My Dream Vision of New Lemuria

Carla Thompson, June 11, 2015

This night I had the most beautiful “dream”, a dream vision that felt so very real as it lasted for several hours throughout the night.

The experience began with me observing the most beautiful countryside, a land of gorgeous lush emerald-green grass growing upon gently rolling hills. The hills went on and on, as far as the eye could see, and it felt like I could see at least 20 miles into the distance. The sky glowed in a soft white light. There were no clouds, no sun, no other heavenly bodies. There was no sound. 

On the hills were many homes, not crowded together in any way, simply placed randomly at about 100 yard intervals. There were no roads or mechanical vehicles disturbing this pristine place. This was a community, where the homes were in the shape of vertical rectangles built in an ultra-modern architectural style. These multi-level abodes had multiple rooms and every room had a beautiful large window.  Every home had a roof-top garden where one could grow all manner of food for the family-community living within the home.

I was aware at this moment of Georgi being beside me, and at this moment we were approached by a woman with a very kind and loving disposition, who told us that we are now able to move here, to this community, at any time. She explained that my whole family will also move here to this new place, something I had inquired about over the past couple of weeks.

Since I knew this was a lucid dream, and therefore a reality, I tuned in carefully to the very different energetic landscape to which I am accustomed, and asked this woman about this “world”. She explained this world is a complete Tabula Rasa, a world that has never had previous creationary imprints, and that it is even in a quarantine where only those moving to this world are able to create here. This world is fully open to accepting any creation seeded only from the core value of loving intent, where only the most ethical values shall dwell, a world of open community based on clear communication and transparency. It is a world where we can create any experience we desire and therefore any life we wish to live.  

Beside this “world” I then saw another “reality” placed at its right. It was of a higher frequency yet, and there were dwellings that appeared to be made of crystal although they did not really hold a distinct form.  There were 20 cubic metre blocks of what I considered to be “energy blocks” some of which were gold and green, and some were pale violet and white. These blocks of energy appeared “fuzzy” at the edges and my information is that this is another expression of 5D to which we will eventually move, and it is just now in its early stages of energetic expansion.  

When I awoke I could barely believe my eyes – I was “here” still.  But we all know that this new world is there, now, ready for our complete attention, ready for our input, however that may be defined, felt, envisioned. Close your eyes and envision what you would like to see on those hills, in that sky, in that community. We all know the Sky is the Limit.

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