Logos Gods Forever

by Rob Behr, August 23, 2015


Dear George,

I felt the inspiration to write. Of course nothing new, only a bit of a momentum to mention some things in a certain context. 

God Bless,
Rob Behr, Holland

Through God’s words and command operate the true creators to help implement Source Creation, thus the true Logos Gods, the Harbingers of the Word and Command of God into the changing worlds of creation. The old structure within these changing worlds of chaos, based on suppression and fake democratic principles, is being demolished in rapid pace. The Word and Command of God implies infinite direction. Divine structure within endless possibilities of divine complement. Whereas divine structure is a given above the planes of chaos and destruction.

The previous phase of infusion with high frequencies and of building and sustaining of the light frequency grid system, altogether with the accomplishment of the word of God within the true harbingers incarnated on this Earth, the Ones from the beginning who are here to help finish what they once started, thus the ‘Logos God’s Forever’ in every Now Moment, is transitioning into the next phase of creation through the destruction of the old world of ‘lower frequency make-up’.

The builders of the Universe are back into business to see through, to follow through on what they helped create in the beginning. Creations are in the end infused with the life-giving force of the endless frequencies of Love of the Goddess and brought into a ‘at the least’ self-sustainment through the unity of individual enlightenments. Societies based on Unity Light progress in even higher possibilities of growth, whereas societies based on dual systems of chaos are in a constant depletion of their growth possibilities.

As Logos Gods, the task at hand requisites the creation of the next level through destruction of the old, a task that began in each of these Harbingers of Truth in their own structures of old as well. A most impressive time of being suspended between worlds of destruction (dying), surviving and transmutation back into the Ones from the Beginning. This is now on the verge of receiving finalization through initiation or final infusion through DNA or code activation. A moment to be triggered at the right divine time in complete concord with the greater whole of All-that-Is transpiring at this time, navigated on higher waves of divine wisdom for the exact moment of activation when all starts again on the new path of divine structure ‘when Source comes into’ every single living thing to single out, sort out, divide and uplift, to fill out all different mansion worlds available for all levels of next phase of creation. This moment is close.

Without a holographic world, there is no need of a physical or semi-physical form. Evolution of Mankind is still within the latitudes of form. Part of mankind will go through a next round of polarity worlds and another part of mankind will progress into higher frequency holographic worlds where the make-up of the form is subjected to the higher refinement of the vibrational possibilities and divine structure. Creating in those higher mansion worlds is an experience of bliss and fun and without the exasperation of the lower worlds of surviving. Here there is no room to roam, the Word and Command of God through the Logos Gods will give needed direction to all that have been granted access into this next phase. Remember that in those worlds there is no polarity and no need for rounds and rounds of Pavlov-ish behavior and thus subject to the Word (and structure) of God.

These Ones from the Beginning and the End, the Harbingers of the Word of God, will eventually ‘hand over the creating wand’ to all that have accomplished this next step and fulfillment. The Ones from the Beginning and the End will be granted their next assignment and do what they do best. Some will become Creator Gods and some will be needed as advisors in next rounds of ending what was once started in Creation. And others may be offered even other tasks where they deem useful in Source Creation.

Rob Behr

August 23rd, 2015


Dear Rob,

this is an excellent disquisition which has been obviously inspired by your HS as it is very powerful and high vibrating. I have to read it several more times to fully incorporate it, but I will publish it today.

It is remarkable that only half an hour ago I wrote a similar response to a German lady, which I will send you as information for this synchronicity separately. Unfortunately, it is in German and you will have to use Google translate. But we both have addressed at the same time the key topic of creation and how it transforms and ascends this world and why we have to actively contribute to this process in a conscious manner.

This kind of synchronicities clearly suggest that we have entered the final stage of transmutation and that this is the time we have been waiting for so long. As the financial crash has fully commenced this time, there will be no respite anymore, so that we can count with huge collapses next month as it happened in 1989 when the fall of the Iron Curtain started very slowly in early August to lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron curtain in October, in less than 2 months. This time the dynamics is infinitely more powerful as the imbalances and overall instability of the matrix are much bigger and of course the source energies of transformation are infinitely mightier.

With love and light


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