On the Power of Our Thoughts, Energy Protection and Living With Constant Expanding Awareness Between 3D and 5D

by Denise Godber and Georgi Stankov, August 24, 2015

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I’d like to share my latest personal experiences which have brought me to connect more to the loving, kind energies of the New Lemuria Earth, while at the same time questioning my curiosity as to why people are just so …. darn slow in their thinking!  As you would put it Georgi, the dumbed down masses!  My experience has had me direct my curiosity on the actual speed of thought.  As often happens to me, l have several experiences and only after reflecting and observing am l able to put it all together.

I have found myself during the last ten days or so, attracted to a series of books called “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”.  I first came across them three years ago, but for some reason l downloaded the books onto my computer and decided they would be a good read for when l didn’t have anything else to do!

That moment has now arrived!

The ups and downs of the energies has had its highs and lows, and l have followed your website daily, discerning, cleansing, decreeing – breathing!  Aside from that l have had a very strong urge to really dedicate myself to loving kindness.  This advice from Carla resonated very much with me and l continued to keep finding hints, so l decided to get  about really and truly feeling it.

I found myself being more aware of how conversations with people were often filled with negative statements.  Positive or loving words were literally nonexistent!  This made me even more curious about be-ing in loving kindness. Then l started reading book one – Anastasia and l was captivated – in a very aware way of course! The main topic of the book is about how to create a homestead in a family plot of land to cultivate plants, flowers, trees, bees and connect to the loving nature, remembering how to talk to the nature around us. It explains how planting your own plants, trees, flowers and herbs and them walking throughout the land and tasting everything present allows  for the body to get information about the properties of the food and it can therefore provide the body quite naturally with what it needs in a very natural, easy way – just a walk through the land , contemplating and nibbling – eat as you breath was how Anastasia called it.  Walking and breathing also allowed the body to assimilate  the pollen from all the plants and trees in the garden and thereby keeping the body in tune with itself in this natural way. The pollen is a natural healthy necessity for the body to come in contact with. This way of life is a return to a Divine culture.

People of the Vedic civilization would feed themselves from the various kinds of food growing only on their plot or produced by their household animals.  This approach was not determined by any kind of superstition or law.  rather, it was a result of a vast store of knowledge. Though there is a difference between ‘knowing’  and ‘being fully aware of’ something.  ‘Being fully aware of’ is not just ‘to know’.  It is to feel with one’s whole being – body and soul – a multitude of phenomena, the purpose of each Divine creation, as well as His system. And every Man of the Vedic culture was fully aware that what he consumed as food not only fed the body, but filled the soul with conscious awareness.  At the same time it conveyed information directly to him from all the worlds of the Universe.”  Book 6 page 141

I am so happy that l left these books for reading in this “now” moment, because l can really feel the images and the information it brings forward.  I have had so many ideas for decrees and have never made so many as this last week!

The latest decree l made after reading Book 6 – The Book of Kin. I’ll try and give the general idea as best l can, but also include the links if you wish to read it all. Anastasia talks about the Vedruss people and the vedic way they lived life – which is described very much like the description of the garden of Eden, where people are communicating with plant and wildlife and naturally communicating with the god in everything, as it is the most natural thing in the world to them.

Vedism was based solidly on a Divine culture.  Everyone’s way of life was Divine.  And every family created its domain, a space of Love, they felt the wholeness of Nature and consequently, of everything God had created. What happened in Vedism was that people spoke with God through Nature. Instead of bowing down before Him, they attempted to understand Him.  They loved God as a son and daughter love their kindly parents.“(Book 6 page 186)

She then goes on to talk about how this way of being became impossible and how that came about.  Chapter six is very, very interesting.  It contains information on how the thought process works and how the speed of thought, which was once a very natural, logical, rational process for all people, became the dumbed down masses that we have now! I will add the links to these books  below, if you choose to read them.  It is not that easy to find pertinent extracts because it is written as a flowing story line.

And so the priest came up with a plan which would be able to break this dialogue with the Divine. To this end it was necessary to separate people from their domains, from the Divine gardens, from their co-creation together with God.  It was necessary to divide the whole territory where the Vedic people lived into different states and to destroy their culture.” (Book 6 page 186)

Certain “priests” manipulated peoples’ thoughts by using quite logical methods – they re-directed the attention of the people and distracted them with various tactics, pulling them away from their natural environments and thus their natural connection to God.  Cities were built and everything was created with the purpose of keeping people busy and away from natural living food and water  and this was enough to slow down their thought process and consequently think for themselves! These priests knew that if people gave themselves time to contemplate they would recuperate the natural thought process  and start to ask themselves logical questions and find their own logical answers – only the priests knew that they had to keep everyone from having three days of reflection. Maybe that’s why the weekend  and rest from work is only two days long – and holidays and filled to the brim of doing, doing, doing! The world we know it at the moment is made in this way, the politicians and all people that could actually make a difference are kept busy, busy, busy and consequently do not have a logical, rational thought process of their own.

I felt very passionate about making a decree to release humanity from the archetype of this thought manipulation and for the full restoration of a logical, rational, speedy thought process.

I had the experience a month ago after having a visit  from an old friend. I was about to find out what the power of thought can do! I met her 25 years ago when l first came over to Italy. My English background knowledge of healthy living at that time was literally nonexistent. She gave me so much information about natural methods of eating and healing and from that moment l never really looked back. Observing and listening to her during the day l was able to see she was no longer following her own advice!

She was visibly impressed with the meal l easily made up of vegetarian bean burgers and homemade bread from antique grains of spelt, kamut (khorasan wheat) and enkir. I gave information of the food choices l made and the natural easy and free methods  of healing l had acquired over the years.

Her own accounts were full of the national health system tragedies, whereby she was always “helping” some poor soul to get appointments and surgery – all the while l am asking myself where the person l knew, the one who introduced me to homeopathic cures, had gone!  She questioned me as to what l did with my day and then started judging me about why l didn’t go out much.  When l made her aware that she was reflecting from her own perspective of the busy life she had, and that my choice was not about being lazy – far from it – she closed up.

I had started feeling a bit of pain in my lower back  during the later part of the day and l really didn’t think much of it, as we were talking away.  However that night and the next day l could hardly move. I did all the integrations l could think of. I rested but the pain continued.  I called Daniela on Skype and she asked me to tell her what had been said between myself and my friend. I was totally taken aback when Daniela said that l had received a Maledizione (malicious) curse) from this friend. Daniela had had her own experience with family curses and so what had been for me up to that moment just information about what curses are, now became a full bodied experience!

It became apparent after going over the experience, that there was a moment my comments and my way of being made my friend uncomfortable. I, on the other hand had left myself open to her energy, misunderstand the meaning of the words “being open” because in that moment l didn’t feel there was anything to protect myself from in my own home. Well l learned that lesson the hard way! How to be my own closed unit of energy in its totality is a fundamental understanding. l am now much more responsible for my own energy. Nothing comes in without my invitation! And l am always whole!

The integrations and removal of the curse had an immediate beneficial effect and even though l was a bit stiff and not able to bend much for a couple of days after, at least the pain had gone.

So this is why l am passionate about these words on thoughts that these books have brought up in me and about us being clear in ourselves with our own logical, rational thought processes and not allowing anybody or anything to distort, distract or manipulate us.

I also thought about the situations when l am talking with my husband, his thought process is so much slower than mine, that l have to be careful as to how l answer him because my answer often doesn’t make any sense to him.  Now l can understand how my thoughts cover aspects from all angles and how he is still reflecting from one aspect. It makes these conversations stilted and slow and a lot of talking is necessary if he becomes irate about my answer because he is not yet aware of all the details.  So now l am thinking that maybe the times l thought l wasn’t being understood, or l would never be understood, or the times when l was bored with someone’s conversation, is just really all about the speed of thought and if this is understood then the  aforementioned problems cease to exist!  Maybe boredom is simply the non-acceptance of our own speed of thought?  Therefore, I accept totally and unconditionally my own speed of thought independently of anyone else’s!

So, here’s the decree l came up with. I am not concentrating on changing the masses, but more on releasing old imprinting, and who knows, maybe someone will benefit from it even in this very last moment.

Decree to cancel the distortion of logical thinking

The natural ability for man to think has been distorted since eons of time, by few, therefore:

From the fulcrum of my I AM PRESENCE,

I decree to cancel from its origin, this archetype of distracted, slow, distorted, dumbed down thinking  in a way that is exponential, appropriate and ecological for every human being.   From this moment everything that was created as a distraction or manipulation of pure thought is cancelled and everyone will now resume a logical ability to develop a thought through all its logical steps, from its true and divine source according to the plan given to us by God and to think quickly following its creative path with natural logic and rationality.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

Blessings to you both
With Love, Light, kindness and speedy Divine thoughts!



Dear Denise,

thank you very much for this comprehensive expose and presentation of your thoughts, also with respect to the books of Anastasia. It is excellent and I will publish it tomorrow as I have already published three articles today and I do not want to overwhelm my readers.

It is remarkable that the same experience with opening one’s field and allowing external negative energies to enter the body and harm it is also the experience Carla made in the last two weeks in a very painful manner. She has now learnt her lesson as you have on your part and this is the most important thing now.

Indeed, the more we ascend and expand our multidimensional consciousness, the more obvious it becomes for us how slow and in a restricted linear manner most other people think. This shows also how quickly we now ascend from this reality and separate energetically from it.

I wish you all the best, also to Daniela!

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

That’s interesting that Carla has had a similar experience to me. I am happy she has understood her experience and can now feel much, much better.

Your comment on opening one’s field now makes even more sense to me.

I know that l had been reflecting on being open and emphatic  and this is really what l had to understand better, because it really was time for me to move past the old approach. How l understand it, It has not been possible for us to be really kind and loving here – or at least before our energy fields opened up  – we were still connected to the 3D way of doing and feeling and thinking. It was as though l could imagine what it was like to be really loving and kind, but it still wasn’t possible to live it as a 5D experience. It is as though there was a bridge between the third and fifth dimensional concepts, and l would find myself having more and more experiences as l was consistent in my intent to raise my frequencies. This is probably why my observations of the polarities of negativity and the desire for positive living became more noticeable to me.

Recently l found myself saying that l feel as though the bridge has gone  – the learning experiences from 3D and 5D and going back and forth as it were across a bridge.  This is quite a recent feeling, as though now it is more natural to be in the fifth dimensional frequencies than the third. I remember a saying in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) when changing mind sets and comfort zones – fake it till you make it!  It’s the action that counts, and nobody can do this for us. I know from my experiences that often l would have to keep my goal clear so that my mind and emotions and old ways didn’t claim their old role and that this would happen until l had done the new approach enough to have gained recognition in my conscious and subconscious parts. It could be visualized like percentages and if the new ways reach 51%, then the mind, and emotions and body  are not affected as much by the old ways.

I have worked for years with the  kinesiological muscle test to have access to the subconscious parts of myself and this has been extremely helpful in dismantling my own belief systems.

Being open as l was with my friend was still being done from the 3D concept and consequently my newly opened fields  were not being treated as a whole energy system in itself, hence the field that l had learned to keep sealed before was not the same field l was using then. I hadn’t become aware of the difference and the experience with my friend taught me that. Now after that experience l had a determined felling that no one was  ever going to convince me that what l had worked so hard at cleansing and raising my frequencies could come tumbling down because l wasn’t taking enough care of myself!  The lingering 3D concept of helping others and being emphatic is now transformed into a feeling of tranquil power, knowing and loving strength that the individual sacred flames have taught me through feeling these energies and their differences. I have finally got more comfortable with being fifth dimensional. I have got comfortable with feeling in a very physical way the energies around my heart, almost as though my mind is now in my heart and not in my head!

It is true that the understanding can only come from a living experience and from acting on things. The thought process then becomes even more open and interesting even to ourselves!  I have surprised myself at times with what l say and think! Wow l say, is that me talking!
I am not able to put it in the same way as you, but l believe that l have got the feel of the Universal Law of One. Please correct me if this is not so.

You also mention the linear way of thinking along with the slowness of how people think, and this gives me another clear picture of my multidimensional thought process that is anything  but linear!  Yes this is important to remember also when l am talking to people.

With Love

Dear Denise,

you have addressed the most important issue in these last days of transition from 3D to 5D and higher dimensions when all living and experiencing patterns completely change and the new ones have never been experienced by humanity before. We are not only wayshowers but also discoverers, although it is a return to normalcy – to the true reality of the higher dimensions. But we are still doing this with a physical brain and have to incorporate all this expansion in awareness and perceptions that exceed infinite times the limited minds of the people that surround us. Hence we have to build all the time new bridges of energetic communication that have not existed before and thus we are also helping the others to follow us.

There comes a time in the life of any teacher to stop only teaching his students and to begin to learn himself from his interactions with his students. We are now at this point, we are urged and forced to contemplate on our faculty as leaders and wayshowers of humanity more than ever. This points to an imminent ascension and our appearance as ascended masters where all these present lessons will flow into our new approach to humanity to carefully lead the people to new frequency heights. It is a most exciting time.

With love and light

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