A Short Energy Update – June 15, 2015

Our Move to New Lemuria is in Full Sway

Georgi Stankov


This will be a short, but very optimistic report as the good news is already in the title. Since the middle of last week we have entered the last most intensive phase of our transformation and step-wise ascension to new Lemuria. At the same time the PAT is fully engaged in creating this wonderful 5D1 level, which is still very much a clean slate.

These very creative and positive developments run parallel to the full energetic (and very soon physical) dismantling of the ruling cabal which both, Carla and I, and I hope some more of you, have accomplished with our invocations to contain the heinous agenda of the Bilderbergers in Austria. From what I gather, we were very successful in this effort, but I do not want to release any details now as this website is very closely read by the secret services of the dark cabal. Why should they know more about our successful operations than the rest of the world about the criminal decisions of this reptilian shape-shifter “doom and gloom” club.

Now back to our move to New Lemuria. In my latest energy report as of June 11th, I already announced that the move to New Lemuria has commenced. I referred to my dream on June 9th and my disease on June 10th. The latter was in fact a massive transformation and ascension of my bodies to 5D. Only yesterday the Hyperboreans established one more time a short telepathic contact with us and confirmed that during this day 6 of my 18 bodies were moved to New Lemuria.

Now it is very important for all the PAT to interpret this ascension process in its totality and not in a linear fashion. All our 18 bodies, including our physical body, are U-sets that contain themselves as an element and the element is energy. In our case, our bodies are almost entirely of 5D and higher dimensional energies as we have already raised our frequencies that high. Whenever a higher body of us is moved to and anchored in 5D1, this automatically affects all other bodies and they must synchronistically align and be transformed according to the law of constructive interference.

When six of my bodies were firmly moved to New Lemuria the other day, this was associated with a huge transformation of my physical body which manifested as a severe flu with fever, accompanied by pain and other clinical symptoms. The surprisingly quick recovery the next day points out how well prepared our bodies are for this transition and how quickly they adjust to the new higher dimensional environment.

Since then I am experiencing each night massive energy bouts from the source that transform my body in preparation for our final move to 5D1. These are not dreams but real massive waves. I am working very closely with Carla within our united field. This night, for instance, I bilocated in the living room where I received and emitted huge source energies of transmutation and Carla was coordinating and regulating the amount of energy flow as not to overload by body. During this action she was hovering under the ceiling.

These transformations not only affect our bodies now, but also expand our awareness in a very palpable manner. Only this morning Lou from the East Coast of Canada wrote to me:

“Just a quick note to say that the last two days have been wonderful for me.  I am feeling like all is right with the world, good spirits, calm and collected.

It’s hard for me to put into words, but this is what I’ve been feeling: I am having flashes where it seems like I am back in time, feeling like I did on a summer day when I was 15 years old, for a moment, a particular day.  Then I have a flash where I am in my 20s, a particular day comes to mind, I feel what that day feels like and then it’s NOW again.

I have noticed this time jump stuff before, but never so many in such rapid succession. It’s as if time is not linear, like it’s all happening at once, which I have heard before as a theory.

As often happens, words are escaping me when trying to describe this stuff! If I had to sum it up I would say that it feels like the Earth is resetting back to the way it should have been all along? Like we have been bumping and sliding all over the place and now settle into our natural “track”. 

And here is what I responded, based on my personal experience in the last few days:

Dear Lou, I am very glad that you tried to describe this simultaneity of past, present and even future memories which now flash in and out of our daily consciousness as a symptom of the expansion or our awareness. I can only say that I experience the same sensations and that this is all part of our move to New Lemuria which is in full sway now. This also holds true for the transformation of our bodies which has entered the most intensive phase.

We also felt physically much better the last two days – for the first time since very long. I think that we have made it and that we must be now only patient when this final phase of transition will be crowned with our ascension to New Lemuria.”

We have entered a unique and most decisive last phase in our ascension process when past promises of ascension are now becoming reality. As this is an extremely intricate phenomenon, it will necessitate some more linear time to be completed. How much more, nobody knows. But we all can feel it now, and it feel hilarious. At least this is what I perceive as I feel with each day how the burden of previous cleansing duties and other energetic obligations fall from my shoulders. All the energies I now receive are coming only to transform my personal body and the energetic structure of our Lemurian portal. There is a bliss in the air and in my fields, a kind of summer laziness that envelopes my daily life in a very nice way and emanates a sense of easiness  – an Italian “dolce vita” and “dolce far niente” style of life –  after a tedious and very long climb to this steep peak.

We have finally arrived at Olympus – the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia.

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