More on the Collapse of the Orion Matrix and the Ascension Scenario

A Letter to the Editor

by Henry Bizon , June 28, 2015

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your further publication on our recent topic of discussion and for sharing your expanded insights on this unending global financial crisis, explored from the perspective of the ‘significant’ or else ‘irrelevant’ role of the economic fate of Greece, in conjunction with the opinions of Brandon Smith.

Thank you also for inviting my comments. I will preface my reply by stating the obvious; that I have nothing like the prolific capacity for spontaneous intellectual discourse that you routinely demonstrate in your dialogue with readers, so my response will – of necessity – be penned pedantically and painstakingly revised until I feel that it might just contribute some small degree of value to the discussion. All whilst keeping in mind that a prompt exchange of ideas is required before the thread of this topic is overtaken by whatever developments lie just around the corner of our imminent destiny.

Brandon Smith’s article strikes me as a useful starting point for reviewing the intended end-goals of the globalists via the IMF as their “national-sovereignty-weapon-of-mass-destruction” aimed clandestinely at the USA and EU. Your preface to this article develops his main premise very convincingly and to this I would not be able to add very much. I would, however, take a different point of view on one of his assertions; namely where he states that:

“The lie embedded in this narrative is the claim that Greece will cause a “contagion” through the act of default.  Let’s be clear – there is no contagion. Multiple countries within the EU have developed their own debt problems in spite of Greece over the past couple of decades, not because of Greece.”

And again further on in the article:

This is not about contagion. There is no such thing. It is an excuse, a scapegoat designed to distract from the real problem. This is about a concerted effort over the past several decades by internationalists to manoeuvre Western cultures into a position of vulnerability.” 

First of all, so as not to fall foul of semantics, I did a quick search for a conventional and financially literate meaning for the term ‘contagion’ with regard to an economic discourse.

I found this definition at

“A situation in which a faltering economy in one country causes otherwise healthy economies in other countries to have problems.”

This definition suggests that ‘contagion’ is a one way street. Why should it apply, specifically, to when only healthy economies become infected? Surely contagion can also create consequences between countries with unhealthy economies? Therefore, the fact that, “Multiple countries within the EU have developed their own debt problems … not because of Greece”, does not, in itself, make the potential for contagion between these countries implausible. It then becomes a question of which domino falls first and whether this domino brings down the one next to it, which left to itself would have remained standing for a bit longer. Which means that viewing Greece as the catalyst for EU collapse should not be so easily dismissed.

In support of this, I have found a passage on the KWN website from an interview with Egon von Greyerz:

The relevant passage reads as follows:

“Greece Is The Model For A Catastrophe That Is About To Engulf The World.

So it’s not just Greece that is required to continually increase its debt in order to remain afloat.  Most countries, particularly in the West, have the same problem. Greece is just a model of the catastrophe that is about to engulf the world. But central banks, governments and Nobel Prize winners refuse to recognize the problem. They know that if they allow Greece to fail today, it will be Spain and Italy next, and then Portugal, France and eventually the entire financial system.

What we have to remember, Eric, is that a Greek default would not just lead to 320 billion euros disappearing from the system because the lending banks and institutions are all levered up to 50-times that amount. But even if we only take a figure of 20-times leverage, it would mean that over 6 trillion euros would disappear out of the system.

But the carnage wouldn’t stop there. A lot of the world’s $1.25 quadrillion of derivatives would be directly affected by a Greek default. This would have a dramatic impact on interest rates, credit risks and volatility in the system. We would see disastrous losses in the global derivatives market.

There Is No Way The System Can Be Saved!

Whether the unravelling of the world’s financial system starts now or in the autumn, there is no way the system can be saved.  Governments are not going to create $200 trillion out of thin air, plus potentially more than one quadrillion dollars for the derivatives.”

So in his explanation, Egon von Greyerz agrees with Brandon Smith that most countries in the West share Greece’s economic disease but he also gives a clear account of one possible route, which contagion might take in the event of a Greek default. Further to this, it is generally understood that the Deutsche Bundesbank has the greatest exposure of all to a Greek default through its colossal derivatives holdings. We also know that the IMF is pursuing its objective for Greece to continue with her full austerity programme because the lion’s share of Greece’s bailout money goes straight to its creditors, the European private banks, which now need to maintain this perennial lifeline from all subjugated nations indefinitely.

One thing we cannot know for sure is how easily, at this stage of the game, these globalists can override the “legitimate” (oxymoron) modus operandi of international financial interdependence and force/ manipulate the EU and USA to remain economically afloat regardless of a Greek default. Just how far can they go with their money printing, zero to negative interest rates and eventually bail-ins so as to make the rest of the EU immune to the consequences of failure in any one state? How strong/weak are the globalists today and how much/little control do they still have? We do know, however, that they are heading in only one direction and that is towards the proverbial train-wreck.

There was, I believe, no need for Brandon Smith to discount contagion in order to make his otherwise extremely valid point about the globalists’ plans and goal, through the IMF in this case, to foment chaos as a means to introduce the long term agenda of a NWO. The Freemasonry and Illuminati mantra of “Ordo ab Chao” (Order out of Chaos) has been widely revealed and quoted in the exposure of these secret societies and their heinous schemes.

To draw any new conclusion about this topic of global financial collapse, I have to reflect on my earliest insights and awakening to the Orion monetary scam from several years ago. At that time I mistakenly believed – my earliest (mis)understanding of this topic – that a collapse of the global economy meant the immediate defeat and arrest of the Cabal and the start of a Golden Age. I can probably trace this idea to some new age website or other, when I was still putting the pieces together. I naively, around that time, would proclaim that an economic collapse was imminent and desirable – something for which I failed to arouse much enthusiasm.

Sounds familiar? Even the credit crunch of 2008 promised to lead to this new golden society until I came to understand it as a Hegelian dialectic strategy or David Icke’s Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario, for enslaving humanity – and success for the cabal. I remember that we subsequently discussed the partial banking collapse of 2008 in terms of it being thwarted by the Higher Realms to derail the PTB at a time when the masses would have easily succumbed to the cabal’s debt slavery chains disguised as their “rescue” plan.

Gradually, I have come to anticipate the unfolding of ascension as a function of all end-game factors, and my reasoning departs from how ascension might have looked in the event of a total or wholesale global awakening. I’m inclined to think that under such optimal conditions, ascension would be rapid, immediate and effortless (compared with our current experiences). At the very least, cleansing duties would have been spread more thinly and archontic defeat or surrender achieved with far fewer battles and no sweat. The cabal would have been little more than the proverbial fly on the back of a united seven-billion-strong elephant. No opportunity for starting a nuclear war or possibility of a financial collapse on any timeline. Nobody to spread chemtrails. No need for a rude awakening for the masses, hence no MPR or major geo-physical upheavals on any parallel Earths. No need for any returning Ascended Masters to instruct and assist the stragglers.

Instead of this we have had incalculable delays from two or three primary sources. Firstly, the ascension work falling onto the shoulders of a small (tiny) minority. Secondly, the obstacles and resistance against all Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour from the archons and cabal. Finally, from the Higher Realms, repeated postponements to accommodate a greater awakening among the masses, with only modest success.

The sum total of these delays will have telescoped the remaining ascension process into a very tight timeframe, in which events will stipulate rapidly, irrespective of what comes first or what comes second. Therefore, in all probability, an analysis of cause and effect encompassing financial collapse, global war, MPR etc., becomes more redundant as well as futile the longer we wait and the more compressed the remaining timescale gets.

It may all happen so quickly that even reporting on events chronologically as they happen will not be possible and a point will be reached when so much chaos ensues that “Ordo ab Chao” will be a distant dream for the cabal… by which time the Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour will be toasting their health with some fine New 5D Lemurian champagne.

Somewhere into all of this will fit the Greek fiasco!

With Love and Light,

Henry Bizon


Dear Henry,

excellent comments and I fully concur with you. I will publish them as a letter to the editor today. I personally understand the insincerity of the policy of contagion of the dark ruling cabal as admonished by Brandon Smith in the said article as an introduction into his thesis on the NWO and not so much as a matter of fact. He argues that there can be no prevention of contagion when all countries are already infected with the Greek disease and have amassed huge state debt and that this is only a camouflage, mirrors and smoke, behind which the effort to establish the NWO is hidden.

From a pure epidemiological point of a view, he has a point to make, but of course, as you say, the containment of contagion was expressed policy of the ruling cabal as long as they were not sure of the success of their effort to establish the NWO, while driven by the fear that any premature controlled demolition of the current financial and political structures may backfire at them.

What the dark cabal do not get in their systemic blindness is that no matter what they do in the End Time, it is a foregone conclusion that they will fail and that any attempt to install the NWO will always backfire at them and bury them under the rubble they are preparing for humanity. Hence the topic on the prevention of contagion is just a trigger for a broader discussion on the overarching dialectics of ascension, and a most timely one, as the final events have begun to unfold.

With love and light


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