Urgent Preparation for the Emergency Case – Our Ascension

Georgi Stankov and Reinhold Danner, May 18, 2015

translated from German into English by Georgi Stankov

Data Center Request

Hello Georgi,

How are you?

Today, I make an official request on behalf of my research group (Working Group Mitigation & Communication – AMK, at the TU (Technical University) Munich): We ask you to name our decentralized Data Center, including the ywin (fallback network of xwin) after you, “Stankov Data Center, SDC” or “Stankov Computation Center, SCC”. In recognition of your work on the Universal Law.

I look forward to your reply.

lg Reinhold Danner
Mag. Reinhold Danner
Promotion candidate at
the Medical Psychosomatics and
Psychotherapy as well as Medical History and
Ethics at the TU Munich

Dear Reinhold,

This is an unexpected and great honor for me, as I am not used to get credit for the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the General Theory of the Universal Law from the scientists.

Of course you have my permission, and I am very much interested as to what is the exact role of this Data Center.

Many warm greetings to the entire research group.


Hello Georgi,

with pleasure here is a little background to the planned and ongoing Data Center:

The Working Group Mitigation and Communication is, as the name implies, responsible for risk reduction. Here, data and concepts are to be processed, which are currently very decentralized and only sporadically available.

A major task will be to create the backbone of a new telecommunication service together with the DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz, German Research Network). Here the “push to talk” (PTT) will be tested, implemented and further developed as a key technology.

This is primarily a WLAN, UMTS, or TETRA-based radio service, which should be used by critical infrastructures in the field of self-protection of state institutions, health care and prevention.

As currently some police forces, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the University of British Columbia (UBC) are equiped, respectively dealing with this technology, a “social service” under the number 116788 is planned throughout Europe. Here both the XWIN to the fiber optic network of DFN and a separate backbone network, which is planned to provide in the long term all the relay stations of all state institutions in Europe with a connection facility to the PTT service, are needed. However, huge amounts of data are expected in the peak time, so that the DFN, and also the public data network, will not be able to cope with these amounts alone.

We expect about 1 billion connections in Europe for this service. Although for normal voice services only about 1kB data per burst occur, these amounts will increase from about 30 to 300 MB, which should be transferred simultaneously during the interpolation to 1 billion (phone) connections that will eventually stumble at the same time into the net in the worst case scenario. Hence the current IP network for transmissions with “no latency” data, as this happens with radio data, will be overwhelmed.

First, existing data centers will be connected to the SDC (Stankov Data Center), respectively data centers and network topologies already owned by the SDC will be integrated, but parallel to this a modern infrastructure will be placed, beginning with “micro-servers” at each transmission tower of network providers and various services. But also spreading the mesh network free service at every possible location in order to get a complete meshing of the sites (standorts) and possibly to cash the data locally on the wireless WLAN channel of the free radio network and then to transfer it with a time delay to the central server of the rescue coordination centers and our archiving system.

A further objective of the SDC is to process in real time in the first place scientific data for the use in disaster situations and make it available to the location centers, since satellite data, as well as measurement data from all sectors need to be aggregated first, so that the amount of data, in particular satellite data, is currently unmanageable.

And in this respect we cannot entirely rely on the DFN and we must transfer the data especially from the big data centers, with which we build clusters, directly through our own YWIN without interposing the DFN. The YWIN will be laid over power lines, waterways and railways, but also subway lines and other division lines to complement the usual superhighway routes of the XWIN. Network access to the public network are planned at various points.

Some of the methods that we will probably apply as a single Data Center, are the evaluation and interpolation of events with the models which you have formulated with your Universal Law.

Already today, I can say that this way of thinking very much helps me to evaluate events and to make predictions closer to the reality.

I guess once the new mathematicians crew is complete in the course of next year, I will establish contact between them and yourself, also in terms of a methodological advice.

So far a little bit insider information on the SDC.


Dear Reinhold,

I thank you sincerely for this detailed presentation. I must confess that I’m a little overwhelmed because I’m not an expert in technical matters and communication technologies. But after I read your version a few times, I hope to have understood it more or less.

However, I would like to draw your attention at this point, purely privately and confidentially, to what will most likely happen very soon. I do not know exactly how close you are following the discussion on our website, but we are really on the threshold of a phase transition of this 3D holographic model and then the whole digital network system of the Internet and all other means of communication will stop functioning at a stroke. Imagine this as a global glitch that cannot be corrected (reversed). The reason for this is that in this phase transition the entire electromagnetic spectrum, which makes this 3D space-time, will be abolished and replaced with completely new forms of energy and technologies.

On this subject Suzanne Lie from California, with whom I was befriended via internet until we parted due to differences in our views, has just channeled an important message from the Arcturians that I will give you below as an excerpt, because it discusses exactly this imminent Glitch-Event. I must mention here for the sake of clarity that under the term “Event” they mean the ascension of this uppermost mother planet and part of the human population to the new 4D worlds of the new Golden Galaxy and higher to 5D, while merging with the blueprint of Atlantis and Lemuria:

From In Between to ONE
Perceiving “The Event”, Suzanne Lie

When my computer crashed, because of my mistake, I was talking  to my friend, Shawnna, about the higher purpose of this “mistake.” We pondered that question because one of the myriad “realizations” of our ascension process is that “there are NO mistakes or accidents.” We are the creators of our reality, whether that creation arises from our conscious or unconscious mind.

Therefore, we decided to ask the Arcturians about why “I dropped my computer,” which set into motion a huge challenge for me. I was in the middle of a big project, which I had to do via my iPhone and iPad. I could never see the “big picture” on my devices, so I had to just “carry on” the best I could. I wish I could say that I was always calm and collected, but that was NOT true. I guess I needed to perceive my self in full drama mode.

Below is what the Arcturians said, as Shawnna recorded and transcribed their message…

Message from the Arcturians on May 5, 2015

Sue: “Dear Arcturians, help me to understand why all of my technology has died.”

Arcturians: “During the time of “The Event,” most technology will go down. Because everything will reboot into a higher frequency, so all that you have held as security, ease, communication, necessary, and important will need to be released temporarily because you need to recalibrate to a higher perception of reality.

Within that interim, you will need to draw upon all that you have learned in your myriad incarnations on Earth, as well as in your ascension ride that is culminating into the higher frequencies of reality. You will be building the foundation for a new way of life.

Chaos always precedes change. To welcome the change you will need to also welcome the chaos. At the moment of “in between”, you will all step into that moment of being “in between.” In between is a 3D illusion, but it is a very powerful illusion and one that will be difficult for many of our grounded ones to release.

For all of your incarnations on physical Earth, you have lived in some degree of separation. There has always been an “in between.” You are one person, there is another person and”in between”, there is air, space, time, etc. As you transmute into your 5D Light body, there is no “in between”. All is one.

You will feel each “other” person, place, situation, or thing as ONE with you as you unite and intertwine in purpose, intention, and most important, in unconditional love. There will be no enemies that you can blame for your difficulties. There will be no bosses who can make you do what you do not want to do.

There will be “we” who are sharing, intermingling, intertwining,and communing with all life within that NOW. This extreme shift in perceptions is what we/you, your Galactic family and your Celestial family is/are endeavoring to share, communicate, and educate you.

The “event” (Ascension) will be a complete shift in your perception of yourself, your perception of others, and in your perception of reality. From your third dimensional perception, you are thinking that your environment will change. That is actually incorrect.

Your environment is already multidimensional. What will change will be your perception of your environment (A leitmotif of all our discussions).

If you lived in a reality, where it was always dark as night, and then one day a sun came up, that is much how you will experience this shift. The darkness, fear, and illusion that have hampered your perceptions for eons, especially since the fall of Atlantis, will be transmuted into light.

Then you will perceive reality, YOUR reality, on Earth, in the same manner that we, your Galactic and Celestial family, perceive your reality within our NOW.”


That is exactly what I expect for a very long time, when the phase transition = ascension will come – a complete failure of the current digital technologies and a global rebooting to the new higher-dimensional technologies that already exist in the new 4D worlds. I have explained this phase transition theoretically in the new Physics of the Universal Law.

It is interesting to know that Suzanne, herself, has no technical background, so that this information from the Arcturians is authentic and cannot come from her or her higher self, as many channellers do.

To confirm the urgency of this message, I would add that just two days ago I discussed with Carla, my dual soul, with whom I currently live together, this incident with Suzanne regarding the crash of her computer. And a day later, precisely yesterday, Carla’s laptop crashed too and no longer works for no apparent reason. Of course, she also has a lot of data and pictures on this laptop that she may probably lose. Today we will know what can be saved.

But we must be clear on one point here – such incidents are not random events but carefully orchestrated by the Higher Realms that prepare us now for what will happen to all people very soon.

Two months ago I lost my website, which was deliberately shut down by the server operator, a young German criminal. I had almost lost all hope of saving the website and gave in to this higher dispensation. What we subsequently found, was that the dark German intelligence service (BND), which, as we all know in the meantime, is working in cahoot with the NSA and other criminal US intelligence services and not only spies on everyone, but also shuts down unpleasant and critical for the establishment websites, had contacted this young thug and had suggested him to shut down my website. Only under extreme intervention and by way of making clear to him what severe legal consequences such a criminal act would entail, was he ready to reconnect my website to the internet and to agree to a server change. Now my website is housed on a Polish server, away from the reach of the dirty hands of the German and Western intelligence services, although Poland also is not free of them, and we have also set up a mirror site to protect us from similar attacks:


That much about this technical background.

What is more important though, is how one responds psychologically to such an event – to the total loss of all data and written works like myself 2 months ago and now with Sue Lie and Carla. The only salvation in such a situation is the full confidence in the accuracy of all events in the full knowledge that this reality as a 3D holographic model is doomed to die and this concerns in the first place all the conventional technologies.

This loss will be felt by all human beings as very painful and will serve as a litmus test as to how far one has progressed in his spiritual detachment from this world and is thus ready to ascend. Mere assertions are not enough, one has to be personally confronted with this loss and master it. This is the last initiation of the Ascended Master, where he shows that he is willing to let go of everything, including his most precious achievements, the spiritual works that he has accomplished in this material life. This loss weighs even heavier than the body loss during death experience, because in this case one gains immediate knowledge on the immortality of all life and the indestructibility of all thoughts and creations in All-That-Is. But as an Ascended Master still in human body, one thinks now and then as a human being and such a loss of a PC, with all the works and data, can be very painful and depressing.

I coped with the loss of my website with relative ease and carefree because I know theoretically and gnostically about the coming total blackout of all digital means of communication, when the ascension and the phase transition to new energy realities will occur and welcome this event. After all, I have been working towards this event for more than 20 years.

Carla coped yesterday also easily with the loss of her laptop with numerous photos and other valuable data because she has also reached a total detachment from this reality. Suzanne Lie had a little bit more problems because she is not that far advanced in her LBP and spiritual evolution, but she also managed it with the help of the Arcturians.

However, I doubt that very many people have reached the psychological maturity to cope with such a serious loss. And therefore many ascension candidates must make such negative experiences these days, so this last initiation of letting go of will be successfully overcome and they are well prepared for the big Event of the Ascension.

But these incidents show us at the same time with what cataclysmic events humanity is confronted at this moment, and how little the people are prepared to deal with the loss of their reality, especially of the Internet and all other means of communication, which have to a large extent replaced the natural, direct contact to other living individuals. I remember very well how life was when we had no TV and no telephone, and even no electricity, and one had to rely entirely on direct conversation which of course was much deeper and more satisfying than it is nowadays.

One must lose everything as a human being in order to gain its original reality as a soul, there is no way around it. Very few people think seriously about this and that is also the reason why very few people will really ascend. Most will end up on the new 4D worlds, whereby I mean their bodies that will be inhabited by new souls as walk-ins, and the others have already been relegated as soul fragments to lower catastrophic 4D worlds. This is a central topic on our site and part of the ascension scenario

In order to underline the urgency of this scenario, I would like to mention that I was visited last evening by St. Germain, who told me very emphatically that we, Carla and myself, have completed our ascension portal and are now ready to ascend. This is related to some specific cleansing work that we had done under the guidance of our souls in our apartment in the last four days at a lightning speed.

Therefore, everything that I have said here, is not a beautiful vision with no practical relevance, but the imminent reality for all humanity that will ascend with us, while the appearance of a continuity of this reality will be preserved until the circumstances can be clarified.

I am afraid that many research projects will come under the bus. But it is not a pity, because what will come afterwards will exceed our greatest expectations. Among them is direct bilocation anywhere on the planet and even in other realities, which makes external communication links, as planned by your research group for emergencies, superfluous. The emergency case will be the ascension and it will bring about in the first place the collapse of the Internet and all digital means of communication, simply because we will not need them anymore in the higher dimensions.

It is not my intention to make your research project sour, quite the contrary, I only want to give you a new overwhelming perspective, which is to come upon mankind very soon, when the ascension will take place and the new theory of the Universal Law will become the foundation of the new multidimensional human existence.



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