Necessary Clarification on the Latest Energy Report

by Georgi Stankov and Avian Gray, December 13, 2015

Dear George,

I want to share somethings about my mission in behalf of President Obama.  I was really glad to hear your message to him as I have always known that this was his mission as Spirit had told it to me.

In 2003-4 when Howard Dean ran for President it was the first time in my fifty plus years in human life back since when attaining voting age did I ever see such a person with such honesty that I would even consider to vote for and to even support with financial. Of course he was derailed by the dark and John Kerry was put up by the dark as a joke.

At the Democratic Convention in 2004 Obama who had only been an US Senator for a short time spoke and I knew that he had a major role to play but not know at this time what that role would be.

Howard Dean then became the DNC chairman through so to speak by fire from most in the Democratic Party yet I was honored to know that he was the forerunner for Obama as John the baptizer was forerunner for Jesus, they both acted as preparers of the way for the one going ahead of them in a bigger role.

It was no surprise when I heard on the  news that Obama was running for President and then I got to know why in 2004 I felt he would be up in a major role. I was told by Spirit that he was a placement/place holder until the one who had legal/entitlement right to rule would come in that role which is us.

In 2007 Spirit took me from the state of USA Georgia to North Carolina which at the time I didn’t know what my mission was and albeit I was not too keen on leaving my new business to go. However as we all know we fulfill our assignments and we later learn what it was about, as I learned that my role was to hold the light /energy in NC so that state would swing/vote Democratic to Obama as President.

It would need several of the states that would at times vote democratic for President but mostly they voted Republican.

How it was so thrilling to see how the gearing up took place in Florida so to not have debacle of repeat of 2000 with President Bush and VP Gore. In laughter for me, it took them all by surprise as Florida was not even needed for the win for Obama. Divine for a certainty!

I often wondered just how anyone could even fathom that this Presidency was not of Divine origin. A black man comes out of nowhere, barely known and becomes President. The black-white relations in this country is abominable and to believe that would happen with the ignorant minds and hearts is nothing but ludicrous. If it was that easy our jobs and pain of clearing and cleaning would have been a breeze, yet here we are still at our tasks. I told people so, so often, many, many times that if they had listened to the one word (“Change” was that word)that Obama main lined his campaign speeches with they would have known what it is all about. Change it has been, is, and continue to be. Truly one should grasp that only divine control is in charge and handles all matters! To quote this phrase-“Denial is a symptom, Ignorance is by choice”

George, it was exceedingly good to read this information today on Obama as it solidifies what I have known and  acted in regards to it. It shows w/o doubt that the forerunner Obama  work is at the end and the “ONE” who is above is now here. I am grateful that you were granted to receive and relay this awesome message!



Dear Avian,

thank you for sharing this background on Obama from your perspective. I remember very well his speech at the Democratic convention that catapulted him to the presidency. It was a perfect example of his rogue demagogic character at this early time and since then I wonder how the Americans could have elected this heinous person. Only brainless zombies can do that.

Therefore great caution is demanded in assessing the entity Obama with respect to the dream encounter I shared with the PAT. Especially as the New Age scene was derailed but such stupid statements as ‘this website is pro-Obama”, (Steve Beckow) and many mediums channelled and still channel (e.g. Matthew, Kathryn May) dark sources from the astral plane telling them that Obama is of the light. He is not and has never been.

He is probably the darkest entity of modern time and he came to power because the dark cabal chose him. Whether his original soul was of the light is irrelevant now as he sold it very quickly to the dark ones and if you please go to my website and read all the articles with the search function on Obama (more than 30) dealing with his numerous crimes, you will see that my opinion on this crook is the most negative possible.

What I now describe in the latest report has nothing to do with this criminal entity or, god save us, with his redemption, but with the massive influx of walk-ins that derail the power of the cabal from within. This phenomenon which I have announced and described some time ago, has nothing to do with this dark personality but only highlights how the power of the ruling cabal will be pulverized from within through walk-ins, as the sly Greeks did it with the famous Trojan horse. That’s all. I could have never imagined that after so much education and enlightenment on my website one can expect anything else from me and would surmise that I would throw a lance in favour of Obama.

What I wanted to explain to you is that I now expect the rapid abolition of all centres of dark power in the capitals of the west when the people will simply turn away from these dark entities, from which they have expected help and central regulation of their lives as veritable zombies and will finally awaken to the bigger truth. Then they will find their role model in the new ascended masters – in the PAT. But the dark human entity Obama has nothing to do with all these imminent energetic events.

We must now make a clear distinction between the dark imprint of the human empty shell of Obama that harbours recently a walk-in and the new old soul that has incarnates in it. While this old soul who has made this huge sacrifice to incarnate in such a dark entity needs our support to cope with this monstrous human personality Bombama, one should not mix the two levels, which cannot be mixed just like water and oil.

It affords a great discernment in this respect and I expected that by presenting this dream experience to my readers, they will immediately know what I mean and that this encounter can never mean a redemption for the dark entity Obama, but only gives us a clue as to how the power of the cabal will be eroded from within.

Your comparison of Obama as our forerunner as ascended masters with that of the role of John the baptizer with respect to Jesus is not only entirely wrong and unfortunate – it is also a blasphemy. It is the same as to say that the archons are our forerunners and with their evil they prepared the ground for our awakening and ascension and that is why they should be applauded. This is also a gross disservice to John, the Baptizer, although I am not sure whether this person really existed and how he stands in relation to Apollonius of Tyana who was the anointed Christ as I have written on many occasions on this website. This fact seems to have eluded your attention.

Hence your presentation is a total and very dangerous confusion and this was the last thing I intended to evoke with this energy report.

With light and love


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