“The Black Swan” – Unpredictability is the Order of the Day as Vibration Raises

Brian, the Dragon, September 1, 2015


This is the Dragon,

Many of you may have pictured that as vibration raises, everything becomes more ordered, and people sit around singing their kumbayas. The reality, as you are seeing, is much different and there’s a reason for this:

As a collective, your vibration trajectory has been steep and is accelerating recently. First, let’s say congratulations. However, that also means change. Lots of it Vibration works on micro systems and macro systems alike, and rapid vibration in a reality like yours not really designed for that vibration will mean rapid change, lots of shifting, lots of unsettling.

That’s what you are seeing. You are having difficulty getting a tab on economics, diplomacy, cultural shifts, technology shifts, and relationships among other things. It all seems to be whirring around you very quickly. It affects your personal lives, and the world around you. It makes you feel excited one minute, and tired the next. All the while, the pace of this and the passage of time seem to be speeding up.

This all sounds like difficulty, but the challenge is that your society is not operating in harmony with the increased vibration. It is trying to do the same things at a higher rate. It’s like trying to take a road bicycle and trying to go fast down a mountain trail. It’s not designed for that. Yet, there are bicycles designed for that. The rider just needs to become aware of it.

As such, your society and you as individuals need to become aware of how to work with the higher vibration and things will seem a little wild in the meantime. Ultimately, the higher vibration energy affords you some capabilities to better shape your reality and be able to have a more positive experience (defined as what you consider positive) and that’s the bright plus side of it all. You just all need to figure out how to tap into that ability. It will take some baby steps, some missteps and some breakthroughs to get it all done. Until then, you will all be constantly reminded of this, through more rapid changes and shifts. The advice we can provide you now is just pay attention to everything around you and be aware of patterns.

You are not the first group to go through this in the universe. You are not even the thousandth. Most make it through, and figure it out. You will as well.

With Love,
The Dragon

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