Navy sailors onboard the USS Liberty along with its role in 9/11, allowing Israel’s nuclear blackmail with its Sampson Option threatening to nuke its allies should they somehow fail to adequately defend the Jewish state – all of these are flagrant violations of international law. Yet the DC neocons – half of whom hold dual citizenship – along with the bribed bought and sold Congress, both exercise their true loyalties to Israel while treasonously failing to uphold the US Constitution, much less protect and defend American citizens from foreign and domestic enemies.

August 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak

The summer of 2014 has to go down as one of the hottest, longest, most disturbingly deadly summers in world history. On August 8th the World Health Organization declared the latest flare-up of the Ebola virus raging in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone as an international health emergency. Never mind the very high likelihood that Ebola first found its way out of a US research lab, that the US government classified Ebola as a bio-warfare agent and weapon, securing US patents on several earlier strains. Then when an American doctor and nurse were infected they were flown straight to Atlanta’s Center for Disease Control to extract the virus in order to obtain a patent on the deadliest strain of them all. Or that a research team from Tulane University working closely for years with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases most likely intentionally contaminated Sierra Leone patients from their hospital lab and were subsequently kicked out of the country after strong evidence implicated their creating and spreading the epidemic in West Africa. Or that Ebola as a bio-warfare weapon could conveniently be spread airborne as a most highly effective lethal means of targeting humans for culling the global population per the elite’s eugenics plan to reduce the 7.3 billion people to a half to one billion. The fact that Ebola kills up to 90% of those infected and does so quickly makes it a rather viable, highly valued option for potential use by the psychopathic elite as their “final solution.”. What comes to mind here are the killer effects from vaccines currently in process of becoming mandatory for all American adults as well as children.

August 9th, 2014 Ferguson Riots

Wouldn’t you know it, the day after Ebola’s declared a global threat after infecting so many black people in Africa, within 24 hours later the militarized US police state declares war against black people in America with the Ferguson riots. These two co-occurring developments linking the US government’s aggression and victimization of humans belonging to the black race is no haphazard, randomized event. The US federal government has a long history of victimizing people with darker-skinned complexion, be it in the US as well as around the globe. Using bio-warfare and race war as a means of increasing control over targeted populations is not a stretch of the imagination, especially when considering the facts.

The Tuskegee experiment cold-bloodedly infected poor American black males with lethal untreated syphilis for forty years spread to wives and children – all in the name of “science.” Most states in America passed eugenics laws legalizing a widespread half-century practice up till 1974 of compulsory sterilization of mostly poor African American and Native American women without obtaining either victims’ consent or knowledge.

In recent years the rampant murder of unarmed African American males by white police, then the excessive use of police state brutality on dissenting black protestors exercising their First Amendment rights, diabolically misusing more of billionaire George Soros’ money ($33 million) to bus in paid agitators purposely deployed jointly with unleashed police state violence, be it in Ferguson or earlier this year in Baltimore or anywhere US citizens assemble for peaceful demonstration (as in putting down the Occupy movement), under increasing government tyranny, victimization is the operational word. With marching orders from the ruling elite, today’s thematic constant embedded in both US foreign and domestic policy is nothing less than genocidal assault on humanity.

Summer 2015 Jade Helm Operation

The massive three-month Jade Helm military operation that took place in nine states across Southern America this last summer was a psyops operation to learn about the so called domestic enemy that happens to be law-abiding citizens like you and me. The goal was to determine the level of citizen resistance in advance of the next major false flag crisis when martial law goes into effect. It was another beta test dry run for Americans to get used to soldiers operating on US soil in their streets and neighborhoods rather than restricted to US military reservations or foreign deployment.

The Posse Comitatus law prohibiting US military use in civil matters became permanently suspended when the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was passed allowing US military to break into your home in the middle of the night, arrest you without a warrant or charge, and imprison you without legal rights, without a trial for an indefinite period of time. Increasingly, average Americans are being viewed by both law enforcement and the feds as the most threatening enemy, even more so than ISIS.

When veterans, constitutionalists, dissident-activists, gun owners, Christians, tea party members are all targeted on a growing watch list deemed as domestic terrorists, belligerents and enemies of the state, and especially when such federal agencies like the EPA, FDA, IRS, postal service, fish and wildlife department and the Social Security Administration have all been buying up billions of rounds of hollow point bullets.If that’s not declaring war on US citizens, I don’t know what is.

January 7th, 2015 Charlie Hebdo Paris Attack and November’s Friday the 13thParis False Flag Terror II

Whether violations of Fourth Amendment invasive surveillance/search and seizure/right to privacy laws, First Amendment peaceful assembly free speech laws, Second Amendment private gun ownership laws, Sixth Amendment due process laws, civil liberties in a totalitarian police state are no longer upheld or enforceable. Ever since 9/11 an assault on citizens has been launched throughout the Western world in the misnomer name of national security where tyrannical public servants have treasonously and illegally usurped and obliterated cherished freedoms. Western governments have resorted to staging dozens of false flag “terrorist” incidents to pass hundreds of draconian antiterrorism laws worldwide in order to keep the masses living in both paranoid fear and under increasingly oppressive surveillance and control. From 9/11 to 7/7 London to 3/11 Spain to the two Paris attacksthis year, the international intelligence community like the CIA, Mossad and MI5 have worked hand-in-hand with Muslim jihadist terrorists to help transition towards global tyranny leading to the New World Order’s one world government.

This month’s second attack in Paris in less than a year brought martial law to France that’s been extended for at least the next three months. This latest terrorist event killing 130 innocent people and injuring over 350 more also reinvigorated the ruling elite/US Empire/West’s global war of terror, not so much to join Putin in actually destroying ISIS terrorists but to stop Putin from ending their endlessly long “war on terror.” You see, they cannot continue wreaking havoc around the world, destabilizing and impoverishing nations (including both developing and developed countries) without their secret symbiotic allies the terrorists. After all, the terrorists-r-us! It’s been proven beyond any doubt they are the twisted, concocted creation of Western elites, funded, trained, armed, supplied and protected by US Empire, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Europe, NATO and Arab Gulf States like Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan.

Late August 2015 to Present Mass Migration Refugee Crisis

Under the benign catch-all term “multiculturalism,” meant to conjure up the warm and fuzzy of universal tolerance embracing the richness of human diversity, arriving late this summer in Europe and continuing to spin out of control across the continent comes the globalist Trojan horse of the mass migration crisis. Just as the wars in the Middle East and North Africa using the antagonists US Empire to do its dirty bidding and ISIS to spread terror are all by globalist design, so too is this growing crisis placing a top-heavy burden on European nations to absorb the massive, unending waves of new immigrants whose backgrounds are of such disparate ethnicity, language, culture and religion from Europe’s majority host populations. The accomplished mission of turning nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan that resisted US global hegemony into war ravaged failed states, murdering millions of innocents and displacing eleven million mostly Muslims from Syria alone, carries a part two agenda to destabilize and ultimately destroy the cultural fabric and identity of largely Caucasian inhabited developed nations in Europe and North America. The flooding of mass migration refugees quickly overloads host nations designed intentionally to create massive civil unrest, class wars, race wars, religious wars, culture wars, riots, hate crimes, mass chaos and violence that include more incidents of terrorism. Meanwhile, it provides the elite with an even cheaper source of slave labor that will automatically lower the average wage and increase profits.

So what if it also increases unemployment and creates an enormous burden on socialistic human service systems that will soon reach critical mass? To the psychopathic elite it delivers more money, more power and more control over the suffering masses. Ultimately it permanently changes the national and cultural identity of the developed world, rapidly homogenizing and lowering the standard of living to be of equal parity with the Third World. The elite’s goal ultimately is to create such dire uniform conditions across all continents by incrementally eliminating the distinction between First and Third Worlds. With global war, global terror, a collapsed global economy comes the Hegelian method and “final solution” of the New World Order to the rescue, and full implementation of the elite’s one world government will be complete. The UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 of reducing the global population down to a “sustainable” half to one billion people serving the interests of the ruling elite will then be achieved.

October 5th, 2015 TPP Trade Deal Reached

Of course in addition to the chaos, strife and instability caused by the migration crisis comes the elitist plan to remove the sovereign barriers that independent nations like the United States pose toward facilitating a one world government. When the dozen trade ministers representing the twelve nation members of the Tran Pacific Partnership signed off on the finalized agreement in October, the globalists moved one giant step closer to their one world government exercising tyrannical control over the human terrain. Within the next several months the twelve national governments will need to ratify TPP to make it law of the 12 nation land that generates 40% of the world’s economy. If and when this happens, there will no longer be a United States of America. The TTIP merges North America with Europe and serves the same sinister purpose promoting the globalized New World Order. There will only be corporatization of virtually the entire planet. Corporate lawyers will dictate how we are governed as their laws will supersede all national US laws. This will open the floodgate to further raping and pillaging of the earth and every living being on it.

September 28th, 2015 Putin Outing Obama’s Fake War vs. Putin’s Real War against Terror

At the UN General Assembly Putin publicly outed to the world Obama’s façade of supposedly “hunting down” the ISIS terrorists since late August 2014. Despite leading an allied coalition alleged to have dropped over 16,000 airstrikes during the first year alone in its fake war against ISIS, Obama has little to show for himself. And the reason is all too obvious. Obama and the Pentagon’s actual mission in both Iraq and Syria has been to protect the Frankenstein monster that they’ve created. Putin’s intelligence sources gathered the lowdown and confronted Obama on September 28th when he exposed the West’s pretend game to coddle and protect terrorists instead of kill them. Because Putin was all too aware that the United States was in fact promoting the spread of terrorism far beyond the Middle East and North Africa, including north Caucasus into Russia and unwilling to sit by and risk losing his ally Assad replaced by another corrupt weak US puppet like every other destroyed nation on America’s kill list, Putin announced that at Assad’s request, Russia is sending troops, naval ships and launching airstrikes against ISIS.

Putin’s bold stand was received resoundingly well by virtually the entire world, that is except Obama and his terrorist allies like ISIS, Turkey, Israel. Vladimir Putin has outmaneuvered and outsmarted his US counterparts Clinton, Bush and Obama put together in his long run in power. Even US-NATO puppet nations like Germany’s Angela Merkel applauded Putin’s resolve as welcome relief. After all, Europe is also being victimized indirectly by US Empire’s overly aggressive need for unipolar hegemony, overrun by a massive refugee problem caused by US Empire wars, suffering without Russian oil and natural gas due to US sanctions against Putin, uneasy over the US belligerence destabilizing Ukraine as part of Empire’s apparent rush to global war that would be fought in Europe’s backyard, and tired of being bullied as longtime US puppets, more than they could publicly let on, European leaders were embracing Putin’s decisive rise as a real world leader versus the deceptive paper tiger.

October 1st, 2015 to Present: Putin’s War against Islamic State Terrorists

Throughout October and November Putin has been conducting a massive air campaign along with using heavy artillery, armored vehicles and supplying intensive ground support for the Syrian Arab Army, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters to destroy ISIS in Syria. After two months fighting the tide has decisively turned against Obama and his West’s terrorist allies. In November the Putin coalition overtook a military airbase in northern Syria that the terrorists were holding under siege the last two years, liberating 250 grateful, relieved Syrian soldiers. Putin’s going after the terrorists’ bread and butter, the black market oil stolen from hijacked oil refineries in Syria and Iraq. In recent weeks Russian bombers have been destroying truck convoys of oil tankers miles long, hitting ISIS where it hurts most, money to fund its madness. The neocon Obama administration is having a tizzy watching everything they’ve been building up and secretly supporting be mowed down by a true antiterrorist force. Kerry was anxious to make a deal with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Vienna last month to spare losing ISIS in exchange for the West accepting Assad’s stay in power. Putin embarrassed a number of G-20 leaders at the mid-November meeting in Antalya, Turkey by revealing that Putin is well aware of the 40 nations that have been financially supporting the Islamic State, alluding to some being present in the room, and that he intends to hold every last one accountable. Of course as always, not one Western media outlet bothered to carry that piece of rather significant news.

October 27th, 2015 US Navy Patrol-by Incident in South China Sea

For several years now the US has purposely soured its relations with its closest rivals Russia and China, unilaterally resurrecting the cold war again. Tensions between America and China neared the breaking point on October 27th when the naval destroyer the USS Lassen sailed within 12 nautical miles of a couple of manmade islands China has claimed as its own in the Spratly Islands located in the South China Sea. Obama defied China’s warnings insisting that because the islands are artificially made, regular maritime rules don’t apply. The childish gesture is reminiscent of playground behavior with such defiant taunting as “you can’t make me!” The only problem is such a provocative act of aggression by Obama when conflict is boiling over is downright reckless and stupid. With China and the US waging an intense undeclared war on several fronts, in his juvenile game playing geopolitics “chicken,” Obama selfishly risked the life of every person on the planet. Currently both nations are going head to head locked in a fierce cyber-war, a currency war and war between saboteurs. For the two global powers with the two biggest armies each possessing nuclear capability to potentially eliminate all life on the planet earth, Obama’s rash childish defiance is so erratic and bizarre that it’s almost as if he wants to ignite World War III (read all articles on this website on the South Sea conflict, note, George).

On August 17th this year an enormous deadly chemical explosion at an industrial warehouse in Tianjin, China may have been caused by a scalar weapon launched from the upper atmosphere leaving a gouged out lake at the explosion site. Speculation swirled around the possibility that the Pentagon was responsible in retaliation for China devaluing its currency the day before, taken by Empire as a shot across the bow in their currency war. For some time now both China and Russia have been spearheading the global exodus from the weakening US dollar as standard international currency. With the US Empire now in rapid decline and seemingly unwilling to share power in a balanced bipolar world, the elite plans to take the US down in flames by picking a fight with Empire’s two most powerful challengers from the East. It seems the globalists have plotted the US Empire’s death by going out with a big bang.

For a quarter century the United States has ruled the planet with sole unipolar dominance, but instead of uplifting the rest of the world through cooperation and goodwill, it has ruthlessly bludgeoned it, alienating itself from all other nations, while attempting to weaken Russia and China but failing miserably and now reaping what it’s sewn – its own destructively karmic downfall. Again, the most powerful nation on earth keeps behaving like the bully everyone hates, so used to its having its own way through brute force, always intimidating and coercing other nations into submission. But now Russia and China are no small competitors, together in strong cohesive alliance, they will not be so easily pushed around and browbeaten, and picking a fight with them amounts to suicide and homicide for the whole earth. During the first cold war the US and Soviets were held in check by nuclear deterrence, neither wanting to self-destruct. But in recent years the megalomaniacal despots calling the shots are now risking the death of us all as though they believe they can win by hunkering underground for several years in luxury bunkers while the rest of us fry from nuclear holocaust they caused.

October 30th, 2015 Russian Airliner Brought Down over Sinai Desert

Russian investigators determined that the most likely cause of the plane going down killing all 224 passengers and crew was caused by a homemade bomb equivalent to one kg of TNT breaking the airliner apart in midair. Putin vows to hunt the perpetrators down and punish them. The Islamic State immediately took credit for it and since they had both probable access as well as motive, in all likelihood, the terrorists committed the heinous crime as revenge against Putin for going after them in Syria with a vengeance they’ve never seen before. Despite the feeble dismissal from the Egyptian government not wanting to lose tourism dollars over its breach in security, the consensus from multiple intelligence sources is that ISIS did it. Now whether the Islamic State operated alone outside the probable Egyptian airport accomplices that enabled access to the plane for terrorists to plant the bomb remains to be seen. Though US Empire was steeped in the downing of MH17, any US culpability in this air disaster at this still early phase of investigation is far more questionable. Nonetheless, with the proven recklessness of Washington policy makers displayed earlier that week in the South China Sea, and then a NATO member   shooting down a Russian warplane last week, anything is possible.

November 7th, 2015 Missile Launch over LA Harbor

A week and a half after the South China Sea fiasco and a week following the Russian airliner disaster, the US was at it again with more provocative warmongering in a strange incident involving an unarmed missile launched from a US submarine off the Pacific coast of Southern California. It brightly lit up the Saturday night sky seen by thousands of surprised witnesses from hundreds of miles around wondering what they were observing. Speculation went wild on the internet with claims that it was a UFO. Several hours earlier just a few miles away at the neocon holy ground of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, US Secretary Ash Carter delivered a speech that in so many words bashed and threatened Putin accusing him of everything the US Empire is actually guilty of. Oddly enough, Carter downplayed the danger that ISIS poses (of course as his secret ally and partner-in-crime, why would he view terrorists as a threat?). From his sabre rattling rah-rah, anyone can easily discern that to the US, Russia, China and Syria are still clearly Empire’s enemies. The Pentagon boss only showed more unwillingness to accept a bipolar world where the US can learn to share power peaceably instead of always plunging into war… again more evidence of American leadership shamelessly on display, behaving like a truculent, ill-tempered child refusing to share a toy or take turns, it’s either his way or he blows up the world. The symbology of the unarmed Trident missile launch hours later spoke volumes to the world, “enemies back off, there’s only room for one world superpower on this planet and it ain’t you guys!”

November 24th, 2015 Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet near Syrian-Turkish Border

Less than a week after Carter’s public tirade, Paris was struck by more Islamic State terrorists who had been under surveillance for months in advance with all kinds of Intel reports warning of preeminent attacks specifying a concert venue as their target. If Western intelligence didn’t actually coordinate the attacks, it was complicit in allowing them to happen. Bottom line, the diabolical elite used 130 massacred lives in France to jump-start the West’s war against Assad and Putin in Syria after Putin had stolen their thunder by completely upending the US-NATO agenda.

Just two weeks after Carter’s warmonger speech punctuated by the missile warning came what looks like the premeditated shoot down of a Russian jet by NATO member Turkey. To further complicate the already uneven, jagged Syrian-Turkish borderline, in June 2012 Turkey unilaterally altered the airspace moving it five miles south into Syrian territory. Back in early October there was an incident where apparently a Russian Su-24 fighter-bomber may have inadvertently skirted into Turkish airspace, especially if it was this artificial airspace that Turkey illegally grabbed. Pissed over Putin’s wrecking their agenda, the West self-righteously made a big to-do about it, thus setting the stage for yet more unavoidable confrontation.

So in all likelihood the United States and Turkey had already conspired to do their dirty deed and looking for an excuse to both literally and figuratively clip Russia’s wings, having their terrorist darlings suddenly losing their war against Assad and running for cover back into Turkey, 3000 big bad jihadists the first week alone. Putin had publicly humiliated ISIS on the run as well as both Turkish tyrant Erdogan and dictator Obama at both the UN and again at the G-20 conference in Turkey just a week earlier, outing the fact that both Erdogan and Obama among others were still actively funding and supporting the Islamic State terrorists. From Obama and Erdogan’s point of view, Putin had defiantly not been heeding his warnings – from Carter’s missile meltdown to the Russian airliner takedown over Sinai. So US-NATO had made the decision once that alleged Russian airspace violation occurred back in early October to not hesitate the next time in shooting down a Russian plane daring to come even close to Turkish airspace. The crash site was five miles from the border and the downed plane at the moment the Turkish air to air missile hit was estimated to be about a mile inside the Syrian border. So on November 24th, Turkey was waiting in ambush to strike, taking full advantage of that next opportunity as the US-NATO-Turkey crime cabal struck its unsuspecting prey, and the villains were celebrating and giving thanks two days earlier than Thanksgiving after Turkey blindsided that Russian jet and its hapless pilot.

Both the Russian pilot and his co-pilot navigator exited the hit aircraft moments before it went down. But while they were parachuting to the ground, the pilot was shot and killed by hostile local ground forces. This is a war crime. Turkish authorities claim that the two Russian bombers that together had violated airspace were targeting ethnic Turks known as Turkmen who lived in mountainous villages inside Syria. Putin stated that the Russian planes were seeking militia forces from the north Caucasus that had joined the anti-Assad coalition. The navigator was able to make it to safety reaching the friendly forces of the Syrian army. However, a Russian rescue helicopter that had been dispatched was also fired upon and crashed killing one Russian marine. The weapon used by rebel forces to shoot the helicopter down was an American made anti-tank TOW missile launcher.

Of course not surprisingly, Turkish accounts of what transpired were very different from the surviving navigator and Russia’s side of the story. The Turks claim that they repeatedly warned the two Russian jets to move out of their airspace adding that no response came from the Russians. The navigator maintains that no warning was ever given. Russia also insists that at no time did the Russian aircraft violate Turkish airspace, each nation releasing a map of the projected radar flightpath of the Russian jet. The Russian Ministry of Defense furnished video evidence however corroborating the Russian contention that the Su-24 bomber never entered Turkish airspace. The Turks also stated that the Russian warplane had moved through its airspace for a full 17 seconds.

Two Belgian physicists have calculated that that claim is physically impossible based on even the Turks’ projected flight path. Assuming the Russian plane had entered Turkish territory, their scientifically arrived at conclusion based on the jet’s flight speed was that the plane could only have been inside Turkish airspace for all of about 5 seconds. Additionally, retired US Air Force Lt. General Tom McInerney drawing from years of his own ample experience stated emphatically on Fox News that the US-made Turkish Air Force F-16’s shoot down had to have been “pre-planned” based on the short time span of the alleged violation.

Furthermore, Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu the next day went on public record stating that he personally gave the final order to shoot down the Russian plane. No doubt based on how rapid the unfolding chain of events in the air were that day, Davutoglu’s assertion seems extremely unlikely. Whereas the Turkish account has a number of discrepancies, the Russian version of events appears to hold up under closer scrutiny and analysis far more accurately than does Turkey’s.

The first thing Turkey did afterwards was notify NATO following the incident, seeking advisement and support from US-NATO allies. The Turkish official played an alleged recording of the Turks supposedly warning the Russians repeatedly for the five minutes that’s alleged to have drawn no response. Loyal to the Turks’ story to the end – however false, both Obama and American NATO rep Col. Steve Warren maintained Turkey’s right to defend its own space. The Obama administration is used to lying and then even when the lie has been exposed, the standard response is to live the lie right to the end in true psychopathic form. Available data proves that the Turkish assertion of repeated warnings for five minutes is a boldface lie. Both the Turkish and Russian projected flight paths of the downed Russian jet a full five minutes before it was hit would have placed the aircraft flying in the opposite direction away from the border, so the alleged warnings that Turkey claims are preposterous since the Russian plane five minutes prior to missile impact would have been moving in a direction away from the border. The only realistic conclusion is that the Turkish F-16 that shot the Russian plane down had to have already been in the air and waiting to pounce, confirming the cold-blooded, premeditated nature of the crime.

Four days prior to the shoot down the Turkish foreign minister met with the Russian ambassador and delivered the ultimatum that unless the Russians suspend all operations near the border inside Syria, bombing what Turkey calls local “civilian Turkmen villages,” the foreign minister warned the ambassador “there might be serious consequences.” As a more viable anti-Assad force than the Turkmen, the al Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front, also operates in that same northern Syria area. It’s been a persistent military presence since 2012 and has been instrumental in maintaining the vital supply line open from Turkey into Syria. But with the strengthened air support Russia’s been able to provide for two months, the Russian coalition has made some notable progress threatening to sever the all-important Islamic State supply line. Turkey is so invested in its war against Assad that it was unwilling to concede any more setbacks or defeat. Thus, with full US-NATO support, Turkey took an aggressive threatening position to initiate hostile action that now takes the conflict to a whole new critically dangerous level. Obviously Putin is not about to suddenly back down but it appears with Obama standing by Erdogan on however shaky the moral ground, neither is Turkey willing to alter its course. Though all parties have paid lip service to leaving diplomatic channels open for resolving future conflict, it’s highly doubtful that any participant will be willing to change their position and another violent conflagration appears inevitable.

A whole other dimension is precariously at play here as well – millions of dollars in lost revenue for ISIS are at stake each day that Putin’s cruise missiles are destroying the Islamic States’s stolen oil shipments. The all too conspicuous added wrinkle is that the bulk of the illegal ISIS oil is transported in daily tanker truck caravans directly to Turkey. In recent weeks Putin has targeted these convoys and been blowing them up prior to their reaching their destination inside Turkey for sale. And who owns the Turkish oil company that’s been buying the terrorist oil in bulk volume on a daily basis also making a killing? None other than Turkish president Erdogan’s son as chief buyer of black market crude petroleum. Additionally, Erdogan himself is reported to be an investor in the family’s illicit business. And with Putin’s interventions, the Erdogans are also losing millions each day. This added piece makes the Turkish retaliation and willingness to escalate the war against Putin at grave risk and cost both more plausible and personal despite Erdogan’s denial and compromised involvement in an unlawful business violating international law. While Erdogan has the audacity to say he’ll resign if proof can be presented confirming that he buys oil from terrorists, Putin countered in Paris at the Climate Conference with:

We have recently received additional reports that confirm that [stolen] oil from ISIL-controlled territories is delivered to the territory of Turkey on an industrial scale.

The plot thickens and if the world is fortunate, Erdogan will be pressured to resign as soon as Putin delivers the goods on the Turkish leader’s unsavory family business. Turkey has been as guilty a party as any including Obama for the exponential rise and success of the Islamic State terrorists. As a NATO lackey, it takes its orders from the US. That’s why the plane going down was a payback by both Turkey and US Empire. Turkey has been busily fueling the rich pockets of the biggest terrorist group on the planet, provided training camps for ISIS, offered a safe zone and staging area for terrorists and a constant flowing supply line from Turkey extending right to the Syrian battlefronts that’s absolutely essential for the terrorists’ survival. And just before Putin’s interventions in Syria, with the greenlight from Obama, Turkey was planning to enter the war sending its own military contingent into Syria to join the anti-Assad fray, even working out a covert deal with Obama to establish a no fly zone over northern Syria, thus securing a perfect haven inside northern Syria for the terrorists to maintain the strategic luxury of a large safe zone base of operations compliments of Erdogan and Obama.

Putin’s decisive move to take charge in Syria completely shattered the US-NATO agenda from materializing and the foiled evil ones are thoroughly pissed off to no end. Plus as the key NATO member supplying airbases for Empire’s strategic MENA operations, Erdogan’s Turkey has received full support and carte blanche protection from the powerful NATO killing force, prompting Erdogan’s personal vendetta against Putin to be that much more brazen and risky. Had Erdogan not had the luxury of hiding behind Empire’s shadow, Putin would have already dropped bombs over Ankara.Obama himself has peevishly gone on record recently defending Erdogan’s aggression, insisting that, “Turkey, like every other country, has a right to defend itself,” protect its sovereign territory and strategic airspace” … just like Assad as a sovereign leader in a sovereign nation posing no threat to America? The hypocrisy never ends. Despite Turkey shooting itself in the economic foot, losing even more billions worth from lost Russian tourism, the dead south stream pipeline deal and the enormous trade it no longer shares with Russia, Putin has pulled the plug on all business transactions, calling Erdogan’s act of war, “a stab in the back.”

Aggression from US-NATO-Turkey has forced Putin to now deploy Russia’s most modern S-400 air defense missile system in Syria to protect the Russian airbase in Latakia. The system can fire at targets up to 248 miles away which covers all of Syria and beyond. Nearby Russian warships are poised off the Syrian coast and warplanes with air-to-air missiles are now providing beefed up air and ground cover for its coalition force operations. Aside from imposing retroactive economic sanctions on Turkey, Putin may be motivated to begin shooting back, taking down Turkish planes. Meanwhile, Erdogan continues to be combative, claiming that Turkey will respond if Russia targets its planes violating Syrian airspace. First the airliner a month ago with 224 Russians onboard dead, then a week ago a warplane and helicopter are shot down with two dead Russian soldiers.

The very latest story just now breaking reports that Turkey may be exercising its power to establish a blockade to prevent Putin’s naval vessels from accessing the Mediterranean Sea, in effect blocking and restricting his Black Sea fleet from leaving its immediate port and adjacent waters. An old maritime treaty document from 1936 authorizes Turkey when at war to be able to exercise the right to restrict passage of enemy ships. At this point it’s unclear what Erdogan’s intentions are. But if in fact he invokes that war power, it would no doubt be taken by Putin as a clear act of war. Currently on each side of both the Bosporus Straits to the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and the Dardanelles Straits to the Black Sea where Russia’s Sevastopol naval port is located, there are Russian ships lined up waiting for clearance. The implications of an enforced blockade could be enormous as if war breaks out between Russia and Turkey, as a NATO member the US and other European members would be expected to also come to Turkey’s defense. However, given the fact that Turkey has been the aggressor in shooting down the Russian Su-24 last week, and then this second act of clear provocation, reasonable assessment would judge that Turkey is behaving both erratically and aggressively on the wrong side of history.

But perhaps the larger issue is Putin may be reaching his limit tolerating the repeated transgressions being directed at him. Up to this point at every turn Putin has out strategized Obama, Erdogan and every obstacle, lie and act of belligerence thrown at him by the West. But even prudent, reasonable individuals can reach their limit. Putin is far too intelligent, skilled and powerful a foe to continue baiting, jabbing and messing with. Right now the dynamite fuse is burning ever shorter. In one instant everything could very well explode into the next world war. Tragically, that’s apparently what the ruling elite, Obama and the West seem to be insanely gunning for.

This latest flare-up between Putin and the West has only magnified the conflict and tension stretching to the limit. Last week’s violence may well have opened the Pandora’s Box. This week’s may be opening the floodgate. Clearly Obama and Erdogan’s interests still remain loyal to the terrorists risking all life on earth hanging in the balance. The madness spearheaded by the likes of psychopaths Obama, Erdogan, Carter and General Breedlove have all been acting out pathologically in ways clearly demonstrating they actually desire a global war with Russia, China and ally Iran. The madmen have already seemingly taken it to an irreversibly slippery slope that’s now teetering on the edge of catastrophic world war that the United States Empire and in fact every human on earth is sure to lose. Yet that ultimate reality doesn’t seem to matter or even phase the war-baiters in their recent decisions and actions. Once again the elitist psychopaths have underground contingency plans that they grandiosely believe will keep them safe even through a nuclear holocaust at the earth’s surface. By nature of their psychopathology, these clinically deranged psychopaths are totally incapable of having any genuine care or concern for humanity as only their selfishly twisted lives matter.

Erdogan and Obama are merely two puppets cut from the same globalist pod. If you find it difficult to believe that the President of the United States could so recklessly risk causing the end of the world, keep in mind our war criminal president actually boasted about the US killing more people than Adolph Hitler at a press conference two years ago:

I’m proud to announce the US has moved past Hitler’s Nazis for third place on the all-time list of most people killed by governments. That’s right, we’ve out-murdered the Nazis!

The sick sycophantic press corps echoing their leader’s pathology began chanting “USA! USA!” The fact that the United States by far has murdered more humans than any other nation on this planet especially since World War II is shameful enough. But when Obama who stands alone as the only president in US history to matter-of-factly state he’s willing to kill fellow Americans on US soil is also willing to go on public record to celebrate 30 million war-kills since World War II, never mind the fact that 90% of all deaths in war are civilians, this despicable act only proves the so called leader of the free world is a certifiably insane psychopathic killer. Joke or not, for our president to actually hold a press conference to brag about slaughtering more human beings than Hitler sadly confirms that he is the world’s worst human rights offender and the most pathetically disgraceful American leader in US history. But then what else can we expect from our country’s only president who has also proven himself to be a traitor for his grossly flagrant failure to protect both the Constitution and our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. So now what’s he up to? He’s trotted off to Paris for his NWO kumbaya moment at the UN Climate Change Conference.

November 30th, 2015 to Present UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

This week kicks off the big event in Paris that may also have played a part in the terrorist attack timing just two weeks earlier. Last year in New York City outside the UN Climate Summit close to a half million people took to the streets in protest. To ensure that can’t happen in Paris this year, French President Hollande conveniently declared martial law and extended the national emergency for three months sealing off the French border to ensure that the 12-day United Nations conference attended by leaders from over 150 nations will enact global laws unhampered by protest paving the road to one world government. With the elite’s grandstanding cheerleader Pope Francis traveling the world popularly leading his global flock into accepting centralized one world order via UN authority, and Obama himself showing up in Paris to purposely circumvent any obstruction from US Congress, the NWO stage has been set for the globalists to pass world laws governing the planet using the bogus smokescreen of “climate change” aka “global warming” and “dangerously high carbon dioxide levels” as their deceptive excuse.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and NASA falsified global meteorological records for years to push the global warming hoax. The scientific source considered the most reliable comes from atmospheric satellite data indicating that no warming has in fact occurred over the last two decades. Recently released EPA records show that US carbon emissions have actually fallen during this last decade by 10.2%. The so called carbon tax is another global crime that goes by the name of extortion used to help finance the one world tyranny. The sinister globalist program featuring weather modification, use of Tesla-like scalar pulse weapons technology and chemtrails have far more to do with “extreme weather” and the California drought than any actual climate change.

Over the last century the biggest transnational corporations that have made the earth nearly uninhabitable, killing off plant and animal species at an alarming mass life extinction rate, are behind this global warming/climate change scam. The fact that they control both the geopolitical agenda and scientific dogma to effectively squelch dissent of activists protesting in Paris as well as the flow of accurate scientific data exposing this “inconvenient” hoax is testimony of just how close we are to a one world government where both truth and dissent have become the enemy.

For all intents and purposes, we’ve already been living under the authoritarian tyranny of a one world government by way of the international crime cabal that’s hijacked virtually every Western nation and hence through its imperialistic control every Third World nation on the planet as well. The manufactured enemies, manufactured false flags, manufactured terrorism, manufactured wars, manufactured migration crises, manufactured global economic collapse, manufactured tyranny all provide more than enough proof of our current one world government. The entire political, military, economic, legal, academia system is monolithically controlled by this same corrosively corrupt, morally repugnant international crime cabal. But this UN conference and TTP all serve to codify and finalize the operational apparatus that is the formalized body-in-the-making of a one world government. MSM propagandists will hail one globally centralized governing body as our much-needed savior to effectively cope with the colossal challenges facing the planet today. And 2016 is the globalist year for its full implementation. It’s our final hour to actively oppose what’s unfolding every day sealing humankind’s fate. Now is the time to shake the yoke of oppressive chains and dumbed down ignorance and passivity to mobilize a movement from local to global to derail and decentralize the ruling elite’s Dark Age agenda.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global and

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