Energy Report of the PAT – October 20, 2015

Dear Georgi,

With your publication of ‘The Most Probable End Time Scenario’ you are absolutely right, and this is one of the most important web pages on the site in recent history.  Approximately three or four days ago, I received a message from the Elohim (a very rare occurrence) early in the AM.  I was instructed to research the exact dates for Ascension.  I was floored and wanted to keep this information secret because I know that such dire predictions are often re-arranged by our superiors and changed at the last moment, not wanting to look foolish about this prediction.  The most probable dates for ascension are 95 days from today (Thursday, January 21 to Tuesday, February 2, 2016). Some PAT members may go before then, but the majority will go between these days.

With love and light,

Dear Henry,

these dates make a lot of sense as I also feel that the HR want to make full use of all portals till the end of this years such as 11.11, 12.12, 21.12  and 1.1. so that we may expect the final ascension to happen around this time.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

Thank You for continuing writing for us. I had a most dramatic dream from Friday to Saturday here in Brussels after having spent a whole week in Munich.

Lots of little white parakeets with colorful heads were flying at hyper velocity towards a big cliff o natural slate, this slate wall being totally smooth , no grooves. My point of view is from the side of the cliff, in the air. The birds fly and splash with incredible violence against the slate cliff. The drops of the splashing of their little bodies land on my face.  The drops are Snow White. I feel the horror, the pain for the Whole , I shout very loudly and cry with the pain of the World in my heart .

I wake up crying very loudly. I never had such dramatic dream experience.


Dear Sophie,

this is a very dramatic dream indeed, especially for the emotional pain that it has evoked in your heart. It could be that the white parakeets represent the incarnated souls and how they now crash at the MPR and descend to lower timelines. BY the way on Friday and Saturday there were a lot of MPR on lower timelines again.

With love and light

Of recent, I began seeing the 5th dimension which many consider to be a lie. But over the course of complete and total yielding, I found that your article proved to have much truth. A great explanation of the 5th dimension along with the consciousness elevation in this timeline.  Powerful, Profound, heartfelt, and fueled with awakening frequencies. Like the caterpillar we must first shed that 3/4th skins in order to truly fly. Thank you!!!

A. C.

Dear A.,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and for your appreciation of our articles on the 5th and higher dimensions. You are mentioning only one article but I have published numerous articles on the 5th and higher dimensions. This is because we, the PAT, are the creators of these new worlds as this collection of articles proves:


With love and light

Dear Georgi:

I read your articles and was blown away by the confirmation of the very dream I had recently which was posted on your

“My dream Vision of New Lemuria” – the plush green grass etc.

This very day I had asked for a sign that I am on the right path and while researching much of the rubbish online, I asked to be directed to an article that promises life. That was your articles of light.

The 5th Dimension is a quite a profound reality of life past, present, and future. In that dream above I was given a PHD and had many opportunities open beyond limits. This is a wonderful intent that I will meditate on as I shift through the days in Princeton.

My best as you continue to share the marvel of your gifts.


Just a chart I snatched for you…  yuppers looking crazy! I am not sure where this came from as I grabbed it off of someones post… 2013 stats…

Now I must say you grossed me out with that fat man belly in a wheel barrel….. Today as I went to pick up something at our grocery store, I noticed they now have twice the number of electric grocery carts for those who do not walk so well…. ie., fat people. My parents once took me to a lunch buffet, but I found it hard to eat, nasty food, but more because there were three really fat people in electric carts zooming around the food, nearly running people over. I could not get a grip on myself after that… for days….

Love, Carolyn

Dear George,

I’m still reading your website with interest even if I’m not in the LPB process and I feel very far away from what you and the PAT are experiencing, living and feeling. Nonetheless I feel very concerned by it.

It’ s been 3 years now that I’m reading you and those last months I’m wandering a lot about what I feel and how I react to this 3D world: it began mid-October 2014 when my feelings were getting more and more like a roller-coaster . At that time, I began feeling a little bit depressed, very lightly at first. It was mostly about my work. Since then, my feelings kept going up and down but each time  it went down, it would do it deeper and harder, not only about my work, but it began to affect all the spheres of my life. This roller-coaster (it was a change from one day to the other sometimes) was so “clear” that I began to wandering during this summer If I was not entering in depression. I also felt so tired, like my batteries are empty, no more energy to cope with something or someone (excepts for my kids but it was in my very last resources).

One week ago, on Thursday the 8th, the depressed feeling was getting so intense that I even cried at my work before going to class (I teach French to international students), what was the point of all that,this life, I had no energy left. I felt I was at the bottom of the bottom. So, I concluded that there was really something wrong with me and decided to check with my doctor if I was not ongoing a depression (the appointment was a week later).

What make me write this to you despite I know all the very hard work you endure for all of us (thank you again for that!) is that I realized that, after last week end, in only two days, I felt all my energy back, my will to go on and my usual good mood here again, all of a sudden? But nothing special happened in my life which could have ignited it…. It feels like the roller-coaster has come to an end (at least for now) after this past year when it increased in intensity month after month. Well, in one week-end it went back to “normal”, and this to the point I cancelled my appointment with my doctor because I had nothing left to say.

My question is: At first I thought it was a problem with myself (even if I meditate regularly, do some yoga, eat healthy, try to raise my vibrations as much as I can..) but with all those different waves of energies you are talking about hitting us…  Is it all that cleansing work that you mention in your last energy report that I’m feeling or maybe doing?

I thank you for reading me (to the end of this message). I know that I’m where I have to be on my path as you told me last time you answered me.

Lightly yours,
Alexandra, South France

Dear Alexandra,

from what you have described regarding your personal emotional and physical experiences in the last year or so, this is a clear opening of your bodies and chakras to the higher source energies. It has started exactly when we opened all second wave ascension candidates in Mid-October last year as you can read and I only yesterday published a link to this event in the latest energy report.

This kind of transformation may begin differently for different persons. Some report that they experience bliss and then nothing else. Others experience exactly what you describe – physical depletion and emotional depression which almost always go hand in hand. This latter experience indicates a more profound transformation and the blissful one remains superficial as it does not affect the deeper layers of the body.

Each one of us who is in the last phase of the LBP has gone through this same episode and very often it lasts for years. You have definitely entered the LBP and very soon you may begin to have the same experiences as the more advanced light warriors on this website.

At the beginning of the LBP it is only about cleansing and eliminating personal issues and energetic blockages, so that the body and chakra system can be fully opened and function optimally – be ready to accommodate bigger loads of source energy. When a certain capacity is reached, one begins to cleanse collective dross and this is hard as reported on this website.

Obviously you are a second wave ascension candidate and this population of incarnated souls have not necessarily embraced the mission to participate in the cleansing of Gaia and humanity but only to raise sufficiently their body frequencies as to ascend to the new 4D worlds where they will continue with their LBP under much more favourable conditions. It seems that you have reached this threshold and now your soul has released you from the transformation. It always comes from within and any medical intervention is counter-indicative. It was good that you cancelled your appointment.

I think that everything is perfectly well with you and it is even possible that after a respite in order to incorporate all the changes in your body system, your soul may decide to enter the collective cleansing when it may become hard for you again. Or you may stay in a steady state until  the final shift. You should attune to your higher self and get information what is your future pathway. Being a mother and working, most probably you will be spared further massive transformation at this stage. But this is just my assumption.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you for your answer that help me understand more and apprehend in a better way my situation. I guess I’ll reread your article about the LPB process. I’ ll keep going on with what I’m doing (yoga, meditation, natural medicine…). I began a frequency therapy (two weeks ago with personal CD), I hope it will help me to live this in a better way.

Lightly yours,

Dear Mr. Stankov,

thank you so much for your great work!

After the last years, I’ve got some experiences how to support the body in the LBP. I made very good experiences with the medicinal mushroom “Reishi” (Ganoderma lucidum). My English is not good, so maybe you can give a hint to a good article about that mushroom, so that your readers can inform themselves about it.

Much love and light,
Jonas, Germany

Dear Georgi and Carla,

It is Bonnie wanting to confirm my sudden attack last night and how I soaked in extra Source Energy at the time to relieve and dispel of it. I had not yet gone to sleep and I was very aware of Source Energy as always and had felt so strongly the shifting in place from later afternoon, dinner hour…


Dear Dr.Georgi …

I confirm your last message about the change of ID and mobilization of the “dark” …

Since about October 16 … I felt very out of my … as in 2005 in the most intense phase of the Light Body Process …

In my case I get in a bad mood … I become intolerant of everything and everyone … and I feel disconnected … I can not interact or transmit anything … everything seems distant and meaningless … as if It could not “foothold” in any timeline … I’m like floating in the middle of the space / time … without roots …

Coincidentally in my country we are one week of presidential elections and I think the dark archons will intensify their “intrusions / interference” … to prevent or promote change that suits them …

I had seen / astrally sensed a lot of activity and movement of the entire low frequency 4D and certainly something “BIG” is moving / changing …

I hope soon the final events will be  triggered and transform this unbalanced and polluted reality … because every day becomes more difficult to follow here …

I send a hug of light from Argentina …


Here’s a little follow-up on the Canadian election.

I found 2 interesting articles on the election that point out the surprising majority victory of the Liberals, with graphs that show the historical and unprecedented gains in seats.

Notice also the synchronicity in the NY Times article below. In the picture of Trudeau with his kids, his kids are playing with… Light Sabres from Star Wars, of all things!!!

I was referring earlier to Harper as ”Darth Harper” and talking also about the Darth Vader politician in Ukraine, and about swinging my Light Sabre across Canada to get rid of ”Darth Harper”…

The red Light Sabre held by the kid Trudeau is talking to in the picture, is in fact the red ”Darth Vader” Light Sabre:

Even funnier, Trudeau seems to be saying to the kid with the Darth Vader Light Sabre: ”I will get rid of you!”

Crazy synchronicity.

What’s next?


Numerous luminous regards,
(…and synchronicities!)


Article: Bombshell Revelation that may trigger the end of dark criminal AAA Cabal

Hi Georgi,

Great article! Very factual and clear minded.

Although the information in these emails was previously released, I think it says a lot that the paper pushing this repeated release is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man whose wife Tony Blair slept with behind his back.

I expect that Murdoch will use his power to create a sustained attack on Blair.

The rats are all turning on each other.

Thank you for a great article.


Lieber Georgi,

erstmal vielen Dank für dieses sehr interessante update. In der Nacht vom 18./19.10. muss ein shift gewesen sein, da am Morgen des 19. sich alles ganz anders anfühlte. Es war eine wundersame Leichtigkeit im Sein zu spüren, fast wie ein dahingleiten. Eine innere Helligkeit und Freude konnte ich wahrnehmen. Eine Freundin hatte das auch erlebt. Am Nachmittag kamen dann noch einige von Dir erwähnten “negativen” Symptome hervor. Stechen an der linken Kopfseite, Steifigkeit der Gelenke und auch verschwommenes Sehen. Was für eine Zeit, gut, dass wir all das vorher nicht wussten.

Liebe Grüsse,

Liebe Heide,

ich danke dir für diese Bestätigung der letzten Energieshift. Die emotionale Wahrnehmung solcher Verschiebung kann sehr variieren und sehr rasch wechseln von Euphorie zur tiefsten Depression und dies ist die eigentliche Herausforderung für uns in diesen Tagen. Ich denke, dass es besser ist, wenn man weiss, dass das alles nichts mit einem zu tun hat, sondern dass alles von globaler, kosmischer Dimension ist.

Liebe Grüße

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