Energy Report of the PAT – November 29, 2015, Part – II

Healing and Harmonising Masculine and Feminine Energy

Hi George,

I’ve been reading your blog for 1,5 year now and every time you shared energy report or channeling it was in full synchronicity with what I felt or have been given by my HS. I didn’t have the courage though – to connect, as processes through that time were very heavy and depressive. My self-esteem wasn’t too high as the only confirmation on what I felt was right thing to do – focus on energy work – has been given by PAT throughout Internet. Being patient was the only way to move through and clearing layers of lower vibratory patterns of expressions – both individual and collective. Yet in so called “agreed reality” almost everyone was still under illusion spell and quite judge-mental. And my detachment from this reality isn’t always “full” as images given to me by my HS always mixes with my minds concepts on how this will all plays out and I would open my heart to those who, I thought, would be integral and conscious part of building this New World.

And so, exactly two years ago I sent out really strong invocation to meet my (at that time) mirror image. What I didn’t know – my HS had greater plan for me, as my invocation was pure concept and yes – I got exactly what I was asking for. My ego brain told me She was what I’ve been waiting for, my Twin Flame, as all my needs and wants were satisfied and I could dwell in full bliss for some time.

At that time I didn’t have any job as I felt very strong urge to search for alternative ways of living and manifestation was getting easier for me. Also, it was last summer, when I just felt I wasn’t ready for any daily job, as being focused on meditation and clearing lower energy layers was simply much more important and energy draining. She seemed to be fine with it. And, as you may guess, she was not as her understanding was superficial. This is how I see it now but it may be my own judgement under strong emotions. Anyway, last summer was time, when my HS showed me your blog and I was very excited to see how accurately it described every process I felt, every wave of energy, every change, day by day.

For your understanding how synchronous it was to start reading your blog and how close it is to my heart on every aspect, I’ll digress to tell you something about me. I’m 26, with master in Telecommunication with Audio-Video Engineering specialisation which I finished 2,5 years ago. In addition to that, my mother is Psychologist (in alternative path called Process Psychology) and my father is IT specialist, mathematician and many decades long Zen disciple, Reiki healer, Big Mind teacher (a method developed by Genpo Roshi). My mind was always scientific turning around wave theories, quantum physics, mathematics and connecting it with philosophy, history of religions, psychology… it could be a long list, as you may guess. I thing there is no need for this, as this can probably tell you enough. Theory of Universal Law was exactly what I was thinking about for years before I discovered your blog, putting together pieces of the puzzle.

What is also important for the next part of this story is – my parents split up when I was four. I had no idea how it affected me for the whole life, including patterns of dealing with relations. Well, now I know. Inside I was frightened of being close and rejected, so I was at a distance, pretending to be close. I guess, the same as Her. I was also passive-aggressive as I felt misunderstood. More and more, blissful dream-like state of almost all the time being in 5D, became a nightmare. Wounds from whole life, regarding the family, romantic relations, relations with closest friends, started to open. She broken up with me this summer and immediately started a new relation, which for me started a heavy energetic bleeding. My sexuality was never in such chaos as I started to search for the missing puzzle and after a while, when this process burned out, I started to focus again on the path.

This process was about releasing Her, along with expectations regarding my/our life, all the concepts that we’ve been holding on to, that made us unhappy, stuck in constant feeling of lack. My HS showed my wounds regarding my parents, my relation with my father… again, I could write much more, but I guess you see enough. I am writing to you after reading your and Carla’s mail exchange with Kari which resonates with my story so much…

Anyway I met Her on a party last Friday (20th Nov, exactly when you and other PAT felt so much anger), as we have a common group of “close” friends and, with no regard for my feelings, she gave me next wound on sexual level, being in passionate situation with her new boyfriend. My emotions exploded and all the pain came out on her, as I was writing to her next three days, very angry, very sad and very disappointed on how could the person that “love” me so much, treat me like this. Sorry, this is emotional for me. I’m writing to you for the first time. But, after messages from Kari, I feel it’s very important for all the PAT to know, that they’re not alone in what they’re going through, clearing darkness of this level of existence. I know many other, that have very similar processes of acknowledging their wounds and accepting so-called negative emotions at this time.

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I felt longer state of bliss and lightness. I feel that it’s connected both with accepting my emotions, confronting her and your meditation that healed wounds of all PAT. I still feel those wounds but they’re not bleeding anymore. Yesterday evening I read those messages you exchanged with Kari and I felt it’s time for me to write to you. Also yesterday, for the first time in months, I felt warmth and energy flowing from my heart chakra. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for all the PAT. I’m writing to you, but it’s also for Carla. You’re truly remarkable souls and I’m happy that today is the day I can finally write to you. I hope, that for all the PAT, that are going through Twin Flame lesson, it’s coming to an end soon.

With love,
Jan Ryćko, from Poland

Dear Jan,

thank you very much for your deeply moving and sincere energetic report and also for finally contacting me and the PAT. It was really important to share these experiences with us as we are now in a massive healing process of ourselves that is also representative, in a powerful alchemical reaction, of all human beings on this uppermost mother planet.

Throughout my whole long experience with the LBP and ascension that began for me in the 90s, I have not seen such a dramatic phase of inner healing and transformation, where all humans are confronted with their true identity and see for the first time with eyes wide open all the wounds and pain that have amassed in their emotional and mental fields and genetic memories. This healing transformation is so profound that we shall emerge from it as completely new personalities, which is what ascension ultimately is all about.

Indeed, the outer experiences are rapidly losing their importance these final days and appear for what they have always been – empty holographic shadows upon the cosmic canvass, we have created for us to make these unique experiences and learn more about our core identity from the position of full amnesia and separation from the source. Now the veil has been lifted and the final merging with the I Am Presence has commenced full force.

I have no idea whether your girlfriend was truly your twin flame, I guess no, but it is obvious that you have loved her a lot and your separation has triggered many hurt feelings that go deeper into your family structure. Now that you have this so powerful meditation of the Elohim, you should make extensive use of it and heal profoundly all past wounds and pains and then proceed swiftly in your ascension process, that will open new venues for you to explore. This may as well include the encounter with your true twin flame, which you will be able to embrace after all past pain has been released.

Stay confident, you are so young and the best of your life is in front of you.

With love and light

Dear George,

indeed, this phase of ascension scenario is most intense, triggering all of hidden suffering to come out, confronting everyone with their hidden agendas and dark layers of thought patterns. PAT are most conscious of this process and we’re the ones that are ready to confront and clear everything that’s not pure light flowing through us. As we acknowledge negativity outside that’s triggered by negative believes inside, we truly meet and heal our past selves.

For me main theme was connected with family, relations, community and abundance in terms of money, creativity and space (which creates an energetic path for whole Slavic area).

I’m sure my girlfriend isn’t my twin flame (at least by definition proposed on your blog), as I was made aware of this many times by my HS during phases of expanded awareness. But she also was in another meaning, as some sources say that twin flame (that are not soul mates) connect to burn out in catalyzed reaction through seeing almost exact mirror image and then move on to heal and expand awareness. And this is exactly the case here, as I couldn’t even stop thinking about every single wound that I thought was inflicted by her. She was only showing me her reactions that was identical to my reactions. I could only move on after forgiving her through forgiving and healing myself.

Your latest posts, including powerful meditation of the Elohim helped in this process a lot. I’m also invoking green, violet and gold flames and using some techniques given me by my HS.

As we release old, closed, egocentric patterns of thinking that are centered around illusionary desires dictated by ego it’s getting easier and easier to simply move through life exploring what has always been planned for us without insistence on any theme or pressure of illusionary time. And in moment of bliss, we, the PAT, feel very deeply how we’re gonna feel after all the mud is gonna be cleared. And sexual energy is part of this. Ego desire orgasms and need other people to achieve higher peaks, but pure being flows on the high wave of creative energy (which is the same source essence that ego desires) and has full freedom of choosing to connect with others, or being alone at any time.

Today I feel very light in three lower chakras with little tingling under the bellybutton as if my emotional wound in sacral chakra finally stopped bleeding and started to heal. Gastric pressures and pains also eased after extensive clearing. I feel that these incoming portals will have a lot to do with root chakra which seems to be preparing for final cleansing.

These most intense processes gave me a lot of hope, as I could never see so clearly where we’re heading and I know, we’re gonna see much more soon.

With love and light,

Dear Georgi,

sorry for interrupting again! but I’d like to give you an update on the balancing meditation.

Yesterday I made probably the last meditation and it concerned mostly my parents, especially my mother. Her father abandoned her when she was just a child and she carries a great traumas (way too much masculine energy). This is often represented by her almost everyday anger, which I was kinda also affected by. She screams at me almost everyday, but I don’t care anymore. Yet it was always unpleasant and annoying to hear her screaming all around. But since yesterday, I don’t feel affected by that, which is a great relief. However on the contrary, she seems to be more and more mad as each day passes. This might be caused by the crumbling Matrix or the detachment and balancing that just occurred.

I just had a dream today that I was defending some kind of a castle from a lots of angry women fighters. I fought bravely, but alone and couldn’t resist for much longer. The dream ended as I saw some women that have made it to the battlements. – This was probably associated with the meditation.

I wouldn’t normally write you such details, but I had some kind of any urge do to so.

Btw the detachment that you just mentioned in your last energetic update is somehow self-occurring. Mine outer situation looks like it’s going to the deepest levels of hell (as I wasn’t able to solve my financial situation), yet there’s a great inner urge to let it all just go.

With regards, J. Fleischman.

Dear Pepe,

this is a very massive cleaning, with a lot of turbulences for us and the other people involved and it affords everything from us. I can very well feel into your situation as my mother was of a similar type and I had no peace at home when I was young. These are the kinds of past traumas we must now resolve for us and for our relatives as they themselves are not evolved enough to do it on their own.

As you know very well we cannot do anything anymore and should give controlling the external situation. But we should seek with all power the inner balance as to survive these chaotic days as this is our only safe haven.

You are doing an excellent job and you could not do more. Just relax and try to survive. I hope that very soon the energetic situation will improve for us.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

thank you for your response. These kinds of conversations always give one courage and strength.

With regards, J. Fleischman.

Hey George,

It is always a pleasure for me to read your website and the synchronicities don’t seize to amaze me !

Yesterday as I was walking towards home my father, grandmother and grandfather as a collective energy entered my field – it was like they were greeting me or something, that’s how I interpreted it. And I remember me saying something about hoping you are okay, you should go to the light or something like that. My father and especially my grandfather were firm atheists not sure if in the sense of religion or the spiritual one, I was very young when they passed away and we didn’t have that much of a time to discuss those things, even though I recently remembered that I was like 5-6-7 years old, I was asking my father who is God, what is the Universe and he was always saying to me you are too young to know the answers of these questions.

Thanks for everything! You are sharing with humanity an invaluable information, I know that we are helping everyone here to get out of the illusion. Sending you love and light !

Teodora Kavroshilova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Upside Of Upside Down Shit

Dear George & Carla,

Your summary is most useful and feeling like upside down shit is the essence. But the process of planetary cleanse is also more obvious than ever before. So, somehow it grows more bearable and more understandable in an observable way.

We are indeed building toward something huge.  As if the last couple of months have not contained enough – there is more & much more on top.

Love To You Both
Malechite, Texas

Dear George and dear Carla,

thank you both so much for your loving actions on behalf of our ascension! For a couple of days now I’m feeling such relief and indescribable happiness inside, it’s like I’m deeply in love and dancing a new love dance all the time. And it’s also true, on a physical level there are pains and  flu-like symptoms. My deceased parents appearing in dreams and wanting to share house with me. But people around me either don’t seem to notice me at all or behave in a very kind and gentle way. Since I’m having almost no attachments or connections to the old system at all, I can recommend again to all light workers and ascenders,  keep as detached as possible and enjoy yourselves in these tender loving new energies !

With gratitude and joy,

Dear Briga,

thank you for this confirmation of the latest energies. We all are more or less invisible to most part of the people as we vibrate much higher than themselves and they do not register us truly.

With love and light

And Everything Changes

Dear George,What an incredible message “Core remembers…”. I am feeling such delight at the exhortation to recognize we have reached a new level of freedom from the stories we told ourselves. REAL choices, made from the consciousness of “resurrected core” are  now available…just for the asking, so to speak. And, wonder of wonders, this seems to be my own idea and my own Self, ready and waiting for the cue to take a totally new road; no fear at all, just a calm certainty that All is available. It can be no accident that this sense of confidence comes at the point of what I see as my merger with my male component, for I have a stronger stance, both internally and in actual physical expression. What a gift; to remember my Divine right to exist [without the need to forget or suffer pain in order to remember], and thus….Everything changes!!! NOW, it gets exciting, for this is the end of waiting. I think this message is at the highest level of anything I’ve ever read anywhere, and could  only be put forth now as we are finally “cosmic adults” and thus able to hear it. Extraordinary. Packed so full of Light and Love that it has the Power to awaken in every sentence. ”

Thanks for your comments and support regarding my recent experience.[s] “Divine deception” is indeed something I know well, and however frustrating that has sometimes been, it always ends up feeling right. That being said, I AM putting my heart into the idea of bringing about whatever final merge needs to come about to bring this story to its’ proper conclusion.

Love to you and Carla,

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