Galactic/Cosmic Convergence Final Push

Shelly Sullivan, November 9, 2015

Hi Georgi

I have a synchronicity to share with YOU. I was prompted yesterday by HS to write a blog re: 11.11 15 Gateway for Ascension. Along with the thoughts the title appeared in my mind, it was the first thing I typed for the blog ( usually the title comes later). Although I knew what the title meant for me, however something else was gnawing at me about the title, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Until this morning reading your blog, before starting my work  for the day. The title is “Cosmic/Galactic Convergence ~ Final Push.” the words “Final Push” delighted when I read your post with the Arcturian Message. Here is my blog if you want to read it :) Lots of Synchronistic things as I read your blog… its great.

Love & Light



“Twin Souls reach frequency alignment, HigherSelf~Source orchestrates this rendezvous where your eyes and mind meet, triggering the activation =  Much Higher Dimensional Life on Earth Begins for the two individuals.”

When Twin Souls/Twin Flames  are in alignment with their frequencies and meet for the first time this is the activation that is triggered. When this meeting takes place your eyes and mind connect and an intense activation starts to ignite. The activations and alchemical process that ignites upon meeting is the beginning of co-creation of higher dimensional realities to be sustained here on Earth, that your Soul, HigherSelf and Source Creation have put in place. Designed for you and your Twin to be the continuum of Life Force Flow ~ Flower of Life 333~ Sacred Geometric Pattern of Creation here on Earth from the Source of all Creation.

The most powerful energetic illumination begins from within the energetic heart space and physical heart organ. This Stargate of Energy is connected by the Source Cosmic Heart and the Earths Heart. Visualize the Vesica Piscis as the infinity 8 as the two cosmic and Earth Heart with the third centre Human Heart. Being the Flower of Life Creation.  Horizontal is the Sacred Union of 2 Heart with the Third in the middle as creation. Vertically is the Sacred Union of 2 Hearts Cosmic and Earth with third Heart of yours as the creation vortex/gateway.

The 11 11  8 (November 11 2015) is not a random number it is a STARGATE Being formed for the Twin Flames OR Sacred Oneness from within, which then creates a Vortex and pulls in the resonating energies for creation here on Earth. The energy for this magnificent event started 8 8 8 (August 8 2015). It is a Galactic process, very complex as sacred union can not be answered by our minds, yet very simple as it all comes back to Divine Source of Oneness.

NOTE***If you don’t resonate with Twin Flames this Gateway it is for YOU and  your OWN Sacred Union with Cosmic Heart~Your Heart~Earth Heart Alignment. I speak of Twin Flame because this is who I AM ~ Blue Ray Illumined Twin Flame. Not every one came to Earth to Re-Unite with a Twin Flame hence the Sacred Union of ONE SELF.

It all started with ONE atom, The ONE atom split into 2 Atoms so it could “know thy Self”, Masculine and Feminine.  Followed by the Third Element of Creation or Child = Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life in the center.

visca piscis Flowe of life

Vesica Piscis

Twin Souls meetings are being orchestrated by your HigherSelf but subsequently you must raise your vibration to prepare for this meeting to start the alchemical process. Upon meeting of these Soul Connections, feelings of recognition, past lives, deja vu, comfort, similar energetic flow will arise. Abilities and super powers start to awaken from Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

These reunions are coming together to fulfill life contracts & soul missions here on Earth. Once the physical meeting takes place the physical co-creation and manifestation of your Soul’s mission here on Earth begins. The once dormant abilities that awaken will go beyond what the 3 Dimensional Ego mind can comprehend following sacred union.

These meetings will also activate healing of the old to make room for the new so have patience wit the process. Old issues that need clearing of past Soul agreements or arrangements will be burnt away by the internal fire between you and your Twin Flame love. As well as any other deep scars will be healed by the light frequency the two of you have ignited between your grid points from with your physical body in an above you that you embody and exude now that expands beyond your grid points and beyond the Universe.

These types of reunions once the initial meeting – activation happens, take patience, nurturing & time. Allowing the alchemical process to freely flow from within. Don’t rush things, even with all the excitement that starts to flow upon the initial merge, let it flow. It may take many months or even years to “edit this type of script”  for the finality of your movie, of which you and your cast of Higher Beings have orchestrated in the Universe from the beginning of Source creation. We have been preparing for the Final Act here on Earth. While you have free will to edit the parts of the script, including the characters that you include and the paths you take in the New Earth Movie. Source is the Producer, Spirit is the Director. You Human character is also the Actor and Editor.

This is a huge opportunity/portal on November 11~ 2015 = 11-11-8 to further set in motion the physical formation of the Soul Groups. Twin Flame reunions will pave the way for a Higher Intelligence of Love upon Gaia, within humanity, to integrate with the Galactic/Cosmic Family once again. This is the final push for the Cosmic Convergence/ASCENSION. This powerful time of co-creation between now and 2017 will also be assisted with Walk Ins Souls to help with the light quotient here on Earth.

So many Walk Ins will be eagerly switching places with the Souls already within the physical body who have had enough of this spectacular show/movie transpiring here on Earth. Souls on the Earth now may want to leave the body for various reason allowing the Light Beings from various galactic planets to come and partake to help create the New Heaven on Earth ~ Harmony, Peace Love and Kindness. This must first come from within ~ As above So Below! The Heart must be open to be part of the Ascension, thus some Souls will leave the Human Vessel as this upgrading is too much and or they are done with the contract on Earth. The permanent Walk Ins will take over the vessel with their upgraded open Heart Soul, (this is not the same as braided Walk Ins). I addressed this in another blog, the braided walk in Help the evolved Soul further on the Ascension path.

This is what this shift of Ascension  11 11 8 (November 11 2015)  IS for the first pioneers of Ascension. This is going to BE powerful. The New Body Template will be fully activated or you many refer to it by the Light Body Process. This evolution is about what is happening inside of you. Remembering who you truly are. If you don’t feel the DNA upgrades or feel you are a part of the first wave do not worry this is a process for each individual and there is a second and third wave coming.


On a personal note, the first thing I typed on November 7th on this blog was the title “Cosmic & Galactic Convergence Final Push” the title appeared and it stuck, even though I know the meaning, there was something more to it that I had not quite figured out. Upon doing my morning reading I came across my friends  Blog,Georgi Stankov whom has also accomplished the Light Body Process reading his words ”

“There is nothing more to be added to that. We must now anchor ourselves firmly within the energies of our HS which have fully descended into our physical bodies and simply wait in an almost immovable state the energy tsunami of the portal 11.11. Maria’s message below discusses what we can expect from it and it very well coalesces with what we currently sense because it is happening Now. Whether this will be the final push, remains to be seen. This is however the most exciting time of all.”

I was pleasantly surprised with this synchronistic thought and feeling. I believe this is the final push for the forerunners of Ascension. The energy is so High I can barely sleep and sit still as I finalize this blog. Which btw came together so synchronistically over the past 24 hours. The energy is intense> It is happening Now. It will affect all species of life here on Earth as the first wavers will carry the light to share with the second and third….

Here is another link I would like to share. I like Maria’s perspective, detailed information with the Walk Ins/Twin Flames and The Cosmic. I resonate with all she feels & writes.

This time on Earth is challenging but it is so rewarding as a Soul and Spirit of the LIGHT.

So if you want to get moving on your purposeful path raise your vibration! Let go of fears and focus only on love. Pay attention to who you meet and be present when you are with people look everyone in the eyes beholding only LOVE. Ascension Time is NOW. 

I have been waiting for this all my life 11:11.

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