The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT)

by Paul Armitage, September 11, 2015

The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team (the PAT); Composer: Paul Armitage, Vancouver, Canada; Commissioned by Georgi Stankov, the Captain of the PAT, for the PAT; Image: Lake Louise, Rocky Mountains, the retreat of AA Michael

Paul Armitage and His Divine Music

by Georgi Stankov, September 11, 2015

I am infinitely happy to present to the PAT the divine music of my friend Paul Armitage, the most gifted composer I know personally, on this auspicious day when 14 years ago the dark cabal committed one of their greatest crimes on humanity.

Now we shall reverse the history of this planet and its human population and shall trigger with this angelic symphony the most glorious ascension in this omni-verse – the ascension of Gaia to the New Golden Galaxy – the Guardians of which the PAT is. How beautifully everything aligns these last days in this rapidly changing reality!

I commissioned this divine musical portrait of the PAT with Paul some time ago and only yesterday did he send me the video from Australia, where he is now for a visit, so that I can publish it on 9/11, Infinity (2015 = 8). I knew that it will come in the perfect moment in time. Why?

Because Paul is unique in his open access to his soul and monad and from there to all human souls incarnated on this planet within the Christed Unity Consciousness. He is inspired directly by the angels and his music is incredibly healing and purifying.

I know what I am talking about as Carla and I have ordered already 4 personal musical Soul Portraits with Paul in the past and he has captured our soul essence better than we are able to – the unquenchable longing for our home within the Source, the accumulated pain of infinite incarnations, the unlimited power of our mission as Elohim, the beauty and the glory of our creationary visions for Gaia…

All this you will find in this musical masterpiece – the Collective Soul Portrait of the PAT. Its harmonic identification with the true core of your souls will propel you into the highest spheres of cosmic awareness, from where you can virtually create anything you desire for you and this humanity. Remember, you are the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia and this is the hymn of your glory as Creator Gods. Let yourselves being carried by the purity of Paul’s music into deepest meditation and re-connection with your soul essence and manifest its beauty here, in this reality, with the mighty thoughts and visions that this symphony will inspire in you.

While listening to Paul’s music, it is as if your soul is manifested in this reality in all her glory and with her deepest inspirations and aspirations that has driven her commitment to this creation – Gaia – since eons of time. Let this all now come to the fore. Words pale to express the beauty of Paul’s music, which is a mirror image of the beauty of your souls. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, living composers with an unrestricted access to God.

We have had numerous conversations with Paul and, what has struck us most, is his uncompromised honesty and sincerity, coupled with indomitable courage, to question himself and his musical talent to the utmost and to expand his musical expression beyond the limitations of human experience. He is the born seeker and a wayshower to humanity, as you also are.

Needless to say that Paul is also an intimate connoisseur of the New Age and shares our opinions on this failed movement. Even though he continues to play music for such groups from time to time, he has long transcended their narrow-mindedness and has acquired the stature of a true spiritual teacher and a leader who derives his inspirations directly from the Source. His influence on the light workers community in the coming real New Age, which the PAT now creates, will grow immensely in the coming days and months. It is my privilege to present the music of my friend Paul Armitage on the eve of the greatest and most glorious event of all times in the history of this planet and humanity – the ultimate ascension of Gaia to higher dimensions – which is the sole achievement of the PAT, the protagonist of this divine symphony.

Please, listen to Paul’s music and this superb symphony as often as you can, as it will raise your vibrations in leaps and bounds. It embodies the most powerful archetypal myth in All-That-Is – the glory and indestructibility of the individual soul, even in the most dense and toxic environment, her indomitable spirit to overcome the limitations of physical matter, to transcend the human spirit and to merge with the Whole by virtue of her inexorable and exuberant drive for unlimited Creation. Just as this symphony already represents a unique highlight in the human history of music.

For all my readers who want to learn more about Paul Armitage and his music go to his website:

Paul Armitage Music

I highly recommend each one of you to commission a personal musical Soul Portrait  with Paul in order to discover the beauty and glory, the true nature of your transliminal souls as Creator Gods – especially now, in the last most auspicious days in this waning reality – and to better attune to your new existence as Ascended Masters and Custodians of the New Humanity. This is the best investment you can make in this auspicious time for a musical masterpiece, which this paper money actually cannot and should not buy. Therefore, consider it rather a privilege to be gifted with your personal musical Soul Portrait by one of the greatest composers of modern times, Paul Armitage.

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