The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Guru

Sherina Malgorzata, June 9, 2015

This disquisition was preceded by a correspondence between me and Sherina, in which I had asked how is the Guru doing, because I felt telepathically that the Guru had serious financial problems and associated with it many fears and I wanted to check my perception.

And before you start guessing the Guru’s personality, let me assure you that the Guru is at home everywhere – here in Vancouver in the Rose Radiant Academy and in Europe, for example, in Kakanien as “The Man Without Qualities” (Robert Musil), as Girolamo Savonarola in Florence or as Ignatius of Loyola in Spain.

Or as Sherina subsequently wrote to me when she gave her consent to this publication:

“The Guru has the gift to be a sacred court, judge and executioner in one person. This is still a class higher than the swots. They embody only the “sacred court”. No, the Guru can be more than that.

He is the Ultimate Judgment and you have no chance of defense. In a letter you get the indictment and the immediate enforcement without possibility to appeal and the initial decision is immediately enforced. And this happens not only with you, but your whole family, your husband, your children are equally indicted and convicted as you. Then the indictment is divinely endorsed and you can be sure that the way to Heaven is closed for you for ever.

The Court reminds me of Star Trek universe where a creature Q from the Q-continuum plays the judge of mankind. Q is a Q and appears omnipotent in front of humanoid species.

What can I say. With all my love and respect for the Guru, I can only say: What a pity.

Really, whole worlds separate us, whereby I happily explore the universe and collect my life experiences and “marks” and the Guru is trying to acquire the status Q, apparently for the benefit of all.

Whether you may publish my correspondence, you ask me? Yes, you should, it is perhaps the only way to inform the Guru, what it is all about, but also to tell him:

“I have not forgotten you and even though you have indicted me, because I could not follow your demands and requirements and you have cut all the bonds with me (with a very dangerous invocation), something binds us that you can not destroy and that is love. You could not crush or sever love. You are not endowed to do this. And in all your apparent Q-holiness you still enjoy my love, but no longer my protection. I have handed over this task to God.

You’re like a “divine swot” and I admire you for your stamina. Remember however, how wonderful life is and that for all and everyone is taken care of, even when you are sitting happily under a birch tree and chewing on a straw. “

In Unconditional Love for Life, Sherina

For all the love to the Guru,

I think that everything is all right and if the Guru now gets into trouble, then only to rethink and to align with the new: new ideas, new creations, new concepts, new outlook on life, on friendship, on fellow human beings, on God!

So far, that has taken a form that does not allow anything new, but as you have already noticed, life forces us to evolve and every time we try to build something for us that feels really comfortable, there comes a storm and we have to create something new.

The Guru has, let’s say, created a “Temple”, and all the “dissidents” are thrown out of it. Following the motto: “If you think otherwise, then you are manifold possessed (by dark beings, note, George.) And one has to get rid of you” and so far it works very well, insofar as the Guru stays ‘clean’ and free of demons, by deserting “blindly” all his friends who think differently.

You can not allow yourself to think in a different way in the presence of the Guru, but only within certain boundaries, which are defined and specified by the Guru himself. But as soon as you jump out of this boundary , then the Guru is immediately uncompromising, a being, who does not tolerate contradiction, and then the friendship is terminated immediately and without any discussion. And it does not matter how faithful you are to the Guru, how much you have liked the Guru, how much you have loved him.

He puts every friendship to the test, any love to the test, any loyalty to the test. And this is something only a few can bear. That is why it does not surprise me at all, that slowly heaven has had enough of  him. The Guru has forgotten how to be Human. The wings, which he has tailored for himself, are now too big and it turns out that he can not hover because the wings are too heavy for our dear Guru.

But he can see how others around him have already received their wings and fly, and everybody who flies past the Guru, must hear that this does not occur rightfully. No, nobody is allowed to fly as long as the Guru cannot fly, otherwise it is connected with demonic activity.

No, without the Guru nothing works.  He is the chosen one to serve the people and only after the Guru can fly, are all others allowed to follow. But only then!

The possibility that there are people who fly before the Guru makes the Guru fearful. Not that he did not wish this for the other people, no, but because he works so hard for heaven that these celestial flights are reserved, in the first place, only for such a good performance and no one, who is not as disciplined as the Guru, can enjoy this according to him.

This can be seen clearly in the light reading. As long as the Guru writes and reads, the energy is okay, but in the moment when the Guru starts lecturing, then it becomes evident that the energy has not yet reached the quality that one would have wished for. And the Guru is aware of that. Initially, the Guru was always silent and everything sounded so heavenly. Only when the Guru started to give lectures, could you perceive immediately that there is a difference like night and day and that the Guru, without his messages, has very little to say and often repeats himself, or only relays half-knowledge, as was the case with the Indigo children, who he had apparently confused with the crystalline children.

Many people, including myself, have the same knowledge that the Guru has.  What the others do not have, neither myself, is the gift to receive wonderful messages and therein is the Guru a master. Absolutely. But this makes the Guru no more holy than the others, and no more devoted to God than the others. On the contrary, it makes out of the Guru “a holy stick”. If you are loving, then it stands still, if you’re not fond of him, then you get immediately a holy thrashing and you can lie prostrated on your path, weeping and with self-doubts. And believe me, it requires all of your strength to get up and release the self-doubt, to align again and move on.

I do not know if the Guru is aware of that, but he has discouraged so many people to progress further. He has driven the people into self-doubt. Thank God, I made provisions that 290 souls were not affected by this behavior.

However, the Guru will probably never admit it. He just cannot understand that there are beings who are only able to fly through conscious divine laughter, through conscious divine dancing and thinking. The Guru may still stay disciplined for another 1000 years, with cold and a quarter of a smile, sitting in complete silence and he will experience nothing and he will not personally savour the state of divine love. He cannot enjoy Love.

What remains in the end? Nobody, only his family and the so-called blind believers who lie prostrated at the Guru’s feet and that is always welcome because it allows the Guru to say aloud that he does not need devotion. Then he can loudly emphasize that he is not a teacher, but only a simple man. Had the people not laid down at his feet, then he could not behave so. Then he would have to strive for the recognition of his work, but also in such a case the Guru would stress that he only does it because that is his duty.

Actually, the Guru is in a very difficult situation. I have also seen it with Michael Elrahim Amira of An Te kana. Michael asked me to translate his book and I said – no. That would have brought me a lot of money, but I can tell right away when one has gone astray.

This all had to be simply enunciated and everybody who has read the Guru’s website in the past few days, knows that he has encouraged all of us to say what others do not dare, and I have never had a problem with that.

With Love

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