Ascension Highlights in 2015 – 3rd Quarter

Georgi Stankov, December 25, 2015


This month began with a massive transfiguration shift accompanied with severe nausea, chills, weakness and maximal enhancement of body metabolism. The energies were extremely invasive and penetrating, with maximal vibration amplitude. The third chakra was most affected. This sudden and unexpected shift was confirmed by many PAT members:

In July it became obvious that the dark ruling cabal in the west have ultimately failed in their attempt to create a huge black hole for humanity and drive it into a dreadful NWO. Instead they only created a small black hole for themselves, while at the same time, following the Universal Law of conservation of energy, they helped us create the white hole of ascension. Since then this trend has gained momentum and has been the topic of numerous discussions on this website:

July marked the peak of the Greek debt crisis when the Greek people defied the financial dictatorship of the dark cabal in Brussels headed by the German gnome of finance minister and rejected in a referendum on July 5th with great majority the imposed EU austerity plan.

What happened after that was a full-fledged Greek tragedy in the best Sophocles’ tradition. The PM Alexis Tsipras betrayed its nation in a most despicable manner. This in turn forced his brilliant finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, who exposed the dark western cabal more effectively than other politician before him, to resign. After that the dark EU cabal had green light for the greatest national robbery in the history of Europe since WW2. Greece was sold and betrayed on so many levels that only the utter hopelessness and impoverishment of its people prevented a true revolution and saved Alexis Tsipras and all the other traitors from being hanged on the next best lantern. But this may still happen in the coming days as nothing has been resolved. The Greek debt crisis is constantly burning and can explode to a global financial conflagration anytime soon:

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Statement to the Greek Nation

Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy

Betrayal? Scandal? Scam! Goldman-Sachs Affiliated Company Counts the Ballots of the Greek Referendum on July 5th

Breaking News: Varoufakis Announces His Resignation as Greek Finance Minister

More Info on the Rock Star Politician Yanis Varoufakis to Complete the Picture on the Greek Drama, which Is in the Centre of the End Time Scenario of Ascension

This Is Why The Euro Is Finished,

Greek Bailout Deal “a new Versailles Treaty” , etc.

The Greek debt crisis initiated the collapse of the EU which was further deepened in the course of this year with the refugee crisis and the total impotence of the Brussels eurocrats to resolve any problem. The re-nationalisation of the EU could not be prevented and even the most hawkish EU eurocrats had to admit recently that the disintegration of the EU cannot be halted. What these eurocretins have yet to admit is that this misery was self-inflicted while following as hapless stooges the reckless hegemonic policy of their master, the US Empire of Evil.  Being a servant to an evil master and liberating oneself from this entanglement is an archetypal karmic role on this planet that has to be learned well before the incarnated individuals and nations can move higher on the evolution ladder. This lesson will be particularly painful for Germany which is now in a total disarray. We diagnosed this trend as early as July, not knowing the scope of the coming refugee crisis as a result of the criminal war policy of destruction and divide of the USA, EU and NATO in the Middle East:

Angela Merkel: Under Her Tired Eyes Breaks the EU

Opinion: Merkel Must End Devil’s Pact with America

Germany Won’t Spare Greek Pain – It Has an Interest in Breaking Us

The Greek Catalyst of EU-Decomposition: Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

In this summer the undeclared war between the West and Russia reached another peak:

The State of War between Russia and the Empire of Evil Has Reached a New Ominous Level

At the same time we observed how our creations were beginning to manifest with a quickening pace. This was due to the fact that more and more people began to see this reality with the same eyes as we do, though on a very low agnostic level. Nonetheless this unanimity in opinions creates a powerful standing wave of coherent creation that began to shape significantly the destiny of mankind in the End Time:

Unanimity Before Ascension: My Advises Are Taken Seriously by More and More Politicians

The PAT decided to reinforce this positive trend by adopting some powerful decrees that accelerated the ascension process:

Powerful Decrees of the PAT to Accelerate Ascension

In July we were informed by our HS to begin the promotion of the new theory of the Universal Law by creating the Geneva scenario where the PAT will present the theory at the UN headquarters in Geneva. This promotion was done at the higher dimensional levels first as to counter the attempts of the dark cabal to introduce the NWO through bogus environmental programs with the help of the UN and the Vatican which have always been the main vehicles of the Orion/Reptilian cabal to achieve this heinous goal.

This is how the new reality is created by establishing new favourable timelines and offsetting the cabal plans, as I only recently commented in my response to the Saker:

The Saker Is Back and Asks What Comes Next?

This endeavour was an expression of our enhanced abilities to create as Logos Gods in real time. For that reason I asked for the support of the PAT to achieve our goal by establishing firmly the new theory of the Universal Law on all new 4D worlds, as it will be the theoretical foundation of new Gaia and the ascending humanity:

Why Our Ascension and the Introduction of the Universal Law Must Happen This Summer

Why It Was so Difficult to Introduce the New Theory of the Universal Law in the Past

If I Can Finally Start to Understand the Beauty of the Law Then Anyone Can …Really!

The Diadochi Fights Among the Dark Cabal Factions Are in Full Swing Prior to Our Ascension and Their Demise

Around the new moon portal on July 16th the PAT experienced a very tense week with massive descent of source energies and ID shifts that knocked down most of us:

Energy Update – July 19th, 2015


On July 31st we started with another extremely powerful ascension shift which lasted for several days in early August. This is what I wrote to this energetic event in my energy report on August 2nd which was fully confirmed by the PAT:

“The only thing I can tell you for certain is that on July 31st we, the incumbent Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy, seeded the new golden template of Christed consciousness throughout the whole Golden Galaxy in preparation for the final shift.

I cannot give you any details at this point about this paramount event as not to jeopardize the whole undertaking, but I can assure you that what we do now at the soul level is so huge that our limited human lives bear no resemblance with it. Therefore, my advise to you: do not try to extrapolate from your current experiences and deduce from them about what is happening multidimensionally with this uppermost mother planet as it will not work and may lead to wrong conclusions.

The truth is that we are in the middle of a constant process of ascension and the 5D realms of New Lemuria are now fully enveloping us. Even if it may seem as if you have lost your connection to your HS, in reality we have never been so close to them than currently. There are huge tectonic transformations that now happen within our fields and will very soon emerge on the surface. The whole month of August will be extremely hot, literally and energetically, and the big social collapses will begin to manifest. They are already there, but they have not yet fully entered the perception field of the masses.”

Short Energy Report – August 2, 2015

Energy Report of the PAT – August 3, 2015

In August we observed the biggest crash of commodity prices and stock markets this year. This was just the beginning and, although in the meantime the plunge team was able to mend some of the losses with rigged electronic trading, the crash is irreversible and we shall reap the fruits next year. In the following months both I and Brad published a series of important in-depth analyses and essays on the Orion financial system in the west and why this huge Ponzi scheme cannot be saved:

The Final Crisis Has Commenced

We continued to observe the aforementioned unanimity in experts’ opinions which was now shaping the End Time scenario in a very powerful manner:

How the Unanimity of Ideas and Intuitive Perceptions Shape the Ascension Process

Unanimity in Action: David Stockman Confirms the Crash I Have Just Predicted

Unanimity in Action: Even Donald Trump Adopts Our Ideas

Aspects of the Coming Paradigm Shift

Ascension Test Run on August 5th

On August 5th, the PAT experienced a massive ascension test run of Gaia and humanity that also triggered the beginning of the financial crash in the commodity and equity markets:

Breaking News: A Massive Ascension Test Run Is Underway

Elohim Message on August 7th

After the shift the Elohim came to us and confirmed the propagation of the golden template into the Golden galaxy that Carla and I (see Energy Report -August 2nd), and some other PAT members (see Shirley Garmon’s vision below) experienced on the 31st of July. They told us that there is a leap in the consistent feeling of loving kindness and it is this leap that provides the energetic foundation for an expansion of unequaled power and why our activities with the sacred flames were so important to the creation of the perfect fifth dimension and beyond.  They talked about our bodies as being powerful refined antennae that can receive and transmit the in-flowing source energy at very refined, high frequency levels now, a new achievement. It is the first time they spoke of the fact that only humans with a soul are a part of this entire energetic restructuring through the distribution of cosmic energy. This key fact has been subsequently confirmed by some other channeling sources.

The Elohim urged us to hold firm on our highest expectations for the perfect reality in our lives, right now, and encouraged everyone to continue using the Seven Sacred Flames (read the message “The Elohim: Sacred Flames of Creation Part I and Part II) at least once a day, in a daily meditation, holding the intention for the best outcome for a particular situation and the highest good for all individuals involved. With daily use in a compassionate frame of mind and heart, success will soon be the reward:

“The Garden of Eden is charged with a spectacular golden light and a life stream of infinite beauty and perfection flows like the gentle waterfall as all expressions move together into one united field! From here on, life blossoms outward like the lotus flower that explodes in a never-ending bloom. Indeed, here we speak of the golden template, a sacred dodecahedron which graces all aspects of creative design in the perpetuity of time (see Shirley Garmon’s vision below and compare it with the dodecahedron form of the new human template which we seeded on October 12, 2014 in the new Golden Galaxy; note, George ).

We are the Elohim and we know of your desire to understand your value and the nature of your involvement in the expansion in this moment. You are the All-Beings: the Beings of the Earth that move great multitudes of energy forth, from within the inner space to the outer space, and through all quantum levels of space, as your multi-dimensional vehicles serve to anchor and stabilize the nature of form within your seen and unseen reality.

Your souls operate on a multitude of levels, as you are living in multiple dimensional expressions.  Some of you are aware of another time and place where great energy flows and this new golden template moves through your current physical vessels and into these new co-ordinates. (I had a dream two nights ago where my body was flooded with waves of golden energy, flowing through my back to my front as I lay on my back in bed. It was a most gentle and loving energy. Note, Carla).

From your third dimensional perspective you may be unaware that you are guiding creation in all other dimensions. These dimensions each reflect not only the constancy of unconditional loving kindness and acceptance of all, but also many other necessary qualities that you are unfamiliar with, including the constancy of energy you sustain for example.  The one founding principle common to each and every one of these expressions is that of unconditional loving kindness and acceptance of everything as being part of the All. As you focus on expanding your capacity for love, either in the giving or in the receiving of love here in this reality, you are therefore necessarily flooding All of Creation with these thoughts and with these energies. Even one quantum of love ripples itself out into and throughout Creation!”

The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work

During that time the New Age scene on the Internet was flooded with the idea of a hypothetical “X-wave”, which would reach the earth by the end of September and cause havoc.  This news was first proposed by an unknown to me person who immediately disappeared after that, so that I am sure that he was an agent provocateur of the dark secret services as at that time I also registered a peak in the Internet troll attacks on our website.

These New Age morons began to interpret this mystical “X-wave” as a gamma-wave that was supposed to come from the centre of the universe and transform Gaia in a profound manner.  I was approached by some readers of our website to comment on this news, much to my surprise, as I am regularly reporting of the source waves that flood our bodies and fields as the conduits of these ascension energies for Gaia and humanity. I did comment on this “X-wave” showing that this idea is a nonsense both from a scientific point of view and from our personal daily experience with source energies as light warriors of the first and the last hour. But we used this opportunity to ask the Elohim about this “X-wave” and here is what they said to us:

“To say a large flood of energy will come on a specified date (i.e. I asked about the massive wave, known as X-wave, projected to come on “September 28th” of this year) is truth, only because waves of great import are coming every day and not because it has simply been stated as being so! Energy is everywhere, indeed, everything is constituent energy. Those of you who are able to sense the flow of energy throughout the cosmos have developed finely tuned energetic vehicles, as they were meant to be. Your human vehicles are designed to be receivers as well as transmitters of energies. As your electro-magnetic fields become refined through the conscious application of principles of physical detoxification, your bodies and your fields will naturally expand in amplitude, and therefore inclusion in the activity of the ascension.

However, even those who are unaware of the ascension aide in its realization as the increased light instantly removes areas of blocked and heavy energetic back-flow.

Every individual who has an intact body-mind-soul standard is affected by the high frequency photon light bombarding your earth at this moment and this of course excludes those who have no soul at present. As receivers, you filter these energies and re-cycle them out/ transmit them to the masses after their refinement, for their integration and revision.

The revision is a natural process, whereby those whose bodies repel these energies as too much of an energetic challenge/ overload will re-calibrate naturally to accept a homeopathic dosage of energies needed to expand the level of consciousness of the individual. The expanded consciousness then automatically and naturally allows more photon light in to the body-mind-soul system, opening him up to the possibility of moving to another newly expanded reality.

This whole process feels slow to you by your standards, however in reality it happens instantly!

In every instant, there is energetic upliftment and this can be measured, as each human vehicle can hold the light in greater and greater amounts. This is the ongoing nature of the ascension and as you hold the highest love and light for your own personal experience, you immediately move to the highest expression of your reality within your grasp. Do this daily and your reality shall reflect more grace, more peace and serenity, upon which more joy shall grow. Never give up this activity – it is the ascension!”

The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work

Lion’s Gate 8.8.8

At that time the whole PAT was already suffering under the powerful and relentless ascension energies of the Lion’s Gate 8.8.8 (=2015) and we needed bitter this encouragement from the Elohim:

Energy Report of the PAT – August 8, 2015

Energy Report of the PAT – August 11, 2015

With the beginning of the rout in commodities and equity markets, the Greatest Depression of all time could no longer be hidden in the USA, no matter how much the dark cabal was rigging the official statistics. It is very important to consider this basic fact in all your observations as it explains everything that we have seen this year in the financial and economic markets. It is mandatory to stress at this place that apart from myself, Brad and the PAT, nobody worldwide realizes that the world economy is in the greatest depression of all time and that this fact determines the outcome of the End Time scenario. At best the critical experts are talking of recession of slowdown of the economic growth which is utter bullshit and only shows how their agnostic views hinder them to perceive this simple fact:

The Greatest Depression of All Times Peaks – American Consumption in a Meltdown

A Necessary Clarification in the Jarring Cacophony of Financial discussions in the End Time

Only later did the economic crisis in China begin to manifest and hit the western economies hard. Before that the greatest depression was hidden by the cheap import of manufactured goods from China after the dark cabal in the USA, Canada, GB and to a lesser extent Continental Europe had completely obliterated the industrial production in these countries in preparation for the installment of the NWO through massive impoverishment of the jobless masses.

The China crisis began with a nuclear strike of the deep dark US government (rogue cabal) on the Chinese industrial centre Tjanjin which increased in a haphazard manner the risk of a WW3 this summer. Some of these catastrophic scenarios were then played out on lower timelines when we experienced many MPR in our energetic fields:

China BOMBSHELL: China and America Already at War: Tianjin Explosion Carried out by Pentagon Space Weapon in Retaliation for Yuan Currency Devaluation… Military Helicopters Now Patrolling Beijing

Further Evidence for the Coming WW3: Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces

Evidence That the MPR Is Impending on This Uppermost Mother Planet

The Arcturians: The Ascension is Now

In August many predictions were made in the alternative and esoteric scene with respect to what would happen in September. Even though these predictions were rather naive, they charged emotionally and mentally the ascension scenario and accelerated its pace as we will see it for September below:

Charging the Ascension Scenario: Major 3D Events and Predictions for September

We from the PAT were very busy experimenting with our enhanced creationary abilities:

How We Create the Stock Market Crash in Real Time – A Follow-Up 2.0

How We Create the Stock Market Crash in Real Time – A Follow-Up

How We Create the Stock Market Crash in Real Time

and could register some spectacular results in finance:

The Ultimate Financial Crash – After Black Friday Comes Black Monday… and Then All the Black Days of the Week

More Proofs for Our Immediate Creation of the Crash

What Do You Do When You Are the Cabal and Have Lost All Your Funny-Money? – You Abolish Cash!

The Nearer the Crash, the Bigger the Computer “Glitches” in the Bank Sector

The Ticket Home – the Biggest Market Correction of Lifetime

Currency Manipulations and the Imminent Crash of the Dollar

The Stock Markets Carnage Continues Unabated

Chinese Revenge on the West for the Opium Wars – A Brutal Currency War Against the Dollar

Santa Claus, Help! Another Glitch of Banksters’ Computers

and politics, which, among others, led to the ejection of the criminal clone Harper from power later this autumn:

Harper’s Many Skeletons in the Closet Are Haunting Him

The Greatest Depression of All Times Finally Hits Canada’s Statistics

The month of August showed us in a very palpable manner how powerful we have become as creator gods in shaping the economic, financial and political landscape on this uppermost mother planet. In order to achieve this success we had to streamline and clear all our concepts on the nature of money and why the current Orion monetary system has infringed upon the Universal Law. This was substantiated by a series of articles that began this month and continued to the end of 2015, much to the chagrin of a few readers of this website who might have thought that it is sufficient to talk about ascension and the rest will align on its own.

It will not, unless we create it, and in order to create it we need a clear understanding of all major factors that have created the current chaos and 3D illusion on this earth. Humanity can only escape this incarnation maze if it begins to think in a more evolutionary and expanded manner. This can only be an individual effort because this higher awareness will not come with a magic wand but only with tenacious personal educational efforts:

What is Inflation

The Death of Paper Gold Triggers Ascension

Musing Over the Final Collapse and Our Ascension

The Four Apocalyptic Bubbles of the Greatest Depression Revisited

Singularity, a Reverie

On the last day of August I wrote a prophetic overview that was inspired by my HS:

August Review – September Outlook

What I could not know at that time was how the comparison of 2015 with the year 1989 when the Iron Curtain fell and the old continent witnessed the greatest migration of peoples in modern time will also come true this year in a most disastrous and adverse manner when the refugees coming from the Middle East flooded Europe. While the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet empire was hailed as a new dawn for humanity – which was indeed true before its dynamics was hijacked by the western cabal in order to foster their NWO plan in form of undemocratic centralized EU – this year the invasion of the barbarians led to the disintegration of the EU. This artificial entity was the stepping stone of the Orion/Reptilian elite for the establishment of the NWO on the Old Continent before it could be enhanced as a martial law in the USA and Canada. The dark cabal fully failed in this respect for one single reason which I discussed with the Saker recently:

The Saker Is Back and Asks What Comes Next?

We, the PAT, tipped the scales in favour of the light with our magnificent light bodies and fields and our powerful soul essence presence on this uppermost mother planet. Thus we raised the light quotient above the threshold, where such negative outcome as the introduction of the NWO most probably through starting a nuclear WW3 could not happen. However, with that we also increased the pace of separation of lower timelines which went under in this catastrophic scenario in the following months, while we accelerated our ascension like a propulsion multistage rocket.


The carnage and pillage in the financial markets and in the economy continued unabated in September:

Stock Markets Analysis – The Carnage and Pillage Continues Unabated on the First Day of September

The Unwinding of the Fourth Apocalyptic Bubble – The Crash of the Real Estate Markets

The Bursting of the Four Apocalyptic Financial Bubbles and Their Role in the Ascension Scenario

The Scylla and Charybdis – Real Estate Journal of an American Sheep

“The Black Swan” – Unpredictability is the Order of the Day as Vibration Raises

The Bursting of the Bond-Stock Market-Dollar-Etc. Bubbles as a Domino Effect

On September the 3rd we experienced another powerful ID shift, which was part of a series of rapid separations of lower timelines that went under in WW3 and MPRs. This increase in intensity in the ascension scenario was reflected in the increased war tension between the West and Russia on this uppermost mother planet which reached a preliminary peak in September as we shall see below:

Breaking News: Huge ID Shift Today

Energy Report of the PAT – September 4, 2015

Energy Report of the PAT – September 5, 2015

In the night of September 8th the final codes of ascension were delivered:

Breaking News: The Final Codes of Ascension Were Delivered This Night

as this was confirmed by the PAT on the next day:

Energy Report of the PAT – September 10, 2015

On September 11th I had the great pleasure to publish the Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team which I commissioned with the composer and our friend Paul Armitage from Vancouver, Canada:

The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team (the PAT); Composer: Paul Armitage, Vancouver, Canada; Commissioned by Georgi Stankov, the Captain of the PAT, for the PAT; Image: Lake Louise, Rocky Mountains, the retreat of AA Michael

Since then his ingenious music has inspired the PAT on their way to higher dimensions as many of you have written to me full of admiration for Paul’s musical talent:

Energy Report of the PAT – September 13, 2015

In the night of September 13th, 2015 the most devastating nuclear third world war, in which I have participated so far, happened on this uppermost mother planet and this toxic timeline was immediately severed from it. This was the culmination of a massive ID shift and cleansing of Gaia which began on September 11th. In the latest Energy Report of the PAT I mentioned already that we were in the midst of another massive ID shift:

We also experienced a massive ID shift of Gaia and humanity in the last 48 hours due to the healing of the 9/11 trauma caused by the criminal dark US cabal which affected the DNA of most human beings in a most detrimental manner and actually postponed the ascension process significantly. But at the same time this heinous crime was a most challenging experience for humanity to grow and overcome this toxic reality for ever.”

All these events demonstrated the escalation in the final confrontation between the forces of light and that of darkness and its resolution through ID shifts and manifestation of catastrophic scenarios on lower severed timelines while we were rapidly ascending. This trend continued to the end of this year and may even go on for a while next year before we reach the threshold of final ascension.

Breaking News: A Most Devastating Nuclear War Happened This Night

The same day the Elohim came to Carla and confirmed this most devastating nuclear war that began on this uppermost mother planet and was immediately severed interdimensionally so that it would not affect this highest timeline on its way to ascension and expansion in light:

“We confirm the multi-timeline=multi-dimensional expansion reaches its maximal impact (this night with our dreamstate experiences) as choices made by those of distracted and non-connected to the Source disposition continue to create horrendous experience consisting mainly of shock, destruction, long-term devastation and horror.  

These Souls, who create this experience of ultimate emptiness, do so from the fulcrum of the emptiness of their own Souls: It is perfect creation, and it is not to be judged from a moralistic or ethical standpoint. Agreements are made in advance of such experience, so that all Souls involved have the prior knowing of the event and incorporate it into their energetic fields for their own evolution.

This is not to say that this experience has been a neutral one for those who were aware of its manifestation. We are completely aware of the negative impact and, indeed, the shock this experience has had on your psyches and you must therefore know that your presence there, in your multi-dimensional form/expressions was an agreed-to situation, and whereby all negativity was immediately filtered through your fields. This is the ultimate responsibility of the Light Warrior of the Ages (of the First and Last Hour). 

The timeline of greatest destruction has now been severed from the highest expression of this Mother Planet.  All light warriors who have taken part in this filtering/cleansing may not necessarily carry recollection of this event, but all of you who did participate perhaps feel somewhat depleted and dazed at this moment, and this is normal. As the upliftment of the Ascension continues, be aware that continued upheaval on other timelines remains a probability.”

The Elohim: With the Outburst of a Nuclear War in the Night of September 13, 2015 the Multidimensional Expansion of Gaia Reaches Its Maximal Impact

With the intensification of the Ascension process we witnessed a rapid awakening among the second wave ascension candidates whose heart chakra we opened about a year ago in October 2014:

The Rapid Awakening of the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates

The Rapid Awakening of the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates – Part II

This new wave of awakening amplified the deep desire of the first wavers and light warriors of the first and the last hour to leave this reality and move to New Lemuria as soon as possible:

Cheers! It’s Time to Ascend Now

PAT’s Journey to Heaven – Part I

PAT’s Journey to Heaven – Part II

In the night of the fall equinox (Sept 23), we delivered to humanity the 9/11 codes, which the PAT received from the Source and incorporated within its Unity Christed Consciousness when we connected one more time in a most powerful manner through the divine symphony of the PAT on September 11, 2015. As we all are pure conduits of source light on this uppermost mother planet, all the ascension codes are flowing through our bodies, fields and chakra systems before they can be delivered to Gaia and the rest of humanity that is scheduled to ascend to the new 4D worlds.

That night humanity was ready to receive the “9/11 codes”. At the same time my HS told me that these light codes are in fact the anti-codes to the 9/11 codes of fear and further separation, which the dark cabal inserted in the human DNA with their capital crime on humanity on that date. Since then humanity has changed for the worse in a very palpable and depressing manner and for everybody who has carefully watched the collective behaviour before and after that dark date, the deterioration in human thinking, behaviour and morality is significant and very appalling. This reflects the further devolution of the 3D matrix that will be severed very soon and will be incorporated into the lower 3D and 4D timelines, while Gaia will ascend. She is now on the verge of doing so. Actually Gaia has ascended when we created Gaia 5 in December 2013 and now she is only retrieving her uppermost mother planet after separating it through an ID shift from this 3D overlay.

Collapsing Linear Time Through Delivering the 9/11 Codes of Ascension

Blood Moon Portal on September 27th/28th

Then came the last Blood moon portal on September 27th/28th which was more powerful than the 12.21.12 portal of ascension in terms of energy intensity and duration and thus fulfilled all expectation. I had personally uninterruptedly cc-waves with excruciating headache for more than two weeks, day and night, without a respite. This portal heralded new very high intensity levels and more peaks in October.

With the opening of this massive portal we experienced a sudden U-turn of the world events which began on Monday at the UNGA with the remarkable speech of Putin and the demagogic self-condemnation speech of Bombama. All of a sudden the Russians were in and the Empire of Evil was out – not only in the Middle East, where the latter has determined the course of the events with numerous invasion wars for more than two decades since the collapse of Soviet Union, but also in Ukraine, where the conflict was abandoned in a cowardly manner by the Americans and the NATO after they destroyed this country with their criminal coup d’etat last year. “Are you aware what you have done” was the strong Putin’s condemnation of the West that still reverberates in the news and there is still no response in sight on the side of the culpable. Two days after Putin’s speech Russia entered the war against ISIL in Syria and changed the course of this war profoundly in her favour. The hegemonic policy of the USA was contained for the first time since the fall of the Iron Curtain in a most convincing manner. The beginning of the end for the Empire of Evil began with full force.

Short Energy Update on the Blood Moon Portal – September 27th/28th

End of August the Elohim gave us the following message on this auspicious portal that paved the way for all subsequent events in the last 4th quarter of 2015. I will publish it below in full due to its paramount importance:

“This moment [ the portal of September 28th ] represents a grand influx of pure photon waves of source energy which floods all of you, Gaia, and every Kingdom within this expression of creation. The photon waves, moving through here assert their greatest and most focused effort on those light beings who are already opened in their chakras and therefore in their connection to the Source (e.g. the PAT, note George).  These are the individuated expressions who hold the highest light quotient and who experience this massive in-flux of energy the most.  Those with the highest light quotient always experience the most symptoms of light balancing because these individuals are doing most of the cleansing of humanity in a transpersonal manner (a leitmotif in all our energy reports and discussions on this website; note George).   

This portal has been especially dynamic with the First Wave group as cleansing hatred, greed, avarice and fear through the scarcity paradigm has been intense and all of these traits are the foundation of the massive underlying sense of frustration currently being felt globally. 

Those light workers whose chakras are just opening and new to light integration, and who simply experience minor flow, may not feel anything other than physical fatigue.  The effect of photon light on those new to light integration may vary from one individual to another, but generally always promotes personal cleansing of their own chakras. 

The energetic system of the human cannot be overloaded, otherwise there is a complete shutdown or a closing and ensuing blockage within that system.  Therefore, while the energies of this portal seem weak to some individuals they are extremely intense for others, and each receives as much as they can manage.  It has been intense emotionally as these emotions must rise and be healed to prepare for the ongoing inter-dimensional shift.  

For many, the sense of frustration triggers the mental body as they cannot comprehend where the frustration arises from.  This compounds these emotions and when they surface the great photon light floods them and transmutes them so they are immediately removed from the energetic makeup of the new reality that builds in every second. 

Once the frustration is transmuted, you will begin to feel much better.  This arises in you as the transmutation also releases points of energetic interface to your old reality from your physical/mental/emotional/ethereal system – points which are no longer valid within the newly expanded reality (loss of reference points as discussed by some of you in your latest correspondence; note, George). 

As your third dimensional vision of cosmic light is limited, you are not able to “concretely see” any change to your “current” reality, but massive changes have taken placeThere has been an expansion of the energetic structures that shall be the foundation for the new levels of expression within the fourth dimension and as prerequisites to the fifth dimension. These new energetic overlays compel change in the fluidity of the templates already in situ. 

The massive photon energy in-flow acts like a cleansing wave at the same time as it is a composition wave.  The actions of flushing and back-filling with pure photon energy move in tandem to create the new superimposed reality already in your midst. Know that this portal shall continue for some time as there is much to balance and build.”


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