Greek Bailout Deal “a new Versailles Treaty”

By Yanis Varoufakis, July 13, 2015

Exclusive Interview

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis speaks to the press


Georgi Stankov

This interview of Varoufakis, the first after he resigned, confirms previous announcements in the MSM that the Greek PM counted on losing the referendum and was ready to succumb to the Orion Troika, notwithstanding the fact that 61 % of the Greeks rejected its austerity dictate on Greece. Now Tsipras has fully surrendered to the austerity dictate of the Troika. With this the chaos in Greece is inevitable as not a single problem has been resolved. The Troika has only kicked the can down the road and has piled more depth – 85 to 100 billion € – on top of the already existing Greek national debt of 350 billion €.

The country should also sell off its national wealth to the greedy Reptilian eurocrats. Initially Germany wanted to lay hands on the Greek wealth, which made it overnight the most hated country in Europe and probably in the world, together with the Empire of Evil. The collapse of the EU is now in sight and cannot be averted by anything or anybody.

The new draconian bailout deal of the Troika with Greece (read full text here) will not be accepted by the Greek people and chaos will ensue very soon. The protests in Greece have already commenced. The Adedy civil servants union, who has called a strike for Wednesday is already out on the streets. The power of the facts on the street will crash the EU which is now a union based entirely on fear with a German Gauleiter, very much like Stalag 17.

The centripetal forces will tear apart the decrepit edifice of the Eurozone. This is the unanimous opinion of all controlled MSM and this is the most reliable proof that the dynamics of the ascension has commenced with full force and all the protagonists are heading towards their dreadful end without any possibility of escape as it should be in a classical Greek tragedy.

The Daily Telegraph’s international business editor, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who is well-informed and first reported on Tsipras’ decision to betray the Greek referendum, holds nothing back in his latest analysis. and thus speaks representatively for the entire press:

“The crushed Syriza leader must sell a settlement that leaves Greece in a permanent debt trap, under neo-colonial control, and so economically fragile that it is almost guaranteed to crash into a fresh crisis in the next global downturn or European recession,” he says.

The deal, he adds, is “the worst of all worlds. They have solved nothing. Germany and its allies have for the first time attempted to eject a country from the euro, and by doing so have violated the sanctity of monetary union.”

These are wonderful developments leading to the final awakening of humanity from its perennial Orion enslavement. And nobody has promised that it would not be hard for most people. Hence forget any compassion for the Greeks. They must now learn their lessons and be redeemed from their pronounced service-to-self that determines the Greek national character, just as the Germans, the Europeans, the Americans and the rest of the world must now learn through painful experiences what it means to be enlightened human beings and not state-controlled zombies. The only tiny human group that makes an exception in this global onslaught is the PAT, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, as we have our tribulations already behind us.

Below is the latest interview of Varoufakis who confirms this dire assessment as an intimate insider of the Greek-EU final throes before collapse:



In his first interview since resigning as Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis took aim at Greece’s creditors, revealed the extent of the country’s preparations to leave the euro and warned of the rise of the far right. Late Night Live reports.

In his first interview since resigning earlier this month, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has described the 86 billion euro bailout deal agreed to by prime minister Alexis Tsipras as ‘a new Versailles Treaty’.

In the coup d’état the choice of weapon used in order to bring down democracy then was the tanks. Well, this time it was the banks.


‘This is the politics of humiliation,’ he told Late Night Live. ‘The troika have made sure that they will make him eat every single word that he uttered in criticism of the troika over the last five years. Not just these six months we’ve been in government, but in the years prior to that.

‘This has nothing to do with economics. It has nothing to do with putting Greece on the way to recovery. This is a new Versailles Treaty that is haunting Europe again, and the prime minister knows it. He knows that he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t.’

The deal, agreed to on Monday after 17 hours of talks with eurozone leaders, contains tough conditions including pension cuts, tax increases and the movement of public assets into a trust fund to pay for the recapitalisation of Greek banks.

Mr Varoufakis rejected the deal in the strongest possible terms, comparing it to the 1967 coup d’état that installed a military dictatorship in the Mediterranean nation.

‘In the coup d’état the choice of weapon used in order to bring down democracy then was the tanks. Well, this time it was the banks. The banks were used by foreign powers to take over the government. The difference is that this time they’re taking over all public property.’

Mr Varoufakis suggested that Mr Tsipras may call a snap election rather than bring the deal before the Greek parliament, saying he would be ‘very surprised’ if Mr Tsipras wanted to stay on as prime minister.

He insisted, however, that he and Mr Tsipras remain on good terms, and that he has kept a low profile over the last week in order to support Mr Tsipras and his successor in the finance ministry, Euclid Tsakolotos.

‘I jumped more than I was pushed,’ said Mr Varoufakis, describing his resignation in the immediate aftermath of the ‘no’ vote in the July 6 referendum on bailout terms similar to those accepted on Monday.

‘I entered the prime minister’s office elated. I was travelling on a beautiful cloud pushed by beautiful winds of the public’s enthusiasm for the victory of Greek democracy in the referendum. The moment I entered the prime ministerial office, I sensed immediately a certain sense of resignation—a negatively charged atmosphere. I was confronted with an air of defeat, which was completely at odds with what was happening outside

‘At that point I had to put it to the prime minister: “If you want to use the buzz of democracy outside the gates of this building, you can count on me. But if on the other hand you feel like you cannot manage this majestic ‘no’ to an irrational proposition from our European partners, I am going to simply steal into the night.”’

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The former finance minister also described the Greek government’s secret preparations to print drachmas in the event of the country being forced to leave the euro.

‘As a responsible government, knowing full well that there was a very significant alliance within the eurogroup whose purpose was to throw us out of the euro, we had to make contingencies,’ he said. ‘We had to have a small team of people in secret who would create the plan in case we were forced to exit the monetary union known as the eurozone.’

‘Of course, there is a conundrum here. Once this plan begins to be implemented, once you go from five people working on it to 500—which is the minimum you need to implement it—it becomes public knowledge. The moment it becomes public knowledge, the power of prophecy creates a dynamic of its own … We never made that transition from five to 500. We never felt we had a mandate to do it. We never planned to do it. We had the design on paper but it was never activated.’

Mr Varoufakis said that he will remain as a backbencher in the Greek parliament, where he has ‘a lot more room to manoeuvre and speak the truth’. He warned however, that austerity will further embolden the country’s far right.

‘In parliament I have to sit looking at the right hand side of the auditorium, where 10 Nazis sit, representing Golden Dawn. If our party, Syriza, that has cultivated so much hope in Greece … if we betray this hope and bow our heads to this new form of postmodern occupation, then I cannot see any other possible outcome than the further strengthening of Golden Dawn. They will inherit the mantle of the anti-austerity drive, tragically.

‘The project of a European democracy, of a united European democratic union, has just suffered a major catastrophe.’

Eurosummit Greek Bailout Deal, full text


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