Opening of the Left Brain Portal and Integration and Unification of All Soul Fragments in Second Wave Ascension Candidates on November 28, 2015

Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2015

And the ascension thriller goes on! On Friday we attended the musical concert of Paul Armitage before he travels to Australia again. It took place in a beautiful house in White Rock. The host was a very enlightened lady, a Green party candidate and advocate, who works as a lawyer for the Canadian government. Carla and I had a very rewarding conversation with her on the ascension and all the related topics. We can only hope that this conversation will continue as I have the feeling that this encounter was pre-arranged by our HS with the goal of manifesting the Canadian scenario of ascension as envisioned by myself a few days ago.

Paul’s concert was a full success and very much appreciated by the ca. 40 visitors that attended this musical soirée. There were some more musicians who played spiritual music and it became a real musical jamburee. Most of the guests were French Canadians and were very warm and lovely people. The evening was a full success.

During Paul’s concert, AA Michael and billions of angels filled the big living room and created a highly inspired atmosphere. Most of the people were second wavers. Paul’s music, together with our energetic beaming of these people that was intensified to maximum by the Source had a huge impact on the audience and we felt how they opened their crown chakras to these divine music and energies.

On Friday, Carla was very ill, with a headache the whole day, very much as I had it the previous day and she barely made it to the concert. Other PAT members also complained about similar heavy energy experiences during this time. This always happens in preparation for a big energetic event of global proportions as it eventually happened on Saturday, November 28th. But first things first.

On Saturday, we attended a course on musical healing with Fabian Maman from France who is famous for introducing this concept as early as in the 80s. He is teaching Tama-Do (don’t ask me what it means) and has founded the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. This was his first visit to Vancouver to our knowledge.

Carla is now working on a novel healing concept through music and as she knew about this guy for a long time, wanted to attend his course of healing through music and asked me to accompany her. I must admit that this is the first time I have attended such courses as I have a rather poor opinion on them and went to it with mixed feelings.

My own idea was that in the new 4D and 5D worlds present-day medicine will be substituted by two major areas of healing – 1) through sound therapy and 2) through crystal therapy. In addition, each incarnated personality will be healed by her soul through inner work before ascension can take place. I made these considerations with respect to the second wave of ascension candidates as we have already cleared our fields and are now about to integrate completely the masculine and feminine energies by merging with the twin flame before we can finally make the phase transition and transfigure to New Lemuria.

Altogether, the energetic events this month can be summarized under the term “unification of the incarnated personality with the HS and the monad” in preparation for the final ascension. This applies for the light warriors of the first and the last hour who have actually ascended two years ago and are now only integrating all their 18 fields and higher chakras before our move to New Lemuria as discussed in the past.

Then we have the second, bigger wave of ascension candidates in whom we opened the heart chakra last year when Carla and I visited the Radiant Rose Academy on October 28th, 2014. This event has been subsequently widely discussed on this website. And finally we opened the third eye of this group of ascension candidates on November 20, when did a powerful meditation in Julia’s house.

The subsequent extremely powerful meditation of healing with the green, violet and golden flame through opening the 3rd eye, which the Elohim gave to Carla the day after this event, has been widely used by the PAT and has rendered remarkable healings not only at the personal level as reported by the PAT, but also at the collective as we can observe on the political stage and in the new revelations by the MSM in the West.

Since then we knew that the coming days would be an upward spiral of energetic onslaught in preparation for the 12.1 and 12.12 portals. As Dominique Lagae wrote to me today:

So far this process of pain and bliss has been succesful, although the Lightwarriors have been hanging on by their fingernails time and again.  I sense in the people I talk to that they are beginning to wear thin though, especially the second wave candidates.  They are undoubtedly doing a great job at keeping and expanding an awareness and light quotient, but if it wasn’t for the small forefront of the true Lightwarriors that keeps on initiating the next steps in their LBP, they would have long since succumbed to the fear and scarcity tactics of the dark side.

He has excellently summed up the plight of the light warrior of the first and the last hour, which the second wavers are now beginning to experience for the first time. They are shocked by the depth and the intensity of the pain of this inner energetic state during the last most intensive phase of the LBP, which  they vehemently rejected for so many years as not being real and a figment of our minds. I remember very well the idiotic comments of some self-proclaimed gurus who wanted to educate us that we are entirely responsible for our physical health at the ego-mind level and if we suffer from so much pain, we must be doing everything wrong. Sancta simplicita!

Anyway, let us summarize the major events of the last days. After we ejected all dark soul fragments from this uppermost mother planet on October 28th and then cleaned Gaia’s core and the crystalline grid from all dark energy patterns and karma deposits during the very powerful 11.11 portal, the next logical step was to begin with the opening of the left brain portal of the second wave ascension candidates. The latter are walking on this uppermost mother planet with more or less opened heart chakra for more than a year since we activated them on October 29th (see above).

Everything that happens in the End Time of ascension follow a clear plan and a logical sequence of events that has been described by myself in my first book on Gnosis “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” as early as 2000. It is the explanation as to how the LBB begins to unfold in the physical body by first opening the heart chakra and then the throat chakra of truth and finally the 6th chakra of spirituality and the 7th chakra of ecstasy, also summarized as the “third eye”, before the left brain portal can be fully opened and the incarnated entity begins to integrate the 8th to the 12th higher chakras in his unified chakra field.

Only after this achievement is accomplished can a human being become a light warrior of the first and the last hour and begin with the massive cleansing of Gaia and humanity on a global scale that causes us so much pain and desperation. Period! In order to refresh the memories of all my readers who belong to this group and also of those who belong to the second wave of ascension candidates, I am listing below one more time my publications on the LBP that address these issues:

1. Light Body Process in the End Times

2. The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process

3. How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

4. Update on The Energies of the LBP

5. New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7

Equipped with all these facts and knowledge, we visited Fabien Maman’s course of healing through music in a church in Vancouver. There were about 40 -50 participants there, who were obviously second wave ascension candidates judged by their energies and behaviour.

The course was a full disappointment at the beginning for both of us. For Carla because she expected something completely different and for me as nothing made any sense and the whole spiritual approach was very artificial. Essentially, we were given a sheet of paper where we had to write down seven notes of our souls essence based on arbitrary criteria borrowed from the usual horoscope and some other Chinese horoscopes. No explanation as to why the suggested allocation of horoscop data to these notes should assess the soul essence.

During the whole time our bodies were very stiff, the buzzing, high-pitched tone in our ears was deafening and the borderline cc-wave and headache were menacing to hit us with full force any moment. I was also very sleepy as is always the case when my soul leaves the body, so that I could barely stay awake. Then when we finished with entering the notes of our personal soul signature, the second part of the course began and it became very exciting all of a sudden.

Fabien Maman played the first soul signature of a young guy on the piano as to show how it works and the group, many of whom were obviously musicians, began to accompany him with singing. There were some who played guitar, clarinet and special drums.

After that Carla came to the piano as she is a good piano player and was asked to play next. She first played her soul signature, which was a very unusual combination of tones. The whole group surrounded her and the piano and began to sing with loud voices. It was a very powerful melody. By that time I began to vibrate with maximal intensity and build a huge standing wave and a vortex in the church and above this group of singing people.

The pressure of the energies was immeasurable and only comparable to that when we opened the heart chakra of the second wavers in the Radiant Rose Academy also in Vancouver 13 moths ago. At that point I knew that we are here not to learn anything, but to open the left brain portal of the second wave of ascension candidates after we had opened their 6th and 7th chakras and healed them with the powerful Elohim meditation using the green, violet and golden flame. The violet and the blue flame of ascended masters filled the church and later on mixed with the green and golden flame. All the participants were in trance and moved very meditatively almost like shadows in the church space. Their energies were very subdued as if their souls had left their bodies.

Then came my turn and Carla played my musical soul signature as I am a musical cripple. It was much easier than hers as I had 4 Gs. As Carla had got accustomed to the technique, she started very powerfully from the very beginning. I moved to the opened wing of the piano where the vibrations were maximal and began to amplify the tones with the source energies that were flooding through my left brain portal and to imbue the people around me. It was an incredibly powerful alchemical reaction that opened the left brain portal of all second wave ascension candidates.

The people were chanting in trance and the power of these human voices filled in the whole church and from there engulfed the whole planet. As we know, the human voice is the most powerful energy in All-That-Is and that is why we use it when we purge dark entities in our vicinity. Now they have left this timeline for ever.

After the performance of my soul signature, I was so depleted, Carla too, that we could no longer stand around the piano and had to sit down on the benches for the rest of this spectacle. – Yes, it turned into a veritable cosmic spectacle and was no longer a regular course in musical healing.

The poor Fabien was hit so hard by these energies as he fully participated in this alchemical reaction that opened the left brain portal of all participants and his in particular, that he too could barely stand on his feet.

Then each participant played his soul signature on the piano and it took roughly another 2 hours until everybody’s turn came. During this time we were emanating the source energies of opening the left brain portal at maximal intensity and were completely paralysed in our aching bodies.

In addition to this massive portal, Carla saw with her third eye how all soul fragments of the second wave ascension candidates that are incarnated in numerous other realities and parallel timelines of this earth received this clarion call and began to merge with their main soul fragments on this uppermost mother planet.

Fabien himself describes his musical technique as unification with the soul. The signature of the incarnated personality is determined according to the beliefs in astrology by the day and place of birth, by the stars and planets constellation, etc. Fabien has introduced in his scheme some more elements from the Chinese horoscope and healing traditions.

It does not matter if this allocation of astrological data to sounds and musical tones is appropriate or not. The underlying idea that we come with a predetermined archetypal personality structure created by the soul before each incarnation was essential at that moment for the opening of the left brain portal in all participants as a prerequisite for successful ascension in the future. The Higher Self must descend first into the physical body and merge with the personality structure thus purifying and changing it for ever. This can only happen if all soul fragments are integrated into the ascending physical body.

This is how ascension happens and it is a central topic in all our discussions. It did not matter in this context that neither Fabien Maman, nor all the other participants were aware of these ascension aspects, as they consciously created the optimal energetic conditions for merging with their HS by using Fabien’s musical technique. This happened, beyond their wildest imagination, through us opening their left brain portal and helping them integrate all their other soul fragments into this key incarnation that is scheduled to ascend to the new 4D worlds very soon.

The music, the human singing, the collective desire to merge with the soul through musical healing created the optimal energetic condition for this most powerful opening of the left brain portal of all second wave ascension candidates, In this sense Paul’s concert the previous day was a prelude and attuning to this sweeping event on November 28th.

Please, observe that all major portals and openings are now happening in a monthly cycle, beginning with September 28th when we opened a major portal of photon energy from the Source during the last Blood moon . This heralds something very big to happen around December 28th during Christmas and before New Year, especially if we achieve another major breakthrough at the portal 12.12.

Here is a link to the latest message of AA Michael transmitted by Ronna that also addresses independently the integration of all soul fragments in the process of the final unification of the incarnated personality with the soul before ascension.

This message was sent to me by Elaine Alcedo today after our mission in the Vancouver church to activate the left brain portal of all second wave ascended candidates had happened. This kind of messages are meant for this group and not for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour, as we have collected our soul fragments years ago and have already discussed this issue several years ago. Without this unification of our soul fragments we would not have been able to ascend two years ago and become Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy last summer.

By the way, another nasty cc-wave is on the march as I finished this report around 14.00 pm today, November 29th.

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