Reflections on the Current Ascension Scenario

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov, May 11, 2015

Dear George,

Today (Sunday) is a very wired day indeed. It feels like a half of the people on this planet died or simply disappeared. It is quiet. Very few phone calls and most people I call do not answer. Even a guy at the post office complained how quiet it is today.

I feel heavy, dark skies covered with thick sticky chemtrails.

Over last 4 days I got huge stomach and liver pain which then spreads over the right side of my back. It always happens when we open a new portal and ascend this upper mother planet a notch higher. This kind of pain is almost unbearable and by far the worst of all LBP-related pains and discomforts I have experienced.

I have a strong feeling that the dark cabal wanted to perform some terrible actions in the time frame around the Victory Day celebration over Nazi Germany. We manage to stop them. Seems like it was a hard battle.

I feel that ascension scenario has taken a new direction again, with a new plot.

To me, it seems that the Russian Federation will directly intervene.  Not only in Ukraine, but also in the EU or parts of it. Replace puppets of darkness with representatives of light who will than implement major reforms. One of them will be to wipe off all the private and public debt.

New Russian-China investment bank may have something to do with a new payment system to replace current corrupted Orion currency. Actions of the polite green men will be swift and efficient. Like 2008 Georgia. Dark cabal will than run for their lives and hide in their DUMB rat holes.

What is your taking, while this new scenario may still be in the making.

With love and light,



Dear Boyd,

happy to hear from you again, after a long pause. Only a few days ago I was thinking what has happened to you.

I fully agree with you that now our 3rd chakra of bilocation and ID travels is under maximal stress and that this causes a lot of gastric pain, burning and giddiness that is very difficult to bear. Especially last evening, there was another gastric crisis with quick movements to different timelines.

Your observation that half of the human population has died or disappeared is very intriguing and it may be associated with the departure of a large number of soul fragments from this timeline. I, for my part, cannot confirm your observation. On Saturday we had a bike ride in Stanley park (Downtown Vancouver) and it was the first really warm and sunny day this year and the park was full of people, also the beaches were full. The air was light and the frequencies very high.

On Sunday, I had another cc-wave with excruciating headache and this is always associated with a huge ID shift to higher frequency levels. Probably this is what you have sensed. As I stayed at home, I cannot comment on what has happened to other people, but it felt very quiet indeed.

I do not believe that Russia will engage actively in any problem that the western cabal have created. Putin is clever enough to leave the mess to the perpetrators as he now does in Ukraine. The time is working for himself. As long as Russia can prevent a major war, its victory is beyond any doubt. This is also the chief strategy of China, but both countries have realized that they need to show force as this is the only way how the Empire of Evil can fear and respect them. That is why now Chinese ships are for the first time in the Black Sea and will have a military exercise with the Russian navy in the Mediterranean Sea. The two countries are now flexing their muscles as the Empire of Evil is doing in the South Sea on the coast of China.

The strength of both countries now lies in the wise use of their power without menacing or intervening and destroying other countries as the USA is constantly doing. Hegemony no longer pays out and Putin has learned this lesson from the Soviet time very well. China has never been a hegemon.

Hence I think that both countries are now establishing their own financial and economic infrastructure as to become independent of the west, knowing that the financial and economic problems based on gargantuan debt of their adversaries in the NATO are so huge that only a crash and jubilee can be a resolution. They also know that the democracy deficits of the Western countries will also contribute to their downfall.

Take GB, for instance, the conservatives have now the absolute majority with less than one third of the votes due to the election scam in this country. In a proportional election as in Germany they would have only about 200 seats. But the juicy part of this election is that Cameron has promised solemnly that he will hold a referendum for an exit from the EU and he must keep his promise. The people in GB will vote for an exit and this will destroy this crumbling former Empire of evil for ever. Why? Because the national Scottish party has the absolute majority of 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland and will immediately organize a referendum to leave GB as they want to stay in the EU for economic reasons. Now they will have all the political and economic rectification to leave England, and Westminster will have no power to rig the new referendum for independence of Scotland as it did last time.

The same holds true for Northern Ireland that does not want to be on the other side of the Shengen border with respect to Ireland. They will also stay in the EU and leave Britain. Wales may do the same and very soon there will be only a helpless bankrupt torso of former GB. This is how this former Empire of Evil will be deconstructed. Now the decay is happening along the cracks on the Orion facade.

In Germany, as I wrote today, the decision must me made very soon where they want to go – with the growing economies of Eurasia or stay with the crumbling Empire of Evil that only brings chaos and destruction and go under as docile vassals, while in union with Russia they will regain their sovereignty. The only obstacle now for the Germans to make a choice for the Orient and against the Occident is their angst to become an adult nation and begin to make their own choices in foreign policy. Until now they prospered under the umbrella of the USA and NATO and had no impetus to grow up to a responsible nation. With the fiasco in Ukraine, they can no longer rely to gain control over the resources of a weak Russia, as this conflict has made Russia much stronger and united than before.

At the same time Eastern Europe is subjected to huge centripetal forces and is gravitating away from Brussels and towards Russia after all their hopes for a quick prosperity were crashed by the irresponsible policy of the Orion empire on the Old Continent that destroys the periphery, in this case Eastern Europe, as to subjugate it to the centre (Brussels and the city of London) and establish the NWO.

Now it has become evident that the plan of the ruling western cabal to install the NWO has irrevocably failed and there is no longer any need for the Eastern countries to stay in a once elite club that gives them no advantages any more, but only perpetuates the oppression once these countries experienced from the Soviet Union and makes them to poppers. Besides, they are historically experienced enough to know that now it is the turn of the EU to also crumble as the COMECON crumbled 25 years ago and that they have to go their own way and arrange with Russia. Better now than later, after the crash.

This flee-tendency of Eastern Europe away from Brussels and the West automatically diminishes the projection power of Germany abroad. As long as the EU and NATO expanded eastwards, Germany could project its economic power under the disguise of the EU and this brought a lot of advantages to its economy. That is why they engaged in the imbecile adventure to support the Empire of Evil in destroying Ukraine and weakening Russia.

Now with the total failure of this Ukraine campaign, we observe the reverse situation. All of a sudden Germany experiences an implosion of projected power to the East and a democracy crunch from within as the people no longer follow Merkel and the paid Liar’s press in their war-mongering policy towards Russia and demand responsibility from their dark ruling elite. This is the first time since the 60s and this time it encompasses the whole population and not only the left.

The implosion of Germany stands for the implosion of the EU and the western cabal in Europe. When this happens, the USA is completely isolated. The US cabal will experience what they wanted to achieve with Russia.

Here in Canada, we have a sharp U-turn in the political sentiment due to the ongoing economic and financial crisis since 2008 with rapidly growing debt that cannot be repaid and stifles any growth and the conservatives will lose the coming elections in a landslide as it already happened in Alberta.

Recently there are some very critical articles in the local alternative, but very influential press, how the Harper regime was entangled with the Bush senior mafia and the Orion big business in the USA and the Canadians begin to awaken for the first time to the dire political reality in their country.

Nobody can afford to be poor and fully indebted and continue supporting a criminal and corrupt government. The time of unlimited gullibility of the masses is irrevocably gone. The same holds true for the USA where half of the population lives under the poverty line and one third of all households have no employed person to bring money home.

I have seen this kind of crisis in Eastern Europe in the 90s and what I see here in North America smells very much like the prolonged recession in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron curtain. Poverty smells terribly, it exudes such massive collective fear and this is now the new pungent stench of North America as a whole. There is no more the promised land, this continent has become the land of perdition and will most probably cease to exist in the new 4D worlds after the ID shift and the MPR .

Where do we stand in this turmoil with our ascension scenario, you would probably ask me. Well, the old matrix has already crumbled. If it is still not visible for 3D eyes, it is only because there are so many empty shells of human beings that still use such 3D eyes and have no brain. But the life-supporting energy behind this holographic model is gone and when it will visibly crumble, it will happen overnight.

The pacemaker of progress is no longer what is happening in the old economy, rigged finances and liar’s politics, but when that portion of humanity that is scheduled to move to the new 4D worlds is ready for the shift at the soul level. As I perceive it, we are very near to this threshold and it can happen any moment and definitely this summer. All big changes of humanity begin in the summer around August and then stipulate in the autumn. But this does not mean that we may not ascend much earlier – here I am only referring to the global changes that will affect humanity and they move with a different, much slower pace than we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, do.

Finally, on Saturday both Carla and I had a very compelling vision that very soon we shall move to Europe to promote the new theory of the Universal Law, but this Europe will have a different geography than the current one. We will travel a lot and visit many centres of enlightenment, many of them in Eastern Europe from our global healing centre in Lofer and the city of light Raetia. There will be also a sense of notability in our presentations and in all our actions and the people will flock to our meetings to listen what we have to say. My feeling is that this vision of our life in the new 4D and lower 5D worlds is already a reality and we can move to these timelines any time, with the usual caveat that linear time is an illusion and no fixed dates can be given.

With love and light


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